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But no one is going to let a violent regime lord it over them again. Not anymore. You tell your president that.

Doyle to Reno

Doyle is the eponymous founder of a neighborhood in Edge called Doyleville. He debuted in Final Fantasy VII The Kids Are Alright: A Turks Side Story.


Doyle was formerly an employee of Shinra Electric Power Company in the Urban Development Division. After the events of Meteorfall, he built a house for himself and his friends in Edge. Others joined them, erecting more houses that encircled Doyle's rusted car and a communal courtyard. The neighborhood became known as Doyleville and, out of respect, residents referred to Doyle as the headman.

Doyle drove himself, Keough, and Fabio Braun to Healen Lodge to rescue Thropp from the Turks. Kyrie Canaan and Evan Townshend assisted in their escape from the Turks and the group returned to Doyleville. However, during the rescue, Keough used explosives to destroy the building where Thropp was being held. The blast damaged important and irreplaceable medical equipment. As repayment, Doyle, Keough, and Thropp were assigned to work on the Edge plaza Meteor monument. Doyle also offered his car to Evan so he could leave town.

Doyle helped manage the monument construction team. He was uncomfortable with the implication that he and the Turks were once coworkers, but acknowledged that his opinion of them was changing. Doyle later assisted Leslie Kyle, Reno, and Rude in rescuing Evan and Kyrie near Icicle Inn. Afterward, he returned to Doyleville.


During the events of The Kids Are Alright, Doyle is described as both in his thirties and as being middle-aged. He is burly with thick, expressive eyebrows. Personality-wise, Doyle is endlessly cheerful, very social, and loyal to the Doyleville residents.