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This page contains the script for Lost Chapters and character events in Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia.

  • This page features official text presented in the Global version. Content only in the Japanese version will be added when localized.
  • Typos that may appear in-game have already been corrected.
  • Cutscenes are organized according to the in-game Memoria Theatre.
  • Lost Chapters feature additional cutscenes not included during their run as events. These cutscenes are marked with an asterisk (*).
  • Events that have yet to be released as Lost Chapters are noted in their section titles.
  • Dark Manikins are noted by name to distinguish who is speaking.
  • Characters are introduced as "???" until their names are given in-universe. However, their names will be noted in scene descriptions.
  • Noctis and Gladiolus go by their nicknames in cutscenes once noted.
  • Mog from Final Fantasy VI is noted as "Mog (FFVI)" to distinguish from Mog, the Spirit Moogle unique to Opera Omnia.
  • Line breaks are used for scene transitions and fade-to-black.
  • Scene descriptions in parentheses are kept to a minimum. Only entrances, exits, and significant on-screen events are noted. All characters present in a cutscene are referred to as "the party" due to cutscenes featuring a fixed group of characters at a time.


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A Lion's Heart[]

The Lone Mercenary:
Mog: I can feel it. There's a warrior nearby, kupo.
???: (A moogle?)
Hope: Is that him?
???: (A kid...and a girl with cat ears?)
Y'shtola: Do not be alarmed. We are not your foe.
???: So you're the ones I keep hearing about.
Vivi: You've heard about us, Mister?
???: ("Mister"? Give me a break.)
Squall: I'm Squall. My client told me about you.
Squall: Mentioned you're on a journey to seal the Torsions.
Warrior of Light: What is your purpose here?
Squall: I'm a mercenary.
Squall: I've been tasked to investigate this cavern and eliminate any threat.
Hope: All by yourself? I get that you're a soldier, but...
Squall: I can take care of myself.

(Squall leaves)

Vivi: I guess he's not interested in joining us.
Y'shtola: He is merely choosing not to get close to others.
Y'shtola: In any event, he bears the light, does he not?
Warrior of Light: More importantly, who is this client he spoke of?
Mog: We'll just have to ask him ourselves, kupo!
The Burden We Bear:
Mog: Found you, kupo!
Squall: (They're still here?)
Vivi: Squall, are you fighting all by yourself? Isn't that a little dangerous?
Squall: You're the ones who need to be careful.
Squall: This isn't a place for amateurs.
Squall: You should get out of here before you get hurt.
Sazh: Would it kill you to lighten up a bit?
Rem: Squall, I'm a soldier just like you.
Rem: Everyone here has their own reason for fighting. We know what we're doing.
Squall: ...Whatever.
Cloud: Show off as much as you want, but we have some questions that need answers first.
Squall: (Who's showing off?)
Cloud: Who's your client? And how do they know about us?
Squall: That's confidential.
Sazh: I don't get you at all. What's with the attitude?
Squall: You're the ones not making any sense.
Squall: You're risking your lives solely based on what that moogle told you.
Squall: While in reality, you have no idea what's actually happening in this world right now.
Mog: I'm a messenger of the goddess Materia. It's my duty to protect the planet, kupo!
Cloud: We all have something we want to protect. Isn't that reason enough?
Squall: Something you want to protect...
Cloud: Anyway, sorry for stopping you. Later.
Squall: Stop. You're no match for what's lurking around here.
Vivi: But it's way too dangerous for you to go alone too.
Squall: If you're scared, you can stay close to me. Just don't get in my way.
Rem: So you'll join us then?
Squall: I didn't say that. But I'll help you out while you're here.
Squall: Come on, let's go. Things should be easier now that I'm with you.
A Binding Contract*:
Tifa: Looks like we made it.
Vivi: It feels good to be outside again.
Squall: Don't relax just yet. We still have to make it through the forest before we reach our destination.
Hope: You really know your way around here, don't you?
Squall: I'm just going by the information I received from my client. Anyway, be careful. There are monsters up ahead.
Rem: Sounds like he's really familiar with the area. It's nice having someone you can count on.
Squall: I never said I trusted him. I'm simply relaying what I was told.
Rem: You're risking your life for a client you don't even trust?
Squall: ...I needed a purpose. I was lost.
Squall: That's when he came along. Told me he needed my help.
Squall: Didn't even ask who I was or where I came from.
Hope: So you only trust him because you're contractually obligated...
Squall: But I don't think my client would lie since he's counting on my success.
Squall: In that sense, I trust him. That's all.
Vivi: Squall...
Tifa: Sounds like you've got a lot on your mind. Reminds me of someone else I know.
Squall: (Hmph... You don't know me.)
Tifa: He can also be a bit awkward.
Hope: Is that being awkward?
Rem: Everyone has a different way of looking at things. That's what makes us unique.
Vivi: Yeah, exactly.
Squall: ...Come on.
Squall: Let's get out of here before any more monsters show up.

(Squall leaves)

Tifa: Yeah, good idea.
Cut from the Same Cloth*:
Cloud: He's going to get himself killed if he keeps this up.
Y'shtola: You refer to Squall.

(The rest of the party arrives)

Rem: You're really worried about him, aren't you?
Cloud: No, I'm worried about us.
Cloud: Who knows where this so-called client is taking us.
Cloud: And the farther we go, the more monsters there are.
Hope: What do you think we should do then? I mean, he seems to be avoiding talking to us.
Tifa: Yeah, but it's not like we can pretend everything's okay.
Rem: Do you think we can get him to change his mind?
Y'shtola: That may prove to be difficult. To him, the mission is everything.
Y'shtola: He is not going to turn back until the investigation is complete.
Rem: Squall is one of us. We can't just abandon him.
Tifa: Then I guess we need to see this through until the end, huh?
Hope: I was about to say the same thing. ...But what about you, Cloud?
Cloud: I never said we should turn back. I was just saying we need to be more cautious.
Tifa: ...He said cautiously.
Cloud: What's that supposed to mean?
Tifa: Nothing. Cautious is good.
Rem: I'm sure there's a reason Squall's in such a hurry.
Y'shtola: Any clue why?
Rem: He said he needed a purpose.
Rem: So maybe he's trying to make something of himself—trying to find his identity.
Y'shtola: So even Squall has worries.
Hope: I hope there's something we can do to help.
Tifa: Yeah, come on, we have to be there for him.
Cloud: ...Not interested.
Tifa: Yeah, yeah. You keep telling yourself that.
Duty Calls:
Rem: Hey, Squall? You're here on a mission, right?
Rem: You don't need to report back to your client or anything?
Squall: My client is only interested in the Torsions.
Squall: How I handle the mission is up to me. That's why I chose to accompany you.

(Y'shtola joins them)

Y'shtola: And yet you continue to conceal your client's identity.
Squall: Like I said—
Y'shtola: "That's confidential."
Squall: (Don't finish my sentences. You'll remind me of her.)
Y'shtola: You fear growing close to others.
Y'shtola: But I sense the good in you—a desire to protect and a great inner zeal.

(Hope runs in)

Hope: Is everything okay? Everyone's already heading to the next area.
Rem: Sorry, we'll be right there.
Y'shtola: I expect great things from you, Squall.
Squall: Yeah.

(Rem and Y'shtola leave)

Hope: Um, do you have a second?
Hope: I was thinking about what you said earlier.
Hope: Mog told us that sealing the Torsions would protect this world.
Hope: And as a result, save our worlds as well.
Squall: That's the idea.
Squall: But there's no way to find out for sure until we return home.
Hope: I want to know the truth. I want to know what's really happening.
Squall: Sorry, but I don't have all the answers either.
Hope: Then why are you fighting? I'm sure you're not just following orders.
Squall: I don't fight for some great cause like saving the world or anything.
Squall: I'm just trying to survive to see my friends again. That's all.
Hope: They must mean a lot to you.
Squall: Yeah. Now come on, let's go. You need my help, right?

(Squall leaves)

Hope: To be reunited with your friends, huh?
Hope: Maybe I just need to keep my eyes front. There's no going back after all.

The Girl from Oerba[]

Forest of the Lost:
Mog: Kupo?
Y'shtola: Aye, how peculiar.
Sazh: Something the matter? I thought we were almost out of here.
Y'shtola: We would be if this were a normal forest.
Tifa: Wait, are you saying it's not?
Mog: It's almost like we're trapped inside, kupo.
Hope: We're trapped? You mean we can't leave!?
Y'shtola: Rather, we are not allowed to leave.
Sazh: I'm not followin' you.
Tifa: You mean someone intentionally trapped us in here?
Y'shtola: Or perhaps "something." Escaping may prove to be quite arduous.
???: Help!
Mog: Someone's in trouble, kupo!
Hope: That voice! Is that—!?

(Hope runs off)

Sazh: Hope! *Sigh* Can't take your eyes off him for a second.
Tifa: C'mon, we have to go after him!
Damsel in Distress:
Warrior of Light: It appears that was the last of them.
???: Thank you.
???: I mean, you're not one of the bad guys...right?
Warrior of Light: We bear no animosity toward those who wish us no harm.
Warrior of Light: Are you hurt?
???: I'm fine. That was a close one! By the way...who are you guys?
Hope: It looks like there aren't any more monsters here. Vanille, are you okay?
Sazh: Man, kids these days think they'e invincible. Glad you're okay though.
Vanille: Hope! Sazh!
Mog: You're friends? Introduce us, kupo!
Hope: She's a friend from back home.
Vanille: I'm Vanille. Nice to meet you.
Vanille: So...where are we?
Mog: Come on, I'll explain on the way, kupo!
Vanille: Wait... Do you mean I can come with you?
Warrior of Light: It is far too dangerous for you to travel alone. You may accompany us until we reach a safe—
Mog: You also bear the light, kupo! You should come with us!
Vanille: The light? Hold on. Is that a moogle?
Sazh: What can I say? You've missed out on a lot. But for now, we could really use your help.
Vanille: Really? Count me in.
Mog: You can trust me, kupo!
Vanille: A friend of Sazh and Hope's is a friend of mine.
Y'shtola: What a peculiar girl.
Sazh: For real? What's so weird about trusting others?
Y'shtola: I do not think it a bad thing.
Y'shtola: In any event, the force preventing us from leaving the forest has weakened.
Vanille: We're leaving already? But there are still areas I haven't checked out yet.
Vanille: This forest is huge! Who knows what wonderful treasures await us? Besides, I feel like something's calling me!
Sazh: And if we get lost? Then what? Listen, we need to regroup and— Aw, forget it. You've already made up your mind.
Vanille: I knew you'd understand, Sazh. All right then, let the treasure hunt begin!
No One Knows*:
Vanille: Hey, so... Is someone going to tell me where we are yet?
Cecil: We still owe you an explanation, don't we?
Mog: Oh yeah, kupo! Allow me to explain.
Mog: This is an illusionary world created by the gods, but it's being corrupted by the Torsions.
Mog: That's why I'm on a journey to make friends with those who are blessed with the light to save it.
Cecil: Those Torsions threaten to erode each of our worlds as well.
Mog: Exactly! Which is why this is such an important journey for us all, kupo!
Vanille: I get that something has to be done...
Vanille: But why would such powerful gods need our help to fix things?
Yuna: Now that you mention it... If our worlds really are in trouble, why would we need to come here to save them?
Mog: Because the gods aren't all-powerful and in control of everything, kupo.
Mog: Besides, it's not like they created this world to be destroyed. They made it for a reason.
Mog: That's why we desperately need your help to save it, kupo.
Vanille: Hm... Alright then.
Mog: Does it make sense now, kupo?
Vanille: Nope! But at least I'm certain it doesn't make sense now.
Mog: Kupo...
Yuna: For now, I guess all we can do is focus on what's in front of us. We have to seal the Torsions.
Vivi: Yeah, we don't have any other choice if we want to protect our homes.
Vanille: Huh... So that's what this is all about.
Mog: Yep! So there's no time to waste, kupo!
Vanille: ...Okay, ready to go then?

(Everyone leaves, except Vanille)

Vivi: Let's be careful we don't get lost.
Cecil: Mog, lead the way, if you could.
Yuna: We're counting on you.
Mog: Kupo!? R-right this way.
Vanille: Things don't always go as planned...even for gods, huh?
Vanille: I know the feeling.
Vanille: ...I really hope there's some way I can help save this world.
A Bustling Place*:
Yda: Hrm. This forest truly is confounding.
Vanille: But you sound like you might know where we are!
Yda: Well, I could bring us back to whence we started. I've trekked through a wood or two in my day.
Yuffie: What a relief. I'd hate to get stuck here forever.
Rem: Are you okay? You can wait outside the forest if you're worried about getting lost.
Yuffie: And let you hog all the treasure? Not a chance.
Vanille: Treasure?
Yuffie: The treasure you told us about! You said it was callin' you.
Vanille: Oh yeah... I guess I did say something like that.
Yuffie: Must be something amazing for you to feel it calling you from so far away.
Rem: I just hope it's nothing dangerous.
Vanille: Well, uh... Let's hope for the best!
Yuffie: C'mon, have some faith! You're the one who brought it up, after all.
Vanille: Well, it's true I feel like something's calling me.
Yda: Perhaps that something is why we couldn't leave the forest earlier.
Vanille: I guess we'll soon find out.
Yda: That we will! Whatever it is, I just hope it's not alive!
Rem: You two are starting to scare me.
Yuffie: Yeah, maybe I will go back and wait.
Vanille: Come on, we've come this far. Let's see this through together.
Yuffie: Y-you're just trying to trick me into taking point, aren't you!

(Everyone leaves, while Y'shtola joins Edge in observing)

Y'shtola: Everyone has become rather comfortable around each other, haven't they?
Edge: You won't hear me complain.
Y'shtola: Why don't you join them?
Edge: Sometimes it's nice to just sit back and enjoy the view.
Edge: Gotta let the ladies have their fun, you know?

(Edge leaves)

Y'shtola: ...Aren't we the noble one?
The Blessings of the Forest:
Rem: This pendant's drawing in mana. Maybe this was what trapped us in the forest?
Vivi: It's kind of creepy. I don't like it.
Rem: Yeah, we should probably leave it alone.
Vanille: What are you two whispering about? Hey, check it out!

(Vanille picks up the pendant)

Vanille: So? How does it look?
Vivi: What are you doing!?
Vanille: What do you mean?
Rem: Huh? What happened to the dark aura?
Vivi: It's gone... But why?
Vanille: "Dark aura"? What are you talking about? It's just a cute pendant. See?
Mog: They say some items in this world choose their owner. It looks like that one has taken a liking to you, kupo.
Sazh: Or maybe you scared off the "dark aura" with your rainbows-and-sunshine attitude.
Vanille: Sazh, maybe it's your turn to wear this pendant. Let's see how the dark aura likes you!
Sazh: Okay, okay! You win. You know magic and I don't get along.
Y'shtola: Not a terribly adventurous spirit, I see.
Sazh: You can't afford to take any chances at my age.
Vanille: You take chances all the time though. Especially when it involves your family.
Sazh: Guess we're not that different then, huh?
Vanille: Yeah... I wonder how everyone's doing back home.
Rem: Well, you were reunited with Sazh and Hope in this world.
Rem: Who knows? Maybe it won't be long before you see your family again, too.
Y'shtola: Aye, now is not the time for sorrow.
Vanille: Was it that obvious? You're right. I shouldn't worry.
Vivi: Besides, you have us now. We're here for you.
Vanille: Thank you so much! I'm looking forward to getting to know you all.

Castles in the Sky[]

The Wandering Gambler:
???: Well, what do we have here?
???: Grasslands as far as the eye can see and not a casino or pub in sight. Wish there was at least a beautiful lady to keep me company.
???: If only I had my airship.
Mog: Kupo! I can sense the light coming from that man!
Terra: Setzer!?
Setzer: Heh, wasn't expecting to run into you guys here.
Shadow: Setzer, you too? How long have you been in this world?
Setzer: What do you mean "this world"?
Shadow: This moogle knows more about it than I do. He can fill you in.
Mog: Leave it to me, kupo!
Setzer: Whew... Sounds like I've gotten myself in a real mess this time.
Setzer: And you say you want me to help you save the world?
Hope: That's right.
Terra: The world will be destroyed if we don't do something. Setzer, please come with us.
Setzer: Thanks, but no thanks.
Mog: Kupo!? Why?
Setzer: No casinos, no pubs... There's nothing to live for here, so why risk my life?
Mog: Awww, kupo...
Setzer: I'm a wandering gambler. I do what I want, going wherever the wind takes me.
Shadow: Hmph. You never change, even if the world does.
Setzer: Life is a series of gambles. You've gotta go with your gut.
Setzer: I just want to be the one who rolls the dice.
Mog: Why do you have to be so difficult, kupo?
Setzer: Well, good luck with that saving the world thing. Who knows? Maybe we'll meet again one day.

(Setzer leaves)

Terra: Setzer...
Hope: What a mysterious person. Are you sure we can trust him?
Shadow: He would no doubt be an excellent addition to our cause.
Shadow: Perhaps an airship really could tilt things in our favor.
Why We Fight:
???: Well, I'm impressed.
Setzer: I watched you take care of those monsters.
Mog: You're back, kupo! It's nice to see you again!
Warrior of Light: Setzer, was it? Have you decided to accept our proposal?
Setzer: Not quite. I'm just trying to figure something out.
Hope: What do you mean?
Setzer: Why do you fight? What are you risking your lives for?
Setzer: There's not a single town or person in this world. Nothing here's worth fighting for.
Warrior of Light: We are no different from you—warriors from another world.
Warrior of Light: Naturally, we all have homes we must return to and dreams yet to be fulfilled. Surely that is worth fighting for.
Setzer: Chasing after your dreams, huh?
Yuffie: Exactly! Take me for example. My dream's to one day steal enough treasure to restore glory to my village!
Vivi: When I get home, I wanna go to the theater and watch plays every day.
Hope: No matter what happens, I can't let myself give up—for the sake of my friends and for myself as well. I'm using this opportunity to get stronger.
Warrior of Light: We continue our journey because each of us has something we're looking to accomplish. Is that not enough?
Setzer: All right, you've got me.
Setzer: I mean, why not? Consider my life a chip in your pile.
Terra: Do you mean...!?
Setzer: What you said reminded me that I still have a dream like no other. I was a fool.
Setzer: Sitting around isn't gonna solve anything. You know, sometimes you've just gotta roll the dice and hope for the best.
Yuffie: I didn't even get half of that, but you sounded cool to me!
Setzer: I'm a gambler. Deception is but one of my many talents. I'll show you just how rewarding my skills can be in battle.
Warrior of Light: We are counting on you.
Hope: Yeah, we really appreciate the help.
Mog: Thanks, everybody, for getting him onboard, kupo!
Setzer: I can't wait. What could be more exciting than gambling with your own life?
The World Is Our Oyster*:
Vivi: What's wrong?
Setzer: Ever since I came here, all I've done is fight.
Setzer: Nothing wrong with that, but I have to wonder if there isn't anything else in this world to do for fun.
Mog: For fun? Our company isn't fun enough, kupo?
Setzer: That's not what I meant. I'm talking about entertainment—gambling, games, you know?
Tifa: Games, huh? Hmm... We have a huge amusement park back in our world.
Tifa: It's got the Shooting Coaster, and shows, and all sorts of attractions.
Steiner: ...Shooting what?
Tifa: Shooting Coaster. You ride in a cart that zooms down a track full of twists and turns.
Setzer: Zooms, eh? That does sound like fun.
Cloud: ...It's not for everyone.
Tifa: Oh, uh... Yeah... Not if you're prone to nausea.
Vivi: Theater plays are probably the most fun in our world, right?
Steiner: "I Want to Be Your Canary" is a classic. I cannot wait to get back home and properly enjoy it.
Vivi: We have a famous card game that's really fun, too. The tournaments get really competitive.
Setzer: Theater and card games, huh? Your world sounds a lot like mine.
Cloud: So what's your idea of fun?
Setzer: Gambling—you could say it's what I live for.
Setzer: I used to play all night at my casino against the top gamblers from around the world.
Tifa: "At my..."? You run a casino!?
Setzer: I would love for you to come see it when this is all over.
Mog: It's too bad we still haven't found a casino in this world, kupo...
On Spread Wings*:
Setzer: The sky is as vast as in any world...
Setzer: I'd be tearing it up if I only had my wings... Heh.
Yda: Ah, there he is! Hey! Setzer!

(Yda and Edge arrive)

Edge: What's with the moping? Come on, let's go.
Setzer: See that bird looking down on us?
Edge: Yeah? So what?
Setzer: Surrendering itself to the wind, hovering in the sky—we're on the same planet, yet we live in different worlds.
Yda: Is it just me or is he acting unusually sentimental?
Edge: You think he ate something funny?
Yang: Is everything okay?

(Yang and Laguna arrive)

Laguna: What's the holdup, folks?
Yda: Setzer has got the blues, if you can believe that!
Setzer: I'm just tired of treading this earth.
Laguna: Wh-whoa! Don't tell me you're gonna jump off that cliff!
Yang: Setzer, you're not thinking straight! If you need to talk, I'm here for you!
Setzer: ...That's not what I meant.
Laguna: Oh, really? Man, don't startle me like that.
Yang: Let's go back to camp. Mog is waiting for us.

(Everyone leaves, except Setzer)

Setzer: I'm a man of my word, Darill.
Setzer: I'll find a way back and make our wish come true.
Setzer's Dream:
Hope: It looks like we've sealed all the Torsions in this area.
Sazh: Then let's fly outta here!
Vaan: Hey Sazh, let me take a turn at the wheel for once!
Sazh: Not in a million years, kid.
Setzer: Hold up, old man.
Sazh: Old man? You talkin' about me?
Hope: Who else would he be talking about?
Setzer: Did you just say "airship"? You have one?
Sazh: Of course, I do! You're lookin' at the best pilot this world's ever seen.
Sazh: Wh-what?
Setzer: I thought you were just some guy in a strange getup from another world, but it looks like we're one and the same after all.
Sazh: What do you mean "one and the same"?
Vaan: Wait... Setzer, you're a pilot, too?
Setzer: Captain of the Blackjack, my own personal airship and true love.
Sazh: What, you too!?
Hope: I thought you were a gambler, not a pilot.
Setzer: Don't get me wrong. I do love gambling—to the point that I even built a casino on my airship.
Setzer: But that's not my calling. What I want most is to be the fastest thing soaring across the wide blue yonder.
Vaan: I know what you mean. One day, I want to be the greatest sky pirate there ever was!
Sazh: There's nothing like flying, right!? Man, I'd love to hear some of your stories!
Shadow: Looks like they really hit it off.
Mog: I'm glad we're all friends now, kupo!
Setzer: I'm sure I'll discover new revelations looking down from the clouds on what I once thought was a barren world.
Setzer: All right, I've made up my mind. I'm going to become the fastest pilot in this world!
Setzer: It doesn't matter where you are. If you're going to dream, dream big. Right, old man?
Sazh: Now that's what I'm talkin' about!
Vaan: Don't count me out yet! Come on, I challenge you to a race!
Hope: I wish I had something that I could get excited about.
Sazh: Hope, you're still young. You've got the rest of your life ahead of you to find something you enjoy.
Hope: You're right. I'll remember that.

