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Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy in Itadaki Street Special, also known as Itadaki Street Special, is a board game released by Square Enix in 2004 and exclusive to Japan. This entry in the Fortune Street series has characters from both Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest, formerly known in America as Dragon Warrior.


Just like previous Itadaki games, the gameplay is similar to the popular board game Monopoly. Players can buy and upgrade properties, and the game ends when either a player hits the winning limit (a certain value of gil determined before the game starts) or goes bankrupt. The game is played in a map made up of tiles, each with a different meaning:

  • The Bank Tile - This is where the game begins and ends. It's also where players can level up.
  • Property Tiles - Just like Monopoly, these can be bought, auctioned and rent-value must be payed when landing on them.
  • Casino Tiles - These allow the player to play one out of five minigames.
  • Suit Tiles - When the player collects all four suits (Spades, Hearts, Diamonds and Cloves) across the map, they can level up.
  • ? Tiles - These allow the player to pick up a card. Cards can be collected for gil bonuses.
  • Warp Tiles - These tiles teleport the player to another tile.
  • Dice Tiles - The player rolls again.

The game features four different play modes:

  • Tournament - Single-player mode. You play against the computer in order to unlock new characters and maps to be used in Free Play mode.
  • Free Play - Multiplayer mode. Up to four players can play against each other in either default maps or maps with custom settings.
  • Sphere Tournament - Unlocked after completing Tournament mode.
  • Sphere Free Play - Unlocked after completing Tournament mode.


Aerith and Rinoa.

The Final Fantasy characters from this game include:

The Dragon Quest characters include various heroes from DQI to VIII along with several of their partners like Ragnar, Alena, Bianca and Terry. The series mascot, the Slime, also appears in the same way Chocobo does.


Each map is based on a location of either a Final Fantasy game or a Dragon Quest game. Final Fantasy locations include:

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