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Dominants (ドミナント, Dominanto?) are people born with the ability to host Eikons, the most powerful and deadly creatures in Valisthea, inside of themselves in Final Fantasy XVI; Dominants can call upon their Eikon's power and summon the being into the material world. Most nations revere Dominants, but the Iron Kingdom citizens view Dominants as unholy abominations who are to be put to death if discovered on their land, and in some countries Dominants are bound and forced to serve as weapons of war.

Known Dominants[]

Behind the scenes[]

Dominants appear to be akin to Summoners from past Final Fantasy games. The summoner's ability to host summoned monsters inside of themselves was also seen in Final Fantasy IX. In the Final Fantasy XIII series, each l'Cie was likewise bonded to one Eidolon they became one with via a crystal inside them.

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