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In the Dissidia Final Fantasy series, characters will pose at the start of battle, at the end upon victory or defeat. The games feature intro poses, victory poses, and defeat poses. "Defeat poses" are new to the series and involve the player's chosen character staggering and falling to the ground as the camera circles around him/her.

Dissidia Final Fantasy and Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy[]

Intro poses[]

Two variations of intros are present: short intros are used in normal battles, and have the player character saying a line before assuming their battle stance. Long intros are used in boss fights, and include the short intro, but incorporate the player performing some action, and the enemy talking to the player before the battle begins.

  • Warrior of Light walks forward and stops, pointing the Braveheart toward the opponent. He brings the sword to his face before holding it to his side.
  • Firion spins his bow and places it on his shoulder and slashes with his sword. He points his fist toward the opponent before sheathing his sword.
  • Onion Knight jumps from the side and slashes the air several times with his Onion Sword, points upward, and brings his arm down to his side.
  • Cecil stands up from a kneeling pose and brings the Dark Claw to assume a charging stance. In Dissidia, the sword exudes a dark flame when standing up, but this is absent in Dissidia 012.
  • Kain lands on the ground before standing up. He passes his lance to his other hand, spinning it before he returns it back to his left hand and positions the lance behind him.
  • Bartz summons one Mage Masher, slashes to the left while summoning the Onion Sword, before slashing to the right while summoning the Braveheart. He shifts his stance and dismisses the Braveheart.
  • Terra floats down and places her hands on her chest. She looks up, and brings her arms down.
  • Cloud walks forward and places his sword onto his shoulder, mimicking the pose from his original Final Fantasy VII artwork. He grasps the hilt with his left hand and brings the blade over his head and in front of him.
  • Tifa adjusts her left glove before placing both hands on her sides. She then assumes her fighting pose.
  • Squall looks up and toward the opponent. He swings the Revolver from his side, spins it twice, and places it onto his shoulder.
  • Zidane performs several forward somersaults before landing, and looks toward the opponent. He jumps up and spins his combined Mage Mashers before separating them.
  • Tidus performs leg stretches while balancing the Brotherhood on his knees. He assumes his stance and bounces on his heels.
  • Yuna takes one step forward holding her staff at her right. She spins around and holds her staff with both hands.
  • Shantotto walks forward before raising her arms and looking at the opponent mockingly. She laughs before assuming her stance.
  • Vaan walks forward with his hands behind his head. He puts his arms down and wipes his mouth.
  • Lightning opens her eyes and stands up. She takes out the Blazefire Saber and transforms it to sword mode.
  • Garland brings his left hand to his face. He stabs his weapon to the ground before entering his battle stance.
  • Emperor brings his floating weapon to his right then grabs it.
  • Cloud of Darkness beckons the opponent using its right hand. It looks up before entering its battle stance.
  • Golbez flourishes his cape then extends and crosses his arms in front.
  • Exdeath appears from the Void and spins his sword multiple times.
  • Gilgamesh walks forward and poses comically.
  • Kefka hops and looks at his opponent as if in a far area. He pats his buttocks and swings his left leg.
  • Sephiroth's floats down, scattering black feathers. He slashes the Masamune upward then to his side.
  • Ultimecia's floats down with her arms crossed, then brings it to her side.
  • Kuja gracefully floats down. He points his left arm upward, with the Holy orbs revolving around him.
  • Jecht faces toward his opponent and grabs his sword. He cracks his neck and shoulders then assumes his battle stance.
  • Gabranth pulls his swords to his sides and combines them together.
  • Feral Chaos walks forward then roars.

Victory poses[]

