List of the passive abilities that can be learned by characters from Final Fantasy.

There are two ways of obtaining passive abilities: through Crystal Strength or limit breaking weapons, armors and artifacts.

Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia passive abilities
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Warrior of Light[edit | edit source]

Crystal Strength
Ability Description Crystal Strength CP cost
Shining Shield Unlocks the ability Shining Shield. Default None
BRV Guard Up Slightly raises DEF when BRV is at least 50% MAX BRV. STR 5 10 CP
Shining Shield Up Slightly raises Shining Shield damage resist. STR 10 10 CP
Bravery HP Damage Slightly raises BRV upon taking HP damage. STR 15 5 CP
Throw Buckler Unlocks the ability Throw Buckler. STR 20 None
Support Guard Up Slightly raises DEF of all party members with active Shield buff. STR 25 10 CP
Mighty Throw Buckler Sightly increases BRV damage dealt with Throw Buckler. STR 30 10CP
BRV Reprieve When BRV is at least 50% MAX BRV, Break is avoided and BRV drops to 1. STR 35 15 CP
Charged Shining Shield Shining Shield use +1. STR 40 10 CP
Charged Throw Buckler Throw Buckler use +1. STR 45 10 CP
Class Change Slightly raises INT BRV, MAX BRV, ATK & DEF when HP is at MAX at start of last wave. STR 50 20 CP
Shining Shield Extension Shining Shield use +2. When using Shining Shield:
*Moderate boost to BRV bonus.
STR 55 15 CP
Throw Buckler Extension When using Throw Buckler:
*Moderate BRV damage boost.
*HP attack after use.
STR 60 15 CP
Limit Break
Ability Description Equipment CP cost
DEF +42 Raises DEF by 42. Braveheart (I) 2 CP
Shining Advocacy When Shining Shield is used, the target's BRV is increased by 50% of initial BRV stat. Enhancer (I) 20 CP
I Will Protect You Increases the power of Throw Buckler and grants Initial BRV Up Small for 3 actions to caster, reduces the chances of getting inflicted with an ailment and grants Ailment Avoidance Up Large to self. Flame Sword (I) 20 CP
MAX BRV +220 Raises MAX BRV by 220. Knight's Armor (I) 5 CP
Will of Fortitude and Preservation Raises INT BRV by 110.
Raises DEF by 84.
Crystal Shield (I) 10 CP
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