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Distorque, or Distorque, of the Zeta Star, is an antagonist in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius and member of the Orders ranking sixth in the organization's hierarchy. He's the master of both Yego and Shamlin.



Distorque is a tall and muscular blue-skinned humanoid with a horn on his forehead and long blond hair. He has several white markings on his arms and torso. He wears a pair of sunglasses and black trousers with thick protective boots.


Distorque is a twisted, sadistic, and abusive man, who uses fear to command those beneath him. He expects absolute obedience from his pupils and will retaliate violently at any sign of opposition or even at direct suggestions he ends up agreeing with afterward. Even if he can act casual and friendly with his pupils, this only lasts so long as they don't provoke him.


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Early life[]

Years ago Distorque led a unit to assault the Malboro Forest where he spotted a young Yego riding a malboro. He took interest in her and took her under his wing. At some point he also took in Shamlin. He devised a torturous training regime for both where he molded the pair through fear and brainwash to become unquestionably obedient. Yego was left with lasting trauma and an inability to oppose him even if she ended up outranking him within the Orders.

While Yego enjoyed some degree of freedom Shamlin was usually together with Distorque.


When the Sworn Six of Paladia along Mombert and Hess' Four Sages attack an Aldore checkpoint, Distorque appears before them. The sight of him terrifies Yego as he taunts her that it is time for punishment. As Raegen attempts to fight, Mombert has the Four Sages teleport them away to avoid detracting from their objective. Shamlin heals Distorque and the two agree to kill Yego slowly and painfully for her betrayal.

At the Jima Wetlands, Distorque intercepts Raegen's party as Yego flees. When Shamlin tells his master to follow Yego while he deals with Raegen's group, Distorque beats Shamlin for suggesting something in a directive manner and then restates it as his order. Shamlin bombards the Sworn Six with blasts of Holy keeping them at bay while Distorque catches up to Yego and beats her up. She refuses to follow his directives, asserting that she's part of the Sworn Six family now. Distorque attempts to kill Yego, but Raegen repels the attack.

Cid praises Yego for not breaking, proud to call her his adoptive daughter. Distorque laughs, but Raegen posits people like him could never understand such a bond. The Sworn Six defeat Distorque, but Shamlin heals him. Yego roars that no matter how many times Distorque is healed, he will not triumph, impressing him for developing the ability to oppose him. Shamlin suggests they retreat as the combined forces of the Sworn Six, Yego and Mid are too much for them. Distorque beats Shamlin for giving him directives, but reaffirms the idea as his order as the two teleport away.


Distorque comes with Shamlin to the Magitek Weapon Development Facility to take Yego back. He had a tracking device/bomb put inside Yego and threatens to blow it up. Yego comes with him under the promise of leaving the rest of the party unharmed, but as soon as she approached him, Distorque begins kicking her as punishment, to which Cid can only infuriatingly watch. As they leave, Yego's party pursues him to save Yego. Shamlin wants to get rid of them but Distorque attacks him for talking back. Distorque then decides to blow them all up. When Shamlin asks if he is not honoring his promise, he claims the Sworn Six are undeserving of his word.

Shamlin snaps and stabs Distorque in the back, disgusted at his mentor for breaking his word as Distorque had taught Shamlin not to do. Leaving him for dead, Shamlin is relieved for disposing of his tormentor who had inflicted years of abuse on him. The Sworn Six destroy Distorque's control, freeing her from the Zeta Star's grip.


Distorque survived the assault and intercepts the Sworn Six's party from trying to infiltrate the Aldore Tower. He feels no loyalty to the Emperor and is only fulfilling his duties to practice his sadism. Yearning for revenge, Distorque reveals his new trump card, a vision of Hyoh he secured from Aldore's resources. Nagi and Shamlin defeat the duo as they are separated from the rest of the party, overcoming the ghosts of their pasts. Sieghard finds the two, proud of his new adoptive siblings' accomplishment. He departs with the rest of the Sworn Six to finish the battle against the Emperor as the duo are exhausted.

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Distorque is the second-person singular present active imperative of distorqueō. Distorqueo is Latin verb meaning "to torture".