Thieves of the Sky[]

The Hero We Need:
Mog: I sense another Torsion in the area, kupo.
???: Oh? I wasn't expecting an audience.
Warrior of Light: Who goes there?
???: The leading man of this little story, of course.
Vaan: Balthier!
Vaan: What're you doing here?
Balthier: I should be asking you that. I see you've made some interesting friends.
Vaan: Er...yeah. We're working together to seal the Torsions spreading destruction throughout this world...or something like that.
Mog: And we're always looking for new friends that can help us, kupo!
Cloud: So what does the "leading man" want with the Torsion?
Balthier: For treasure—the rarest kind, mind you. What else would a sky pirate want?
Vivi: Sky pirate? So you're a thief who flies on an airship? That's so cool!
Vaan: By the way, what happened to the Strahl? You lose it?
Balthier: Along with my partner, I'm afraid. We're not in Ivalice anymore, are we?
Mog: Everyone here was summoned from a different world, kupo.
Balthier: If only I had my airship.
Mog: We have one, kupo! We can take you wherever you want!
Balthier: Is that so? It appears the moogles here also know their stuff when it comes to machinery.
Mog: I can feel the light radiating from you, kupo! Come with us!
Balthier: You're asking me to trust you, a complete stranger? I'd rather not be murdered today, thank you.
Vaan: What? You don't trust me?
Balthier: You know how it is. Besides, it's against my policy to work for free.
Cloud: Understandable.
Balthier: Well, take care. Maybe we'll meet again.

(Balthier leaves)

Vivi: Is he really going to be okay on his own?
The Fleetfooted:
Rem: So the Torsion's up ahead, right?

(Balthier arrives)

Balthier: Hmph. I got my hopes up when I saw you were with a lady. A shame she's but a child.
Cloud: You again? Did you follow us?
Balthier: We're going to the same place. It's only logical that we'd run into each other again.
Balthier: Are you fighting alongside them too, my dear?
Rem: Yes, I'm a soldier, after all. Well, I am back home, at least.
Balthier: At your age? What a barbaric world.
Balthier: Then again, I guess no world is free of those who exploit the innocent.
Sazh: Happens where you're from too, huh? Makes you sick, doesn't it?
Balthier: Hey, you there. You said you were searching for new allies, correct?
Balthier: I really hope you have a good reason for recruiting children.
Mog: Only a select few can close the dimensional distortions eating away at this world, kupo.
Mog: And those are the ones who bear the light.
Mog: Just like you, kupo!
Sazh: So what's it gonna be? We could really use the help.
Balthier: You'd be better off without me. The fewer, the better, as they say.
Vaan: Who says that? I've never felt that way.
Cloud: You have any skills?
Balthier: I can steal certain enemy abilities.
Balthier: When an enemy enhances its defenses, for example, I can swipe it and take it for myself.
Mog: You're exactly the kind of person we need right now, kupo!
Mog: My senses are telling me that the enemy up ahead is tough!
Rem: I know it's asking a lot, but could you help us?
Balthier: You just don't give up, do you? All right, lead the way.
A Love of the Sky*:
Yang: Balthier, you said you are a sky pirate.
Balthier: You find that odd?
Yang: You don't see anyone with their own airship where we're from.
Vaan: I thought Cecil had an airship.
Cecil: I commanded a fleet. The airships themselves belonged to the kingdom.
Yang: To my knowledge, the Kingdom of Baron is the only nation with airships...
Cecil: Anyone can possess an airship in your world?
Vaan: Poor people can't afford them, but I guess more people do than in your world.
Balthier: Not to mention the nations waging war on each other with their own fleets.
Cecil: Instruments...of war... So no matter the world, the concerns are the same.
Balthier: There's a glum face. I'd imagine you had a plum career as a royal knight.
Cecil: Baron is a military state. It used its airships to invade other nations.
Cecil: The innocents I...even under orders...
Yang: Cecil left his homeland, unable to bear the orders of the king.
Vaan: You don't like airships?
Cecil: I have nothing against the technology itself...but when used to plunder...
Balthier: Treasure is my only target.
Balthier: Though I suppose there's no excusing that in the eyes of a straightlaced knight.
Vaan: Sky pirates are different from soldiers and petty thieves. They're free and debonair and everyone looks up to them.
Vaan: Every kid from the slums dreams of becoming a sky pirate. Me included.
Cecil: A love for the sky was the same in my world.
Cecil: But why...why did it turn out that way...?
Balthier: Knights have it tough wherever you go.
Cecil: Had I the freedom... Were I to lead the Red Wings as I wished... Could I someday...make up for what I've done?
Balthier: Ply the skies all you like, as long as you have something hanging over you, you can hardly call it freedom.
Balthier: ...Said the pot to the kettle.
Best Buddies*:
Yuffie: Hey, Balthier, what kind of person is your partner?
Balthier: Why do you ask? Are you going to go look for her?
Yuffie: I was thinking I should get one, too. A gal's got her limits, you know? I wanna know how to pick a good one.
Bartz: Balthier's already a force to be reckoned with. I bet they're unstoppable together.
Balthier: For heaven's sake... You'll forgive me if I keep the particulars to myself.
Hope: Vaan, do you know anything about her?
Vaan: She's a friend. We traveled together.
Yuffie: Tell me more, tell me more. Balthier's being a sourpuss.
Vaan: Let's see... She's a viera...but that doesn't mean anything to you, huh?
Vaan: She's real tall and good at magicks... She's got long ears...real grown-up.
Bartz: Like Y'shtola?

(Y'shtola arrives)

Y'shtola: You all look to be having fun, but what's this about me?
Yuffie: Vaan's telling us about Balthier's partner.
Balthier: ...A right nuisance for her if you think he's doing a good job of it.
Vaan: Then why don't you tell them?
Balthier: They'll know when they meet her. Describing viera to someone from another world will confuse them more than not.
Y'shtola: So there are a variety of races in your world, too?
Balthier: None like yourself to my knowledge, but we humes aren't the only ones who walk upright, to say the least.
Yuffie: Long ears and grown-up like Y'shtola, huh...?
Vaan: They aren't all that alike...though I guess there are some similarities.
Hope: Even from different worlds, they do have something in common?
Vaan: I still have no idea how old she is. Y'shtola, how—?
Y'shtola: ......

(Y'shtola leaves)

Balthier: ...Grow up.
Hope: ...You're being rude.
Yuffie: Haha, Vaan got in trouble. You're such a kid.

(Everyone leaves, except Bartz and Vaan)

Vaan: H-hey!

(Vaan leaves)

Bartz: ...Good point. I wonder how old Y'shtola is. ...Oh well.

(After the Torsion is closed, Balthier picks up something on the ground)

Balthier: Well...I guess this belt should suffice as payment.
Balthier: It was a pleasure doing business with you.
Hope: Um, sir... Would you be interested in fighting with us from now on...permanently?
Hope: I would feel a lot more comfortable with you on our side.
Balthier: I commend you for your manners, but you still have a lot to learn, I'm afraid.
Balthier: Man cannot live by goodwill alone. Especially sky pirates. What's in it for me?
Warrior of Light: So you do not share our desire to save the world?
Balthier: If something were to happen to it, I'll just take to the skies, free as can be.
Vaan: But you don't have your ship.
Mog: Never fear, kupo! You want an airship? We've got one!
Y'shtola: Is a reward truly the only thing you seek? ...Nay, I sense you are worried about someone.
Y'shtola: And If I may venture a guess, I would say that person is your dear partner, is it not?
Balthier: You have quite the intuition. I like that.
Mog: All the more reason you should come with us, kupo!
Mog: I have the power to find those who bear the light!
Warrior of Light: It would be in your best interest to join us.
Warrior of Light: After all, finding your partner would be a reward in itself, would it not?
Hope: Everyone helped me reunite with my friends from back home. I'm sure we can help you too.
Balthier: I guess any self-respecting leading man needs to do something heroic every once in a while.
Balthier: But I'm doing this for me. Don't forget that.
Mog: Of course, kupo!

(Everyone leaves, except Balthier and Y'shtola)

Y'shtola: Perhaps a man can live by goodwill after all.
Y'shtola: Or maybe it's that the "leading man" simply couldn't turn his back on those in need?
Balthier: Hmph. You can read men like a book.

The Small Summoner[]

The Lost Girl:
???: Zidane! Where are you, Zidane!?
???: Vivi! Steiner! Please don't leave me here alone!
???: *Sniffle* This isn't how you treat a lady.
???: How could you leave *sniffle* a helpless little girl like me behind? I can't believe you guys.
???: More importantly...where am I? I've never seen this place before.
???: I've got a bad feeling about this. ...Like a monster could come out at any moment.
Eiko: No, I'm not gonna cry! I'm a grown-up!
Eiko: Besides, I'm gonna find them! I just know it!
Eiko: Then, I"ll make them pay for leaving me behind! Oh, the nerve!
Eiko: Zidane!? Zidane, is that you?
Eiko: I'll even take Vivi or Steiner! I just want to see somebody I know...
Bomb: Grrr!
Eiko: Oh, uh...
Eiko: S-sorry for bothering you. So, uh... Catch ya later?
Bomb: Screee!

(Eiko runs away from the Bomb)

Eiko: Ahhh! Help! P-please don't eat me!
A Romantic Reunion:
Eiko: Zidane!
Zidane: Eiko!? Is that really you?
Eiko: Finally! I've been looking all over for you, Zidane!
Vivi: We had no idea you were even here! I'm so glad you're okay.
Eiko: Do I look okay?
Eiko: I was so lonely...and hungry... *sniffle*...and a monster even tried to eat me.
Vivi: I...I'm sorry you had to go through that.
Eiko: By the way, what do you mean by "here"? Where are we? could someone tell me what's going on?
Mog: I can do that, kupo!
Eiko: Hey, a moogle! I feel better already.
Cecil: What a cheerful young girl you are. Are you one of Vivi's friends?
Eiko: Hmph! Me, interested in a little kid like Vivi? Don't make me laugh!
Eiko: There's only one man for me. He's older, brave, and has a tail...
Tifa: Zidane! She's just a little girl!
Zidane: Whoa! Hold up! It's not what you think!
Eiko: Then what is it!?
Mog: Kupo! Can I please explain—

Eiko: Two people once separated only to be reunited in a faraway world...
Eiko: Isn't it romantic!? I've always dreamed about this moment!
Mog: Great! So you'll join us, kupo?
Eiko: Of course! Wherever Zidane goes, I go!
Bartz: Looks like someone's got a crush on you, Zidane.
Zidane: Haha, yeah... It's tough being so popular sometimes.
Eiko: I'll be friends with the rest of you, too! After all, Zidane's friends are my friends!
Yuna: I'm looking forward to getting to know you, Eiko.
Eiko: Hmmm...
Yuna: I-is something the matter? Did I say something strange?
Eiko: Looks like I've got myself a rival—a beautiful one at that. Just great.
Eiko: Zidane, a word, please!
Zidane: Ugh... Why me?
The Summoners*:
Yuffie: Eiko, this has been nagging at me, but...
Yuffie: What's with the horn? Is that a hair accessory?
Eiko: Nope, it's stuck to my head.
Eiko: I can use it to talk to eidolons. I am a summoner, after all!
Cecil: Summoners in your world have horns?
Eiko: Why are you so surprised? Everybody knows that.
Cecil: Is that so...?
Yuna: There's a tribe in my world who have horns, but it doesn't have anything to do with being a summoner.
Eiko: Wow, really? You can talk to eidolons even without a horn?
Yuna: Yes, we travel to all the temples around the world to offer our prayers to the aeons.
Yuna: In order to acquire the Final Aeon, the only way the world.
Eiko: Hmmm, sounds rough.
Eiko: Hm? "We"? You mean there are lots of summoners other than you?
Yuna: Yes, we all make the same pilgrimage.
Eiko: Lots of summoners... A world where you won't be lonely...
Eiko: Are other worlds like that? What about yours, Yuffie?
Yuffie: We don't have summoners to begin with.
Tifa: If you've got the materia, you can use summoning magic.
Eiko: Anyone can use it!?
Eiko: Talk about culture shock. There are all sorts of worlds out there.
Sazh: Heh heh! Bet you didn't know I'm a summoner, too.
Sazh: Come forth, Chocobo Chick! Not bad, eh?
Eiko: Wow! So cute! Does it have a name?
Yuffie: Oh, nice going, Pops! You know your way to grab the kidlets' hearts.
Yuna: The chick and Eiko are cute, aren't they?
Cecil: Quite. She's always trying so hard, it's nice to see a childlike smile for a change.
Eiko's Cooking*:
Bartz: Ughhh... I'm hungry. Wish I had something to eat...
Vaan: The beasts here don't make for good cooking, so there's no use in hunting them.
Eiko: Sorry to keep you waiting!

(Eiko and Vivi arrive)

Eiko: The rock-fisted potato stew is ready! Come and get it before it gets cold!
Bartz: Did you say stew?
Eiko: It's my specialty! I gathered all the ingredients and put my heart into it!
Vivi: I gathered most of—
Eiko: Pardon?
Vivi: Uh...never mind...
Bartz: Hooray! Stew! I'm gonna eat till I pop!

(Bartz runs away)

Vaan: Hey, wait! No fair getting a head start!

(Vaan runs after Bartz)

Terra: Hehe. Isn't everyone cheerful?

Bartz: Woof, am I stuffed! I can't remember the last time I ate like this!
Terra: Thank you, Eiko. It was delicious.
Eiko: Gosh! Really?
Zidane: Yeah, it didn't have any "interesting" seasonings today.
Eiko: Well, what else would you expect from a proper lady?
Vaan: Traveling with you means we get to eat like this?
Bartz: Man, Zidane and Vivi, you guys have it made!
Eiko: Hehehe, right? I'll cook for you anytime you ask, so don't hesitate!
Vivi: (I guess that means I've got to gather ingredients again.)
Zidane: (I'll pitch in next time.)
Terra: Everyone looks so happy. I suppose I should give cooking a try...
Mog: We did it! Everything is going according to plan, kupo! The Torsions will all be sealed in no time.
Eiko: Wow, you're amazing!
Eiko: Hey, you have friends and family too, right? Can I meet them?
Mog: F-friends, kupo? Family, kupo?
Mog: I don't have either of those things... I'm just a messenger for the goddess Materia.
Eiko: Really? That's strange.
Eiko: Oh, I know! You can come to my house, then! Everyone in my village is a moogle!
Terra: A village full of moogles?
Vivi: Yeah, they're her family.
Terra: I'm so jealous.
Zidane: Where we're from, there are moogles everywhere, doing any job you can imagine.
Zidane: Postal workers, merchants, travelers, you name it.
Bartz: Huh, I had no idea moogles were so different in each world.
Eiko: It doesn't matter where they're from! They're all the same to me, and I'll always be their friend!
Eiko: Oh yeah! I have something I wanna give you!
Eiko: Here, to new friends. It's a kupo nut! Go on, eat up!
Mog: A kupo nut...kupo?

(Mog flies to Eiko and takes the kupo nut)

Mog: Kupo! This is delicious! I love it, kupo!
Eiko: Amazing, right? I'll give you another one after we seal the next Torsion!
Mog: I feel like a new moogle! Come on, follow me, kupo!

(Mog leaves)

Zidane: That's Eiko for ya. She's really good with moogles.
Terra: ...I wish I could have a kupo nut.

From Zanarkand[]

???: Man... I'm tired of this.
???: Seriously though, where am I?
???: And what was with that puppet back there?
???: I mean, it was like talking to a brick wall. There was something familiar about it though.
???: Anyway, I have to find Yuna. If only there were some way to—
???: Wait, I got it!

(Tidus whistles)

???: Well, that didn't work.
???: Don't tell me I'm on my own.
???: Argh! Where is everybody!?

(Zidane approaches Yuna)

Zidane: Yuna? What are you doing all by yourself?
Yuna: I'm trying to find him. He might have been summoned to this world, too.
Zidane: Oh... Well, good luck with that.
Edge: G-get away from me! I said I don't want to fight you!
???: Nice try, puppet! You can't fool me!
Yuna: That voice! Is that—!?
Zidane: C'mon, let's go!
Written in the Stars:

(Zidane approaches Tidus and Edge)

Zidane: Edge, are you all right!?
Yuna: Tidus!

(Yuna arrives)

Tidus: Yuna!?
Edge: You know this guy? Then can you tell him to back off? He came out of nowhere and started attacking me!
Yuna: I just knew we would find each other.
Tidus: Is that really you, Yuna?
Yuna: Of course, it's me! I'm so happy to see you, Tidus.
Mog: Hooray for reunions! I think I'm going to cry, kupo!
Zidane: Oh, so this is who you were looking for. Glad you found each other.

Tidus: So those humanoid monsters are called manikins, huh?
Edge: Yeah, and you better not confuse me for one again!
Tidus: I'm really sorry about that.
Edge: Hmph!
Tidus: So, Yuna...
Tidus: Is that Seymour behind you real or not?

(The party sees a Seymour Manikin behind them)

Mog: Th-that's a manikin, kupo!
Zidane: Well, still beats the real thing.
Tidus: You guys met Seymour? Guess you know what kind of a man he is too, then!
Tidus: Real or fake, we've gotta stop him.
Tidus: So make room for me! I'll show you just how quick I really am!
King: Wakka, I've been wondering... What's your ball for? It doesn't look like it was made for battle...
Wakka: This is an official match blitzball... ...Wait, that probably means squat to ya, huh...
Tidus: Me and Wakka are both blitzball athletes!
Firion: Athletes...? I took you for warriors...
Yuna: Blitzball is a sport played with that ball.
Yuna: The field is underwater, and you compete to steal the ball and bring it to a goal to score points.
Yuna: It's quite popular in our world, and the best athletes will compete in tournaments in front of spectators.
Wakka: Thanks, Yuna. I still forget this isn't Spira.
Tidus: And I'm the star of my team! Number one in fans and skill!
Firion: You don't say... So that's where you get your agility.
King: Underwater competition, huh...? Is it for some kind of training?
Wakka: Entertainment...I guess. Like a festival.
Wakka: It's our job as players to give the fans a good game.
Tidus: Wanna give it a try? I bet you two'd be good at it.
King: ...Should the opportunity arise.
Firion: Competing in front of people brings back some unpleasant memories...
King: Your home world was peaceful enough to hold sports tournaments?
Wakka: Not exactly. Ya never know when Sin—uhhh, when a big monster might attack.
Yuna: I think it's something to rely on...
Yuna: When you live in fear every day, watching blitzball can cheer you up.
Firion: A job that cheers people up? That sounds right up Tidus's alley.
Tidus: Ha ha... I don't really think that much about it during a match.
Tidus: But if I can cheer people up, I won't complain.
Firion: I can tell you're skilled by the way you move, and I know nothing about the game. It must be fun to watch.
Tidus: You bet it is. I can't wait to get in front of the crowds again!
Different Strokes*:
Onion Knight: Tidus, you're from the same world as Seymour, right?
Onion Knight: It sounds like you were on opposite sides, but what did he do back then?
Tidus: I think he was somebody important. Yuna seemed to respect him originally...
Shantotto: "Maester" she called him as I hear it. Was he a sort of guiding spirit?
Tidus: Maybe... Everyone trusted him, I guess.
Penelo: Even though we're talking about your home world, you don't sound so sure.
Tidus: I don't know all there is about Spira.
Galuf: Amnesia?
Tidus: That's my story, but not actually.
Tidus: Zanarkand— ...The place I'm from is completely different from where Yuna and Wakka grew up.
Galuf: Hmm... So you have disparate backgrounds.
Shantotto: And you as an alien would pick up on points to them less salient?
Tidus: I couldn't buy what Seymour was selling.
Onion Knight: Release in death, right? It's a hard sell for us, too.
Onion Knight: Don't tell me Yuna and Wakka bought into that.
Tidus: I wouldn't say they bought it, but in Spira...death is always close at hand.
Tidus: Yuna was ready to sacrifice herself to save everybody else.
Penelo: That's awful... What's the point of protecting someone if you can't be there with them?
Tidus: Everyone thought there's no other way.
Shantotto: With death always close at hand, we all would be better off dead...
Shantotto: the train of thought I suspect runs through Seymour's head.
Galuf: And he'd still push that thought in this world... He's not one to be trusted.
Onion Knight: Though I agree with not wanting to be a slave to the gods.
Penelo: ...He scares me.
Penelo: The heart stops moving in the dead. There's no way for us to tell if they're happy or not...
Shantotto: If Mog can find a use for him, then use him he would.
Shantotto: But that doesn't mean trusting him would do us any good.
Onion Knight: If he's up to something, you guys would notice it first. When that time comes, we're counting on you.
Tidus: You got it.
Tidus: I'm not gonna let him "ease" any of our "suffering."
The Sweet Embrace of Death:
Tidus: What is Seymour doing here, anyway? What's he want from us?
Yuna: Our lives.
Zidane: He said that we were servants to the gods and that we were better off dead.
Tidus: I sure hope we don't run into him anytime soon.
Mog: Yeah, he's a very dangerous person, kupo. And rude at that!
???: Hmph.

(Seymour enters)

Seymour: Death is the ultimate liberation from suffering. Why can't you see that?
Tidus: Seymour!?
Seymour: Ah, so you were summoned as well?
Seymour: How amusing. The gods of this world must need all the help they can get.
Cecil: Take that back! Tidus is a warrior of remarkable skill.
Tidus: I knew there was a reason I never liked you!
Seymour: Say what you will—for even those thoughts are but a passing dream.
Seymour: Now, Lady Yuna, let us put an end to this futile struggle.
Seymour: Embrace the eternal slumber that awaits you.
Tidus: Lay one finger on her, and you're dead!
Yuna: Maester Seymour, I can't let you do that.
Cecil: Our lives are not ours to throw away anymore.
Seymour: Servants of the gods—it seems I must release you from your pain.
Zidane: Well, you heard him, Tidus. What're you gonna do?
Tidus: I'm Yuna's guardian. I'll protect her no matter what happens.
Tidus: Seymour! It's over for you!
Seymour: There is no use in fighting it.
Seymour: Come, death shall carry you off into a sweet slumber!
An Ace Appears:
Seymour: How could I lose to you mindless pawns?
King: Who are you calling a mindless pawn? It's my choice to be here!
Seymour: Poor creatures, bound by the shackles of life...
Seymour: The time for liberation is near.

(Seymour vanishes)

Tidus: Wait! Seymour, come back!
Sazh: *Sigh* He sure comes and goes as he pleases.
Mog: Monsters aren't our only problem, kupo. Who knows when he'll show up again.
Sazh: It's gonna be a tough journey, kid. You up for it?
Tidus: Bring it on.
Tidus: I told you guys already. I'm gonna protect Yuna no matter what.
Yuna: Tidus...
King: Looks like it's settled then.
Tidus: From now on, we're a team.
Tidus: And what kind of star player would I be if I didn't look out for you guys? Let's do this!
Mog: Yay! Welcome to our team, kupo!

That Detestable Child[]

The Fight for Survival:
Mog: There's a Torsion in here, kupo! I can feel it!
Penelo: No one let your guard down. Who knows what might be lurking in the shadows.
???: Raaaaaah!
???: ...Rah? The heck are you guys?
King: The heck are you?
Prishe: I'm Prishe! My fists and I are cleaning up the monsters around here. Nice to meet ya!
Onion Knight: Well, aren't you the cheerful one.
Warrior of Light: I sense an exceptional power within her—something grand.
Warrior of Light: And...
Prishe: Hm? What's up? Something on my face?
Warrior of Light: No, it's nothing.
King: At the very least, it doesn't look like you're the enemy. ...Care to join us?
Mog: I can sense the light within her! She's one of us, kupo!
Warrior of Light: Prishe, we are also on a journey to defeat the monsters that terrorize this world.
Prishe: Really? What a coincidence!
Prishe: Looks like there's only one way to settle this: first one to defeat all the monsters wins!
Penelo: W-wait... You're turning this into a game?
Prishe: Yep! What better motivation than a little competition?
Prishe: Well, catch ya later! Don't get yourselves killed!

