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Dragon is the level 2-2 Limit Break for Cid, obtained by using Hyper Jump 6 times. During the attack, Cid sends out a dragon to damage to one target equal to 114 times normal damage while healing Cid's HP and MP by an amount equal to approximately 25% of the damage dealt. The amount of HP and MP healed is capped by the target's current MP. The ability calls back to the Lancet ability from the Final Fantasy series, Cid being a Dragoon-like character though Final Fantasy VII does not employ a job system.


Dragon is obtained by using Cid's previous Limit Break, Hyper Jump, six times. To fill the Limit gauge faster, the player can inflict him with Fury and equip him with Cover and/or HP↔MP. Aeris's Fury Brand can also be used to give the other party members Limit Breaks.


Dragon is useful for replenishing Cid's HP and MP while also dealing damage to to the enemy. It does not excel in any of these fields, but combining them all into one ability is situationally useful. If Cid were to take on the Battle Square, it could be a good Limit Break for him there, however, Cloud is usually the best candidate for it for his superior stats. For pure damage-dealing, Hyper Jump is superior, and the player can usually easily enough restore HP and MP via other means, especially outside of battle as not to take up turns during combat. However, if the enemy is at low enough health for Dragon to finish it off, it may be a good time for using it to get some HP and MP while also disposing of the opposition.


A dragon is a legendary creature, typically with serpentine or reptilian traits, which is featured in the myths of many cultures. The ability calls back to a Dragoon ability from Final Fantasy V, in particular, a job associated with dragons.