  • The Warrior of Light holds his sword up in the air before lowering it to chest height, closing his eyes.
  • Firion collects all his weapons and stands with his hands on hip, matching his Yoshitaka Amano artwork.
  • The Onion Knight jumps about, throws his sword and balances it on the tips of his fingers. In his ninja outfit, he balances one sword on top of the other. In his sage outfit, he balances his staff.
  • Cecil has two victory poses, depending on what job he was in when he struck the final blow:
    • As a Dark Knight, he lifts his sword/spear off the ground, performs a slash, turning his back to the camera.
    • As a Paladin, he levitates onto the ground and twirls his holy sword/spear around his body, mirroring his victory pose from the 3D remake of Final Fantasy IV.
  • Kain spins his spear around before stabbing it into the ground and standing with his arms crossed. This pose similar to his victory pose in the 3D remake of Final Fantasy IV.
  • Bartz slashes Warrior of Light's sword, makes it disappear, then places his hands on his hips, striking a pose similar to his Yoshitaka Amano artwork.
  • Terra floats onto the ground, places her hand on her chest, and stares upward.
  • Cloud's victory pose is identical to his Final Fantasy VII pose. He spins his sword above his head and then rests it on his back.
  • Tifa's victory pose is also identical to her Final Fantasy VII pose; she stretches her arms and cracks her back.
  • Squall's victory pose mirrors his Final Fantasy VIII pose. He slashes the air with his gunblade twice before resting it on his shoulder. The camera moves around him as he stands.
  • Laguna's victory pose mirrors his Final Fantasy VIII pose. He punches the air, then raises his machine gun above his head.
  • Zidane's victory pose is similar to the one he does while wielding daggers in Final Fantasy IX; he backflips, lifts one of his Mage Mashers above his head, connects the daggers while doing the backflip and splits them to raise his right hand up with the dagger.
  • Tidus's victory pose is a combination of his two poses in Final Fantasy X. He does a somersault and throws his sword in the air, catches it, then slashes in front of him.
  • Yuna raises her left hand, and a random aeon appears beside her.
  • Shantotto laughs as the camera tilts down to her level.
  • Prishe rubs her lip and pumps her right arm. Her Destroyers do not appear if she ends the battle with an EX Mode or EX Burst.
  • Vaan's victory pose mirrors his Final Fantasy XII pose when equipped with a greatsword. He plants the sword into the ground, then squats on the crossguard.
  • Lightning's victory pose is similar to her Final Fantasy XIII pose. She returns her weapon to it's holster and places her right arm on her side.
  • Garland throws his glowing sword into the air, and then places his hand over his chest.
  • The Emperor throws his staff in front of him, leaving it to float. He levitates to sit with his legs crossed and his left hand on his head, as if sitting on a throne.
  • Cloud of Darkness floats upside-down and spins right-side up, ending with its arms open and its head looking up with its eyes closed.
  • Golbez floats and puts his hand close to his forehead, staring at his palm, assuming the pose from the Final Fantasy IV logo in the 3D version.
  • Exdeath throws his cape behind him and makes his sword spin in front of him, ending with one hand on the sword and the other on his side, making him resemble his original sprite from Final Fantasy V.
  • Gilgamesh thrusts his left arm out and assumes a kabuki-like pose amid confetti and applause.
  • Kefka laughs hard enough to clutch his forehead while slapping his thigh and then bends backwards. He makes a face with his hands, spins, and floats on his side with one hand on his head, one hand scratching his butt, and his leg scratching the other leg.
  • Sephiroth's pose is based on his original victory pose, swinging his Masamune behind his left hip.
  • Ultimecia's victory pose is similar to the pose she does in Final Fantasy VIII after her first form is defeated in the final battle. She crosses her arms then floats before opening her hand and staring upwards.
  • Kuja flips his hair back, and poses keeping one hand parallel with his chest and mockingly looking at the camera.
  • Jecht throws his sword into the ground, and puts his foot on it. He leans down, and puts his arm on his knee.
  • Gabranth poses his sword in front of him, then pulls them to his sides and looks upwards, similar to his pose on the Final Fantasy XII logo.
  • Feral Chaos lands on the ground on all fours, spins to face the other direction, and roars.

Defeat poses[]

There are four types of defeat poses, although two characters have unique defeat poses:

  • The first defeat pose depicts the character struggling to stand up before falling onto their left knee, sometimes dropping their weapon. This is the most common defeat pose, and is shared by most medium-sized male characters, as well as Lightning.
  • The second defeat pose depicts the character falling onto their back and sitting up with their head down. This is used by smaller characters: Onion Knight, Zidane, Tidus, Prishe, and Vaan.
  • The third defeat pose is used by Kefka, the Cloud of Darkness, and most female characters (Terra, Ultimecia, Tifa, and Yuna). It depicts them falling to their knees more slowly with their head and torso moving slightly once they are bent over, likely to emphasize either shortness of breath or crying.
  • The fourth defeat pose shows the character falling down onto one knee, dropping his weapon, then raising his hand to his face as if staring at it. This is exclusive to large characters, namely Garland, Golbez, Exdeath, and Gabranth.
  • Shantotto has a unique defeat pose, which depicts her turning into a doll.
  • Gilgamesh also has a unique defeat pose, in which he comically falls to his hands and knees.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT[]

With the gameplay mechanics of Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, other characters not in the player's control poses as well before and after the battle. This includes having two of the same character as teammates.