(Prishe runs away)

Prishe: You monsters are gonna be sorry when I find you!
Mog: She could have at least listened to what I had to say, kupo.
Onion Knight: We'll just have to explain things next time we run into her.
Running on Empty:
Prishe: Ughhh... It's not...over yet.
Yang: Prishe!?
Shantotto: Oh, what is this I see? Already giving up on your killing spree?
Prishe: If only...I had something to eat...I wouldn't have lost.
Zidane: Something to eat? What, you trying to feed the monsters or something?
Prishe: No, you dummy! Something for me to eat!
Prishe: I'm so hungry I can barely move. You guys got anything?
Warrior of Light: Very well. You may eat with us.
Yang: Mog, let us feast and appease her hunger.
Mog: Right on it, kupo!

Prishe: Wow, that was delicious! Thanks a bunch.
Mog: Kupo! You almost cleaned us out.
Prishe: My bad! I haven't had anything in days! Not a single eatery in sight around here.
Zidane: So I'm guessing you came here from another world, too?
Prishe: Another world? The heck you talking about?
Yang: I know this may surprise you, but you have been summoned to another world.
Mog: We're searching for people like you to help us close the Torsions, kupo.
Prishe: Oh, okay! I don't get it, but gotcha!
Zidane: Which?
Prishe: I mean I don't really understand what's going on, but I totally get that you need my help.
Warrior of Light: That should do for now.
Prishe: Have no fear, Prishe is here! One good Howling Fist and those monsters are toast!
Shantotto: That's a rather optimistic mood when just moments ago you were crying for food.
Prishe: Heh! I'm countin' on you guys to keep me full!
Zidane: I hope there's enough for the rest of us...
Gourmet Expedition*:
Prishe: Ughhh... So hungry...
Penelo: But we just ate. You sure are a bundle of energy.
Prishe: That doesn't change the fact that— ...Hm?
Prishe: Sniff... Sniff sniff sniff...
Prishe: Ahhh! Y-you!
Steiner: M-me!?
Prishe: You smell like food! Let me have some, too!
Steiner: I beg your pardon? I don't see how I could possibly smell of... Ah!
Steiner: I-I cannot! These pickles are my treasure!
Layle: A faint stench just wafted this way. You sure those are edible?
Tifa: They don't look that tasty...
Steiner: These are the specialty of a certain city in our world! A divisive delicacy, to be sure, but they are my favorite!
Prishe: Ahhh! That aroma is riling up my appetite! Leeet meee have some!
Steiner: Lady Prishe, I do believe we will get along well together.
Steiner: Be that as it may...since coming to this world, I fear these pickles are an unobtainable commodity...
Steiner: Therefore I, too, have chosen to refrain from eating any! Lady Prishe, I beg your understanding!
Prishe: Hrmmm... Alright. If that's the way it is, I guess them's the breaks.
Prishe: But I'm hungry I'm hungry I'm hungry!
Layle: Here we go again.
Prishe: I wanna eat behemoth steak! A prime cut with all that marbling!
Vaan: Behemoth is good, isn't it? Tasty, and fetches a nice price at the bazaar.
Tifa: Huh!? You can eat behemoth!?
Penelo: It's a prized foodstuff in our world at least...
Vaan: It sounds like it is in Prishe's, too. You mean you guys don't eat it?
Layle: You can't be serious...
Prishe: We need a behemoth... I need to show you all what you're missing.
Tifa: I think I'll pass.
Steiner: Hmm, I see, I see. This sounds like another delicacy.
Steiner: I think I know someone who would be delighted to hear about this...
A Prishe Amok*:
Firion: Hunting down a Torsion in a palace this big is no easy task.

(The rest of the party arrives)

Firion: How is everyone holding up? If you need to take a break, just—
Firion: ...Wait, where's Prishe?
Mog: Kupo! She was just here!
Galuf: Hrm. I didn't even notice she was gone. How unobservant of me.
King: Unilateral action during an operation poses a very real hazard. What could she be thinking...?
Zell: I wouldn't worry. She'll turn up before you know it.
Prishe: Heyyy, guys!
Zell: See? Back already.

(Prishe arrives)

Mog: Kupooo! Acting on your own is a problem, kupo! Don't run off like that!
Prishe: Yeah, whatever you say! I just did a quick lap around the place! Found the Torsion, too!
Mog: One hundred percent unapologetic, kupo...
Galuf: You covered the entire palace? Astonishing. And you were fine all by yourself?
Prishe: Huh? Sure, why not?
Prishe: Being alone's never been something for me to worry about.
Firion: Don't tell me you closed the Torsion all by yourself, too. That would be far too reckless...
Prishe: Heck, no! It's more fun when everyone else is there, too!
Zell: Heheh, mighty kind of ya! Let me in on that action, too!
Prishe: You got it! The Torsion's this way! Follow me!

(Prishe and Zell leave)

Galuf: Goodness gracious. Pep in spades, that one. I'm impressed...
King: Let's keep up.

(Galuf and King leave)

Firion: ...I guess that means everyone's holding up well.
Mog: Kupo! That doesn't fix my mood, kupo!
Firion: Hey, all's well that ends well. We found the Torsion thanks to her, too.
Mog: That's true, kupo, but...
Firion: Cheer up. Let's go.

(Firion and Mog leave)

Food First!:
Mog: We sealed the Torsion, kupo!
Prishe: Heh, I even amaze myself sometimes!
Prishe: All right, then. Time to eat!
Hope: She sure doesn't hold back how she feels.
Rem: Yeah, I was thinking the same thing.
Prishe: Oh?
Prishe: Rem, are you jealous?
Rem: Huh!? H-how did you know!?
Prishe: I know what people are thinking. Not like I want to though. It just happens.
Warrior of Light: Are you implying that you can read minds?
Prishe: Nothin' so fancy as that. Let's just say I went through a lot when I was young.
Bartz: When you were young? You still look plenty young to me.
Rem: It sounds like there's a lot more to you than meets the eye.
Prishe: Yeah, but don't worry about it. Just 'cause I can read your mind doesn't mean I'm gonna do something funny.
Prishe: I don't like snooping into other people's business, and besides...I honestly don't care what other people think.
Prishe: Anyway, let's get something to eat! I'm starving!
Hope: I'm not sure I can keep up with her...
Prishe: Oh, come on! Don't be like that! Let's be friends!
Prishe: Things are about to get exciting! I can feel it.
Mog: I hope she didn't read my mind, kupo...

Of the High Seas[]

Brought by the Winds:
Zidane: Guys, I think I see someone! Come on, they might be hurt!
Mog: We have to help them, kupo!

(The party finds Faris unconscious)

Zidane: Are you all right? Hey!
Bartz: Whoa! Hold up. That looks like—Faris!?
Tifa: Somebody you know?
Bartz: Yeah, we traveled the world together back home.
Bartz: Faris, you okay!? It's me, Bartz!
Bartz: This isn't good. Breathing, but barely. We've gotta do something.
Tifa: He must have nearly drowned...which leaves us with only one choice.
Cloud: What are you looking at me for?
Tifa: You know mouth-to-mouth.
Zidane: Did somebody say "mouth-to-mouth"? Like mouth-to-mouth resuscitation?
Zidane: Don't you worry! One hot resuscitation coming right up!
Faris: Ungh... Where am I?
Cloud: Looks like you're off the hook.
Zidane: Guess I am...
Mog: I can sense the light in this one as well. First aid on the double, kupo!
Zidane: I've got this! A little potion here, and...
Zidane: ...But gosh, what a looker.
Bartz: You're gonna get it if you keep gawking.
Zidane: Uh-oh, I've gotta watch out for the bodyguard, too.
Rem: Bodyguard? What's he talking about?
Cloud: Beats me.
Rem: Zidane doesn't usually get this excited around other guys...
Cloud: Maybe he switched sides.
The Pirate Lord:
Steiner: Hmmm...
Y'shtola: Is there something on your mind?
Steiner: I'm worried about my subordinates in the Knights of Pluto back home. I hope they're doing all right without me.
Bartz: Hey, everybody!

(Bartz and Faris arrive)

Bartz: Faris finally woke up.
Zidane: Hey, there! I'm glad you're okay.
Faris: I was told you all helped me. Please allow me to express my gratitude.
Faris: I'm the pirate captain Faris. Nice to meet you.
Steiner: A pirate!?
Faris: My ship was sucked into a strange whirlpool, and I was separated from my men.
Faris: I found myself in unknown waters where my ship was attacked by monsters. I barely escaped with my life.
Faris: ...Is something the matter?
Steiner: Indeed, there is! I have no interest in consorting with the likes of a criminal! Begone!
Zidane: Oh brother, there he goes again.
Vaan: You know, I'm a sky pirate. Should I be gone, too?
Steiner: Ack! N-now that you mention it...!
Y'shtola: You were unaware till this moment?
Steiner: Sea pirates, sky pirates, bandits... Why do I attract so many ne'er-do-wells?
Bartz: Don't sweat the small stuff. Faris, you're coming with us, right?
Faris: The monsters are coming out of those Torsions you spoke of, aye? Payback is in order for what they did to my ship.
Faris: I'm happy to see you, but I'm worried about my men...
Steiner: You're worried about your men?
Faris: Aye, the whirlpool that got my ship might have gotten the lads as well.
Steiner: ...The compassion you have for your subordinates is most admirable...
Steiner: Master Faris, please forgive my insolence! I must extend my most sincere—
Faris: Oh, shove off. You don't need to apologize.
Faris: Anyway, I know my way around water. If you need a fella to help clean up the monsters around here, look no further!
Zidane: Great! Can't wait to see you at work!
Y'shtola: ..."Fella," is it? I see.
The Pirate Way*:
Laguna: Hey, Eiko, you hanging in there?
Eiko: Y-yeah! I'm fine!
Squall: You aren't having trouble keeping up with our grown-up steps?
Eiko: Of course not! I'm already grown-up anyway!
Yuffie: That's what a kid would say...
Faris: We'll be walking a while longer. Don't push yourself.
Firion: You know, Faris, you're awfully nice for a pirate.
Faris: What's that supposed to mean, "For a pirate"?
Firion: I have a lot...rougher impression of pirates. A band of them nearly robbed me blind once...
Faris: Ahh, now I see.
Faris: Aye, I'm a pirate. But that doesn't mean I assault anyone and everyone.
Faris: Naturally I'd be concerned for my comrades, hear?
Faris: Pirates raised me from a wee brat... The crew's like my family.
Yuffie: I get it. You're like a pirate among pirates.
Yuffie: Oh, yeah! I've got a pirate question! What's the trick for guaranteed treasure stealing!?
Faris: Trick to stealing? I wish I knew.
Faris: Once your prey is in your sights, it's yours! Something in that spirit is probably important.
Yuffie: Gee, I didn't expect a motivational slogan...
Faris: ...But anyway, Yuffie, let me say this much.
Faris: You must never steal from the weak or the poor. Never forget your honor under any circumstances.
Yuffie: O-okay...I'll keep that in mind...
Eiko: Hmm, what a tour de force. There's nothing like the real thing.
Squall: ...Do you know what she's talking about?
Laguna: Ooh! Straight from the pulpit, too! It's not every day you get to meet a really real pirate!
Laguna: That settles it! When I get back home, I'm gonna write up a full piece on you!
Laguna: I'll call it: "The Pirate Way - A True Story"! Oh man, it'll fly off the racks!
Squall: (...Who would read that...?)
Faris: Do as you like...
Faris's Secret*:
Galuf: How are you doing, Faris? Getting along well with your new party?
Faris: Aye, swimmingly. More'n a few odd ones...but it's a good-natured lot.
Bartz: Really? That's good to hear!
Bartz: Huh? What's that?

(Tidus arrives)

Tidus: Whew! Haven't had a refreshing swim like that in forever! Nothing beats the ocean!
Galuf: A leisurely dip must be nice...
Tidus: I don't know about "leisurely." I gotta keep up with my training, too.
Tidus: Oh, hey! Faris, how about a lap or two? I'll bet pirates are ace swimmers!
Faris: I'll...take a rain check. I'd drown in these clothes, after all.
Tidus: Those clothes? Just go in your skivvies then.
Faris: Er, well... I, uh...
Tidus: ...? Well, it was just a suggestion.
Tidus: Anyway, I'm going back in!

(Tidus runs off)

Galuf: ...Not everyone's picked up on it yet, eh?
Bartz: It's up to Faris to say something whenever the time is right, right?
Faris: ...If only I knew whenever that time might be. I can tell no one here would give me grief about it, but even so...
Vivi: Hey, guys!

(Vivi and Eiko arrive)

Vivi: Let's build a sand castle! A real big one!
Eiko: Sand castles are so childish...
Eiko: But if we're gonna build one, we're gonna do it right!
Vivi: It was your idea in the first place...
Bartz: A sand castle? Count me in!

(Bartz and Eiko run off)

Vivi: Mr. Galuf, Miss Faris, you guys come, too! We'll be waiting for you!

(Vivi runs off)

Faris: Did he just call me..."Miss"?
Galuf: Ho ho ho! There's no fooling the eyes of a child!
Identities Unveiled II:
Faris: We're coming for you, Lamia Queen! Don't let up, you landlubbers!
Zidane: Heh heh.
Faris: ...What're you smirking about?
Zidane: Oh, nothing. Just thinking how nice it is to be around a swashbuckling sweetie for a change.
Faris: A what...!?
Sazh: Zidane, you feelin' alright? I get Faris is good looking...but a "sweetie"?
Tifa: Hold on... Faris, are you a woman?
Faris: ...Well, looks like the cat's outta the bag.
Sazh: R-really!?
Faris: You got a problem with it?
Tifa: Bartz, why didn't you say anything!?
Bartz: I didn't know I was supposed to?
Cloud: How did you know?
Zidane: Cloud, Cloud, Cloud... Who do you think I am? I know a lady when I see one.
Cloud: ...Figures.
Tifa: But Faris, why'd you let us think you're a man?
Faris: It's how I grew up. Would you want to be the only girl on a ship full of pirates?
Sazh: Seriously?
Cloud: You didn't have a choice. But you don't need to pretend you're someone else around us.
Tifa: Well aren't you the sweetest? Or are you saying that because you've been in her shoes?
Bartz: Her shoes? Cloud, don't tell me...
Sazh: I don't know what to believe anymore.
Cloud: ...Sometimes you don't have a choice.
Bartz: Anyway, no more secrets! We're all in this together!

(Everyone walks away, except Sazh)

Sazh: I don't think I can handle any more secrets from this group...

The Hero of Ivalice[]

Vivi: What an eerie castle.
Zidane: Careful, Vivi. It's probably haunted.
Cloud: Who cares? We fight monsters every day.
Warrior of Light: A departed spirit could still prove to be a threat.
Zidane: Right? So as I was saying, we need to—
Zidane: Ghost!

(Ramza runs at the party)

???: Stop right there, bandits, or die in obscurity!
Cloud: Bandits? Zidane, you do something to this guy?
Zidane: No way! ...I think. I mean, I'm pretty sure I didn't...
Vivi: Are you...a ghost?
Warrior of Light: No, he's human.
???: A swordsman, a knight, and a black mage... They must have banded together and turned this abandoned castle into their headquarters.
Ramza: I am Ramza Beoulve. I cannot allow those who bring chaos to threaten the lives of the people!
Cloud: He thinks we're bandits. What do you want to do?
Zidane: Guess we'll just have to knock some sense into him.
Warrior of Light: Prepare for battle!
Unwavering Faith:
Ramza: It's not...over yet!
Hope: Excuse me, but are you okay? You know, we don't want to fight—
Ramza: Vile bandits—using children to do their dirty work.
Penelo: Ramza, can we talk?
Mog: Is everybody okay, kupo!?
Ramza: A moogle!? It can't be! The last of their race should have expired long ago!
Mog: Maybe in your world, kupo.
Ramza: In my world? What do you mean by that?

Ramza: I remember now. I was sucked into some sort of giant portal.
Ramza: At the time, I thought it an illusion cast by a hostile mage.
Ramza: But it appears that it was a gate to another world—a land far different from Ivalice.
Vaan: ...Ivalice?
Zidane: We're actually on a journey to close those Torsions in order to protect this world and our own.
Ramza: I apologize for accusing you of being bandits.
Vaan: You're from Ivalice, too? Never seen anyone dressed like that before. What country are you from?
Ramza: Ivalice is the name of a kingdom. ...I don't understand your meaning.
Mog: It looks like your worlds have some things in common, but are in different dimensions and eras, kupo.
Vaan: Huh, didn't know that was a thing.
Ramza: So you're trying to save this world to protect your own, correct?
Ramza: May I join you? I'm certain I could be of service.
Mog: You also harbor the light, kupo! So of course, we'd love to have you!
Ramza: Thank you. I really appreciate it.
Ramza: I swear by my sword to fight only for what is just.
Sword Talk*:
Cloud: The Torsion is close.
Squall: ...Yeah. Time to check our gear...right?
Ramza: A level-headed assessment of the situation. It is heartening to have you two at our sides.

(The rest of the party arrives)

Ramza: Your fine sword arms attest to the wealth of experience under your belts.
Squall: ...That's what I trained for. I'm a mercenary.
Ramza: Of course. That makes sense.
Ramza: I trained at military akademy and now make my way as a mercenary also.
Ramza: I sense our lots are not so different.
Ramza: Which reminds me. Lightning, I have been meaning to ask:
Ramza: It is quite a curious blade you swing; can I assume you also undertook some special study?
Lightning: It's issue from the Guardian Corps I belonged to back home.
Lightning: I'm a soldier, deployed wherever I was needed. Mainly patrolling the frontier and controlling wildlife...
Ramza: I see... It must have been hard on you.
Lightning: There's something I want to protect. I never thought it hard.
Ramza: Something to protect... A comrade I remind me of her.
Tidus: Mercenaries and soldiers... Heck if I get where you all're coming from.
Vaan: If knights count, I know one. Though I guess you could say he's kind of unemployed at the moment...
Ramza: You haven't martial backgrounds? Then where learnt you your swordsmanship?
Tidus: I'm just a blitzball player. When it comes to swords, I'm a total amateur.
Ramza: An amateur!? And yet you're able to hold your own against these beasts!?
Tidus: There weren't any other options the first time someone stuck a sword in my hands...
Tidus: Guess it just comes down to guts!
Ramza: And what about you, Vaan? Had you a teacher?
Vaan: I watched Penelo learning basic self-defense... Oh, and maybe picked up a thing or two hunting.
Ramza: To grow so capable on self-instruction... One truly can draw on all sorts of experiences in battle.
Ramza: It would seem there is yet much for me to learn here. Tidus, might you teach me this blitzball when you have the time?
Tidus: Huh? You wanna play blitzball?
Ramza: And Vaan, too—I would be ever so pleased if you would impart unto me the secrets of hunting.
Vaan: I don't know if there's any secrets to it... You just hunt.
Lightning: ...Don't push yourself, kid. Being a perfect mimic doesn't necessarily make you any mightier.
Befitting One's Station?*:
Edgar: Ah, Vanille, won't you set my heart alight with sweet nothings?
Vanille: Huh? I'm, uh, not sure I follow you.
Edge: With you around, even this run-down castle looks like a sparkling palace!
Vanille: Wow, this old dump? You've sure got a rosy view of the world.
Edge: ...A tough nut, this one.
Edgar: You can say that again...

(Ramza, Irvine, and Balthier watch from afar)

Ramza: How are they able to engage in such frivolity in the height of our conflict...?
Balthier: Not to your taste, Mr. Mercenary? Or envious, rather?
Irvine: You know, Edgar and Edge both—one's a king and the other's a prince. World's a funny place, ain't it?
Ramza: A king and a prince!? Those two!?
Balthier: That surprising, is it?
Ramza: Where I come from, to see royalty making merriment with commoners would be unthinkable.
Edge: The heck? What a dull world that must be.

(Edgar, Edge, and Vanille join up)

Edgar: Titles are trivial. Feed them to the monsters for all I care.
Vanille: You won't see me paying them any mind.
Ramza: But if one does not carry one's self in a manner appropriate his station...
Balthier: Stubborn one, aren't we? Try looking at the man rather than the title.
Balthier: We have here a skirt-chasing king and profligate prince. ...They're whom you would hold in esteem?
Ramza: Er...well...
Edge: Hey! Don't you lump me in with those bozos, whoever they are!
Irvine: Anyway, a king or a prince or whatever is still just a human after all.
Ramza: Just a though they may be...
Ramza: Have I been too caught up in notions of station...?
Vanille: Uh-oh, I think he's brooding...
Balthier: Perhaps rightly so...
Balthier: Old habits die hard. Simply try taking things a mite easier for now, eh?
Our Own Cross to Bear:
Ramza: The concepts of borders and social status don't exist in this world? ...So that's why there's no war.
Rem: Your world is at war, as well?
Ramza: Yes—a fruitless battle where countless innocent people suffer and die because of the warped views of a few.
Ramza: Rem am I right to assume that your world too is...?
Rem: Yes, Orience has long been at war...
Rem: So somewhere along the line, I stopped thinking about it. It looks like you're really working on making a difference though.
Ramza: I'm trying.
Laguna: Whoa, pretty heavy stuff to talk about for a bunch of kidlets.

(Laguna arrives)

Ramza: Laguna, you handle firearms. Am I correct to assume you spent time on the field of battle?
Laguna: That was a looong time ago. I quit the army and now I'm a journalist—ahem—a soon-to-be journalist!
Laguna: Maybe I'll write about my time here when I get home. Doubt anyone'd believe me though.
Ramza: Interesting... The way you have chosen to live your life has given me hope.
Ramza: Everyone in my world is prisoner to their birth or status, but I've always felt that was ridiculous.
Terra: It's never too late to start over in life. A certain someone once showed me that.
Terra: What's important is not your past, but your future.
Vivi: Yeah... I feel the same way.
Vivi: I used to worry over and over about why I was born and what was going to happen to me when I expire.
Vivi: But as time went by, talking to my friends, I realized that worrying about it was pointless.
Rem: We can't choose why we were born, but we can choose what to live for.
Ramza: Thank you, my new friends. You have given me the inspiration I needed.
Ramza: It is neither one's birth nor status that matters. What's important is how you live your life.
Mog: The light within Ramza is growing brighter by the second, kupo!

The Power of Acceptance[]

A Bloodcurdling Scream:
Bartz: Man, the breeze feels great. I bet Boko would love it out here.

(Mog and Rem arrive)

Rem: That's your chocobo, right?
Bartz: Yeah, he's basically my best friend. We'd go everywhere together.
Bartz: I wonder what he's up to right now? I sure hope he's not lonely without me.
???: Kweeeh!
Mog: It came from over there, kupo!
Rem: It sounds like it's in trouble.
Bartz: Just you wait! I'm coming to save you!
Rem: Bartz!

(Alone, Ace protects a Chocobo from a Red Giant)

Red Giant: ......
???: Not another step!
Chocobo: Kweh...
Bartz: We're here to help!

