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Dive II Hunt: The Adventures of Sorbet (Dive II Hunt: Sorbet's Great Adventure on MySpace) was a flash game developed by Square Enix. It is a side-scrolling collecting game starring Sorbet, a moogle from Final Fantasy XII who dreams of becoming the ultimate "Hunter Dive Master". Dive II Hunt was available on the Square Enix MySpace page and the Square Enix Members website. Ryōma Itō, the character designer for several titles that take place in Ivalice, created original artwork for the game.


Dive II Hunt Gameplay

Gameplay in Dive II Hunt.

All gameplay takes place during thirty in-game days. During that time, the object is to collect as much treasure and gil as possible. There are also numerous enemies to avoid, including Sharks and Mermaids. During the course of the game, Sorbet's oxygen supply will decrease. If he runs out of oxygen while he is too deep underwater, he will be forced to recuperate in bed, costing three in-game days. Gil can be spent on getting better and stronger diving equipment through Frappe.


Dive II Hunt: The Adventures of Sorbet only features two characters, and only one of them is playable.

  • Sorbet - the main character and only playable character. Sorbet is a moogle who wishes to become the greatest diver-hunter and therefore partakes in the diving tournament.
  • Frappe - Frappe is the receptions for the tournament. Her father had previously become the Hunter Dive Master. She assists Sorbet in his efforts and sells missions and upgrades.


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