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"Distant Worlds" is the ending song of the expansion pack of Final Fantasy XI, Chains of Promathia, available in game via a July 2005 patch. It was composed by Nobuo Uematsu and arranged by Naoshi Mizuta, with lyrics wrtten by Yaeko Sato and translated into English by Michael-Christopher Koji Fox. It was performed by Izumi Masuda.

"Distant Worlds" was included in the Black Mages' third studio album, The Black Mages III: Darkness and Starlight, atypically arranged as a slow-paced instrumental rock ballad. It has been performed live numerous times and included in the concert albums Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy (as a medley along with "Memoro de la Ŝtono" where it was performed by Susan Calloway and VOICES: Music from Final Fantasy. It also appears as the tenth track on the compilation album Final Fantasy XI 8th Anniversary: Memories of Dusk and Dawn, which celebrates the eighth year of Final Fantasy XI.

Game appearances[]

Final Fantasy XI[]

Final Fantasy XI: Chains of Promathia[]

"Distant Worlds" plays as the ending theme of Chains of Promathia. It is the 14th track of disc 6 on Final Fantasy XI Original Soundtrack Premium Box, which is the disc of "Final Fantasy XI Unreleased Tracks".

"Distant Worlds -Guitar Version-" is version arranged by Mizuta which does not appear in the game. It is the 17th track of disc 6 on the same soundtrack.

A piano arrangement of "Distant Worlds" by Kaoru Ishikawa and played by Ayumi Iga is included in disc 7 of the same soundtrack, which is the disc of "Piano Collections Final Fantasy XI".

"Distant Worlds (instrumental version)" is a version arranged by Takuro Iga but does not appear in the game. It is the 22nd track on Final Fantasy XI Priceless Remembrance. It is also included on Final Fantasy XI Gifts from Vana'diel: Songs of Rebirth.


The official lyrics were released on Izumi Masuda's album Romeo & Juliet.

Seas invite in the evening sun
to light the somber abyss.
Clouds dance up with the heavens' stars,
chanting an air of joyous bliss.
Water fades back from blue to jade,
guiding young rainbows high.
Flowers bloom into reds and whites,
quenching our hearts as they run dry.
Angels chained by a beast locked in slumber.
Sin washed away by the swift flow of time.
I may know the answers.
Journeys over snow and sand.
What twist in fate has brought us
to tread upon this land?
Blessed by light and the burden of shadows.
Souls abide to an endless desire.
I may know the answers,
though one question I still hear.
What twist in fate has brought us
to roads that run so near?
Distant worlds together.
Miracles from realms beyond.
The lifelight burns inside me
to sing to you this song.
To sing with you this song.
To sing to you your song.
Original Japanese poem
夕日が海に落ちるのは 海の世界を照らすため
雲が空を泳ぐのは 星の言葉を伝えるため
水面(みなも)が色を変えるのは 虹と契りを結ぶため
花が優しく咲き誇るのは あなたの心を飾るため
天使であり 獣である私たちは
知を求め 血を求め
時がすべてを流すのは 犯した罪を許すため
私は知っている すべてを
何のために 私とあなたは生まれたのか?
光を追い 影をひきずる私たちは
(よわい)を超えて 弱さを超えて
人の想いに果てがないのは 既に扉が開かれているため
私は知っている すべてを
どうして 私とあなたが出会ったか?
私が生を受けたのは あなたに歌を歌うため

Live performances[]

VOICES: Music from Final Fantasy[]

A medley of "Opening Theme from Memoro de la Ŝtono ~ Distant Worlds" was performed live during the concert, arranged by Sachiko Miyano, Shirō Hamaguchi, and Naoshi Mizuta and performed by Izumi Masuda.

It was also recorded and released in the album.

Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy[]

The medley "Memoro de la Stono~Distant Worlds" was performed live during the Distant Worlds concerts, named after the song. It was conducted by Arnie Roth and performed by Susan Calloway.

The recording in the album was performed by the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra at the Stockholm Concert Hall in Sweden.

The Black Mages III Darkness and Starlight Live[]

"Distant Worlds" was performed live by the Black Mages and recorded on August 9, 2008 at the Yokohama Blitz.

Final Fantasy XI Vanacon Anniversary 11.11.11[]

"Distant Worlds" was orchestrated by Sachiko Miyano for the orchestral concert and was performed by Izumi Masuda and the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra.

Arrangement album appearances[]

The Black Mages III: Darkness and Starlight[]

The album features an arrangement of "Distant Worlds" by Kenichiro Fukui that is performed by the Black Mages.

Sanctuary ~ Final Fantasy XI - Music from the Other Side of Vana'diel[]

The album features "Distant Worlds", arranged by Masato Koda and performed by the Star Onions.

Final Fantasy XI: Stolen Hearts[]

The album features an arrangement of "Distant Worlds" by Takuro Iga and performed by the Nanaa Mihgo's.


  • An NPC in the Weaver's guild in Final Fantasy XIV sings the line "Distant worlds together. Miracles from realms beyond", in a speech bubble while she spins thread.