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"Divine Love"

"Divine Love" (神の愛を誉れとせよ, Kami no Ai wo Homare to seyo?, lit. Consider His Love an Honor) is a final boss theme in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. It is the eighth track on the fourth disc of the game's soundtrack and plays during the first, second, and third phases of the battle against the final boss. It is composed and arranged by Naoshi Mizuta.

The track's name is part of the differences between the Japanese and English versions of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII where the dialogues portray Bhunivelze in varying ways. In Japanese Bhunivelze makes suggestive comments when referring to Lightning. In the English version, the suggestive elements are removed, and he is portrayed in a way more akin to Western deities in fiction and popular culture. During the pre-battle cutscene, right before "Divine Love" begins playing, the Japanese line "Consider my love an honor" is altered to "Rejoice in the light of God's love" in English. Thus the English name of the battle theme is "Divine Love" as opposed to "Consider His Love an Honor" in Japanese.


Servator Domini
Magnus Lumen sum numenus sanctus
In precipito deacre vigor
Amor supremum et quod est deus
Sanctis sanctitis
Atrem lux fincus
Sanctis Sanctitis
Horam mi sanctus
Sis at venturis
Lux nox ciata
Dei Bhunivelze est tuum se patris
Et tua clamors in precis ost
Teste mustus mundus
Adora deus sanctum!
Servant of God
I am the sacred God of light
Collapse under the striking vigor
Of the almighty love of God
Holy sanctity
Mother of ending light
Holy sanctity
My sacred hour
Thou mayest be yet to come
United with light and darkness
God Bhunivelze is thy father
Let us pray to him and praise him
Witness the new world
Worship the sacredness of God!

Other appearances[]

Mobius Final Fantasy[]

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