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Dr. Unne is a minor character from the original Final Fantasy. He lives in Melmond, and can teach the Warriors of Light Lufenian if they bring him the Rosetta Stone. His brother, who lives in Onrac, explains that Unne has been searching for the Rosetta Stone, and there are hints that the wise doctor has been studying the Lufenian language for some time. Though romanized differently, Dr. Unne's name in Japanese is written using the same kana as Unei from Final Fantasy III: ウネ?.

When the player reaches a certain level in the Lifespring Grotto in Dawn of Souls and some of the following versions, they will encounter a library filled with enthusiastic scholars; a few of them mention that Unne studied there before setting off in search for the Stone. It seems the artifact was the last step for him to learn the language. The Rosetta Stone can be found in the sunken shrine's upper levels.

Learning Lufenian grants access to the town of Lufenia. By talking to an NPC, players can obtain the Chime that allow entrance to the Mirage Tower and the Flying Fortress.

Other appearances[]

Dr. Unne (NES).

Dr. Unne appears twice in 8-Bit Theater. First, he appears after Black Mage asks "How many bowels does this godforsaken planet have?!", announcing the answer is in his book "Dr. Unne at the ass end of the world and other adventures" while being credited as a "geoproctologist". In the other, the Real Light Warriors give Unne the Leifenish-translating cypherstones―then Black Mage sets Melmond on fire. It is unknown if Unne survived.