(Mog, Bartz, and Rem arrive)

Rem: Ace!
Ace: Rem? Is that you!?
Ace: I need some backup!
Mog: It's hurt bad! We've gotta do something, kupo!
Bartz: We'll take care of the monster! You take care of the chocobo!
Ace: Thanks. I owe you one.
Bartz: All right, you giant hunk of scrap metal, let's do this!
Thank You:

(Yuna attempts to heal the Chocobo)

Chocobo: Kweh...
Ace: Is there nothing we can do?
Ace: ...
Bartz: ...What's that?
Chocobo: Kweh...

(The Chocobo passes)

Bartz: All right, I'll make sure to let him know.
Bartz: The chocobo wanted to thank you.
Ace: I'm sorry I couldn't save you.
Ace: If only I had gotten here a little faster...
Yuna: You did everything you could.
Ace: I was so relieved to see something I recognized in these unfamiliar lands...
Ace: When I saw it being attacked, I rushed over, but...
Cecil: You blame yourself for what happened?
Ace: I feel so powerless...
Cecil: You do not have to carry that burden alone.
Bartz: Yeah, we're all in this together. So what do you say? Wanna come with us?
Bartz: You don't mind, right, Mog?
Mog: The more the merrier, kupo. I can feel a gentle, warm light radiating from him as well.
Bartz: Further proof that you can't love chocobos and be a bad person, huh?
Yuna: Your kindness is a powerful tool—one that I'm sure will save many.
Ace: All right, I'll come with you. I'd like to hear more about this world as well.
Ace: Oh yeah, I almost forgot. I'm Ace. I'm an Agito Cadet at Akademeia just like Rem.
Bartz: Then it's settled. From now on, when you've got something to protect, we've got your back.
Ace: Thanks. I appreciate it.
Ace's Struggle*:
Ace: I've been wondering. Who's your commander?
Vanille: Commander? No one in particular.
Ace: I thought so... A unit without a commander is pretty unusual.
Vivi: Why?
Ace: Each class in Akademeia has a commander under whose orders we operate, just like the main army.
Ace: The same for Class Zero. We were taught, even if we're strong individually, we can't act as a force without someone to unify us.
Edge: Oh-ho! I get it! In that case, let ol' Edge here take command!
Vanille: I can fight without your help. How's that sound?
Shantotto: No one orders me around.
Shadow: ...I'll pass.
Edge: Ha! I knew you'd say that! You guys aren't the type to take orders.
Ace: Everyone here is more autonomous collective than troops.
Vanille: Although, hey, Shadow, don't you have a leader?
Shadow: A "client."
Shadow: He leaves it up to us how to carry out our operations.
Ace: You don't take orders, but act on your own judgment...
Ace: I wonder if I'm capable of that...
Shantotto: You know what I think of doing someone else's work? I could count on one hand how many stink bats I give.
Shantotto: You're in an entirely different world from that army now. You can at least decide on your own how to live.
Ace: I've never thought about it. I've always spent everything looking out for those around me...
Vanille: Looking out for others sounds fine to me.
Edge: Ain't that enough? Just keep living that way.
Ace: Do you really think so...?
Vivi: Yeah! It sounds just like you, too!
Ace: ...Thank you. I wouldn't have expected to find an answer so close at hand.
Ace: I'll fight to protect my friends. That's how I'll live.
Somber Ace*:

(Mog follows a pair of Chocobos)

Chocobo: Kweh kweeh! Kweeh!
Mog: Kupo, kupo... Okay, got it, kupo!
Ace: Mog, what are you discussing?

(The party arrives)

Mog: Kupo! We just got some good intel, kupo!
Mog: They said, "There are really strong monsters pas here, so be careful," kupo!
Tidus: Really? Glad we found out sooner than later.
Bartz: Thanks! You two make for fine chocobo!
Chocobo: Kweh! Kweeeh!
Ace: Wh-what's this all of a sudden?
Mog: Kupo! They've sure taken a liking to you, kupo.
Ace: I can see that... But I didn't do anything.
Bartz: Maybe they can smell that other chocobo on you.
Ace: Smell?
Tidus: They think you're one of them!
Ace: ...I wonder about that.
Ace: I'm sorry I couldn't save your friend... Watch out for monsters, okay?
Chocobo: Kweh kweeh!
Ace: Come on, time to get going.

(The Chocobos leave)

Mog: Let's get going ourselves! There's a Torsion nearby, kupo!
Bartz: Here we go!

(Bartz and Mog leave)

Bartz: By the way, did they say anything about Boko?
Mog: I-I didn't ask, kupo...
Tidus: Hm? What's the matter? Did they peck you?
Ace: No, it's nothing...
Tidus: It doesn't look like nothing.
Ace: ...Really, please don't worry about it. Let's get going.

(Ace leaves)

Tidus: ...He still feels bad about it. I guess I can't blame him...
The Void:
Ace: ...It feels so weird.
Rem: What do you mean?
Ace: Everyone was right. This world isn't Orience.
Ace: I can still remember that chocobo who died.
Wakka: Course you do. Why wouldn't you?
King: In our world, we forget those who die.
Rem: It's the Crystal's way of protecting us from dwelling on the past so we can move forward.
Wakka: Gimme a break! That's insane!
Ace: It's normal for us though. All we can do is forget the past and move on.
Vivi: Hmm...
Vivi: I know how much it hurts when you lose someone close to you.
Vivi: But forgetting them sounds even worse. That's not weird, is it?
Wakka: No way I'd ever want to forget my little brother. I mean, course it still hurts, ya know? But...
Ace: I haven't been able to stop thinking about that chocobo. ...It's like there's a lump in my throat.
Vivi: But...I bet it's really happy to know that.
Ace: Happy?
Vivi: The chocobo. It can tell how much you cared.
King: The happiness of the deceased... Never thought about it that way.
Wakka: This is the first time you guys remember someone who died, ya?
Wakka: You rather you didn't remember? Is it better how things were in your world?
Ace: I don't know. It's something we'd take for granted, so I can't even compare.
Vivi: You never knew what it felt like to be left behind...
Ace: No, but as long as we're here, I'm sure we'll come to understand the feeling.
Wakka: Whoa, don't talk like that! We're not letting anyone die, hear?
Ace: Sorry. Of course I didn't mean it like that. I'm not going to let anyone get hurt.
Ace: It's just...if we can feel it, I think we can understand it.
Ace: If I ever feel this pain again...I'll be ready to accept it.

The Spirit of Salvation[]

Student and Teacher Meet Again:
Mog: Spiritus said he still has use for Seymour.
Mog: We could really use his help too, kupo. If only I had the dimensional coordinates...
Shantotto: What a big mouth you have, my dear—as if you wanted us to hear.

(The party arrives)

Penelo: Hey, Mog? It kind of sounds like you want to be friends with Seymour.
Warrior of Light: But why, when that man would make enemies of us?
Mog: P-please don't look at me like that, kupo.
Mog: Our goal is to stop the Torsions from destroying the world, kupo.
King: And by any means, is it?
Shantotto: The hairball makes a fine point to discuss—that man possesses the same light as us.
Warrior of Light: Those who can seal the Torsions can open them as well. But even then...
Penelo: That man frightens me though. How can someone believe that death is a good thing?
Penelo: Besides, do you really think Yuna would be okay with that?
King: I'm with Penelo on this one. We don't even know what happened between them back in their world.
Shantotto: All our thoughts are mere idle chatter. What has the fellow in question to say on the matter?
Mog: Seymour was summoned to this world by a different god.
Mog: So he wouldn't necessarily join us. He'd just lend us a hand when we needed him, kupo.
Mog: That's why we can't force him to help.
King: Well we're not gonna get anywhere arguing about it here. I mean, we don't even know when we'll see him again, you know?
Penelo: Wait, Mog... Do you know something that we don't? Like—

(A Torsion appears)

Warrior of Light: Behind you!

(Seymour comes out from the Torsion)

Seymour: ...!
King: What a coincidence. ...Or is this actually what you were hoping for?
Mog: Th-this isn't exactly what I was expecting, kupo!
Penelo: Not "exactly," huh? Which means you were kind of expecting for this to happen?
Mog: N-no, that's not what I meant. Come on, you can trust me, kupo.
Seymour: Look who we have here. ...Hmph. It appears their trust in the moogle is wavering.
Seymour: Perhaps this is a blessing in disguise.

(Yuna arrives)

Yuna: Maester Seymour!? Is everyone okay!?
Seymour: Lady Yuna—always trying to protect others, even at the cost of your own life. Very well. I shall give you the death you so desire.
Warrior of Light: Everyone, on your guard!
Of Light and Darkness:
Seymour: Do not tell me that's all you have got.
Seymour: Especially you—it is as though you have some doubt in what you call the "light."
Warrior of Light: Doubt? I...
Yuna: What's wrong? Everybody's acting funny.
Steiner: To tell the truth, Lady Yuna, Mog was talking about Seymour while you weren't here.
Steiner: He proposed that we get this scoundrel to help us.
Seymour: What?
Yuna: What!?
Mog: Everyone here was summoned to this world by a god—meaning everyone wields the power to seal the Torsions.
Seymour: Do not be absurd. What reason would I have to help you?
Seymour: Our visions are incompatible.
Onion Knight: Hey, it's not like I wanna be around you, either.
Onion Knight: But do you really think you can get anywhere by yourself?
Warrior of Light: You would be naive to trust this man.
Onion Knight: I just want to hear what he has to say. I don't plan on being friends with him.
Onion Knight: Mog said he doesn't have to come with us on our journey, but we could really use him in battle if he's willing.
Yuna: But why!? This isn't right!
Seymour: What's right in our eyes is none of his concern.
Onion Knight: With light, you have darkness. Harmony is only truly found in the balance of opposites.
Steiner: Maybe that's the case where you're from, but do you really believe that applies to this world as well?
Seymour: Hmph... Very well. The dimensional coordinates are yours.
Mog: Does that mean you'll help us, kupo!?
Yuna: This can't be! You can't trust that man!
Onion Knight: We won't let anything happen. We'll only summon him when we need him, right?
Mog: Exactly, kupo. It's only for when we need his help in battle.
Warrior of Light: But why would he agree to assist us so easily? Could it be to uncover Mog's motives?
Onion Knight: Probably something like that. ...And he probably wants to figure out what these gods are up to, as well.
Steiner: I understand this must be hard for you.
Yuna: For now, I just need some time to myself.
Warrior of Light: It troubles us as well. We mustn't let our guards down.
Mog and Seymour:
Wakka: Hey, Yuna. About Seymour... He hasn't tried anything funny yet, ya know?
Yuna: But who knows when he'll betray us. It's hard to fight when you always have to watch your back.

(The rest of the party arrives)

Cecil: Yes, it bothers me, too. His beliefs are far beyond odious.
Cecil: What was Mog thinking? Just what could he be preparing us to fight?
Firion: Our organization also had doubts about Mog's motives.
Wakka: The Returners, ya?
Firion: Shadow's already informed them about Seymour.
Shadow: Our client's a cautious man. I'm sure he'll be able to uncover the truth.
Yuna: We really don't know anything yet, do we?
Cecil: Right now, we basically share the same goal as Mog, so we're working together.
Cecil: But what happens if there's a conflict of interest?
Wakka: Yeah, what would we do in this deranged world without a guide? We'd be helpless.
Firion: If that ever happened, you could come join us. Right, Shadow?
Shadow: Not a bad idea.
Yuna: What we believe and who we protect is something we have to decide for ourselves.
Mog: Ready to go, kupo?
Cecil: Yes, let's go, everyone.

(Everyone leaves, except Firion and Shadow)

Firion: I want to believe that Mog's a good guy who's simply trying to protect the world, but...
Shadow: Let him continue thinking he has us right where he wants us. We'll find out soon enough.
Firion: You're right. He can't force us to do anything against our will.
Firion: We just need to keep an eye on Seymour...and Mog as well.
Shadow: That's what I plan to do.
Unfeeling Benefactor*:
Eiko: ...What should I do? I'm lost.
Eiko: Oooh! The nerve! How could they leave me behind like this!
Eiko: ...What...was that noise?

(Eiko turns around to find a Blue Dragon)

Eiko: Aiee! A giant monster! S-somebody help meee!

(The Blue Dragon attacks)

???: Get down.
Eiko: Huh!?

(Seymour appears in front of Eiko)

Eiko: Y-you're...
Seymour: All alone in a place like this... What happened to your friends?
Zidane: Eiko!!

(The rest of the party arrives)

Raijin: There she is! Missing child found, ya know!
Fujin: BESET?
Zidane: Seymour! What do you think you're doing!
Zidane: You won't be walking away from here if I don't like your answer!
Eiko: Zidane! You've got it all wrong!
Eiko: A monster was after me, and he saved me!
Zidane: What? This guy!?
Raijin: I get it! He had a change of heart, ya know?
Seymour: A change of heart? Hah. ...You are grossly mistaken.
Seymour: Were the girl to die, I do believe your morale would be shaken. That would be problematic.
Zidane: ...Exploitative as ever.
Seymour: ...Now, if you'll excuse me...
Eiko: W-wait!
Eiko: Um... Th-thanks for saving me...
Seymour: ...Keep your thanks. You shall meet your end by my hand in time...

(Seymour leaves)

Zidane: I can never tell what that snake is thinking...
Raijin: I know how ya feel, but all's well that ends well, ya know?
Zidane: Yeah...but still...
Drawn to Death*:
Tidus: Hrmmm... I still don't like it.
Yuna: You mean about Maester Seymour?
Tidus: I can't trust him. I get chills fighting alongside him.
Wakka: Mog made it clear he's only around to help in battle, but...
Wakka: It's a hard pill to swallow.
Edgar: Frankly, it surprised me, too, to hear Seymour would join this side.
Edgar: His ideology is madness itself.
Shantotto: In death, relief... Why does he so adhere to that belief?
Irvine: A duck as odd as that isn't so common. Did something happen back in your world?
Yuna: ...Maester Seymour has a mixed heritage, born of a human and another race known as the Guado.
Wakka: It was hoped he might be a bridge between the races.
Edgar: A bridge... I can appreciate that hope. ...I expect there were those prejudiced against it, too.
Yuna: Yes. In his youth, he was persecuted by the Guado for his impure ancestry.
Edgar: And from that trauma, he lost hope in life itself...?
Wakka: It almost sounds reasonable, talking to you like this. But to heck if we can understand it.
Shantotto: Ruin's aesthetic? How pathetic.
Irvine: Do you need to understand it?
Irvine: I mean, everybody has it rough at some time or another.
Irvine: The way I see it, life is about somehow getting over it and moving on.
Edgar: Agreed. Death accomplishes nothing, least of all relief...
Edgar: He's simply looking for a way to escape the realities before him.
Shantotto: And at others' expense. What utter nonsense.
Irvine: Though I doubt he'd accept our point of view all that easily.
Tidus: I just can't relax, waiting for him to stab us in the back in the middle of a fight...
Edgar: I wouldn't worry about that as long as Mog's intentions remain unclear.
Edgar: He wants to know of what use Mog and we can be to him.
Tidus: And what about when Mog's intentions do become clear? What then?
Shantotto: That ball's on Mog's ground.
Shantotto: And how long he plans to jerk us around.
Yuna: Anyway, for now, all we can do is wait and watch...

The Runaway Prince[]

A Scuffle with Bears:
Steiner: Hrm, a decidedly spooky forest. It feels some ghoul could pop out at any moment.
Mog: They say that a mischievous ghost haunts these woods, kupo.
Steiner: What!? A gh-ghost, you say?
Steiner: Bah! Ridiculous! Ghosts aren't real. B-besides, even if they were, they'd b-be no match for me!

(Steiner draws out his weapon)

Mog: Er, right, kupo.
Mog: Now, come on! We'll never make it to the next Torsion if we're scared of a little ghost, kupo!

(Mog leaves)

Steiner: Such a courageous moogle. I would do well to follow his example.
Steiner: Hm? Is something the matter?
Shadow: An unsettling presence approaches.
Steiner: What!? D-do you think it's the...!?

(Mog returns)

Mog: Help, kupo! A bear!
Shadow: A bear?
???: Stop right there! I'm not gonna let you get away!

(Sabin runs in)

Shadow: Sabin?
Mog: You know this bear, kupo?
Shadow: He's an ally from back home.
Steiner: Is that so? Thank goodness!
Sabin: Your "ally"? Don't make me laugh! Put your fists up!
Steiner: He's quite the aggressive one. Is he always like this?
Shadow: No, something's wrong.
Sabin: If it's three-on-three you want, you've got it!

(Two Manikins appear next to Sabin)

Steiner: Are those manikins!? And that one looks just like him!
Shadow: What is Sabin doing with them?
Sabin: Hope you're ready to get suplexed!
Sabin: Ow, my head... Wh-where am I?
Terra: Sabin, are you okay?
Sabin: Hm? Terra?
Sabin: Whoa, it really is you! How long have you been here?
Terra: I've been here the entire time. You don't remember anything?
Sabin: Uh...

(The rest of the party arrives)

Firion: What's the last thing you remember?
Sabin: I remember coming to this forest to train.
Sabin: Then, some weird creature attacked me...and that's where everything starts to get a little fuzzy.
Wakka: Think it was that fabled ghost?
Mog: That must have been what it was, kupo! He was possessed!
Edge: Possessed!? That ghost sounds like a real jerk.
Sabin: Looks like you've got yourself a lot of new friends. Introduce me!

Firion: ...And that's why we have to seal the Torsions.
Sabin: Huh... Not entirely sure I get it, but count me in.
Wakka: Whoa, man! You sure you know what you're getting yourself into?
Terra: Sabin's not much of a thinker.
Edge: A real meathead, huh?
Mog: But it looks like even bears can bear the light, kupo!
Sabin: You're asking for it.
Mog: S-sorry, kupo.
Firion: There's a Torsion deep within the forest. Do you want to come with us?
Sabin: Yeah, of course. I'm never one to turn down a good ol' ghost hunt!
Wakka: Yeah, and look where that got you.
Sabin: Yahoo! Let's do this!
For My Beloved Brother:
Terra: ...And that's how we close the Torsions.
Sabin: Great! So? How'd I do?
Yang: You're a seasoned warrior. It is an honor to fight by your side.
Sabin: Right!? Hard training doesn't lie. Let's show these guys what monks are made of!
Yda: Your appearance sure doesn't betray your passionate nature.
Yda: Slightly careless, but passionate nevertheless.
Sabin: Eh, I got a little possessed—big deal! Hahaha!
Penelo: He startled me when he attacked us, but he seems to be a good person.
Sabin: Hey, Shadow. My brother's somewhere in this world too, right?
Shadow: Correct. Firion and I are in his employ.
Sabin: And we're helping him by closing these portals, yeah?
Shadow: Yes.
Sabin: Looks like Edgar needs my help again! Things haven't changed a bit.
Sabin: My brother comes up with the plan, and I make it happen.
Yang: That's very admirable. Let's put our muscles to good use and help those in need!
Sabin: Yeah! That's what I'm talkin' about!
Terra: It looks like these monks have a lot in common.
Penelo: Hey, now that I think about it...wasn't Yang also brainwashed when we first met him?
Terra: Do you think that means that martial artists are easy to manipulate?
Penelo: Then that would make their next target...

(Terra and Penelo notice Yda)

Yda: ...Why are you looking at me!?
Yda: No! No way! That would never happen to me!
Shadow: ...Let us move on.
The Returners*:
Edgar: Well, I've succeeded in connecting with the moogle's party. What's next...?
Sabin: Edgar? What are you up to?
Edgar: Ah, Sabin. You look as good as ever.
Sabin: You, too! It's a different world, but I'm glad we're adventuring together again!
Edgar: Hearing you were here is one of the reasons I decided to join this party.
Edgar: I was worried they might confuse you for a bear.
Sabin: Aw, c'mon! I don't need that from you!
Edgar: ...Sabin, what's your take on this.
Sabin: Huh? Take on what?
Edgar: Why these gods made this world and summoned us here.
Edgar: And what that moogle's motives are... I've had a number of allies look into it, but the mystery only deepens.
Edgar: Have I been going about this the right way?
Sabin: ...It isn't like you to start whining like this.
Edgar: Haha, I suppose not.
Sabin: I can't say I get the complicated stuff, but you've never steered me wrong before.
Sabin: Everything'll be fine! I believe in you! Whichever way you're heading, I'll make sure the path is clear for you!
Edgar: ...Of course. I know I can count on you.
Setzer: And we're a bunch of old maids?

(The rest of the party arrives)

Sabin: Setzer!
Cyan: I, too, as a Returner—nay, as a samurai—shall do my utmost!
Terra: We're all in this together again.
Edgar: Cyan, Terra...
Sabin: Right! We've got friends coming out our ears! Quit your moping!
Sabin: Alright! Let's go shake things up in this world, too!

(Shadow watches the party from afar)

Shadow: ...Heh. Never a boring bunch...
Brothers of Figaro*:
Y'shtola: Our band has become rather merry, wouldn't you say?
Papalymo: Indubitably. Why, you could—
Prishe: Raaargh!
Yda: Hnh! Hya! Take this!

(Y'shtola and Papalymo watch Yang, Prishe, and Yda train with Sabin)

Yang: And one! And two!
Sabin: You're not there yet! I can't see your aura! Keep it up!
Papalymo: ...Say it's almost too merry.
Y'shtola: Haha. They're all so fired up since he joined us.
Edgar: In truth. Even I'm surprised to see how burly he's turned out.

(Edgar arrives)

Papalymo: Is that so?
Edgar: Sabin was sickly and rather meek as a child.
Edgar: Far scrawnier than me. ...Goes to show what training can do for you, I suppose.
Y'shtola: A sickly and meek Sabin...
Papalymo: It taxes the imagination.

(The rest of the party joins up)

Sabin: Edgar! What're you chatting about?
Yda: Y'shtola and Papalymo will train with us, too!?
Papalymo: Who ever said that?
Yang: Hm? Now that I think about it...
Yang: Seeing the two of you standing together, the resemblance is striking.
Edgar: We are twins, so I would hope so.
Yda: What!? You're twins!?
Prishe: I figured you were further apart in age since Edgar's king!
Papalymo: Ran you into no difficulties regarding succession?
Edgar: Nothing this little fellow couldn't settle.
Sabin: Edgar, that coin!
Yang: Settling who would take the throne with a coin toss...? Extraordinary.
Papalymo: I see... So things were complicated.
Edgar: A trifling affair. ...Let's be on our way.

(Edgar leaves)

Y'shtola: A remarkable brother you have, Sabin.
Sabin: You know it! I couldn't be prouder! Gah-

Will of the Dawn[]

For the Future:
Mog: Hey, look! I found a Torsion, kupo!
King: So if we close that, the monsters will stop coming, huh?
Penelo: G-guys, we're not alone!

(The party spots a Krile Manikin)

Laguna: Whoa, is that a manikin?
Galuf: Hold on! Is that...?
Galuf: It is! That's Krile! That's my granddaughter Krile!
Penelo: That's a manikin of your granddaughter!? Then that means—
Mog: His granddaughter is probably somewhere in this world, too, kupo.
Manikin: ...

(The Krile Manikin appears near the Torsion then runs in)

Laguna: You see that? It ran headfirst right into the Torsion!
Galuf: Stop right there! I'm not letting you get away!

(Galuf goes into the Torsion)

Penelo: Galuf!
King: So much for caution. What's our next move?
Penelo: Wh-what do you mean, "What's our next move"? We can't just leave him.
Laguna: Dunno about you guys, but I'm goin' in! Always wanted to see what the inside of a Torsion looks like, anyway.
Laguna: All right, gramps! Ready or not, here I come!

