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You want to be cool huh? Well just don't kill yourself in the process.
—Dr. Kadowaki

Dr. Kadowaki is a non-playable character from Final Fantasy VIII. She is the resident doctor, or "school nurse", at Balamb Garden's infirmary and treats Squall's injury in the beginning of the game.


During the Garden's internal dispute incited by Master NORG, she remains at her post to treat anyone who is injured, no matter who they are allied with. During the Battle of the Gardens, Dr. Kadowaki comes up to the bridge to report to Squall how the war is advancing, and urges him to hold a speech to motivate the troops.


Kadowaki used to be a member of the CC Card Group as the former King. The player can challenge her for a game of Triple Triad, but she holds no rare Triple Triad.



  • There is a reference to Kadowaki in Insomnia in Final Fantasy XV, where a sign on a wall reads "薬カドワキ" - Kadowaki Medicine in Japanese.
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