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Use dragon knight powers.


Dragon is Freya's skillset in Final Fantasy IX. Although they consume MP, the Dragon skills are not considered magic, and thus can be used when magic-use is blocked, such as when the party enters the anti-magic field within Oeilvert in the Forgotten Continent. Like most of the abilities in Final Fantasy IX, Dragon skills are learned by equipping equipment pieces that teach them.

Some of Freya's Dragon skills derive from Final Fantasy Tactics. Reis's Wind is named after Reis Duelar, and Cherry Blossom is Cloud Strife's ultimate Limit skill in Final Fantasy Tactics.

List of skills[]

Name Effect Learned From AP MP
Lancer Physical attack that drains MP equal to 1/16 of the damage done. Damage is 120% of normal attack. Partisan, Dragon Wrist, Coral Ring 20 10
Reduces the enemy's HP and MP.
Reis's Wind Casts Regen on all party members. Mythril Spear, Holy Lance, Gold Helm, Angel Earrings 40 12
Grants Regen on all party members.
Dragon Breath Reduces all enemies' HP based on target's max HP minus current HP. Dragon's Hair 205 78
Reduces HP of all enemies.
White Draw Restores a small amount of MP to all party members between 0 and the enemy's level *2 - 1. Ice Lance, Kain's Lance, Emerald 90 36
Restores MP of all party members.
Luna Inflicts Berserk on all allies and enemies, unless immune. Trident 30 12
Causes Berserk to all targets.
Six Dragons For each character, will do one of the following:
Restore all HP (20%)
Restore all MP (20%)
Restore all HP and MP (10%)
Reduce HP to 1 (15%)
Reduce MP to 1 (15%)
Reduce HP and MP to 1 (20%)
Heavy Lance 25 28
See for yourself.
Cherry Blossom Deals non-elemental magic damage to all enemies. Damage is 150% of normal attack. Obelisk, Kain's Lance 40 46
Causes Non-elemental damage to all enemies.
Dragon's Crest Deals fixed damage to a single enemy that ignores Protect and Defense. Damage is equal to the square of the number of dragons killed. Therefore, if the player kills 100 dragons, it deals 9999 damage (100x100=9999 max). Holy Lance, Kain's Lance 45 16
Deals physical damage to the enemy.

Other appearances[]

Freya uses her Dragon abilities in her various spin-off appearances, such as in Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia, Final Fantasy Record Keeper, Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, and Pictlogica Final Fantasy. In Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade, Freya uses some of her Dragon skills when summoned as a Legend in battle.

In Final Fantasy Trading Card Game, one of Freya's cards can use Cherry Blossom, and another can use Dragon Crest. For two Lightning CP, the discard of a Freya card and Dulling Freya, Cherry Blossom deals 2000 damage to the opponent for each card the player controls with Dragoon as their name or job. Dragon Crest requires the discard of a Freya card and a Lightning CP, allows the player to choose a Forward and deal it 3000 damage for each Dragoon in their Break zone.



A dragon is a legendary creature, typically with serpentine or reptilian traits, which is featured in the myths of many cultures. The command is named as such because Freya is a Dragon Knight.