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Dr. Lugae, also known as Dr.Lugae, or Lugaborg, is a storyline boss in Final Fantasy IV. It is the fiend form of Doctor Lugae. After the battle, Dr. Lugae's Key is obtained for use in the Tower of Babil to stop the cannons from destroying the dwarves.



Easy Type


Lugae counters attacks with Sleeping Gas. He uses Poison Gas to poison the entire party, as well as Flamethrower and Beam attacks, which do moderate damage. He uses Laser, which can do upwards of a thousand damage and can easily kill a party member. Lugae may also cast Restore on the party, removing Poison.


Rosa should heal after Sleeping Gas. Overall, besides Laser he is a simple and weak enemy to defeat.

AI script[]

Whenever Lugae takes damage (besides damage caused by summons) - Sleeping Gas to random party member - Causes Sleep (May Miss)

On First Turn Only = Poison Gas - Deals Light damage and Poison status to whole party.

Turn 1 = Beam - Deals damage to a single party member, equal to 10% of their total HP.

Turn 2 = Laser (ability) - Deals damage based on Lugae's HP; Lower HP = Less Damage

Turn 3 = Flamethrower - Casts Fire on whole party

Turn 4 = Heal - Cures whole party of status effects

(Reset to Turn 1)

Other media[]

In Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, Nono made a "lugaborg", a gift that Marche Radiuju will give for Audience Day.


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