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Divine Forest.

A holy beast who only opens his heart to pure maidens lives in the forest to the east. I'm pure, too, but since I'm a boy I don't think he'll be nice to me, kupo...


Divine Forest (聖なる森, Seinaru Mori?) is a location in Final Fantasy Dimensions.


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Upon entering this forest, the Warriors of Light encounter the Unicorn. The creature then runs away. Dusk says that the creature only opens its heart to pure maidens. The team then look at Sarah, whom they think can communicate with the creature.

The Unicorn inside Divine Forest.

They go deeper into the forest and come across the creature again. This time, Sarah tries to speak to it. She convinces the Unicorn to lend the team its strength to fight against darkness. Finally, the Eidolon accepts Sarah's request.
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Item Place
Platinum Helm Chest
Dry Ether Chest
X-Potion Chest
Platinum Armor Chest
Cottage Chest