BravelyD wiki icon Dominus Harena is a minor non-player character in Bravely Default. He is the prime minister of Ancheim.

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Prime Minister

An honest man left to govern Ancheim by the king. He was kind and understanding toward Agnès, and offered advice and support.

A 39-year-old man from the Harena region. His keen mind worked behind the scenes to bring the kingdom back from the brink of exhaustion. He is descended from the Harena dynasty, which preceded the current one.

  • Likes: Sand baths, pickles
  • Dislikes: Foolish royal despots



Dominus Harena is 39 years old with dark hair, which is mostly covered by his attire, which is blue and white.


Harena is an honest and understanding man, known for working hard for the benefit of the kingdom.


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Dominus Harena was a descendant of the Harena dynasty, which once ruled Ancheim. Eventually, he became Ancheim's Prime Minister, and was often in the palace alongside the king.

He was present in the palace when Ancheim's king Eloch Quentis Khamer VIII, confronted the vestal of wind, Agnès Oblige, over her inability to find the a way to restore the winds, which were the kingdom's lifeblood. After Agnès awakened the wind crystal, restoring the winds, Harena witnessed her speech to the people. Introducing himself to the vestal, Harena complimented her on the speech, which had a profound effect on him. He noted that it had also affected the king, though it was due to a wounded ego on the king's part. After learning of Agnès's intentions to go to Florem, he noted that Florem had no landing sites, leading the Agnès's group to travel to see Sage Yulyana for advice.

Before the group left, Harena arranged for at least two weeks of provisions to be sent to the airship Agnès was using, while also granting them berthing permissions, showing his generosity. After Khamer, the king, was revealed to be in allegiance with the duchy and defeated, Harena expressed regret that he did not foresee the King's actions. He made the decision to take up the governance of Ancheim. However, he expressed that this was a temporary measure and stated a desire to see Ancheim change into a land led by its people for the benefit of all.

Other versions of the Prime Minister appear in the parallel worlds that Agnès and her companions visit. In each world, he chooses to govern Ancheim after Khamer's defeat, expressing the same dream for Ancheim's future.

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