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Reduces HP of all enemies.


Dragon Breath is a Dragon ability in Final Fantasy IX used by Freya that damages all enemies' HP by the amount the target has already been damaged for a cost of 78 MP.


Dragon's Hair location.

Dragon Breath is learned for 205 AP from Dragon's Hair, found by riding Choco to a mountain crack north-west of Oeilvert and using a Dead Pepper there for him to unearth the treasure. If the player has been prioritizing Chocobo Hot and Cold, the treasure can be found as early as when the party first lands on the Forgotten Continent on Zorn and Thorn's Hilda Garde I, and calling for Choco from the local chocobo footprints with a Gysahl Green.


Dragon Breath damages all enemies equal to the total health they have already lost, capped at 9999. Dragon Breath's damage is fixed, and so no enemy can resist it.


Dragon Breath can be very powerful, but relies on the enemies already having been substantially damaged before use; if the enemies are at half health, Dragon Breath will kill them all.

One good strategy would against a group of Yans with Steiner and Freya; if Steiner can use Climhazzard for 9999 damage per Yan, and Freya could respond with 9999 damage to each sheep with Dragon Breath. However, Steiner will likely be snorted off the battle, and his Climhazzard may not be powerful enough without Might or Trance. Another option could be to have Dagger and Freya, and have Dagger summon Atomos with a large stock of Amethysts (46 or more Amethysts works), and then for Freya to use Dragon Breath.

However, Freya's powered up Dragon's Crest is superior with its much lower MP-cost and it can do supreme fixed damage without the enemies needing to be damaged first. Though Dragon's Crest only targets one enemy, Final Fantasy IX has few enemy groups, and all bosses and final dungeon encounters are against singular targets; the only tough group is against the aforementioned Yans.