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Dokumori: Ichi
MP 1 Koduku
Effect Poisons an enemy.
Duration Varies
Casting Time 4 Seconds
Recast Time 30 Seconds
Magic Type Ninjutsu
Element Water
Jobs NIN 27

Dokumori: Ichi is a Ninjutsu spell in Final Fantasy XI. It poisons an enemy. It is the least popular Ninjutsu spell. With an unessential effect, a long casting time, and the fact that the player must use inventory space on Kodoku in order to cast this spell, it is rarely used. If Dokumori: Ni were available to players, providing a faster casting time, Dokumori may be a more popular spell. However, Dokumori: Ni cannot be cast by players, and Dokumori: Ichi is currently rarely used by players. A testament to its unpopularity is that no one has tested it for its potency and recorded it.

Interestingly, the official strategy guide from many years ago lists Dokumori: Ni as a spell that can be learned by Ninja, suggesting that perhaps Dokumori: Ni was originally going to be available to players. However, in the game, only enemies can use Dokumori: Ni. Making this even more interesting is that Maat, the man who assumes all 15 pre-Treasures of Aht Urhgan jobs, can cast Dokumori: Ni as a Ninja. Normally, Maat only uses abilities that can be used by players. This further hints that perhaps Ninja was going to receive the higher-level Dokumori spell as well.


毒盛の術 (Dokumori no Jutsu): Doku means poison, and mori means a serving of (food). 

The tool used, 蠱毒 (Kodoku), is a fabled poison from tribes of southern China. It is said to be created by putting 100 poisonous creatures, such as a centipede, spider, toad, scorpion, and snake into a sealed container and bury it in dirt, allowing the creatures to devour each other. The last creature that remains is said to contain the combined poison from all the other poisonous creatures, and is then used to make the kodoku. It is usually delivered hidden in the food to the victims.