(Laguna goes into the Torsion)

King: I suppose you got to have guts to be a journalist.
Mog: Come on, we're going after them, kupo! Ready?
Penelo: R-ready when you are.
Mog: Then away we go!

(Mog, King, and Penelo go into the Torsion)

Like an Open Book:

(The Krile Manikin disappears)

Steiner: Rejoice! Victory is ours. Sir Galuf, are you feeling okay?
Galuf: I know it wasn't really her...but this isn't something a grandparent should ever have to go through.
???: Grandpa!
Galuf: Th-this voice! Is that...!?

(Krile arrives)

???: I knew it was you! I've been looking all over for you!
Galuf: Oh, Krile! My dear Krile, I'm so glad to see the real you!
Galuf: Are you okay? You're not hurt at all? What are you doing here, anyway?
Krile: I'm here because I—I felt you were in trouble.
Krile: I thought I heard your voice coming from this whirlpool-like tunnel, so I jumped inside!
Cecil: She must have found a Torsion.
Yuna: And you leapt inside to save Galuf without even giving it a second thought.
Steiner: Such a devoted granddaughter.
Krile: Grandpa, who are they?
Galuf: They're new friends I met in this world. Where are your manners? Go on, say hello.
Krile: Hi, everybody! I'm Krile. Nice to meet you.
Yuna: I can't believe you came here all by yourself. You must have gotten that heroism from your grandfather.
Cecil: You don't seem to be taken aback by the fact that you're in a different world.
Krile: Why would I be? This isn't my first time in a new world.
Steiner: Wh-what!?
Galuf: I told you before, didn't I? We're used to things like this.
Cecil: Our worlds must be even more different than I thought.
Mog: She has the light as well, kupo!
Krile: Wow! You can talk?
Krile: I can tell what moogles want to say, but you can talk just like us!
Mog: Wait, you know what I'm thinking, kupo?
Krile: Huh? Well, probably...?
Mog: Kupo! No time to dawdle! Come on, everybody, we have to find the exit, kupo!

(Mog leaves)

Krile: Hey, wait! I thought we were still talking!
Yuna: He seemed to be in a rush.
Cecil: It's almost as if there's something he doesn't want us to know.
The Old Man and Krile:
Bartz: Krile, you seriously just jumped into a random Torsion you found? You never change.
Krile: I'd do anything to save Grandpa!
Galuf: That's my granddaughter for ya!
Vincent: Love transcends time and space, huh?
Firion: I don't like it here one bit. It feels like it's draining the strength out of me.
Firion: Weren't you scared?
Krile: When things look scary, the trick is to not let yourself get caught up with it.
Krile: Just close your eyes and think of your favorite animal, and that way, you won't be scared anymore.
Firion: D-does that really work?
Galuf: Oh, don't be so wimpy. Learn a thing or two from Krile—she's far your junior, but has twice your pluck!
Vincent: Pluck alone won't see us through this... Not without the strength of will to go with it.

(Mog arrives)

Mog: Sorry to keep you waiting, kupo! I found the exit!
Firion: Thank goodness. We can finally get out of here.
Mog: Follow me, kupo!

(Mog leaves)

Yuffie: Finally! I was getting sick of this place!

(Yuffie leaves)

Bartz: Let's go and get some fresh air!

(The rest of the party leaves, except Galuf and Krile)

Galuf: Come on, Krile, let's get moving.
Galuf: Hm? Is something the matter?
Krile: Grandpa...!
Krile: I missed you so much.
Krile: Don't leave me behind anymore, okay? I don't know what I'd do without you.
Galuf: Hoho, what's gotten into you?
Krile: It's just... I just...!
Galuf:' Krile, I'll always be there for you. We're family.
Krile: Grandpa... Thank you.
Bartz: Hold up, Gramps.
Bartz:' Don't forget about the rest of us.
Galuf: I'll be there for all of you until the very end.
Galuf: Now, come, everyone's waiting.
Krile: Okay!
Leave it to Krile*:

(Two chocobos are together when one leaves; enter the party)

Krile: Ahh, feel that wind! It's good to know it blows here, too.
Penelo: Oh? Look over there.
Krile: A chocobo! They're here, too!
Ace: ...Something seems wrong, though.
Chocobo: Kweh... Kwehhh...
Bartz: What's that? You've got something on your mind? Are you thinking about lunch?
Krile: I don't think that's it. He's thinking!
Ace: Is that something a chocobo would worry about?
Krile: There's another chocobo he likes, and he can't decide to profess his love or not.
Bartz: Would ya look at this smooth operator?
Penelo: I think you should admit your feelings. You never know what the world has in store for you.
Ace: Right. Being proactive is more constructive than doing nothing.
Krile: You're worried about doing it alone? You can be braver than that!
Chocobo: Kweh... Kwehhh!
Bartz: That settles it. Don't worry, we'll be right behind you.
Penelo: We'll be watching to see how it goes!

(The two chocobos are together again)

Chocobo: Kweh? Kweh?
Chocobo: Kweeeh...k-kweh...
Ace: Is he...nervous? It doesn't look like the conversation is getting very far.
Bartz: C'mon, what happened to those guts from a minute ago?

(One chocobo goes to the party)

Penelo: Ah, he's coming this way!
Chocobo: Kwehhh... Kweh-kweh...
Bartz: What? You need advice?
Krile: Boy, you're high maintenance! Okay, in this kind of situation, you should...
Chocobo: Kweh!? Kweh kweh!?
Krile: Right! So go for it!

(The chocobo returns to its partner)

Chocobo: Kweh-kweh! Kwehhh!
Chocobo: ...Kweh, kweeeh...

(The chocobos leave together)

Penelo: Is it safe to say it went well? All thanks to Krile, huh?
Ace: What advice did you give him?
Krile: "Don't keep a lady waiting! She wants to hear what you have to say!"
Krile: ...I could tell what she was thinking, too.
Ace: Can't hide anything from you.
Penelo: I hope they live happily ever after.
Bartz: This reminds me of Boko... I hope he's getting along well with his missus.
Krile: I'm sure they're doing fine. Let's go see them when we get back home.
For Grandpa!*:
Krile: Well, Grandpa? Am I doing it right?
Galuf: Marvelously, my girl.
Krile: Because you taught me how, you know.
Setzer: Good grief... Galuf makes a picture perfect doting grandparent.
Firion: How can he help it with a cute grandchild like Krile? It's good to cherish your family.
Krile: Alright, let's head to our next destination.
Terra: Krile, didn't you say this isn't your first time in another world?
Terra: Did you travel through Torsions back in your homeworld, too?
Krile: No, I rode a meteorite.
Firion: A m-meteorite!? That's something you can ride?
Terra: Not like the magic ones, I guess. ...What's it like?
Krile: Where we're from, you can use them to travel to another world.
Setzer: Sightseeing from a rock hurtling through the sky doesn't sound so bad.
Cloud: ...I'll pass. You won't see me on a meteor anytime soon...
Galuf: From the beginning, our world is divided into two separate worlds.
Krile: Bartz and the others live in a different world from me and Grandpa.
Cloud: That means you and Bartz are aliens from each other's perspective?
Galuf: In the strictest sense of the word, yes.
Krile: One day, Grandpa took a meteorite to the other world...
Krile: So I took another one to go help him! That's where I met Bartz and Faris.
Terra: Wow... You're so brave.
Firion: Isn't that a little reckless? Riding on meteorites and jumping into Torsions...
Krile: It's the least I can do for Grandpa!
Setzer: ...Courage is one thing, but what about worrying Galuf?
Galuf: I'd be lying if I said she doesn't worry me...
Galuf: But I couldn't be happier to have raised a child who acts on her own for the sake of her family.
Krile: Thanks for the encouragement, Grandpa!
Setzer: I see... I guess they are a perfect match...
Cloud: Like grandfather, like granddaughter.

He Who Sings of Love[]

Soul of the Bard:
Edge: We're being followed. I don't sense any hostility though.
Mog: Kupo?
Zidane: Yeah, you can come out now.

(Thancred arrives)

???: Wait. I confess I was watching you, but I mean no harm.
???: Besides, it would be foolish of me to pick a fight with a band of skilled warriors such as yourselves. Surely, you wouldn't hurt a man of peace, either?
Warrior of Light: You seem lightly equipped for someone traveling these lands alone.
???: A wandering minstrel such as myself has no need for any more than what's necessary to survive.
Onion Knight: Right... And do bards usually spy on people, too?
???: I had to make sure you weren't a bevy of ladies after my heart.
???: Besides, I am unfamiliar with these lands, so I'd prefer to remain careful.
Onion Knight: Yeah...I guess I'd do the same thing if I were in your shoes.
Onion Knight: Our journey has just made us a little distrusting of others. That's all.
Onion Knight: Anyway, you're a bard, right? Sing us something.
Mog: Good idea, kupo! I wanna hear a song!
Thancred: They call me Thancred.
Thancred: And while I wish I could humbly honor your request, I only sing sweet whispers of love to the ladies. I fear I haven't a song in my repertoire for your lot.
Thancred: Well, I apologize for bothering you. Now if you would be so kind as to excuse me.

(Thancred leaves)

Zidane: Can you believe that guy?
Edge: Yeah, what a disgrace to the profession.
Mog: But I sensed the light in him, kupo.
Warrior of Light: Then I suppose we will cross paths again one day.
The Coming of the Dawn:
Thancred: Oh, if it isn't that moogle and his friends.

(Thancred approaches the party)

Thancred: So we meet again. Glad to see you are doing well.
Mog: Kupo!? It's the bard from earlier!
Thancred: Excellent, you remember me.
Rem: Who's that?
Terra: I have no idea.
Thancred: Ah, it seems there are a few new faces. Why didn't you tell me you were traveling with such beautiful ladies?
Thancred: I would have prepared a song.
Y'shtola: Go on. We do not mind waiting. Besides, it would make a good story for when we return home.

(Y'shtola and Yda arrive)

Yda: Yeah, if everyone isn't already fed up with Thancred, that is!
Thancred: Y'shtola!? Yda!?
Thancred: I searched all over for you two.
Y'shtola: Oh, really? It certainly didn't sound like it.
Thancred: I wandered the continent as a bard in search of someone I recognized. I sought information on this world.
Thancred: And I am of the mind that music is merely a tool to get people to open up.
Thancred: After all, love makes us closer. Wouldn't you agree, milady? How about I play a song to show you what I mean?
Terra: I'm sorry. I, uh... I don't really know what to say.
Thancred: Well, even a good marksman may miss sometimes.
Terra: ...?
Yda: Thancred, stop. You're making Terra uncomfortable.
Thancred: My apologies. That wasn't my intention, love.
Y'shtola: What will you do now?
Thancred: Well... It is a relief to see you two. Would you mind if I accompanied you?
Warrior of Light: But you are a bard, are you not? I would assume combat to be outside your realm of expertise.
Thancred: Not exactly.

(Thancred quickly defeats a Desert Sahagin)

Thancred: The world has become a dangerous place. Even a traveling minstrel needs to be able to take care of himself.
Warrior of Light: Impressive. You are evidently no stranger to the battlefield.
Thancred: What can I say? I am a man with many skills.
Yda: Thancred's a fellow member of our group, the Scions of the Seventh Dawn. I can vouch for him.
Mog: I'm all for having another, friend, kupo! Especially one that's been blessed by the light!
Thancred: Blessed by the light?
Rem: You could say it means you're one of us.
Thancred: I see. There is unquestionably much more I need to learn about this world. Anyway, it is an honor to make your acquaintance.
Intelligence Operations*:
Thancred: Hells, finally I catch up.
Vaan: Where'd you run off to? I thought someone was missing.
Thancred: Just a mite about.
Hope: Don't wander too far or you'll get lost.
Thancred: My bad. I'll take more care.
Vaan: We were about to get going, but you wanna catch your breath first?
Thancred: Don't mind me. I mayn't look much, but my endurance has never failed me yet.
Tifa: Huh? Thancred, are you hurt?
Penelo: Oh, no! Quick, let's tend—
Thancred: My, wherever did I pick this up?
Thancred: I wouldn't even notice a scrape like this.
Vaan: If you're fine, that's fine, but speak up if it starts to get to you, hear?
Vaan: Alright, let's get a move on!
Thancred: Not quite yet. I suggest you give up on that path.
Penelo: Why?
Thancred: It's thick with fiends. Far too many to avoid.
Thancred: We'd be better off taking the long way. The battles avoided will be a shortcut in the end.
Hope: ...How do you know that?
Hope: Don't tell me that's how you...?
Thancred: I had hoped to pull things off more gracefully, but I suppose it goes to show where I need to grow.
Hope: You're sure a capable hand.
Thancred: ...Gathering information is a specialty of mine, is all.
Thancred: As embarrassing as it might be to be injured while carrying out my so-called specialty, haha.
Penelo: That's nothing to laugh about! It's dangerous to work alone!
Tifa: Yeah, quit trying to act cool while you're making us worry about you.
Thancred: S-sorry, it won't happen again.
Thancred: But you can't argue that it's best we know the safest way ahead. ...Am I right?
Penelo: We can agree on it's best being safe.
Penelo: But that includes your safety, too.
Thancred: ...You are a gentle soul. I appreciate your kindness, and will not betray it.
Thancred: Henceforth, I will do my best to carry out my investigations with a minimum of enemy engagement.
Tifa: That'd be a load off our shoulders. Shall we leave it to the expert?
Penelo: That...seems fair.
Thancred: If a fight is inevitable, I will seek your help. You have my word.
A Bard's Range*:
Cecil: Halt!
Thancred: Ahh, you got me!
Thancred: I thought I stood a chance, not so much.
Bartz: I wasn't sure if you were holding back.
Thancred: Same to you. You tailored your style for me, did you not?
Thancred: The advantage was mine at the start, but from some point, you had made all my moves your own.
Thancred: An aptitude worth envying, you have there.
Bartz: I didn't want to lose, and got to learn a thing or two.
Onion Knight: Guess it's my turn.
Thancred: Spare me a moment to regain myself. Bartz here just about drained me.
Cecil: In that case, perhaps you might spar with me instead.
Onion Knight: Gladly!

(Thancred joins Yang)

Thancred: ...An unforgiving lot.
Yang: Would you blame them?
Yang: They all wish to know how much they can rely on one calling himself a bard.
Thancred: I wonder about that... But the spark in their eyes was at least apparent.
Thancred: ...Aw, come on. Are they making fun of me?
Thancred: Onion Knight is fighting like he's dual wielding.
Thancred: And Cecil's going along with it.
Yang: I doubt it is by accident.
Yang: It shows how you hold their interest.
Thancred: Each and every one of them is trying to drain the confidence from me.
Yang: The more they learn of your abilities, the stronger grows their sense of camaraderie.
Thancred: I suppose it's easier than composing a ballad for a lot of lads.
Yang: Come now, are you rested enough? I have been waiting for my chance to spar as well.
Thancred: ...Oof. Would you consider accepting a ballad instead?
An Astounding Performance:
Thancred: Torsions...was it? There are quite a number of them, aren't there?
Rem: And this is only the beginning. They're appearing all over the world even as we speak.
Terra: You don't have to force yourself to help if you don't want to.
Thancred: I couldn't run away and leave you with all the work, my dear. Besides, it is not like I have anywhere else to be.
Edge: Thancred, be honest with me. Are you really just a bard?
Thancred: What, still don't trust me?
Edge: No, it's not that. I'm just amazed by how well you carry yourself in battle.
Thancred: Heh, I appreciate the flattery.
Edge: That's why it's hard to believe you're nothing more than a bard.
Edge: Or was that singing sweet whispers stuff all a lie?
Y'shtola: Oh, it is anything but falsehood. As I recall—
Thancred: Y-Y'shtola, I'm afraid to ask what you are about to say.
Y'shtola: You fear I will tell anecdotes of the array of women you've seduced? Or perhaps tales of a time before you took up the blade?
Edge: That many women, huh? Nice.
Thancred: Y-you jest, surely?
Thancred: I was not misleading you when I said I was a bard who sings of love.
Thancred: I daresay you still may not trust me, but I assure you I will not act to your detriment.
Edge: Come on, I never said I didn't trust you. Anyway, we're counting on you.
Thancred: And I, on you all. It is truly an honor to fight alongside such seasoned warriors.
Yda: Hey, Thancred, I don't mean to interrupt, but...
Thancred: What is it?

(The party notices Rem and Terra)

Rem: ...Seducing an array of women? Do you think Y'shtola was being serious?
Terra: I don't know, but...

(Rem and Terra notice Thancred and back away)

Thancred: Why are you backing away!?
Y'shtola: Oh dear. Instinct is a marvelous gift.
Thancred: Come on, you know I am no scoundrel. Tell them.
Edge: Heh, can't wait to hear about all these babes you got with! Fill me in on the details later, okay?
Thancred: Aye, very well...

A Burning Passion[]

Reckless Courage:
Mog: Kupo?
Mog: Someone's heading toward the Torsion up ahead.
Warrior of Light: A foe, perchance?
Mog: Quite the opposite, kupo! They're one of us!
Tifa: You think they're trying to close the Torsion then?
Rem: They probably have no idea what they're getting themselves into.
Vaan: Which is why we oughta save them. The monsters here are too tough to fight alone.
Mog: We have to hurry then, kupo!
Warrior of Light: Indeed.
Sazh: Seriously though, you gotta be pretty reckless to be out here wrestling monsters all alone.
Sazh: ...Especially while trudging through all this snow.
Warrior of Light: That is simply a testament to his courage. I am certain he shall prove to be a great help to our cause.
Mog: There's only one way to find out. Come on, kupo!
The Hero Among Us:
Warrior of Light: Well, we were able to close the Torsion.
Warrior of Light: But where is the lone warrior who came this way?
Hope: He's probably still around here somewhere.
Hope: There are still some monsters left—

(A Silver Lobo appears nearby)

Hope: Ah!

(The Silver Lobo lunges at Hope)

???: Take this!
Hope: Huh...?

(Hope finds Snow in front of him)

Hope: Snow!?
Snow: Hope!?
Snow: Is that really you!?
Zidane: You two know each other?
Sazh: He's a friend of ours from back home. Never expected to run into him here though.
Snow: Sazh, it's good to see you. By the way, who are your new friends?
Mog: They're warriors gathered here from different worlds, kupo!
Zidane: And any friend of Hope and Sazh is a friend of ours.
Zidane: I mean, you risked your life to save someone who you thought was a stranger.
Zidane: Now that's a real hero!
Snow: A talking moogle and a guy with a tail—and I thought I'd seen it all.
Snow: Consider my mind blown.
Hope: Doesn't take much to do that.
Zidane: Whoa, harsh. What's gotten into him?
Sazh: Let's just say things weren't always sunshine and rainbows between them.
Warrior of Light: For what purpose did you approach the Torsion?
Snow: You talking about that portal-thing? I don't know where it came from.
Snow: But I can't just ignore something that's spitting out monsters.
Snow: So I figured I should do something about it before anyone got hurt.
Mog: Then you should come with us to save the world, kupo!
Snow: Save the world, huh? I like the sound of that.
Snow: All right! You need a hero, you got one!
Mog: Great! We're counting on you, kupo!
Snow: I know how to take a hit, so if you need me to lure the enemies, just let me know.
Hope: You never change, do you?
The Shape of Trust Earned*:
Snow: But man am I glad to see you safe and sound, Serah.
Serah: Not just that—I can hold my own in a fight now, too! I might even be more useful than you.
Snow: That's great. Having you along for the ride's a real pick-me-up.
Vincent: ...Go figure.
Vincent: I would have expected him to want to keep Serah away from battle, like someone else here...
Lightning: Snow.
Lightning: Are you fine with putting Serah in danger? Aren't you worried about her?
Serah: Not this again...
Snow: Course I'm worried. But it's her choice to fight, and I'm gonna respect that.
Serah: Snow...
Snow: Plus, she's got us if anything ever happens.
Snow: If I can't save her, you will. Right, Sis?
Lightning: Of course! When did I ever say I wouldn't?
Snow: Right? She'll never have better backup than you.
Sabin: Hey, don't forget about us. We're watching out for all three of you, too...
Sabin: We're all in this together, so nobody needs to ask for help. It's a given.
Snow: Thanks, Sabin. I just want to make sure Serah's able to do what she wants.
Snow: So listen, Sis...
Shadow: Keeping a distance is also a method of defense...
Vincent: I can appreciate the dread of not recovering what you've let go, though...
Vincent: Regrets don't vanish so easily...
Lightning: I... I can't bear it...
Shadow: ...For as brave as you are as a warrior, you're just as cautious when it comes to Serah.
Lightning: Of course I am. She's my family.
Serah: I feel the same way, you know. I'm worried you don't look out for yourself.
Snow: Ditto. She's not the only one.
Lightning: two...
Lightning: Fine. Listen. Now that this bruiser's here, too...
Lightning: If we're fighting together, I expect you to drive us like dogs, got it?
Serah: Lightning...! Got it!
Snow: Alright! Just tell me what you need! I'll keep all y'all safe and sound!
What I Really Want to Protect*:
Firion: We need to stay on our toes here. No telling what enemies lie ahead.
Snow: If things start to get hot, just holler. I'll keep everyone out of harm's way!

(The rest of the party arrives)

Wakka: Not that I don't 'preciate it, but "everyone" is a bit much, ya?
Snow: "A bit much" is my middle name.
Snow: Back home, too, I fought like crazy so I wouldn't lose Serah or anyone else.
Ace: You derive your strength to protect from a desire not to lose anyone.
Snow: Everything that was my normal suddenly came crashing down one day.
Snow: Everything I thought was real, people I thought were my allies, it was all turned upside down.
Ramza: ...All I once surveyed was but a fraction of the real world, and the more I learned the truth, the less sure I became.
Steiner: You cannot see the whole picture unless it also extends beyond the frame...
Wakka: You didn't lose it when everything you believed in came tumbling down? I know I did...
Snow: I'm too dumb for that.
Snow: I could be cut off from the entire world, but as long as I stick to my principles, I figure it's all alright.
Ramza: You're also a man driven by faith.
Snow: Finding out what's true only brings what needs protecting into clearer focus.
Snow: I'll fight, survive, and make Serah my wife.
Wakka: Heh, she might whip you good, ya know?
Snow: I'm just happy to have her by my side.
Steiner: A joyous sentiment if there ever was one!
Firion: ...We're all warriors, but we're all fighting to bring an end to fighting.
Snow: You got that right. That's why I'm gonna make sure you all get home in one piece.
Firion: Okay, just don't overdo it.
Snow: Let's get a move on!
The Will to Protect All of Us:
Snow: So all of you are fighting for something, huh?
Zidane: You too, right? You must've got some sort of plan.
Zidane: I mean, you wouldn't be risking your life to protect others if you didn't.
Snow: I'll do anything to protect those I care about. Doesn't matter where I am.
Snow: Besides, if this world were destroyed, then Cocoon...
Hope: It's someplace back in our world. Snow, come on, nobody knows what you're talking about.
Snow: Yeah, my bad. Anyway, I can't allow my home to be destroyed.
Snow: I've got someone there I care about, you know? I'm not going to let anyone get hurt.
Cloud: Pretty sure of yourself, huh?
Cecil: Do you really think you can do it all on your own?
Snow: It's not gonna be easy, but I'm sure it'll all work out. It always does.
Snow: Besides, I'm not alone. I've got you guys, right?
Zidane: That's the spirit! I think we're gonna get along just fine.
Zidane: ...So is this someone you're trying to protect really that cute?
Snow: You bet she is. I could go on about her all day. ...So I better not see you try to make a move on her.
Hope: Don't worry. Her sister would kill you before Snow ever got to you.
Zidane: Y-you don't say. Sounds like Snow has it rough back home.
Warrior of Light: Someone to protect...
Snow: Come on, I know there's someone you're fighting for, too.
Warrior of Light: I have walked the path of light.
Warrior of Light: But I question if I have ever risked my life to protect someone as you do.
Mog: Don't beat yourself up over not being able to remember, kupo.
Cloud: I'm sure you'll find yourself if you just keep moving forward.
Cloud: Talking about it can only get you so far.
Warrior of Light: You're right.
Warrior of Light: Perhaps one day, I will become more like you, able to—
Snow: You're thinking too much again! Just go with the flow and it'll all work out. I promise.
Hope: *Sigh* While I'm glad he's okay, I'm starting to miss when things were a little...quieter.
Zidane: Come on, what's the fun in that? Besides, I kind of like the guy.

