Doma Castle is a castle in Final Fantasy VI. It is located in the northeast part of the world, and is surrounded by lush streams and rivers. It is the home of Cyan Garamonde. Doma is a simple nation that lives without the technology and machines used by the rest of the world.


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Cyan defeated the imperial commander.

An ancient nation, Doma has been around since the War of the Magi and has a long and proud military history. Doma is the strongest opponent of the Gestahlian Empire, and is invaded due to its support for the Returners, an anti-Imperial resistance group. Although militarily powerful, Doma's rejection of modern technology and the Empire's Magitek technology makes the war impossible to win. An army of Imperial troops attacks Doma Castle two years into the Third Gestahlian Campaign, but Cyan defeats the Imperial commander, sending the Imperial force fleeing, and Doma ends up playing a waiting game.

Cyan found the king dying.

Kefka, using General Leo's forced leave of absence to his advantage, poisons the river supplying Doma's water, killing most of the inhabitants as well as various Imperial personnel held captive by Doma. Celes knew about the plan, and it is implied she was imprisoned due to speaking out against it. Cyan and a single Doma soldier are the only survivors and Doma continues to be occupied by the Empire for some time, until the fall of the Imperial capital Vector when Emperor Gestahl orders the troops stationed at Doma to withdraw (if the player performs well in the banquet scene).

A year later, if Cyan returns to the Doma Castle his pain over the destruction will reach critical mass, and the party enters his Dreamscape, a reflection of Cyan's soul that leads to a phantom version of Doma Castle. The party defeats Wrexsoul and Cyan's mind is resolved of his guilt and self-doubt, allowing him to attain his peak level of skill and giving him access to all his Bushido techniques.

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World of Balance
World of Ruin

Musical themes

"Cyan's Theme" from Final Fantasy VI

"Cyan's Theme" plays as the background theme for Doma's Castle.

Other appearances

Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade

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Other media

In the Dawn of Souls and subsequent remakes of the original Final Fantasy, Doma is one of the automatic names the player can choose for the Warrior job.

According to his concept art in the Final Fantasy XIII-2 Ultimania Omega, Gilgamesh found his Masamune in Doma's poisoned river, a reference to Cyan obtaining the same sword in the castle.

Behind the scenes

In the mobile version Doma Castle's model looks like Figaro Castle. In the SNES version, Doma Castle's sprite looks like Vector instead. Neither version of the game has a unique graphic for Doma.

The description of Murakumo on the GBA and later versions, states that the sword is an ancient Doman blade lost during the War of the Magi.

If the player uses the airship glitch to skip Sabin's scenario early in the game, it will become impossible to finish this scenario later on: At a certain point in the story, all the NPCs are removed from Doma Castle, and visiting the castle during Sabin's scenario afterward will cause a lock up, making it impossible to complete.


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