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Djose Temple, also known as the Lightning Mushroom Rock, is a location from Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2. It is one of the temples of Yevon that lies on the way of a summoner's pilgrimage. The temple is concealed beneath rock most of the time, but when a summoner is addressing the fayth, the rock face is repelled from the temple surface by surges of electricity that holds the stone in steady orbit. During the events of Final Fantasy X-2, the temple is the base of operations for the Machine Faction.


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Final Fantasy X[]

Yuna at the temple's entrance.

When Yuna's party arrives at Djose Temple, they notice the temple already has a summoner inside. By the side of the front door, they find Gatta or Luzzu, depending on who survived Operation Mi'ihen, mourning the loss of the other before ultimately heading back to Besaid.

The party encounters a rival summoner Dona who derides Yuna for needing such a large following of guardians, which now includes Sir Auron, while she only needs one. Yuna defends the value of her friends, while Dona is enraged when Barthello asks to shake the hand of the legendary guardian, Auron. They meet another summoner named Isaaru and his guardian brothers Maroda and Pacce, who tell Tidus about a rumor of summoners on pilgrimage disappearing, and warn him to be careful.

The party completes the Cloister of Trials and gains access to the Chamber of the Fayth where Yuna prays for the fayth and obtains the temple's aeon, Ixion. The party stay at the inn overnight to continues the pilgrimage the next day. Yuna oversleeps and is late, her guardians poking fun at her disheveled hair.

Later on, if Tidus convinced Dona to stop her pilgrimage, she'll be found outside the temple with Barthello after gaining the airship, though the area can only be accessed after the meeting with Grand Maester Mika in Bevelle. Tidus and Yuna tell Dona that they found a different way to destroy Sin, and Dona wishes them luck before leaving with Barthello.

Final Fantasy X-2[]

YRP versus the Experiment.

The temple has been abandoned by the priests and Yevonites after the beginning of Yuna's Eternal Calm. Sometime thereafter, the Machine Faction, led by Gippal, moved in and made the temple their base of operations. When fiends start pouring out of the temples, Djose Temple does not initially want to ask help from the Gullwings, but eventually they relent. One Al Bhed tells Rikku that Gippal is missing, and the fiends have begun to merge with the machina. The Gullwings enter the temple to find the possessed Ixion. After Ixion is defeated, it explodes, causing Yuna to fall into a deep hole in the middle of the Chamber of the Fayth where the fayth statue used to be located.

In Chapter 5, the faction brags to the Gullwings that their Experiment machina is unbeatable. The Gullwings accept the challenge and defeat the Experiment, but they destroy it. Yuna apologizes to the Al Bhed, but he forgives Yuna since they can simply repair it. The party can find five repair manuals to help repair the Experiment. They can excavate for spare parts in the Bikanel desert to upgrade the Experiment to its fullest capability. However, the Experiment goes out of control when upgraded to its full power.

The trio destroys the full-powered Experiment and Rikku realizes that Paine can speak Al Bhed. She wonders where she learned the language, and learns it was from Gippal. Though Rikku accuses Gippal of being a player, Paine says that she thought learning another language would broaden her horizons, but says it didn't work since she needed to open herself up. Rikku does not understand it and Paine simply says that her travels with Yuna and Rikku helped her change a lot. When Yuna says she had assumed they were bothering Paine, Paine says that she never shuts up and describes how she was ready to hurt them at first. Yuna pretends to be offended, and runs off with Rikku, making the confused Paine run after them.

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Temple aeon[]

  • Ixion (Lightning-elemental, unicorn-like aeon)


Djose Inn[]

Before airship
Item Cost
Potion 50 gil
Phoenix Down 100 gil
Antidote 50 gil
Eye Drops 50 gil
Echo Screen 50 gil
Soft 50 gil
Equipment User Cost
Fencing Saber Tidus 550 gil
Rune Rod Yuna 550 gil
Hyper Ball Wakka 550 gil
Rune Mog Lulu 550 gil
Halberd Kimahri 825 gil
Shimmering Blade Auron 825 gil
Metal Shield Tidus 550 gil
Metal Ring Yuna 550 gil
Metal Armguard Wakka 550 gil
Metal Bangle Lulu 550 gil
Metal Armlet Kimahri 550 gil
Metal Bracer Auron 550 gil
After airship
Item Cost
Potion 50 gil
Hi-Potion 500 gil
Phoenix Down 100 gil
Antidote 50 gil
Eye Drops 50 gil
Echo Screen 50 gil
Soft 50 gil
Power Distiller 100 gil
Mana Distiller 100 gil
Speed Distiller 100 gil
Ability Distiller 100 gil
Equipment User Cost
Vigilante Tidus 27,225 gil
Mirage Rod Yuna 187,875 gil
First Goal Wakka 27,225 gil
Booster Cactuar Lulu 165,375 gil
Mirage Lance Kimahri 187,875 gil
Sentry Auron 18,150 gil
Mirage Claw Rikku 165,375 gil
Shell Shield Tidus 18,225 gil
Shell Ring Yuna 18,225 gil
Shell Armguard Wakka 18,225 gil
Shell Bangle Lulu 18,225 gil
Shell Armlet Kimahri 18,225 gil
Shell Bracer Auron 18,225 gil
Shell Targe Rikku 18,225 gil


Final Fantasy X[]

Cloister of Trials[]

The Cloister of Trials.

