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Dragon scales FF7

A scale found on the corpse of a vyraal. Natural philosophers studying wyrms and their kin are known to pay well for such.

Final Fantasy XII description

The Dragon Scale (龍の鱗 or 龍のウロコ or 竜のウロコ or 竜のうろこ, Ryū no Uroko?), also known as Dragon Fin, is a recurring, single-use item in the Final Fantasy series that frequently is used to cause some form of Water damage to one or more targets.


Final Fantasy VIIEdit

Water damage on all opponents

Dragon Scale
Effect Deals Water-elemental damage to all enemies. Same as the spell Aqualung.
Find Gold Saucer Wonder Square/Submarine game
Steal Sea Worm
Drop Adamantaimai, Serpent
Morph Sea Worm

Final Fantasy VIIIEdit

Very hard dragon's fin.


Dragon Fin is an item that is used purely for refining. It can be obtained either by winning it from any leveled Grendel and SAM08G, stealing it from any leveled Grendel, from card modding 1 Grendel card for 1 Dragon Fin, or as a 4/288 chance from Angelo Search. It can be refined into 20 Double spells.

Final Fantasy XEdit

Deals water damage to an enemy.


Two Dragon Scales will teach an aeon the Black Magic ability Watera.

Dragon Scale
Effect Inflicts Water-elemental damage to an enemy. Can only be used via the Use command.
Steal Aqua Flan, Maze Larva, Octopus, Phlegyas, Remora, Sahagin, Water Flan
Bribe Splasher
Other Gift: Defeat Belgemine at Moonflow (x2)

Final Fantasy X-2Edit

Dragon Scale
Effect Inflicts Water-elemental damage to an enemy.
Steal Blue Elemental, Flan Azul (Oversoul)
Drop Blue Elemental

Final Fantasy XIEdit

Dragon Scales are a crafting material obtained from high-level dragons. It is used in creation of Dragon's Mail.

Final Fantasy XIIEdit

The Dragon Scale is a key item obtained by giving the Viera Rucksack to the Viera Wayfarer after defeating Vyraal. The Wyrm Philosopher on the Cerobi Steppe Windmill #10 will trade the Dragon Scale for the Age Worn Key that will open the Hall of the Wroth God located in the Sochen Cave Palace, where the Hell Wyrm awaits.

Final Fantasy XVEdit

Dragon Scales

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of FatesEdit

The Dragon Scale are used to create Draconic equipment and can only be won from the Dragon.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of TimeEdit

A scale from the body of a dragon. Could be used to temper armor.


Dragon Scale is a material that can only be dropped from the Dragon.

Final Fantasy Airborne BrigadeEdit

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Final Fantasy Brave ExviusEdit

Dragons are known for their incredibly long lifespans when compared to humans. Many aspects of dragon life are still not well understood, but one behavior that has been observed is the creature's molting routine. As their bodies grow, dragons slough off their skin, scales and all. The residuum of this process is an extraordinary amount of skin and—of greater interest to the adventurer—huge piles of hardy dragon scales. It would surely vex any dragon to learn the value of its discarded leavings: anyone who happens upon them shall never want for gold.

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World of Final FantasyEdit

SINGLE: Deals a moderate amount of water damage.

Dragon Scale
Effect Deals 1,500 Water-elemental damage to a single target.
Buy Chocolatte Mart (after Chapter 9)
Find Dragon Scars
Drop Nightsqual, Sea Serpent, Sea Snake, Squidraken
Nightmare difficulty:
Cost 1,000 gil



A dragon is a legendary creature, typically with serpentine or reptilian traits, that features in the myths of many cultures.

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