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Trophy: Plan E
Complete "Dogged Pursuit". Bronze

Cloud replaces the injured Jessie and joins the mission to blow up Mako Reactor 5. The team boards the train for Sector 4, nervous about the mission to come.


Dogged Pursuit is the fifth chapter in Final Fantasy VII Remake. The chapter comprises the events when Cloud Strife, Barret Wallace, and Tifa Lockhart head to the train towards Mako Reactor 5, after Barret puts out a warning.

Completing the chapter will unlock the bronze trophy Plan E.


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As Cloud, Barret and Tifa ride the train toward Sector 4, an announcement from the Shinra Electric Power Company notifies that the city has entered the state of heightened alert due to Avalanche's bombing threat. All lines are experiencing delays and so the arrival to Sector 4 station will be delayed as well. Barret explains to Cloud and Tifa that the target is Mako Reactor 5, and that once they arrive at the Sector 4 station, they will take the backstreets. The plan will then be the same as when he and Cloud bombed Mako Reactor 1. Barret says they will do this mission for Jessie and Wedge, who have been left behind. Barret and Tifa walk to the other end of the carriage, with Tifa mentioning how empty the train is. Barret says that they would stand out as a group and tells Tifa and Cloud to stay on this carriage while he moves on.

Barret argues with a Shinra employee.

An ID scan passes through the train. Tifa tells Cloud she has butterflies in her stomach and asks him to check on Barret as well. Cloud finds the Shinra Middle Manager asking if Barret supports "those terrorists". He says the bombing has thrown Shinra into chaos, but they won't lose heart and the reactors will stay online. Cloud can tell Barret is about to lose his cool and intervenes. The Shinra manager gets angry and walks away while Barret hums the victory song and tells Cloud to check on Tifa one more time.

As Cloud heads back into the first carriage an emergency ID scan detects the group's unauthorized IDs. The train's threat level is raised to critical and a containment sweep will start. Barret tells Cloud and Tifa to get to the other train car. A couple slug rays show up as the passengers begins to flee. Tifa asks Cloud to handle them as she and Barret help the other passengers. Cloud has three minutes to defeat the Shinra drones, and if he fails, he will be locked out from the other carriage and needs to jump off the train alone. Inside the Corkscrew Tunnel he hears Barret scream and rescues Tifa, who jumped off the train as well and is under attack from Shinra soldiers. They continue ahead to rescue Barret, with Tifa saying she should have jumped off with the latter.

Tifa asks the confused Shinra manager to look after the other passengers.

If Cloud defeats the Shinra drones in time, he enters the other carriage and finds more slug rays there, with Barret saving Cloud from one of them. Tifa tells the Shinra Middle Manager to leave the car and look after the passengers. The Shinra manager is confused by Tifa's actions, saying he is her enemy for working for Shinra, but Tifa only wants everyone to survive. The Shinra Middle Manager promises to look after the passengers as Tifa locks him out of the train car. The announcement declares that three unauthorized passengers have been contained and will be neutralized. Cloud says the Sector 4 station will be crawling with security and they need to slow the train down and abandon it. Barret shoots down a door while Tifa presses the emergency brakes button.

Barret jumps off the train first while Cloud fights off more slug rays. He realizes Tifa is scared to jump so they jump off the train together and find themselves in the Corkscrew Tunnel. Cloud asks if Tifa is okay as they get up. As they fight off some more slug rays they hear Barret scream and go look for him. Tifa thanks Cloud for jumping off the train with her, Cloud having shielded her with his body, with Cloud mentioning it was no big deal as Tifa is light.

Heidegger observing Avalanche via security cameras.

Heidegger, the head of Shinra's security, is observing the trio's advance via security cameras from a control room alongside some Shinra soldiers. He feels like they should've captured the terrorists, asking one of the soldiers where the third one (Barret) is. The soldier says the third one is in custody, with Heidegger ordering him to "release it back to the wild".

Cloud and Tifa find Barret under attack from the Shinra soldiers and slug rays on the other rail. They use the stairs to join him and help him out. Barret says to check on the Corkscrew Tunnel map so that they know where they are and explains they had prepared multiple plans. They have arrived at an adjacent line that leads to Reactor 5. Barret says they should follow the tracks, unaware that a security camera is keeping an eye on them. He says they need to switch to a different line or else they will end up at the station and get caught. Barret mentions that other Avalanche allies have spray-painted images of Stamp onto the train tunnels' walls to mark the route so that they won't get lost.

Heidegger talks with President Shinra on the phone, saying that all preparations are set and that he will not fail. Two soldiers arrive to report about casualties, making Heidegger frustrated as soldiers are nothing but pawns to him. He tells them to use their heads instead of reporting him the problems. Once the soldiers leave, Heidegger complains that it is hard to find good help these days, and wonders what would the president do without him.

The group follows graffiti of Stamp to navigate through the train tunnels.

Cloud, Barret and Tifa continue to follow Stamp's nose and the blue lights. Barret tells the group that Biggs might need their help, who has gone way ahead of them, as Jessie was originally going to back him up before she got injured. They eventually come across grashtrikes, including a queen laying eggs on the stair trails. A Shinra flametrooper is burning the eggs, but ends up losing to Cloud and the others.

Barret tells Cloud they will need to use a secret passageway inside the Corkscrew Tunnel to get to Mako Reactor 5. A soldier reports to Heidegger that they have analyzed Avalanche's combat capabilities, with Heidegger getting mad. He starts to rave about the war with Wutai, and says they must destroy Avalanche without mercy. Heidegger implies the soldier does not wish to serve in his position anymore, with the soldier saying they will finish a prototype in Section E for deployment right now.

Cloud, Barret and Tifa find a route to the secret passageway, Tifa wondering why Barret doesn't like Stamp, a lovable mascot. Barret does not hate Stamp, only how Shinra uses him for their propaganda. At the end of their path, the group destroys the aggressive Crab Warden war machine, whose explosion destroys the security camera footage in the control room.

Heidegger's monitors go blank when the Crab Warden explodes.

Heidegger says that the Crab Warden won't do as a Shinra soldier reports to him on the robot's analytics. Heidegger thinks the robot's armor was insufficient due to the lack of preparation, with the soldier saying that all modules were operational and that the sensors were overloaded. The soldier says that all sensors in Section E are inoperable as another soldier passes Heidegger the phone to answer a call from President Shinra. Heidegger tells the president that everything is fine and after the call claims to know where Avalanche is heading. He tells the soldier to solve the anomaly of the armor, threatening that if he fails, the soldier will deal with the intruders personally. Heidegger, with a boisterous laugh, claims to treat his people fairly and only hopes they will not disappoint him.

Cloud, Barret and Tifa enter the shipping containers that lead to the secret passageway. Tifa wonders if Cloud and Barret bumped into any giant robots in Mako Reactor 1. Barret compares the giant robot they faced there to a scorpion and asks Tifa what the robot they just faced looked like. Tifa can't answer as Cloud says the robot is dead. The group rides a lift down, with Barret telling Cloud it is not going to get any easier.

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The quests in chapter 5 are entirely combat quests as the party navigate their way through the Corkscrew Tunnel. Various enemies are fought along the way, and the objective is to follow Stamp's signs to navigate a path forward. In "Secret Passageway", the boss Crab Warden is fought.