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Press my luck!? Gah - the outrage! The belittlement! Do you have any idea to whom you're speaking? I'm Dr. Lugae! I may not be one of...them, but Golbez made me his chief strategist for a reason!

Dr. Lugae

Dr. Lugae is a character in Final Fantasy IV. He is a servant of Golbez, and does experiments for him and the Archfiends. He works in the Tower of Babil. His prized creation was a robot named Barnabas.

Profile Edit

Appearance Edit

Dr. Lugae is an elderly man who wears glasses and his white hair and beard. He wears purple or brown pants depending on sprite art and a long white lab coat. He wears goggles. In his Yoshitaka Amano artwork he is gaunt and has a thin hook nose and various accessories attached to beaded chains.

Personality Edit

A mad scientist, Dr. Lugae is obsessed in experimenting on others. His experiments to turn people into monsters even disgust Rubicante himself. He seems to revel in having power over others and witnessing their suffering, as even when he is going to lose he still boasts that his cannons will finish off the dwarves.

Story Edit

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Dr. lugae encounter

The doctor encounters the party.

Lugae is responsible for killing the King and Queen of Eblan and turning them into chimerae, although Edge blames this incident on Rubicante. Lugae is also responsible for the construction of the Tower of Babil Cannons, the tower's most potent weapon.

Cecil Harvey, Kain Highwind, Rydia, Rosa Joanna Farrell, and Yang Fang Leiden encounter Dr. Lugae in the sixth-floor basement of the Tower of Babil while he warps Rubicante from the tower to the Overworld. Rydia speaks up after this, which catches Lugae's attention. Lugae summons Barnabas and orders it to attack the party. However, Barnabas is poorly programmed, and attacks Lugae instead.

If the party defeats Barnabas first, Lugae attempts to control the robot himself by jumping inside his ruined creation, but this fails and Barnabas self-destructs. Alternatively, if Lugae falls first, Barnabas self-destructs upon running out of oil.

Following this initial battle, Lugae transforms into a heavily armed skeletal robot and attacks the party with a variety of lasers and status effects, but is defeated again and drops the key to the Tower of Babil Cannons. Before dying, however, he gloats that Rubicante is already at the top of the tower and that the cannons are primed to wipe out the dwarves.

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Gameplay Edit

Final Fantasy IV Edit

Dr. Lugae is fought inside the Tower of Babil. He has two forms, the Doctor fighting alongside Barnabas, and the skeletal monster form.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years Edit

Dr. Lugae is fought again in Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. If Golbez is in the party he will think on Lugae's potential if he had taken a different path.

Musical themes Edit

Dr. Lugae's theme is called "Dancing Calcabrina" and is shared with Luca's dolls.

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Pictlogica Final Fantasy Edit

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Final Fantasy Record Keeper Edit

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Other mediaEdit

In Final Fantasy Tactics, one can acquire a string puppet Artefact called a Lugae, which resembles Lugae's skeleton form on strings.

In Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, Nono crafts a "lugaborg" as a gift for Audience Day at Bervenia Palace.

Dr. Lugae is also the name of a character in Final Fantasy Dimensions.

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