Divebeak is an enemy in Final Fantasy X-2. It uses Condor's model from Final Fantasy X. Divebeak is a weak enemy and should not pose a problem, even when Oversouled. One hit should be enough to take it down.

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Fiend Tale[edit | edit source]

Think of me as a delivery service. I deliver all manner of things. But just for fiends, not humans! Man, I hate me some humans! Fiends and humans will never get along!
Today I got an order from an Iron Giant. Wants me to deliver a pillow to an ochu on Mushroom Rock Road. But I've never seen such a huge pillow in my life! I dropped it along the way, but this fat chocobo rancher helped me out. Quite helpful... for a human. For his sake, I hope the chocobos don't take a bite outta him!
Had a special delivery today. A machina in Mi'ihen Highroad needed a datachip delivered to Bikanel. Accepting orders from a machine... times sure have changed! But work is work, as the saying goes. Thing was on the verge of breaking down! But he kept begging and begging, so I decided to help him out. I went to the desert to deliver the chip. You'll never guess what happened! The Al Bhed girl who worried about the thing like it was her own child! Go figure!
I'm not up to today's delivery. A coeurl from Djose needs me to deliver a gift to his grandson. Problem is, the grandson is still human! I blew him off at first, but he started bawling like a little girl. The old coeurl could barely move, so I just gave in and said yes. Flew the skies just like a pyrefly, I did. When I delivered - or rather dumped - the gift off, the kid started crying his eyes out. You suppose being a crybaby is genetic? Believe me, this is the first and last time I deal with humans!

In the Fiend Tale ending, the Divebeak delivers the medicine to a sickly child in the Thunder Plains. After a brush in with Humbaba, Divebeak passes on to the Farplane out of relief of fulfilling his delivery. Only one feather remained of him and the child he saved kept it as a memento.

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Final Fantasy Record Keeper[edit | edit source]

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