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Dragon Dive is a level 3 Limit Break for Cid in Final Fantasy VII. He will strike six random enemies with diving attacks, doing 1716 normal damage, and has a 28% chance to inflict Instant Death. Like many of Cid's Limit Breaks, Dragon Dive is reminiscent of Dragoons' Jump ability; though Final Fantasy VII does not employ a job system, Cid is a Dragoon-type character.


To learn the Limit Break, Cid must kill 76 enemies after obtaining Hyper Jump. A good grinding place is the forest in Nibel Area, after the Mt. Nibel on the world map, where the player mat face as many as six enemies (Battery Cap) in one formation. Cid can easily wipe out groups of enemies with powerful group-targeting E.Skills.


Dragon Dive is Cid's most powerful Limit when he learns it, so it is worth switching to Limit Level 3. Its downside is its randomness, but if used against single-targets, like most bosses, Cid will simply execute all attacks against the single target. It is still good against groups, and has a fairly good chance to instantly kill at least one target unless they are immune to Instant Death. After Cid learns Big Brawl after using Dragon Dive five times, it deals more damage but has no Instant Death chance.


A dragon is a legendary creature, typically with serpentine or reptilian traits, which is featured in the myths of many cultures.