Victory poses[]

  • The Warrior of Light slashes his sword in front of him before holding it to his side close to his body. As a teammate, the Warrior of Light raises his sword into the air and lowers it in front of his face, looking forward. This is carried from the original Dissidia. As another similar teammate, the Warrior of Light stabs his sword down on the ground in front of him.
  • Garland spins his weapon, loosening the chain the second time before he releases it a distance in front of him. His weapon is reeled back to the hilt before Garland faces in front of him.
  • Firion reclaims his weapons before grabbing his sword and pointing it toward the opponent. It mirrors a similar move used by Firion in a cutscene in the original Dissidia when confronting the Emperor in his storyline.
  • The Emperor throws his staff behind him, leaving it to float. He levitates to sit with his legs crossed and his left hand on his head, as if sitting on a throne.
  • The Onion Knight jumps twice, tossing his sword on the first jump, catches it, and balances it on his fingertips. It is used for his original, Ninja, and Sage outfits, and is carried over from the original Dissidia, minus balancing the Ninja's second sword.
  • The Cloud of Darkness waves its right hand above its and it looks at the camera before turning back to the opponent and points its left hand towards them.
  • Cecil has two victory poses, depending on his job at the end of the battle:
    • Paladin - Cecil floats down to the ground, holds his sword up and spins it before holding it to his side while bringing his left hand up. It is carried over from the original Dissidia, with Cecil holding the staff up as a new addition.
    • Dark Knight - Cecil rises from a kneeling pose, holds his sword parallel to the ground close to his face, before bringing it behind his back. As a teammate, he is seen with his back facing forward and on a knee before he stands up and turns to face forward, bringing his sword behind his back. This is carried over from the original Dissidia.
  • Golbez releases the Shadow Dragon from his palms before he crosses his arms over the other.
  • Kain, holding his lance at his right hand, twirls it around while passing it to his left hand. He brings his lance down diagonally with his left leg bent above the ground before he lowers his leg slowly, turning to the camera. This is similar to his pose from the original Final Fantasy IV logo. As a teammate, Kain stabs his spear by the base onto the ground, then he turns slightly away from it and crosses his arms over his torso. This is carried over from Dissidia Duodecim.
  • Bartz stretches to the right with arms outstretched, then points toward the opponent. As a teammate, Bartz is seen looking at his sword by the right and he dismisses it. He then looks back forward and places his hands on his hips and nods forward once. This is carried over from the original Dissidia.
  • Exdeath: The Rift is opened above Exdeath. He then clenches his right hand to close the Rift and waves his hand behind him before turning to look at the opponent.
  • Terra floats down while spinning, then places her left hand onto her chest. The pose is carried over from the original Dissidia, but now she holds her sword. It is also used for her Trance form.
  • Kefka walks over to the "camera" (implied to be the defeated character's head) and readjusts it, and walks back to make a pose only for the camera to fall out of alignment.
  • Locke juggles a pouch on his hand, then setting it in front of him, he rests casually on the floor and pumps his fist by the side and rests it on his knee.
  • Cloud spins his sword twice before placing it onto his back. The pose is carried over from Final Fantasy VII.
  • Sephiroth walks forward before bringing his blade to the right and then turning it slowly behind him.
  • Tifa stretches her arms and cracks her back. She then rests her left hand on her waist.
  • Squall slashes twice with his gunblade before placing it onto his shoulder. The pose is carried over from Final Fantasy VIII.
  • Rinoa flips her hair and turns around, walking a few steps before she turns back and cheerfully raises her arm with her index finger pointing out.
  • Ultimecia turns to her left and raises her left hand over her, lowering it slowly before she turns her head to look at the opponent.
  • Zidane jumps from a handstand while balancing his swords on his feet before catching them. The pose is also used for his Trance form.
  • Kuja spins around in the air and sends his energy orbs forward. He lowers slightly, speaking his line. The pose is also used for his Trance form.
  • Tidus throws a blitzball into the air, then places his foot on it as it hits the ground.
  • Yuna twirls around to her left and then twirls to her right with her staff. Holding her staff diagonally, she nods.
  • Jecht kicks a blitzball into the air, then jumps and kicks the blitzball. He then lands and crosses his arms.
  • Shantotto speaks her line, then laughs.
  • Kam'lanaut rests a hand on his sword before spinning around once. He raises his sword in front of him and nods off.
  • Vaan spins his sword at his side, throws it into the air, and catches it.
  • Gabranth spins his connected blades together before separating them and holding them to his sides.
  • Vayne: Six Sephiras spin around Vayne with his arms behind his back. He raises his right arm and the Sephiras hover behind him. He places his hands on his sides.
  • Lightning looks up and slashes her weapon over her head and holds it to her side.
  • Snow pubches the ground with his Cie'th arm, releasing chaos briefly before he gets up.
  • Y'shtola turns to the left with her right elbow resting on her left arm before she turns her head to speak her line.
  • Zenos raises his left arm and clenches his hand.
  • Noctis walks forward with his Armiger Arsenal present. He waves his right hand and dismisses the Armiger Arsenal before he places his hand on his side.
  • Ardyn slams his hand onto the ground. He then gets up and poses casually.
  • Ramza turns around, then strikes a pose with his sword.
  • Ace waves his right hand to send some of his floating cards forward. He spins around to the left once and disperses the remaining cards.

