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Entrance to Doom Castle.

Doom Castle (さいごのしろ, Saigo no Shiro?) is a location from Final Fantasy Mystic Quest and the game's final dungeon.

Doom Castle is built into the architecture of the Focus Tower, with the castle basement built underground in the plateau the Focus Tower is on, and the rest of the castle extending to the top of the tower.

The basement of the tower is a sand-filled pit similar to the Bone Dungeon guarded by the Skullrus Rex. The staircase behind Skullrus Rex leads into a closed-off area of the Focus Tower before leading back into the castle. The second floor is an icy area reminiscent of the Ice Pyramid and is guarded by the Stone Golem. The third floor is a lava-filled area based on the Lava Dome's inner chamber and contains the Twinhead Wyvern. The fourth floor is based on Pazuzu's Tower and is guarded by Zuh. The fifth floor contains a statue of Benjamin and four chests containing copious amounts of healing items. Afterwards, the castle's summit houses the throne of the Dark King in a room among a starfield.

The player can resupply with Cure Potion and Seed items at the shop found on the first basement of Mac's Ship.


Depending on how many of the four items the player has, the chest numbers will change to give the player 99 units of each item.

  • 1-99x Cure Potions
  • 1-99x Heal Potions
  • 1-99x Refreshers
  • 1-99x Seeds
  • 75x Arrows
  • Aegis Shield
  • Aero spell (although the Aero spell is technically in Doom Castle, it is in an area only accessible from the Focus Tower).