The Power of Valor[]

Reckless Behavior:
???: Take this you little...!
Mog: Kupo!? Did you hear that!?
Rem: Hey, doesn't that sound like...?
King: Yeah, let's go check it out.

???: Whew. That should do it. That was a close one though.
Rem: Cater! Is that you?
Cater: Rem!? And is that King!?
Steiner: Did you vanquish the monsters here all by yourself!?
Yang: Your courage is commendable.
Cater: Huh? Oh, thanks. ...So, uh, what's up with the get-up? You guys circus performers or something?
Steiner: ...! Hmph. Well, the others seem to know her, so I'll let it pass.
Steiner: I am Adelbert Steiner.
Yang: And I am Yang, monk and leader of Fabul.
Cater: Hold up. A man wearing armor and a warrior monk? What in the world is going on here?
King: We need to talk.
Rem: So, Cater, this world we're in...

Cater: Ohhh! No wonder they're dressed so funny.
Yang: Well, we are from different worlds, after all.
Steiner: Exactly. Our attire is simply a characteristic of our home.
Rem: She's just never seen anybody dressed like you two before. That's all.
Cater: But seriously, I have the worst luck. I was just taking a nap on the terrace, and the next thing you know, I'm in a different world.
Cater: Anyway, we need to close those Torsions or whatever if we ever wanna go home, right?
Mog: Right, kupo! So you should come—
Cater: All right, I'm gonna go see what's up ahead! You guys check that way! We'll meet up later!

(Cater runs off)

Mog: Waaait! I wasn't finished talking yet, kupo!
Yang: Are you sure she'll be okay?
King: No, this place is crawling with monsters.
Rem: Leave it to Cater to go running off without thinking first.
Steiner: Come, let us hurry after your comrade!
The Pure of Heart:
Mog: Finally! I didn't think we'd ever catch up, kupo!
Cater: Sorry about that. I still haven't found the Torsion yet.
Firion: No, I'm just glad we found you before anything happened. It's dangerous here.
Cater: Oh, you were worried about me? Rem sure is lucky to have nice friends like you.
Cater: But I'm fine. I know how to take care of myself.
Layle: Pretty confident, aren't we? But it's people like you who end up getting themselves into trouble.
Wakka: Yeah, and I believe it coming from you.
Penelo: The monsters up ahead are even stronger. You could get really hurt if you go alone.
Cater: Hm... You really think so? I mean, we could cover more ground if we split up.
Cater: Plus, the monsters here don't seem to like being shot in the face, so I think I can handle things myself.
Wakka: Man, I love this confidence of hers!
Firion: You possess abilities we are in need of. Would you consider fighting along our side?
Penelo: Please, come with us. Think of it as you're doing us a favor.
Cater: Come on, you're embarrassing me. I mean, it's tough being popular sometimes.
Cater: But sure, you've got it! I'll come with you.
Mog: Yay! Welcome to the family, kupo! Now we'll be able to seal the Torsion here in no time.
Mog: Speaking of which, my senses tell me it's this way. Come on, everybody!
Cater: Aye aye, captain! I won't let you down!

(Everyone leaves, except Layle)

Layle: Well, that was easy. I think they've got a knack for this.
Courage for my Friends*:

(A Floating Eye flies away from Cater)

Cater: Argh, I missed!

(Cyan and Yuna arrive)

Cyan: It escaped.
Cater: Oh well. We explored this far. Maybe it's time to hook back up with the others.
Yuna: Look out! It brought friends!

(More Floating Eyes appear behind the party)

Cyan: Against these numbers, it may be our turn to escape.
Cyan: Lady Cater!?
Cater: I'll thin 'em out! You two call for backup!
Yuna: We can't leave you on your own!
Cater: I'll be fine!
Yuna: ...I'll stay here, too! Please bring help!
Cyan: Very well!

(Cyan runs off)

(Others help Cater finish the battle)

Zell: Woof, that was sure a party.
Cyan: Verily. It is well and good we prevailed, but wherefore didst thou not flee?
Cater: If we all pulled out and let them get to the rendezvous point, it'd be the same as losing.
Zell: I can't fault that logic.
Cyan: ...But wert thou to fall here, then what? There art others who worry for thou.
Cater: ...Maybe. No, you're right.
Yuna: Don't push yourself too hard, for others' sake.
Terra: But you weren't wrong. Everyone might have been in real danger if that flock suddenly attacked.
Terra: You bought us enough time to put up an organized fight.
Cater: Right? Right!
Zell: You were trying to protect everyone. You got guts, kid.
Cater: Well, feel free to follow my example!
One Reason*:
Yuffie: All these waves are wearing me out!
Cater: Seriously. Don't send me back there.
Cloud: It's only a little further. Come on, let's mosey.

(Everyone leaves except Yuffie)

Yuffie: Fiiine.
Yuffie: ...Huh? H-huh? You gotta be kidding me.
Yuffie: Uh, Cloud? I think I lost my materia...

(The party returns to Yuffie)

Cloud: Do you know where you dropped it? Are you sure it's gone?
Rem: You probably lost it back there...
Yuffie: If we go back, we're gonna have to go through all those fights again... Aw, man, what do I do?
Cater: It's something important, isn't it?
Yuffie: But it'd suck if I drag everyone back while we're tired and some strong monster shows up.
Cloud: ...You sure?
Yuffie: Yeah, let's blow this joint.
Cater: ...Hey, why don't we sneak back and get out of there before they notice us?
Yuffie: I don't know how quick we'd find it, though.
Cater: We can find it! Come on!
Cater: You guys sit tight!

(Cater and Yuffie run off)

Yuffie: No dice... We might as well call it quits...
Cater: This is where we were fighting, though!
Onion Knight: You two are asking for trouble if you don't head back soon.

(The Onion Knight arrives)

Yuffie: What? You came, too?
Onion Knight: Cater, Yuffie already gave up. Why are you so intent on finding it?
Cater: Huh? 'Cause, she's a friend in need.
Onion Knight: I figured you were being stubborn, but you're just being nice.
Onion Knight: Either way, you're horrible at searching for things. ...Is this what you're looking for?
Yuffie: Where were they!?
Onion Knight: Where you were. ...Don't tell me you were looking without rhyme or reason!
Cater: You got a problem with that!?
Yuffie: Alrighty, our work here is done! Let's get back to the group!
A Spitfire and Thief:
Cater: Yes! I closed the Torsion! Pretty impressive, huh?
Galuf: Impressive, indeed. Looks like you've got the skills to back up that mouth of yours.
Cater: Hey, you gotta practice what you preach, you know? That's my motto.
Vincent: You're strong, talented.
Vincent: But you lack the composure necessary for battle. ...One day, that hubris could be your downfall.
Cater: Ugh. Give it a rest. I'm tired of everyone trying to lecture me on what to do.
Rem: Hey's saying this because he's worried about you. Right, Vincent?
Vincent: Forget I said anything.
King: Everybody expresses themselves differently. Think about everyone in Class Zero.
Cater: Yeah... Good point. The world may be different, but people are still people, huh?
Yuffie: Wow, gettin' all philosophical on us now.
Galuf: You two are a lot alike, you know that?
Yuffie: What!? I'm nothing like this cocky tomboy!
Cater: Excuse me!? What did you just say, you conniving thief!
Galuf: See, what did I tell you?
Rem: The more the merrier, r-right?
Vincent: ...Heh.
Galuf: Vincent, why don't you keep an eye on them? Give them some guidance.
Vincent: I'll pass.
Cater: Not in a million years!
Galuf: Yep, they're perfect for each other.
Yuffie: How could you say we're alike? I mean, have I ever been this annoying?
Galuf: Well, ready to go?

(Everyone leaves, except Yuffie and Cater)

Yuffie: H-hold up! Hey!
Cater: Yuffie, it hurts to admit it...but I know how you feel right now.
Yuffie: Thanks, Cater... You're a lot nicer than I thought.
Cater: Maybe we're not so different after all, huh? Let's find a way home...together.
Cater: And let's show the others who's boss! Make them pay for ever doubting us!
Yuffie: Oh, I like where you're going with this! I'm in!
Galuf: Heeey! Get a move on, you two!

The Princess of Dalmasca[]

To Bear the Cross Alone:
Laguna: Right? So then I say, "You're gettin' the Cuchi-cuchi treatment!"
Yuffie: Ah ha ha! You can't be serious!
Vaan: Not the Cuchi-cuchi treatment! We'd better watch out! Hahaha!

(Mog and Penelo watch the trio converse)

Mog: ...They're having an awfully good time, kupo...
Penelo: Laguna's good at storytelling. ...Hm?

(Ashe walks over)

Penelo: Is that...!?
???: ...Penelo!
Penelo: Vaan! Come here!
Vaan: Hahaha...huh?

(Vaan runs over to Ashe)

Vaan: Oh, Ashe, you were summoned to this world, too?
Ashe: ..."This world"?
Mog: That's my cue, kupo!

Ashe: ...I cannot believe it. Such a reality begs credulity.
Mog: Won't you join us, kupo?
Ashe: Well, I...
Laguna: Yuffie, have you heard this one? This guy orders soup, and there's a fly in it...
Yuffie: Ah ha ha! What the heck? Stop making me laugh!
Ashe: ...I respectfully decline.
Vaan: Why? You planning to go it alone?
Ashe: I have no time for foolishness! I must return to Ivalice with all haste!
Ashe: So, if you'll forgive me...I do not think it is in my interest to interrupt your frivolity...
Penelo: Don't say that! No one is being frivolous...
Yuffie: What? Did you say something?
Mog: Of all the times to be oblivious, kupo...
Ashe: I am prepared to fight on my own. Please excuse me; I must hurry on...

(Ashe leaves)

Laguna: ...Huh? What just happened? The lady won't be joining us?
Penelo: And whose fault do you think that is, Laguna!
Laguna: Beats me! Not mine at least!
Laguna: ...But this area is crawling with monsters. We can't just let her wander on her own.
Mog: He's right! Let's go after her, kupo!
A Deep Brooding:
Ashe: Unh... If only I were stronger...
Vaan: Ah! There she is! Over there!

(The rest of the party arrives)

Penelo: Are you okay!?
Laguna: See? What did I say? This is what happens if you go off on your own.
Ashe: ...What are you here for?
Vaan: To help you, of course.
Ashe: I am...fine on my own.
Laguna: Awful darn stubborn for the shape you're in.
Penelo: Can't you trust us to help?
Ashe: I am fighting in earnest, not for fun like you.
Yuffie: Hey, I resent that. I put my neck on the line in battle.
Laguna: You think we'd go out of our way to chase off monsters and help you for kicks?
Ashe: I, well...
Vaan: Even if we look like a bunch of goof-offs...
Vaan: Everyone was worried about you. Even the guys who'd only just met you.
Penelo: It's a boisterous group, but they're all concerned about others' wellbeing.
Ashe: I see... I suppose I lost my temper.
Mog: Kupo! You're finally being honest with us, kupo! Hooray!
Ashe: I haven't introduced myself. I am Ashelia B'nargin Dalmasca, Princess of the Kingdom of Dalmasca.
Yuffie: Get out! A real princess! Talk about fantasy worlds!
Laguna: But man if that isn't a long name. What do you guys usually call her?
Penelo: Well, she is royalty... We usually call her Princess Ashe.
Ashe: Circumstances require I return to my world as soon as possible...
Ashe: So please! I beg you lend me your strength!
Laguna: You got it!
Laguna: And in exchange, you'll listen to my stupid stories now and then, eh?
Ashe: ...I will do my best.
Desert Kingdoms*:
Edgar: Traipsing through the desert like this makes it feel as though we're back home in Figaro, eh?
Sabin: That it does. Reminds me of when I was still in the castle.
Ashe: I can relate. My homeland, too, is predominantly desert.
Edgar: Royalty of desert kingdoms, thrown together to journey across an alien world... Why, could this be fate?
Ashe: I hope it is a fate that contributes to our war effort.
Sabin: What does that mean?
Edgar: Sabin... It means I was rejected and it is time to back down.
Edgar: Not a single woman has responded to my advances since I came here. Never have I felt lonelier.

(The rest of the party arrives)

Lilisette: Wow, a desert princess. It has such a mysterious sound to it!
Onion Knight: What's your country like, Ashe?
Ashe: The Kingdom of Dalmasca—and its capital, Rabanastre, in particular—is a bustling center of trade.
Ashe: Several different kingdoms have ruled Rabanastre, uniquely blending together various histories and cultures.
Lilisette: Hmm, in other has a habit of being invaded?
Ashe: ...You are no wrong. Two years prior, the Archadian Empire did just that...
Firion: ...The empire belonging to that man, Vayne.
Onion Knight: It must be difficult to defend when you're surrounded by desert.
Sabin: Sounds like you could use a castle that hides under the sands, too.
Edgar: Indeed. It's the special privilege of a desert kingdom in our world.
Ashe: Privilege of...a desert kingdom? Whatever do you mean?
Sabin: Just what I said. Castle Figaro can dive under the desert!
Lilisette: Whaaat!? A castle...under the desert!?
Edgar: In an emergency, we gather all the castle's inhabitants, and then—poof!—she's gone without a trace.
Edgar: An invading army is left standing alone, surrounded by nothing but golden sands... It's quite a thrill.
Firion: It's hard to believe possible...
Ashe: If Ivalice...nay, if Dalmasca only had such technology, perhaps I could have protected my people...
Onion Knight: Different worlds have different rules. No point in wishing for something that doesn't exist.
Edgar: That swings both ways, Your Highness. There are things I cannot protect that only you can.
Edgar: Your countrymen are a resilient lot. Vaan and Penelo make that clear enough.
Ashe: ...It is true. I have many who support me, and the power left by my ancestors...
Sabin: Hang in there, Ashe! Nothing's impossible!
Ashe: Thank you, everyone. I will search for a way to protect my people that suits me.
Edgar: Please, don't think you're in it all alone. As long as we are in this world, let's exchange all the information we can.
Conquering Hate*:

(Ashe defeats a Desert Sahagin as the party arrives)

Balthier: You're running too far ahead.
Cyan: If thou push thyself too hard, thy body will pay the price for it.
Vanille: Yeah, relax for a bit and let us take things over.
Ashe: I appreciate your concern, but I must grow stronger.
Ashe: I do it also so that my people and family claimed by war might find peace...
Hope: You lost your family...?
Ashe: Had only the empire not invaded... Even now, in my quest for strength, do I see frequently the image of my husband...
Cyan: Thou hast my sympathies. I, too, lost many to an empire's artifice...
Vanille: Cyan, I didn't know...
Cyan: There was a time when I also burned with revenge... But that hatred left me vulnerable to manipulation.
Cyan: Forsaking thy memories and overcoming hatred are not the same thing. If thou seekest power, of this thou must beware.
Ashe: But...the dead... I could do nothing...!
Cyan: ......Lady Ashe. The family, the comrades thou lost liveth on in thy heart, in thou.
Cyan: I know thy grief, looking to the past and lamenting thy powerlessness... But looking only to the past produceth naught.
Cyan: Thou must advance on the path in which thou believest. Failing to do so would betray the departed.
Ashe: You've conquered your grief... Would that I had your strength...
Balthier: Why does that sound like, "I can't conquer mine"?
Ashe: I—! ...That was not my intention!
Vanille: You're plenty strong. You'll find your peace in time.
Cyan: And at that time, thou will have grown all the stronger. I guarantee it.
Hope: Yes, I hope you'll let us help you get there.
Hope: Don't take everything on by yourself, and lean on your friends. I needed to before, too...
Cyan: I did not see my grief through on mine own either. It was with the help of my comrades.
Ashe: Then please allow lean on you.
Vanille: Of course! No matter how big or small, don't hold it back from us!
Balthier: Different countries, different backgrounds... Obstinancy will only get you so far with this diverse lot.
The Princess's Fight:
Mog: Just a little more to the Torsion, kupo! Let's go, go, go, kupo!
Ashe: Once every Torsion is closed, we can return home...
Ashe: Let us continue on!
Galuf: ...Ashe, why is it you are in such a hurry to get home?
Ashe: ...As I mentioned before, I am the Princess of Dalmasca.
Ashe: The empire...a hostile nation currently occupies my homeland, threatening its very existence.
Ashe: I lead the resistance forces to counter that threat.
Vaan: I was surprised when I first saw the princess fighting, sword in hand.
Firion: A princess fighting against imperial tyranny... I can respect that.
Ashe: I simply desire our liberty... For that, I need power.
Firion: I understand completely. We'll do everything we can for you!
Galuf: Just...take care not to lose yourself in your quest for power.
Ashe: Eh...?
Galuf: No matter how powerful you become, you cannot change the past.
Galuf: ...We're fighting for the happiness of those dear to us who are with us now. You musn't forget that.
Ashe: ...I understand that. Even still, I—!
Galuf: Ha ha ha! Forgive me! As you get on in years, the more everything you say starts to sound like a lecture.
Firion: In any event, Ashe needs to return to her world.
Firion: If there's anything we can do, just say the word!
Ashe: ...Thank you.
Vaan: Fighting for those dear to us who are with us now, huh...?
Penelo: We have to give it our all and face forward.

Inheriting the Past[]

The Hunted:
???: ...No!

(Aerith runs away from Kefka and his Magitek Armors)

Kefka: Ho ho ho... You're not getting away.
Kefka: Not with me and my magitek army on your tail!
Kefka: Go go go!
Kefka: A girlie with the power of an ancient race'd be a nice piece to control...
A Friend from Home:
Cloud: ...Is that!?
???: Ah! Cloud! Tifa!

(Aerith arrives)

Tifa: Aerith! You're here!
Aerith: Are you really the real Tifa?
Cloud: ...So you ran into our manikins.
Aerith: You call those dolls manikins, huh? They looked just like you...
Aerith: But not this time. It's the real you!
Mog: A friend, kupo?
Cloud: A friend...from home.
Aerith: This isn't our planet, is it?
Aerith: I see. That's why I can't hear its voice.
Tifa: It's a different planet, but this one has its own crisis right now.
Mog: We're fighting to stop this world from being devoured, kupo!
Tifa: You'll come with us, won't you?
Aerith: Well, I'd love to say, "Of course!" but...
Cloud: ...Is there something you're unsure of? If you want to know more, Mog can—
Aerith: It's not that...
Kefka: I found yoo-hoo!
Aerith: Ack, he's here!

(Kefka appears)

Kefka: Ack, I'm here! And I have no plans to share your powers with no stinkin' moogles.
Aerith: I don't know what you're talking about! I don't have special powers!

(Kuja comes out from a Torsion)

Kuja: The poor canary doesn't realize her own potential...
Cloud: These guys were after you!
Mog: They're bad guys who want to destroy the world, kupo!
Kuja: Who're the heroes and who're the villains is for the audience to decide.
Tifa: Last time I checked, heroes don't force women to come along with them.
Cloud: Stay away from Aerith.
Aerith: Thanks, you two! I'm not alone now!
A Faint Presence:
Kuja: ...And scene. How about calling it a day?
Kefka: Ho ho ho... ...Don't tell me what to do.
Kuja: ...Have it your way.

(Kuja exits into the Torsion)

Kefka: I intend to! Hasta la pasta!

(Kefka disappears)

Cloud: Why were they after you?
Aerith: I don't know. This is a different planet, so I didn't think being an Ancient would matter...
Aerith: And yet, I have this unpleasant feeling. A murmuring...
Mog: ...Can you tell where it's coming from, kupo?
Aerith: That forest... No, beyond it perhaps.
Mog: Where the Torsion is! You can sense Torsions, kupo!
Tifa: Great, come with us.
Tifa: We're traveling around to close Torsions.
Aerith: Is this why they were after me...?
Terra: Kefka, that man who was after you, uses the Torsions to satisfy his...lust for destruction.
Terra: Even if the Torsions weren't eating away at the world, we cannot let him do what he wants.
Aerith: ...I understand. Count me in.
Aerith: I know more about this world.
Cloud: Good. It's safer with us.
Mog: Great to have you, kupo!
An Unexpected Meeting:
Aerith: What's this? Have I gone too far ahead on my poor, lonesome own?
Aerith: ...Haha. This should keep them out of trouble...I hope.
Kuja: Decided to perform solo after all, have we?
Aerith: You again... I could say the same to you.
Kuja: I've hated that clown from the beginning. I was only there because, yes...
Kuja: It's your motives that intrigue me. An Ancient...was it?
Kuja: Why do you accept your fate? You didn't choose to be born an Ancient.
Aerith: Perhaps, but...
Aerith: There are some things only I can do... Maybe it's...if I can protect what's important to me, then I'll do them.
Kuja: This is a miniature garden of the gods... Your fate also could be altered.
Aerith: I appreciate the offer. But I'd like to decide something as important as that by myself.
Kefka: I do declare, did you stay the little lady for me?

(Kefka appears)

Kuja: Spare me the indignity of sharing the stage with a buffoon the likes of you.
Kuja: ...Run. The path behind you is good enough for you to get away.
Aerith: You're helping me?
Kuja: I want to know the truth of this world... For what reason we have been put here.
Kuja: If you can sense the distortions, then perhaps...
Kefka: Blargh! Ptoey! Boooring!
Kefka: If it's there for the using, use it and break it all. That's enough for me!
Hope: Aerith, there you are!

(Mog and the rest of the party arrive)

Mog: Kupo! She's being attacked!
Warrior of Light: After her power...?
Kuja: Ay me... This is my exit. If it's a sword dance you want, do it with the clown.
Kefka: You're quite the pests, you know that? Let's put you out of my misery!
Kuja and Aerith:
Kefka: Harrumph! I don't need your power anyway!

(Kefka disappears)

Kuja: ...Pitiful.
Zidane: Hold it, Kuja! Why didn't you help Kefka?
Aerith: He tried to help me escape.
Kuja: ...I had my own reasons to speak with the girl, and nothing more.
Zidane: You... What is it you're after...?
Kuja: I hate cozy theatrics. I am done here.