Aim: To complete the glyph in the center of the main room.

  • Insert the Djose Spheres from the recesses to the left and right into the door ahead, opening it.
  • Enter the room and take one of the two Djose Spheres from the far wall and walk right.
  • Insert the sphere into one of the recesses and repeat the process with the other Djose Sphere.
  • Push the pedestal from the middle of the room to the right until it is electrified.
  • Now remove the Charged Djose Sphere from the pedestal and insert it into the recess to the right of the large door, opening it.
  • Insert the two Djose Spheres from the eastern wall into the sides of the pedestal, and push it back to the center of the room.
  • Push the pedestal through the door ahead and into the electrical field so that it floats in the middle.
Note: If the pedestal did not have two spheres inside and is pushed into the field, it can be teleported back by stepping on the shining tile to the left.
  • Walk up to the edge to jump onto the platform and get to the other side. Push the pedestal there into the wall, causing the eye of the glyph to illuminate, and head back.
  • Step onto the shining tile to the left to bring the pedestal back, and, one after another, insert each of the Djose Spheres within them into the first recesses at the very beginning of the trials.
  • Remove the Charged Djose Sphere from the wall and insert it into the recess to the near left of it to complete the glyph and create a lift.
  • Step on the lift to ride it to the top and go to the far end of the chamber to see five pedestals in a circle.
  • Push each one into the walls behind them to open the final door.
  • Before heading through, ride the lift down again and go left to see a flickering glyph on the wall, which should be touched.
  • Once activated, it opens to reveal a Destruction Sphere. Take it and go back up the lift and insert it into the pedestal.
  • Retrieve the Magic Sphere from the chest and go up the stairs to complete the trials.

Final Fantasy X-2[]

No Way Djose[]

Note: This is a compulsory mission, which is required to complete the game.

Eliminate the fiends that have appeared inside Djose Temple! Be careful, though. These fiends aren't to be taken lightly.

  • Objective: Liberate the temple.
  • Unlock: Becomes available after completing the "Protect Besaid Temple!" and "Pest Control" Missions. Witnessing Gippal is not necessary for the mission.
  • Reward: Unwavering Guard Garment Grid, Crimson Sphere 2 and Crimson Sphere 3.

This mission is part of Chapter 3.

Masterpiece Theater[]

Note: This is not a compulsory mission, thus is not required to complete the game.

Prove your strength by smashing the Machine Faction's masterpiece: Spira's most powerful machina weapon?

  • Objective: Defeat the Experiment.
  • Unlock: Becomes available at the beginning of Chapter Five.
  • Reward: Al Bhed Primer.

This mission can be undertaken in Chapter 5.

Episode Complete[]

Word is, the Machine Faction and Rin are launching a survey of the Farplane.

Djose Temple highlighted on Celsius locations list

After defeating the most powerful Experiment, Paine reflects on how far she has come since joining the Gullwings.

To get Episode Complete the player must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Chapter 1 - Get an interview with Gippal. Follow him to the bridge and get the letter of introduction from him.
  • Chapter 3 - Before the Active Link appears, visit here to see an event with Gippal.
  • Chapter 4 - View the CommSphere:
  • Phase 1: Won't connect.
  • Phase 2: View until the sphere is stolen.
  • Chapter 5 - The player must fight the Experiment at Level 5 Attack, Defense and Special to get Episode Complete. These traits can be leveled up by digging for parts in Bikanel.

If the Experiment is defeated before it reaches Level 5 on all traits, the player must give the Al Bhed a repair manual to fix it. There are only five repair manuals, meaning the Experiment can be fought up to six times. If, after all the repair manuals are used and the experiment is defeated again before it is upgraded to level 5 on all traits, the player will be unable to receive an Episode Complete for this area.


Final Fantasy X[]

  • 4000 gil (outside of the temple to the left, in a chest)
  • Ability Sphere x4 (outside of the temple to the right, in a chest)
  • Ether (in a chest outside of the left room of the temple)
  • Remedy (in the left room of the temple)
  • Mega Phoenix (in a chest in the right room of the temple)
  • Magic Sphere (from Cloister of Trials)
After completing Trials
After gaining airship

Final Fantasy X-2[]

Chapter 2
Chapter 5
  • X-Potion x2
  • Remedy x2
  • Mana Spring
  • Hyper Wrist
  • The Spirit of Recycling (talk to man in temple, input password MARNELA)
  • How to Repair with Soul (talk to Al Bhed man sitting in temple side room)
  • Repairing for Dummies (stand between monkeys, press X when all three jump at same time)
  • Book of Magical Dances II (defeat Experiment at Level 5)


Final Fantasy X-2[]

Chapter 3
Chapter 5

Musical themes[]

In Final Fantasy X, the theme that plays while in the Djose Temple is called "Djose Temple". The theme that plays within the Cloister of Trials is called "The Trials". "Yuna's Theme" plays at the temple after completing the trials and continues until the player leaves the area.

In Final Fantasy X-2, the theme that plays at the Djose Temple is called "The Machina Faction".

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade[]

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Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

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Behind the scenes[]

Luzzu's body can be seen lying on a bed in the inn, but he is also seen standing outside near the temple if Gatta was told to go to the front lines.