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Dorgono Qerel is non-player character in Final Fantasy XIV, she appears in the Warrior questline.


Early life[]

Dorgono was consumed by the violent impulses of will of Karash during a hunt that was to serve as her rite of passage. Exiled from her clan as one of the reviled Taken. To hone her skills in hopes of mastering will of Karash, Dorgono wandered aimlessly, eventually washing up in the port city of Limsa Lominsa.

Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood[]

Dorgono consumed by the will of Karash.

Dorgono was part of the group that Wyrnzoen formed to test the strength of the Broken Mountain and Curious Gorge brothers. During the battle, Dorgono is possessed by the will of Karash and easily throws Wyrnzoen, Broenbhar and even Curious Gorge into the waters of the pier. Broken Mountain recognizes that she had been taken over by the inner beast and with the help of Warrior of Light, they manage to stop her.

After the battle, Dorgono explains her situation and Broken Mountain agrees to help her train to control her inner beast and asks the Warrior of Light for help in doing so. Dorgono does his training while accompanying Broken Mountain on Maeltrom operations against the Mamool Ja and eventually manages to control his inner beast after an ambush by the bestmen. Once she can control her inner beast, Dorgono thanks for help and returns to Azim Steppe to regain the trust of her clan.

Upon her return she discovers that her clan's settlement has been attacked by the Chaghan, a group of exiled Qerel who believe that the blind rage of their inner beasts is a gift from their goddess, the Dusk Mother. The Qerel believe that Dorgono is one of the Chaghan and refuse to let her return. Dorgono decides to avenge her people and regain their trust and enlists the help of the Curious Gorge and the Warrior of Light. Dorgono discovers that the Chaghan intend to attack Mol Iloh and tries to intercept them on the way. Once the battle begins, Curious Gorge confesses his love for Dorgono and awakens his inner beast. After the battle Curious Gorge loses control of his inner beast and Dorgono falls in love with him. Curious Gorge manages to regain his conscience when Dorgono confesses her love for him.

Dorgono asks Curious Gorge to return with her to start over as part of the Qerel clan but he refuses. The control of his inner beast still eludes him, and he cannot tolerate the idea of hurting the one he loves most. Curious Gorge says he will return to Eorzea to continue his training. Dorgono says goodbye to the two of you and leaves to finally reunite with her people.

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers[]

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Dorgono is faced twice during the special instance in the Warrior quest level 60 Curious Gorge Meets His Match Curious Gorge Meets His Match. In the first part of the quest she is named as Fetching Fighter and fights as a minor enemy in battle, in the second part of the instance she is faced as Dorgono the Bedeviled and becomes the main target.

Dorgono Blueblade is as an ally npc in Warrior quest level 70 The Heart of the Problem The Heart of the Problem.