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A huge reptilian creature with sharp fangs and great wings. It has a Mow Down attack that uses its tail and an attack called Bully, which attacks the lowest HP enemy.


The Dragon is a boss from Bravely Default, appearing in the Vestment Cave.

Stats Edit

Battle Edit

The Dragon mainly strikes at the party with its physical abilities. Bully strikes the target with the lowest HP for heavy damage, and Mow Down strikes the entire party for damage. It will occasionally Brave, using both abilities in one turn.

Strategy Edit

With the Dragon's ability to use Mow Down and Bully, it's recommended that the player have a White Mage that can use the spell Protect. With the Dragon's low M. Defense and weakness to Water, it would be best to have a Black Mage with the spell Blizzard to do decent damage. For the physically members of the party, use Special Moves to build combos and lay into him after he Braves

Etymology Edit

A dragon is a legendary creature, typically with serpentine or reptilian traits, that features in the myths of many cultures.

Related enemies Edit

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