(Kuja leaves)

Mog: Kupo... And there he goes.
Mog: Aerith, are you alright, kupo? It's dangerous to go off on your own.
Aerith: I'm okay. I a little lost.
Zidane: "A little lost" wouldn't have ended you up all the way out here.
Zidane: Are you sure you weren't trying to keep us from getting mixed up in your problems?
Zidane: Have a little more faith in us. Or are we that useless?
Tifa: Yeah, whatever it is, we can get through it together.
Aerith: You're right. I'm sorry. ...Thank you.
Mog: Alright, let's regroup and head for the Torsion, kupo!
Laguna an Ancient?*:
Laguna: H-hey, Aerith... You have a minute...?
Aerith: Laguna? What is it? You look troubled.
Laguna: So you can hear what the planet is saying because you're an..."Ancient," was it?
Aerith: That's right.
Laguna: Well, you see, actually, back in my world, I could also hear voices.
Laguna: I always thought they were faeries, but then it hit me, "You know, what if I'm an Ancient, too?"

(The rest of the party arrives)

Cater: Hmmm. Is that possible, even though you're from different worlds?
Hope: A special race in his own world...? Laguna doesn't look very special, though...
Yuri: What did you hear, anyway?
Laguna: Umm...well...
Laguna: Stuff like, "What the...!" and, "Whatever." Came through loud and clear!
Aerith: ...Laguna, that's probably not the planet.
Aerith: The planet sounds like so many people talking all at one, so I can't clearly understand it.
Laguna: Huh. Really?
Hope: I don't know how it works, but it's probably different from what Aerith experiences.
Cater: Sure you weren't just hearing things? You're probably tired.
Laguna: H-hold on! Don't jump to conclusions! There weren't just voices!
Yuri: What else?
Laguna: The faeries'd power me up a bit whenever they're around! Like I'm better than my usual self!
Cater: Aerith? That ever happen to you?

(Aerith shakes her head)

Laguna: I see... Hrmmm, the mysteries just keep getting deeper...
Aerith: I don't know how your world works, Laguna.
Aerith: But maybe someone was doing something with you in mind to power you up.
Laguna: ...I haven't heard the faeries since coming to this world, so if that's the case...
Laguna: I must be too far for their feelings to reach me. Aw, man, how sad is that?
Aerith: Don't worry. Even if they're not here, I'm sure they're waiting for you to come home.
Aerith: I hope you can report back soon. Let's make sure you have lots of good stories to tell the faeries.
Laguna: Aerith...! How sweet can you get!
Yuri: I wonder if interference from someone's consciousness might be the cause.
Hope: We're from different worlds, so there's no way really for us to know.
Cater: Yeah, but it's Laguna. He was probably just dreaming on his feet.
Laguna: H-hey! Whaddaya take me for? You could learn a thing or two from Aerith!
A Step Forward:
Warrior of Light: This Torsion... Something is different from usual.

(The rest of the party arrives to an erratic Torsion)

Cloud: Could that be because of what you sensed?
Aerith: I don't know. But the voice sounds so sad.
Vaan: We'd better hurry and close it, ya think?
Warrior of Light: ...It would appear that way.
Rem: Will we be able to close it the same way as the others?
Mog: The same as always! Get ready for a fight, kupo!
With Friends:

(The Torsion returns to normal and disappears)

Aerith: Ah! ...It's gone.
Aerith: You've been doing this the whole time?
Cloud: ...This time was especially rough.
Vincent: Are even greater Torsions appearing...without us even realizing it?
Mog: If so, we're gonna need more and more friends, kupo!
Terra: Aerith, you'll stay with us, right?
Aerith: I will. I want to learn more about everyone else, too.
Vincent: Furthermore...why Aerith is here, and repercussions that will have—what are the gods playing at...?
Cloud: What's the matter?
Vincent: Nothing...but... In this world...I might even be able to atone for my sins...
Yuffie: Mr. Broody-Face is at it again.
Yuffie: C'mon, our work here is done; let's blow this pop stand!
Mog: Everyone back to the airship and we'll resume our journey, kupo!

(Everyone leaves, except Aerith)

Aerith: Huh? This feeling...
Sephiroth: Heh heh heh... Look who's here...
Aerith: Sephiroth...

(Sephiroth appears)

Sephiroth: I have no more interest in you... But...
Sephiroth: Rousing Cloud's memories make a worthwhile diversion.
Aerith: ...You never change.
Aerith: I still don't know why I'm here...
Aerith: But... I will protect the people important to me!
Sephiroth: Hmph... You really don't know...? Or are you just playing dumb?
Sephiroth: It won't be long before you know the reason you're here...and what will come from it...

(Sephiroth disappears)

Aerith: Weirdo...
Aerith: But...what is it I need to do, what is it I can do on this planet...?
Aerith: I have so many questions, I guess I can't help but get lost in thought like you-know-who.
Aerith: I was lucky enough to find the others, so for now, I should talk it out with them.

(Aerith leaves)

The Caring Adventurer[]

Wandering Adventurer:

Depending on your progress in the story, characters you have yet to recruit may appear in these events.

Sazh: Huh? Is someone waving at us over there?
Firion: Maybe she knows one of us? She doesn't look hostile; let's go see.
???: What a relief. I didn't think I'd run into any other adventurers in this desolate place.
Cloud: And you are?
Lion: I'm Lion. An adventurer, just like yourselves.
Squall: Lion? That's your name?
Lion: It sure is. And a pretty good one, if I do say so myself.
Squall: ...Fair enough. What were you doing out here?
Lion: I got completely lost while looking for the rest of my party...
Lion: I've been in a real bind, what with all the groups of monsters wandering around here.
Galuf: First lost and then surrounded by monsters... That is unfortunate.
Lion: Hey, would you mind helping me thin them out some?
Lion: Running into you here had to be fate.
Firion: Sure thing. We can't ignore someone who needs a hand.
Cloud: Our agendas match: we were here to fight monsters, anyway.
Lion: Thanks. You'll be a big help.
Lion: I'll check things out over there. We'll meet up later.
Sazh: You got it! Be careful!
Lion: Ha ha, you too!

(Lion runs off)

Two from Vana'diel:
Layle: Howdy, Lion. What's the word?
Lion: Terrific. A lot fewer monsters around, thanks to you guys.
Steiner: Hear, hear! A horde of beasts is nothing in the face of our combined might!
Lion: Haha, it must be nice to have such a strong party.
Lion: That being said, your equipment and armor are all quite different. How did you group up?
Mog: Kupo! I can answer that for you, kupo!

Lion: I can't believe it... This isn't Vana'diel?
King: You said you're looking for your party. Can you describe them?
Lion: A bunch of adventurers from Norg. I don't suppose that rings any bells.
King: None for me. Anyone else?

(Shantotto arrives)

Shantotto: If in Vana'diel you need a pirate, the caves of Norg is where you'll find it.
Lion: Huh!? Professor Shantotto! You're here, too!?
King: You know the doctor?
Lion: Know her? She's a hero of the Great War, renowned as the most powerful black mage...
Shantotto: Ohohoho! That's the very least you could know!
Layle: Pity. You're from the same world, but Shantotto wasn't who you were looking for, eh?
Layle: I haven't heard anything about a group from Norg either.
Lion: I see... I guess I can't hope for much when everyone is from a different world...
Lion: I'm going to search some more. If Professor Shantotto is here, they might be, too...
Layle: Hold on. You're planning to go solo?
Lion: I am. I'd hate to impose on you more than I already have.
Layle: Ugh... Moogle, you okay with that?
Mog: Not at all, kupo! You should stick with us!
Layle: There you have it...
Lion: Really? Are you sure it's no problem?
Steiner: What problem could there be in adding another just companion to our cause?
King: Plus, this moogle is able to detect otherworlders. Maybe your friends, too.
Layle: Agreed, use what you have at your disposal. Now, any more excuses not to join us?
Lion: ...Haha, I can't turn down an invitation like that. You know, Layle, you're more of a busybody than I thought.
Layle: Just a whim.
Lion: I'll take you up on it. Thanks for letting me join your party.
All Sorts of Circumstances*:
Lion: Hitting the road surrounded by adventurers like this is nothing short of ideal.
Sabin: What do you mean?
Lion: We may still be in the thick of it, but I can't imagine getting the chance to travel with so many friends back home.
Lion: I'm really having a blast.
Yuna: Be that as it may, should we be enjoying ourselves? We still have the missions we were pursuing in our own worlds.
Lion: People are counting on summoners like you to bring peace to the world, aren't they?
Lion: ...When you put it that way, I guess we can't be all that happy-go-lucky.
Lion: Sorry.
Yuna: Oh, no. I like traveling together, too.
Yuna: We all have our problems, but it's having lots of friends that helps us overcome them.
Cecil: Yes. Coming to know the values of alternate worlds, it has become easier for me, too, to shoulder my burden.
Cecil: I began my journey being pursued by the kingdom I believed in, after all.
Lion: Journeys start under all sorts of circumstances, huh?
Yang: Indeed. Mine began as I sought revenge for the destruction of my homeland.
Yang: But now, as you say, I believe it is important we enjoy the journey.
Yang: Mounting summits in particular puts my heart at ease.
Sabin: Man, I hear ya! Mountains are the best!
Lion: You like going to the mountains better than traveling around to all the other places we can go?
Sabin: They're great for training!
Yang: Ahh! Coming face to face with and staring down your own limitations!
Lion: You guys are only talking about training. I suppose that's kind of a journey...
Yuna: Mountains aren't just for training, either. Climbing them can be...tough...
Yuna: But the view on the other side is gorgeous.
Yuna: In our world, there's a holy place called Mt. Gagazet that's always covered in snow.
Yuna: Climbing it and looking out is so beautiful, and...a little lonely.
Sabin: Hmmm, snow, huh? Sounds like it'd make for a good workout...
Yang: ...It stands to reason, if the peak is severe enough...
Sabin: Polishing my skills in the biting, alpine winds might be just what I need to put together a secret technique!
Lion: She's not talking about training. And right when she was getting to the good part...
Lion: But mountains... It'd be nice to check out some different ones on this trip.
Lion: You'll have to tell me more about them next time.
Ways to Go*:
Setzer: Lion, I hear you have a taste for adventure.
Lion: That's right. I want to experience all that I can.
Setzer: In that case, there's no better way to travel than by airship.
Lion: I've been able to ride an airship in this world, but yeah, it would be nice to have one of my own.
Yuffie: You might want to reconsider that! Flying's dangerous!

(Yuffie arrives)

Lion: I thought you guys use an airship in your world, too. Are you worried I might get airsick?
Setzer: I wish I could say you should trust my flying, but Yuffie's motion sickness is an inviolable law.
Lion: You don't have to worry about me. Air travel sounds fun.
Setzer: Perfect. So how'd you like to spend your time in the skies? Try your luck in the casino? Break some airspeed records?

(Faris and Wakka arrive)

Faris: Let me toss my hat in here. Airships are bonny and all, but so is the salty breeze aboard a real ship.
Lion: Ooh, sailing. Faris, what kind of ship is yours?
Faris: Nothing like the others. She can cut through the roughest seas without a puff in her sail. ...Are ye alright, Yuffie?
Yuffie: ...Urp. Don't...rock the boat...
Lion: Don't tell me you're seasick just from talking about it...
Yuffie: ...Who, me? I'm fine. I-I mean, if you're fine, I'm fine!
Wakka: You know, you can travel without relying on vehicles, too.
Yuffie: Amen, brother! Who needs vehicles! You're talking chocobo, right? Yeah, a chocobo isn't so bad...
Wakka: In our world, we got these crazy big animals called shoopufs we use for river crossing.
Wakka: They sway a heck of a lot, but that's part of the charm, ya?
Yuffie: !? Why would you ride on something if it sways that much?
Yuffie: It's like you want to hurl...
Yuffie: I'll pass!
Wakka: You're missing out.
Lion: Yuffie, weren't you adventuring in your world? Were you really okay with that bad of motion sickness?
Yuffie: Heck no!
Yuffie: But I'm a noble soul! I'll overcome all ills in the name of treasure! ...I mean justice!
Faris: I get it. Having a goal helps ye get by.
Setzer: Not sure if I should be impressed or appalled by your motivation.
Wakka: I'm telling ya, if you can handle a chocobo, a shoopuf'll be no problem.
Lion: Ahh, adventure... The dream keeps getting bigger and bigger.
Lion: I can't wait to get back to Vana'diel and try out all the other ways to go I haven't even heard of yet.
Journey to Freedom:
Layle: That takes care of the Torsion...
Lion: This'll keep down the monsters' numbers around here, yeah?
Bartz: Yup, we can breathe easy for a bit. You sure pack a punch, Lion.
Penelo: But there are still Torsions the world over.
Laguna: In other words, we keep wandering until we close every last one.
Lion: Oh? ...Sounds like we're in for the long haul. Hehe...
Layle: You don't have to look so happy about it.
Lion: My dream has always been to travel the world with my friends.
Lion: Naturally, I wouldn't expect our journey to be easy. Plenty of trouble and pain must be waiting for us...
Lion: But that makes me want to see it all the more.
Lion: What kind of spectacular view awaits after overcoming the hardest trials with your companions?
Layle: Ah, now I get it. You're the posse type. Traveling free from the herd isn't so bad, you know.
Laguna: No, no, Layle! She said it perfectly! As a fellow aspiring journalist, I know exactly what she means!
Penelo: Huh? When did Lion say she wanted to be a journalist?
Layle: Setting journalism aside... Travel has its pleasures. I've done my fair share of wandering.
Bartz: I love to travel! It's so fun to see all the different scenery!
Bartz: ...It'd be even better if Boko were here, too. I wonder how he's doing...
Onion Knight: There's nothing wrong with having fun, but...aren't you looking for your companions, Lion?
Lion: I am worried about them...but Vana'diel's adventurers are no pushovers.
Lion: I bet they've found themselves some new friends and are having a grand old time. Just like me.
Laguna: That's the spirit! You know what they say: the journey with a babe is the reward!
Onion Knight: ...Do they say that where you're from?
Lion: When this adventure is done, I hope I can travel around all your worlds, too.
Lion: You'll come with me then, too, right? Haha, promise?
Bartz: You bet! Leave it to me! I'll lead the way!
Onion Knight: Bartz is leading...?
Penelo: Hehe... The road will be a meandering one.

Princess of Alexandria[]

Lost Canary:

Depending on your progress in the story, characters you have yet to recruit may appear in these events.

???: ...I don't think I've ever been here before. To what kingdom might this castle belong?
???: Excuse me! Is anyone home?
???: Um... Hello? If you're there, please answer!
???: ...Oh dear. I can't even ask for directions.
???: Zidane, Steiner... Where did everyone go?
Kuja: What's this? It would appear a canary has lost her way.
???: Kuja!
Kuja: Please accept my warmest welcome, Princess Garnet, to the Illusory Palace.
Kuja: It must be fate that brought the two of us together. ...Heh.
Garnet: Of course it was you who separated me from everyone...
Garnet: Tell me! Where am I? Where is everyone else!?
Kuja: You stand atop the palms of divinity...
Kuja: As for your friends, they are mid-performance, acting out their tragedy on this stage of fantasy.
Garnet: Palms of divinity? Tragedy...?
Kuja: A disgusting tale, I assure you, written by capricious gods.
Kuja: Although, your appearance here is also at their direction... Hm, hm, an interesting development indeed.
Garnet: What on earth are you...?
Kuja: Come, my precious canary.
Kuja: Join me in the loge to see how this tragedy plays out. ...Shall we?
Garnet: ...No, thank you!

(Garnet runs away)

Kuja: How brave.
Kuja: A canary prone to flight, though, needs to be kept in her cage. ...Ha ha.
Princess of Alexandria Pt. 1:

(Wave 3: Kuja)

Kuja: Heh... I knew you'd come. But I'm afraid I won't hand over your canary.
Zidane: Canary? You don't mean...!?
Highness Reunited:
Kuja: Argh... Pitiful canary. May you be tossed about by the sea of destiny.

(Kuja is sucked into a Torsion and leaves)

Zidane: Dagger! Are you alright?
Garnet: Yes, I'm unhurt. ...Thank you for coming, Zidane.
Steiner: I'm so happy to see you, Your Highness! To think this day would come!
Steiner: Oh, the sleepless nights I've spent worrying for your safety... Wahhh...!
Zidane: He's moved to tears. ...But it really is a relief to see you safe and sound.
Eiko: I was super, super worried about you, too!
Garnet: Hehe. Thank you, Steiner, Eiko.
Garnet: And you strangers from foreign lands. Thank you very much for risking your lives on my behalf.
Garnet: I am Garnet Til Alexandros. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance.
Zell: Garnet? Didn't he call you Dagger a minute ago?
Zidane: Oh yeah, I guess she doesn't need to keep it a secret here.
Zidane: Garnet's the princess from a big kingdom. Dagger's the alias she uses while traveling.
Garnet: You've never heard of Alexandria? How can that be?
Eiko: Oh, boy... Where's Mog when you need him?
Steiner: Miss Eiko, allow me! It is a knight's duty to apprise his mistress of the situation!
Eiko: Wow, that's helpful! Take it away, then!

Garnet: I see... That's why Kuja called it the "palms of divinity."
Garnet: A journey to save the world... I wonder if I can be of any help.
Eiko: Of course you can! I guarantee it!
Steiner: Your Highness is simply overflowing with the light!
Hope: I thought Mog was the only one who could tell that.
Zidane: Don't you worry, Princess. Tin can aside, I'll be right there with you.
Zidane: Unless I'm not good enough for you.
Zidane: Alright then, Your Highness...
Zidane: I shall hereby do my best to kidnap you once again.
Garnet: ...Very well. Please do.
Zidane: Hehe.
Zidane: If it's you calling, I'll come for you as many times and wherever you need.
Steiner: Why you...! Zidane! Protecting Her Highness is one thing, but kidnapping is far another!
Zidane: You're complaining about that now?
Zell: Kidnap? Doesn't he mean escort? ...Weird.
A Familiar View:
Zidane: Say, Garnet. I bet you're beat from all this walking.
Zidane: How about a piggyback ride? Come on, don't be shy!
Garnet: Hehe, thank you, Zidane, but my own feet still work.
Garnet: I can't rely on others forever, you know.

(The rest of the party arrives)

Steiner: Zidaaane! Carrying her Highness piggyback is the height of impropriety!
Firion: I know he's usually in high spirits, but...Zidane sure seems to enjoy having Garnet around.
Vivi: Hehe, right? They're all real good friends.
Firion: Zidane and Steiner, too? I thought they're always fighting.
Steiner: Grrr! He's been pushing his luck ever since Her Majesty joined us!
Vivi: Yeah, look how happy he is!
Steiner: How can you be so lenient? Master Vivi, please have a word with him!
Zidane: C'mon, Rusty, don't be so uptight. Let's enjoy the journey.
Steiner: Yes! My thoughts exactly! Now if you would kindly return to Gaia ahead of us...!
Zidane: Give me a break...
Firion: You are rather high-strung. Maybe it's a knight thing.
Firion: Garnet strikes me as a strong princess.
Zidane: You said it, Firion!
Firion: You see, there's a princess I know who's in charge of an army, but it had to be such burden.
Firion: It's really tremendous that Garnet is fighting for her country.
Steiner: B-but still...!
Garnet: Oh, you come from royalty, too, Edge?

(The party notices Edge talking to Garnet)

Edge: Yes, ma'am! You're talking to the heir of the royal ninjutsu of the Kingdom of Eblan!
Garnet: Ninjutsu, you say? I do so enjoy hearing stories about other kingdoms.
Edge: Oh ho? How about we go someplace private where I can tell you more?

(Edge and Garnet leave together)

Steiner: Gahhh! Lord Edge! You are standing too close to Her Majesty!

(Steiner runs after them)

Zidane: Hold it right there, Edge!
Zidane: Going after Garnet is crossing the line!

(Zidane runs after them)

Vivi: See? I told you they're friends.
Firion: Ha ha ha, I certainly see the princess is a popular one.
Choral Bonds*:
Garnet: This...reminds me of that song... Those melodies...of life...

(Vivi arrives)

Vivi: It was her! Over here, guys!

(The rest of the party arrives)

Jecht: Yo, Garnet! 'Preciate the recital!
Ace: It's a beautiful song. Where did you learn it?
Garnet: I heard it often when I was little.
Garnet: When I sing this song, it warms my heart...
Garnet: It reminds me that I'm not alone, and gives me the strength to go on.
King: A favorite song from your childhood...? Sounds a lot like Ace.
Vivi: That's right, you sing a lot, too, don't you?
Ace: There's only a small bit I can remember...
Ace: But I also feel a mysterious comfort when I sing it.
Tidus: Hmmm, I get it. Songs from memory that calm you down...
Jecht: ...Songs, huh. S'pose you'd find something like that in every world.
Tidus: ...You always liked that song.
Garnet: People everywhere have such memories.
Garnet: Sir Jecht, I do so wish to hear your song. Might you sing it for me?
Jecht: Yeah, well, I'd love to.
Jecht: ...If it were that easy.
King: ...Sounds like it has a complicated backstory.
Vivi: You look a little lonely, Mister Jecht.
Jecht: Naw, nothing like that. It's a song everyone loved in our world. Anyone hearin' it'd feel at ease.
Ace: As we did, led here by Garnet's voice.
Ace: There's some invisible power songs may have. Even in different worlds, that power doesn't change.
Jecht: ...Maybe. Even if your world changes... Even if you change, ya can still hear it...
Tidus: It feels like we're a lot closer after hearing people outside of Spira have songs to support them.
Vivi: I wanna hear your song again! Would you sing it one more time?
Garnet: It would be my pleasure.
Garnet: Ahem... Haha, I'm a little nervous.
Friends of the Royal Family*:
Garnet: ...So you also asked to be kidnapped to escape your kingdom?
Ashe: There was no other way for me to protect my homeland.
Garnet: I understand how you feel... Painfully so.
Cecil: Why, if it isn't Ashe and Garnet?

(Cecil and Edgar arrive)

Edgar: Two flowers blooming in the desert... Hm, a lovely view indeed.
Garnet: Blooming...? There's not a flower in sight, is there?
Edgar: That innocence suits you all too well, Your Highness.
Ashe: Edgar, you are royalty as well, yes?
Edgar: That is correct. I'm honored you remembered.
Garnet: Do you worry for your subjects back home?
Edgar: I'd be lying if I said I didn't.
Edgar: But the people of Figaro are made of sturdy stuff. They supported their country marvelously whilst I was away battling Kefka.
Cecil: There was never unrest or threat of invasion during your absence?
Edgar: Not once. We ran into a bit of engine trouble with the castle, but civil issues...
Edgar: Well, I suppose it'd also be a lie to say there were never any of those...

(Sabin arrives)

Sabin: Haha, you got that right. Things were...complicated.
Sabin: ...Thanks, Edgar.
Edgar: Come, now. Bygones are bygones. And we could get through that because of all the good help we had.
Edgar: A king can only be king with the support of the people around him. I'm sure you feel the same.
Ashe: ...Yes, I am deeply indebted to my retainers and associates.
Garnet: I, too, feel it's thanks to Zidane, Steiner, and the others that I can continue on.
Cecil: ...Thinking ever of your people and blessed with reliable allies... The citizens of your kingdoms must be happy ones.
Cecil: How different from the country I served. The King of Baron was great...but military might changed him.
Garnet: Yes... Power will change even the finest person...
Palom: Heeey! Cecil!

(The party spots Palom and Yang)

Palom: What're you doing? Get your butt over here!
Yang: We are soon to depart! Please make your preparations!
Edgar: ...Heh. You have your own reliable allies, I'd say.
Cecil: Huh?
Garnet: And a gentle heart. It seems being king might suit you, Cecil.
Cecil:, king? Please, do not even jest. I have no intention of instigating a coup d'état.
Garnet: Ah, no, I only meant you have the makings of a fine king. Forgive me.
Cecil: What a be king. A dark knight, not true royalty like you, has no place above others.
Cecil: But...why does something about it ring familiar...?
Cecil: A groggy feeling...of some fragment of a memory...

