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Leap into the air and unleash a powerful kick.


Divekick is an ATB ability for Tifa in Final Fantasy VII Remake, provided to her by the Leather Gloves Leather Gloves. With the ability, Tifa jumps into the air, spins, and slams down with her feet, kicking the ground. The ability deals strong physical damage and has a wide area-of-effect.


Divekick is provided by the Leather Gloves. It can be permanently learned by using the ability with the Leather Gloves equipped in a way that finishes off an enemy.


Divekick is a powerful ability due to its physical damage and its area-of-effect. It can be used frequently to deal strong damage in a single burst. It is effective both at clearing out enemies that cluster together, as well as larger enemies who are staggered. Divekick can also knock some enemies back. Because it deals physical damage, Divekick relies on Tifa's Attack Power Attack Power, though her high Speed Speed allows her to charge it up quickly and thus use it in combos with other abilities.

A great use for Divekick is in a combo with Whirling Uppercut, Tifa's default Triangle ability. After performing Whirling Uppercut, Tifa will be airborne meaning she can immediately use Divekick to unleash its damage faster, cutting part of the animation time. This makes Divekick a great ability to use on the end of combos with several of Tifa's Unbridled Strength martial techniques and other abilities.

Divekick is versatile and can be applied generally to various situations. However, unlike Tifa's other abilities, it does not come with any unique effects; e.g. Starshower grants more damage to her next attack, while her other abilities can be used for their various effects in addition to damage when desired. Divekick nonetheless remains Tifa's best ability for dealing area-of-effect damage.

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