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Doom of the Living is Yuffie's second level 3 Limit in Final Fantasy VII. It deals 15 hits at 0.625 times Yuffie's base damage each, randomly distributed across all enemies, making it extremely potent against single targets.


Doom of the Living is obtained by using Gauntlet six times. Yuffie can equip the Cover Materia to speed up this process, as can using a Hyper to give the Fury status that doubles the rate Limit gauge fills. For specific grinding, a good location is the large forest in the Nibel Area past Mt. Nibel where enemies appear in large groups, and their attacks raise Yuffie's Limit gauge considerably due to their damage. One enemy fought here, Valron, uses Gravity-based attacks that reliably increases Yuffie's gauge quickly with no risk of killing her.


Doom of the Living spreads its damage across 15 hits, and in total hits for 9.375 times Yuffie's base damage. This makes it Yuffie's most powerful Limit Break against single targets and outclassing her previous Limit Breaks. Its damage is based on Yuffie's Strength stat and currently equipped weapon. Yuffie's stats are average across the board, making building her towards physical damage very viable, though in some cases, players will prefer to keep her Limit on level 1 for Clear Tranquil.

Yuffie's ultimate Limit Break, All Creation, deals damage at 8 times Yuffie's base damage. Against multiple targets, it outclasses Doom of the Living in terms of damage output, even taking into account the extra time spent charging. However, Doom of the Living remains Yuffie's most powerful Limit Break against single targets. Additionally, much later in the game, if Yuffie's physical damage reaches or approaches 9999 (possible when she has Conformer as well as multiple damage boosts), Doom of the Living can deal 15 hits of 9999 damage, making it extremely powerful and outclassing All Creation.