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Attacks consecutively


Single slot. Double Cut is a Command Materia in Final Fantasy VII equipped to provide abilities that deal multiple consecutive attacks. It provides 2x-Cut and later 4x-Cut. 2x-Cut provides two attacks against a single enemy, while 4x-Cut provides four long-range attacks, each against random enemies.


Double Cut is found in the Research Room in Gelnika, which can be reached using the submarine.

As it can only be obtained once, the only way to have multiple Double Cut Materia is to master it. This requires a large 150000, meaning that it is best to equip weapons and armor with Double or Triple AP.



Level AP required Effect
1 0 2x-Cut
2 100000 4x-Cut
3 150000 MASTER


Ability Effect
2x-Cut Physical attack against single enemy twice based on weapon equipped.
4x-Cut Physical attack four times, each against random enemy. Long range.


The Double Cut Materia replaces the Attack command with either 2x-Cut at level 1, or 4x-Cut at level 2 after receiving 100000. Both abilities greatly amplify the physical damage dealt by a character. Though 4x-Cut is less predictable against groups, it still deals a solid amount of damage, and against single targets greatly increases it. 4x-Cut also ignores row, meaning characters that use a level 2 Double Cut Materia can be placed in the back row.

Double Cut comes with no stat changes, but as its abilities are based on a character's physical damage, it should be given to those with a high Strength stat to take advantage of it. Cloud, Barret, Tifa, and Cid are good choices for this. Barret can also take advantage of the high amount of AP that the Materia has for his ultimate weapon, Missing Score, in addition to dealing strong physical damage with his Strength stat.

The Double Cut Materia cannot be linked with any Support Materia. However, a physical attack dealt with 2x-Cut or 4x-Cut can take advantage of any Support Materia that affect physical attacks, such as Elemental and Added Effect.

Double Cut can provide alternatives both to the Deathblow in doubling physical damage and to Slash-All in hitting all enemies (with 4x-Cut). Compared to Deathblow, it is more reliable, and can deal more damage. Compared to Slash-All, it is less reliable, but can potentially deal greater damage overall.