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After years, if not eons of eyeing all those other transfiggers with considerable envy, Serafie has finally managed to move up in the world. She insisted on the "diva" styling, but maybe that wasn't such a good idea, because now Tama has taken to calling her "Dweeba Serafie" instead.

Mirage Manual entry

Diva Serafie is a mirage in World of Final Fantasy.


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Intervention Quest Edit

The Coliseum Edit


Location Formation
Intervention Quest - A Smidge of Micro-Envy Diva Serafie
The Coliseum - WOFF Mascots *(Maxima only) Diva Serafie Stack (Serafie, Diva Serafie), Tamamohimé Stack (Tama, Tamamohimé)

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