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Doron-Fulun is a non-playable Tarutaru Black Mage from Final Fantasy XI. He is somewhat cowardly and prone to panic in tense situations. During the Crystal War he was Master Caster of Windurst's Leonian War Warlocks.


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After Doctor Shantotto was exiled from Windurst she sought out Doron-Fulun and his unit. Although she had no military authority, she bullied Doron-Fulun into abandoning his post and leading the Leonian warlocks to the Sauromugue Champaign where they caught sight of Mithra Mercenaries already engaged with a force of Gigas and Quadav.

Doron-Fulun followed Shantotto as she interrupted the melee by blasting the unwitting Beastmen. They introduced themselves to Lehko Habhoka, who had been commanding the operation. Lehko disapproved of Shantotto's intervention, but she claimed to be a civilian following Doron-Fulun's orders. Shocked at this description, Doron-Fulun attempted to set the record straight and noted the severe punishment he was likely to receive from Warlock Warlord Robel-Akbel for misappropriating the Leonians. Shantotto silenced him by pointing out that she might punish him first.

Shantotto and Lehko resumed their disagreement and Doron-Fulun cowered for fear of the professor's response to the Mithra's disrespect. The squabble was delayed by artillery fire from an approaching Beastman force and Shantotto welcomed another round of combat and the rest of Windurst's forces were compelled to follow her lead. Doron-Fulun flailed nervously in Shantotto's shadow as she ordered the other War Warlocks to attack.

After the battle Doron-Fulun overheard Shantotto mumbling about someone being thickheaded, spineless, and chicken-hearted. He pitifully assumed that she was disparaging him. The professor told Doron-Fulun not to flatter himself, however, as she was merely pondering Robel-Akbel and how the Warlock Warlord had changed from the person she had known in her youth. She set out for Xarcabard with Doron-Fulun and his subordinates in tow.

Doron-Fulun faced further abuse in the Northlands. At one point Shantotto burned him with Fire magic just to borrow his linkpearl. He nevertheless followed her across the battlefield and deep into Castle Zvahl Keep. Their party soon found itself in a difficult situation as Doron-Fulun discovered that they had been cut off from the rest of the allied forces and stranded in the enemy stronghold. Their reinforcements had been ambushed and the San d'Orians were ordering a retreat.

Black magic could have easily transported the War Warlocks out of the castle, but they needed to stay inside to support a nearby group of Red Mages battling a dragon. They attempted to use a doll called the Foe Finder Mark I to determine a path through the Beastmen, but the noisy device only taunted them. As Kindred soldiers approached they decided to leave the obnoxious automaton behind as a distraction while they hurried to aid their compatriots.

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