Defeat poses[]

  • The Warrior of Light falls onto his right knee, his right arm in front of him and his left arm at the side to keep himself from collapsing.
  • Garland looks upward and as he leans forward, he stabs his weapon into the ground to keep himself from collapsing.
  • Firion bends down with his right arm on his right knee, leaving his left arm hanging. His axe and sword lays on the ground around him and his spear is stabbed into the ground.
  • The Emperor looks up with a look of disbelief and turns his head down. His staff lays on the ground left of him.
  • The Onion Knight falls backwards onto his back. Getting himself back up on a sitting position, the Onion Knight turns his head down towards the ground after speaking his line.
  • The Cloud of Darkness clutches itself with its arms while energy gather around it. As the energy disperses with a flash, the Cloud of Darkness has disappeared.
  • Cecil looks up briefly before he bends down, his right hand resting on his knee and his left hand hanging freely. This pose is used for both of his classes.
  • Golbez's reaches to the air with his right arm as he falls onto his knees. He then lowers his hand and looks down.
  • Kain looks upward and holding his spear with both hands, stabs it into the ground as he falls onto his left knee. Briefly turning his head up in a heaving manner, Kain speaks before he looks back down.
  • Bartz collapses backwards. Briefly looking up, he turns his head down, hands resting on the knees of his legs.
  • Exdeath turns around, walking away. A portal to the Rift opens in front of him. As he walks into it, the portal closes.
  • Terra looks up briefly before she falls to her side, her left land on the ground and her right arm on her legs.
  • Kefka screeches loudly before he throws a fit.
  • Locke looks up then he drops to his left knee with a hand on the ground and the other on his right knee, looking down.
  • Cloud falls forward, using his sword to keep himself from falling over. He looks forward briefly before he turns away.
  • Sephiroth turns away, walking away and once stopping, brings his weapon up then swings it to his side.
  • Tifa falls onto her left knee with her left hand touching the groubd.
  • Squall falls onto his right knee while holding his gunblade in front of him. This pose is carried over from Final Fantasy VIII.
  • Rinoa falls onto her knees with her hands on her legs. She raises her hands slightly before spreading them away to her sides and looks down.
  • Ultimecia looks up before she falls to her side with her hands in front of her. She looks forward briefly before she turns away.
  • Zidane looks up before he falls onto his knees with his right hand in front of him. He punches the ground with his left hand and looks down.
  • Kuja staggers forward with two steps, then falls onto his knees. He bends down with his hands on the ground.
  • Tidus speaks briefly before he falls onto his back, his hands and legs spread out and presumably unconscious.
  • Yuna falls onto her knees while holding her staff upright.
  • Jecht falls onto his back. He then gets up in a sitting position while looking down with his arms on his knees.
  • Holding her left arm, Shantotto speaks briefly before she falls onto her knees and collapses onto the ground. Then, she turns into a doll.
  • Hovering slightly above the ground, Kam'lanaut falls onto his left knee with his left hand clenched on the ground while holding his sword before he stares down to the ground.
  • Vaan looks up before he falls backwards. He then looks down with his arms on his knees.
  • Gabranth drops his right blade first. As the camara pans at him pointing his left blade forward, he then collapses on his knees.
  • Vayne looks up and then bends down, his right hand clutching his chest. He then looks forward.
  • Lightning looks up pained before she falls onto her knees, her right hand on the ground. She speaks briefly before she looks back to the ground.
  • Snow staggers back and falls onto his left knee.
  • Y'shtola looks up before she falls onto her knees. With her hand in front of her head, Y'shtola shakes her head.
  • Zenos stabs his katana into the ground, he then looks forward with a glare.
  • Noctis clutches his chest with his left arm. He looks up briefly with a pained look before falling onto his left knee, and looking downwards with his arms hanging down.
  • Ardyn reaches his right hand forward before falling onto his right knee, his right hand on the ground and his left hand behind him as he looks down.
  • Ramza releases his weapon with a staggered step, falls onto his left knee and then falls back. With his arms resting on his knees, Ramza looks away.
  • Ace bends down, with his left knee on the ground, his right arm on his right knee and his left arm on the ground. Three of his cards fall onto the ground around him. He then looks forward briefly and looks back down to the ground.


Victory poses (Dissidia (2008) and Dissidia 012)
Victory poses (Dissidia NT)
Intro poses (Dissidia (2008) and Dissidia 012)
Intro poses (Dissidia NT)