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List of the passive abilities that can be learned by characters from Final Fantasy III.

There are two ways of obtaining passive abilities: through Crystal Strength or limit breaking weapons, armors and artifacts.

Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia passive abilities
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Onion Knight[edit | edit source]

Crystal Strength
Ability Description Obtained CP cost
Blizzard Combo Unlocks the ability Blizzard Combo. Default None
Chain Bonus Deals slightly more BRV damage when using chain attacks. STR 5 5 CP
Mighty Blizzard Combo Slighty increases BRV damage dealt with Blizzard Combo. STR 10 10 CP
Sage's Wisdom Slightly raises Break Bonus when inflicting a BRV Break with active Sage buff. STR 15 20 CP
Multi-Hit Unlocks the ability Multi-Hit. STR 20 None
Ability Attack Bonus Sightly increases BRV damage dealt during ability chain. STR 25 10 CP
Mighty Multi-Hit Slightly increases BRV damage dealt with Multi-Hit. STR 30 10 CP
Charged Blizzard Combo Blizzard Combo use +1. STR 35 5 CP
Charged Multi-Hit Multi-Hit use +1. STR 40 5 CP
Back Attack Marginally increases BRV damage dealt when attacking an enemy not targeting self. STR 45 15 CP
Ninja War Tactics Slightly raises SPD for 3 turns upon unleashing a critical hit with active Ninja buff. STR 50 20 CP
Limit Break
Ability Description Equipment CP cost
MAX BRV +110 Raises MAX BRV by 110. Onion Sword (III) 2 CP
Deep Insight Blizzard Combo boost
Upgrade: Sage II
Ancient Sword (III) 20 CP
Ninja's Training Increases Multi-Hit's power, lowers its Action Delay, grants the buff Ninja II to caster when used and, also, grants Max BRV Up Small and ATK Up Small to caster for 4 actions. Wight Slayer (III)
DEF +84 Raises DEF by 84. Shell Helm (III) 5 CP
Onion Helm (III)
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