Legendary Guardian[]

Training Grounds:

Depending on your progress in the story, characters you have yet to recruit may appear in these events.

Yuna: Whew... The monsters in this tower are rather fearsome.
Wakka: Just the thing for your summoner's training. We're right behind ya, so don't sweat it.
Tidus: Exactly! You got a hundred and ten percent of our support!
Vivi: Hang in there, Miss Yuna! I'll try my hardest, too!
Yuna: Thank you, everyone.
Yuna: I...wonder if I'm getting stronger.
Eiko: You can do it! I'm cheering for you!
Vivi: Yeah! I can breathe easy just having you here!
Vivi: Don't you think so, too, Mister?
???: ...I wonder about that.
Wakka: Haha... Harsh as ever, Auron...
Tidus: You can say that again. That's why Auron always—
Wakka: ...!? H-h-how long have you been standing there!?
Auron: From a moment ago.
Vivi: Yipes, I was talking to a stranger...
Eiko: Wh-who the heck are you! It's rude to surprise a lady like that! You scared the stuffing outta me!
Tidus: Vivi, Eiko, relax. He's no stranger. You could almost say he's as familiar as they come...
Yuna: It's been a while, Sir Auron. I'm happy to see you again.
Auron: ...This isn't the time for joyous reunions. Look over there.

(The party turns around with their weapons)

Vivi: Wah! A monster!
Eiko: Argh! Why does everyone have to pop out of nowhere like that!? If you're gonna show up suddenly, say so first!
Auron: Perfect timing. Yuna, Tidus. Let's see how you've grown.
Yuna: Wha—?
Wakka: Yuna, it's all good. With Auron on our side, we got nothin' to worry 'bout!
Auron: Who said I was joining you?
Eiko: ...Whaaat? I thought you're her friend! Give us a hand here!
Auron: I'll be watching closely. You won't get any help from me.
Vivi: Y-you can't mean that! What if we lose? Then what?
Auron: We'll cross that bridge when we come to it.
Wakka: Harsh, man... Alright, bring it on!
Tidus: Let's show Auron what we're made of!
Proof of Strength:
Tidus: Yahoo! The winners!
Firion: He really did just watch. Is he some big shot where you're from?
Wakka: Ya, he's a legendary guardian.
Firion: A guardian means...he protects a traveling summoner, was it?
Wakka: Right, and the summoner saves the world. Been there, done that for Sir Auron.
Yuna: Sir Auron journeyed with my father and defeated Sin.
Firion: So if I follow you...defeating Sin's what made him legendary?
Tidus: ...More or less.
Auron: Not bad. You've improved.
Yuna: No, I'm afraid I...still have a long way to go.
Yuna: I've only made it this far with everyone else's support.
Auron: Hah. You should be happy with that.
Auron: The number of guardians you have is the number of people you can rely on.
Auron: The strength of your guardians is a sign of your own strength. Hold your head higher.
Yuna: Y-yes! Thank you, sir!
Firion: He just complimented us.
Tidus: Aren't you happy about it.
Firion: Why shouldn't I be? Someone a big enough deal to be called a legend complimented all my friends.
Wakka: ...Ya can sure be honest when ya least expect it. Or maybe "pure" is the word.
Yuna: Ah, Sir Auron. If it's no problem, might you consider traveling with us...?
Auron: Of course. I intend to.
Auron: Your enemies' strength will also grow from here on out. I will once more escort you as a guardian.
Vincent: A legendary guardian, eh...? How much ability must one have to be called a legend?
Auron: ...Legends don't mean a thing when all the rules have changed. Don't let your guard down just because I'm here.
Vincent: Change the world and titles are irrelevant? Sound reasoning.
Auron: Precisely. And strength doesn't come from an individual's title or power.
Tidus: Why are you two so serious? The gist is, it's everyone's power together that's important. Am I right?
Vincent: ...Hmph. Such innocence.
Auron: Through and through. How much trouble has he caused you?
Tidus: Why's it a given I'm causing trouble!
Auron: As his chaperone, too, I beg your cooperation.
Vincent: Heh. ...Likewise. I can tell he's been a handful for you.
A New Story:
Cyan: An enormous tower, this is. Prodigious in monsters and no top in sight.
Auron: The monsters around here are trivial. ...Let's keep moving.
Zell: You call those trivial!? Man, legend is right!
Cyan: Sir Auron has a superior sword arm and the nerve to match it.
Yang: Indeed. Fighting alongside him is a right fine workout.

(Tidus arrives)

Tidus: Can you lay it on a little thicker?
Yuna: Haha, it's truly a great help having you with us, Sir Auron.
Yuna: Running into you in a place like this... Miracles really do happen!
Auron: Not that easily, they don't. I'm here because you are.
Yuna: ...What do you mean?
Zell: It almost sounds like you've been tailing us the whole time.
Auron: Oh ho, you're sharper than you look.
Auron: Just so, I came to this tower and have been observing you for a while.
Yang: What!? I hadn't the slightest!
Cyan: Nor I. My training is clearly far from adequate.
Tidus: Why didn't you show your face sooner!? You're fine watching Yuna struggle!?
Auron: It was to assess the situation; this isn't Spira. And after all...aren't you there to protect her?
Tidus: Well, yeah, but...
Auron: If I couldn't confirm your journey wasn't in error, I wouldn't have offered to help.
Auron: Moreover...I was enjoying myself. Watching all you and your companions put into growing stronger...
Yang: Paternal might say.
Cyan: I understand thy feeling all too well, Sir Auron.
Yuna: I want to save the world with everyone else... This isn't Spira, but my mind is made up.
Yuna: So please, lend us your strength in this world, too!
Auron: The start of a new
Men's Friendship*:
Jecht: Y'know, Auron, you've sure mellowed out.
Auron: ...How long do you think it's been since then?
Jecht: Heh, yeah. My brat's put on an inch or two, too.
Jecht: I owe it to ya... Thanks.
Auron: ...Hm.

(The rest of the party arrives)

Laguna: Oh? Here's a dainty-looking get-together!
Cyan: From Lady Yuna I heard tell these two art old friends.
Jecht: Yup, me and Auron were her old man's guardians.
Sazh: Oh, yeah, did he also have to do that summoner's journey thing?
Steiner: A journey to save the world! They both accomplished such an amazing feat. Truly inspiring!
Jecht: An amazing feat, huh? ...Yeah, well...a lot went down, and I ended up unable to go home...
Jecht: So I had to ask this guy to wipe my kid's nose in my place.
Laguna: Ah, I get it! So you're like Tidus's second pops.
Cyan: To take charge of another man's son...thy trust must be in no small measure.
Auron: ...That's how long we've known each other.
Laguna: I'll be. You two don't look very friendly on the outside...
Laguna: But obviously that's not the case!
Auron: The first impression Jecht left was...horrendous.
Auron: Imprudent, self-satisfied, and reckless. And a bad drunk on top of all that.
Jecht: This guy was as stubborn as they come.
Jecht: And he was so hot-headed, we were like oil and water! I don't know how many times we went at it.
Sazh: Auron, hot-headed! I can't begin to imagine...
Auron: ...It was a long time ago.
Steiner: And in spite of your difficult beginnings, there is no questioning the friendship between you now!
Steiner: In my case, though I could not accept impression of him changed during our struggles together.
Laguna: I'm best buds with my brothers-in-arms! I wonder if they're here, too. I'd sure like to introduce you to them.
Cyan: Ahh...the bonds forged on the battlefield can overcome all.
Sazh: Huh, everybody's got plenty of stories to tell. Say, what're y'all up to later?
Auron: ...I'm game.
Jecht: Alright! I like the sound of that! Been a while since we cut loose!
Youths' Tale*:
Hope: The World of Darkness... Are we really going to be okay?
Raijin: Wh-wh-what're ya worried about, ya know? We'll be f-f-fine, ya know!
Zell: Hahaha! Raijin, you're quaking in your boots!
Hope: Aren't you, too?
Zell: Ulp! You could tell?

(Auron and Galuf arrive)

Galuf: How pitiful. Can't you show a little more spine?
Zell: Easier said than done...
Auron: To lose your nerve before a great trial can happen to anyone... Even me.
Raijin: Wha...? You mean to tell us you've been through this too, ya know?
Auron: ...Of course.
Auron: In my younger days, hoping to change things, I journeyed to hone my skills.
Auron: But in the end...nothing changed. I was insufficiently prepared.
Galuf: Everyone experiences something like that at some point.
Hope: Even you?
Galuf: Quite some time ago...
Galuf: If I had been a bit more dependable, I wouldn't have caused everyone so much trouble.
Auron: Bartz and the others don't seem troubled, though, so it shouldn't trouble you.
Auron: But for the rest of you, we only want you to not choose a path forever regretting the same old rut.
Galuf: In every world, the aged entrust their hopes to posterity.
Hope: ...Yeah, if we want to accomplish anything, we need to conquer ourselves first...
Raijin: Hear! Nothing to it but to do it, ya know! Time to screw our courage after coming this far, ya know!
Zell: I'm ready! If there's anything I don't want, it's regrets!
Auron: You'll define your generation. It is enough to shape your stories without dwelling on them.

(Everyone runs off, except Auron and Galuf)

Galuf: ...Looks like you spurred them on.
Auron: ...If so, good.
Galuf: ...You know, you don't need to act so decrepit yet though.
Auron: ...What's that supposed to mean?
Galuf: Sure, the aged are supposed to inspire the young, but from where I stand, you're still plenty young.
Galuf: Your tale isn't finished either. Let's keep spinning this yarn together.
Galuf: I jest!

(Galuf leaves)

Auron: ...I intend to. I have my own story...

Raise the Runic Blade[]

Rune Knight at Arms:

Depending on your progress in the story, characters you have yet to recruit may appear in these events.
(Celes defeats a Wolf)

???: Huff... Is this the last of them?
???: Argh! There's no end!

(Celes defeats another Wolf)

???: What on going on? Why is this happening to me?
???: Oh... Ohhh...

(Celes is attacked by Cyan and Setzer Manikins)

???: Setzer! Cyan!
???: Thank goodness I found you! Where have you—
???: Something's not right...
???: ...No.
Manikin: Ohhhgh... Ough...
???: You're just imitations...
???: It seems I have no choice...but to fight...!
Undefeated General:
Setzer: ...Blue skies and lustrous clouds. If only I could take the Blackjack for a spin, it'd be perfect...
Setzer: Hm? Is someone there?

(Celes approaches Setzer)

Setzer: Celes! Well, this is a surprise! So you were dragged—
Celes: Not a step! Don't you come near me!
Setzer: ...Now what's this about? It's rare to hear you joke around.
Celes: I'm not joking! If you fakes think you can fool me again—
Celes: ...It can talk? And it isn't sparkling like the others...
Setzer: Of course. You fell in with some manikins. It happens a lot around here.
Setzer: How about this? Celes Chere, the brilliant Magitek Knight raised in the Gestahlian Empire.
Setzer: Numerous feats on the battlefield have earned you a reputation as the undefeated general...
Setzer: Not to mention your stunning good looks and equally stunning vocal chords. You could be in the opera.
Setzer: Aren't I well informed? You still doubt I'm the genuine article?
Celes: Setzer...! It's the real you!
Setzer: Welcome to a world abounding in thrills and mysteries. It's good to have you, Celes.
Zell: Aha, there he is. Setzer! You lookin' at the sky again?

(The rest of the party arrives)

Layle: That never gets old with you, does it? ...And who have we here?
Celes: Cyan!
Cyan: Wh-what's this! If it isn't Lady Celes!
Zell: A friend of Setzer and Cyan? That means a new friend of ours!
Layle: Hmm... Presumably a friend of Edgar's then, too.
Celes: Ah, who might you be?

Celes: A different world... Warriors of light... Another, newly formed Returners...
Cyan: It is expected that thou wouldst be confused. I had no easy time grasping it myself.
Layle: Is it that complicated? It all made sense to me.
Zell: You get used to things too easily...
Setzer: We're not alone. Terra and Shadow are here, too. Don't you worry.
Celes: And Kefka... That menace is also here...
Cyan: That villain would lead this world to ruin as well. We mustn't let him roam free!
Layle: So is it safe to assume you'll be coming with us? You have a beef with Kefka, too, I'd wager.
Zell: He's not the only punk up to no good either. You gotta help us out!
Celes: I have no reason to decline. Allow me to join your ranks.
Celes: We'll cut short their wicked ambitions!
Strength of Heart*:
Edgar: The dignified rose mayn't choose where it blooms. Your beauty is unchanging.
Celes: As is your philandering, Edgar.
Sabin: Gah-ha-ha-ha! He's always raring to go!
Shantotto: And you're always deafening, you know.
Cecil: There is nothing better than friends with whom you can laugh out loud, Shantotto.
Shantotto: I understand you belonged to the imperial army or somesuch in your land.
Shantotto: Which should make you enemies with these two. What caused you to give them a hand?
Celes: I was a general of the Gestahlian Empire...but no longer...
Edgar: Emperor Gestahl used his military might to invade nations the world over. With Kefka at his side.
Sabin: And Celes had had enough of it! That's why she teamed up with us!
Cecil: You also turned against your homeland...and that courage changed the world...
Celes: I don't know that I'd call it courage...but I am indeed a traitor.
Terra: No, you're nothing of the sort.
Terra: You've risked your life fighting to rescue the innocent.
Edgar: Hear, hear. A true servicewoman is the one who sincerely puts the happiness of civilians first.
Edgar: More properly, it is the emperor who is the traitor. Such a selfish individual is wholly unfit as a head of state.
Shantotto: More importantly...if you hail from the same country, you must know of that clown's pedigree.
Celes: Kefka...and I are the same. We were both artificially infused with magic to become magitek knights.
Cecil: The same!?
Celes: You could say Kefka paid for his power with his sanity.
Celes: One wrong step, and that could have been me...
Sabin: You as mad as Kefka? I can't even begin to imagine it.
Shantotto: Driven mad with magic power? Don't make me sniff. It just shows how fragile his mind was to begin with.
Cecil: Your strength of heart let you resist the temptation of power. At least that is what I believe.
Celes: ...Thank you, Cecil.
Shantotto: Be that as it may...
Shantotto: One man-made magitek knight...
Shantotto: And one natural-born mage...
Shantotto: I couldn't have produced better test subjects had I myself set the stage!
Edgar: Absolutely!
Sabin: Not!
Shantotto: Oh ho ho ho! Haven't you ever heard a joke, you lot?
Terra: It didn't sound like she was joking...
A Play*:
Eiko: I fear I love thee more than I should!
Zidane: Princess... Wilt thou be happy, married to a lowly peasant such as I?
Eiko: Prithee, call me "princess" no more!
Eiko: Wilt thou truly cherish me, the king's only daughter?
Eiko: Or is such a desire too dear to wish for!? After our nuptials, shall I...shall I...
Zidane: "...Become no more than a puppet?"
Eiko: Arrrgh! I completely forgot it! Darn it, darn it, darn it!

(The rest of the party arrives)

Garnet: Haha, shall we take it once more from the top then?
Setzer: What are you all doing here?
Eiko: We're practicing a play. Garnet knows all the lines, so we're going over it from scratch.
Celes: A play?
Vivi: It's called "I Want to Be Your Canary." It's really popular back home.
Setzer: Aha, I see... This sounds like Celes's cue.
Celes: H-hey! Don't even start!
Zidane: You have theater experience?
Setzer: You bet she does. She's even sung the leading role in an enormous opera production.
Celes: I had no choice! You know—
Eiko: Wow, Celes! That's so cool!
Vivi: I'd love to see you in the play!
Garnet: As would I!
Celes: Ulp... W-well, if you insist... Give me a moment to warm up...
Celes: Ahhh, mi mi mi mi~ Ahem, Ma~ri~a~
Setzer: Heh. Not bad.
Celes: O my hero, my beloved, / Shall we still be made to part, / Though promises of perennial love / Yet sing here in my heart?
Celes: I'm the darkness, you're the starlight / Shining brightly from afar. / Through hours of despair, / I offer this prayer / To you, my evening star.
Celes: ...How'd I sound?
Garnet: ...I'm so moved! Your voice is so strong and clear! There's no denying you're a star!
Eiko: I was hypnotized! I could listen to you forever!
Zidane: Yeah, you blew away all my expectations!
Vivi: It was wonderful!
Celes: R-really? Well, I guess I can sing a little more...
Celes: Must my final vows exchanged / Be with him and not with you? / Were you only here to quiet my fear... / O speak! Guide me anew.
Setzer: ...Let's not get carried away now...
The World's Rules:
Terra: Before you met us, you were attacked by manikins of Setzer and Cyan, right?
Celes: Yes... They looked so much alike, I'm sorry to admit I let my guard down.
Tidus: Those things sure are a piece of work. When I first saw Seymour's manikin, I couldn't tell either.
Bartz: They couldn't fool me! I'd never seen the real Galuf sparkle like that!
Galuf: Good grief. You choose the oddest things to be astute about...
Galuf: Be that as it may, isn't it true you learnt I was here after finding a manikin of me?
Celes: In other words...
Celes: If we see a manikin of someone, it means that person's somewhere out there in this world?
Shadow: That would be a natural conclusion.
Terra: Mog says the manikins are created by Spiritus...
Shadow: If you believe what he says.
Terra: He didn't seem to be lying, though!
Tidus: Now, now, arguing won't get us anywhere.
Celes: Assuming it's true, why would Spiritus make those copies?
Bartz: Ummm, aren't he and the goddess who summoned us on real bad terms?
Celes: Enjoying watching allies fight each other? I did point my blade at Setzer...
Tidus: You mean he's trying to get us all mixed up?
Shadow: That does not explain the manikins of our adversaries from our home worlds.
Tidus: Ah, good point...
Galuf: Manikins usually appear in or around Torsions, a road anyone who's come here has taken...
Galuf: We're bound to learn the source of the manikins in time, wouldn't you say?
Bartz: There's lots of enemies with manikins as lackeys, too.
Celes: So Spiritus makes manikins of anyone who comes through a Torsion...
Celes: And then places them under the command of the warriors he's summoned...?
Tidus: Has she got it right?
Shadow: I can't jump to any conclusions, nor have I a reason to.
Terra: I'll go ask Mog again. Maybe he has something new to tell us.
Celes: I'll go with you. There's plenty more I'd like to know, too.

(Terra and Celes leave)

Shadow: ...Too bad it's a waste of your time.

The Proud Lance of Baron[]

Reunion and Coalition:

Depending on your progress in the story, characters you have yet to recruit may appear in these events.

???: So this is how the worlds are connected... But to where does this lead...?
Cecil: Is that...Kain!? You're here!

(The rest of the party arrives)

Edge: Somebody you know, Cecil?
Yang: A dragoon of Baron, he is Lord Cecil's close friend. ...Or was...
Kain: Edge... Yang... I see. You two have lost it as well.
Kain: Cecil... To think you'd lose the hallowed light...
Cecil: What do you mean? What are you doing here?
Kain: ...Don't be so suspicious of me. How long have we known each other? My voice should be enough to understand.
Kain: Be at ease... I have no interest in conflict here. What we hope to protect is the same.

(Kain leaves)

Mog: Kupo! He entered the Torsion, kupo!
Warrior of Light: Does he intend to close it by himself?
Edge: He'll be in a bind if he is! Let's go give him a hand!
Cecil: I know we ought to. But Kain...
Yang: He broke off relations with Lord Cecil to serve under a villain. My homeland, too, his forces...
Warrior of Light: He appeared to be concerned for your wellbeing, though.
Warrior of Light: That you had lost something...
Cecil: You lost some of your memories when you came here. It is to that he must have been referring.
Edge: Come to think of it, he knew my name.
Edge: I don't know any dragoons... Huh? I...?
Yang: Is there something we may have forgotten about Lord Kain and ourselves...?
Cecil: Let us enter this Torsion as well. If Kain knows would be in our interest to know as well.
Edge: Amen! This is gonna bug me if we don't clear things up!

(Everyone leaves, except Cecil and Mog)

Cecil: Mog...there is something I would ask you.
Mog: Kupo?
Cecil: The light... Did you sense it in him?
Mog: If he's planning to use his powers properly, then it's the light, kupo!
Cecil: ...I see.

(Cecil and Mog enter the Torsion)

The Proud Lance of Baron Pt. 1:

(Wave 3: Kain)

Cecil: Kain!? Why!?
Kain: ...That should be obvious. Draw your blade, Cecil!
Cecil: Gr...!
Bartz: The Torsion closed! Wait, that means...!
Kain: I created it. And by defeating me, you closed it.
Cecil: Why, Kain! Why would you threaten the world this way!
Cecil: Unless... Is someone manipulating you!?
Squall: ...This isn't like you.
Squall: Would you mind speaking so we can follow along, too?
Onion Knight: Tell us what's going on. Wasn't there something you wanted to know?
Kain: ...That moogle is not here.
Kain: Have you noticed while battling in this world a feeling that your strength is being drawn out of you?
King: Yeah, we have wondered about that.
King: It seems most obvious when fighting inside a Torsion.
Kain: How about when fighting against me, a warrior from another world like yourselves?
Squall: It was more pronounced than going up against manikins or monsters...maybe.
Bartz: Ah! Come to think of it, it might've felt that way whenever we fight those other guys, too!
Onion Knight: So you picked a fight with us to figure that out.
Kain: I don't have all the answers.
Kain: Only...I've been told what's draining your strength is that moogle.
Cecil: Who told you that?
Kain: You aren't ready to know.
Cecil: Because I've...forgotten something important?
Cecil: Kain... Please tell me. I... What have I lost?
Kain: Something meaningless if you can't remember on your own.
Squall: So what now? Going back to whoever is feeding you info?
Kain: That was my plan...
Bartz: And you're just gonna leave your friend worried and confused?
Kain: He's the one who does not trust me... But you are right, warrior from another world.
Kain: I cannot leave Cecil in this state. I will join you on your journey.
Onion Knight: That would be a big help. Let's share what we know.
Cecil: Kain... Can I trust you...?
Kain: Call me a traitor if you like. ...I will bring the light back to my friend.
Who's the Sensible One*:
Zell: Yo, Kain! How do you train to jump like that?
Zell: You can jump really high, right? I wanna jump like you, too!
Kain: Many years of dragoon training. It's not something you'll learn in a day.

(The rest of the party arrives)

Bartz: Huh, you don't say.
Bartz: In our world, the crystals can give us all sorts of jobs—er...powers.
Bartz: I guess it's a little different from how Kain does it, but I could jump, too!
Vaan: Hmmm... I know we had all sorts in our world, but did we have dragoons?
Rem: Even if we use the same word for it, a dragoon can be completely different from world to world, it seems.
Rem: In Orience, there was a kingdom whose soldiers fought while mounted on dragons.
Zell: Get out! Oh, man, that's so rad!
Rem: Our countries were at war, though, so they were our enemy...
Vaan: That sucks.
Kain: A lively party... ...Cecil?
Cecil: ...Our friends from other worlds have been able to accept Kain without prejudice.
Cecil: And yet I...cannot even trust my dear friend...

(Kain approaches Cecil)

Kain: ...That's not your fault.
Cecil: Kain...I... I am sorry...
Kain: It's fine. In the memories you have now, I am still a traitor.
Cecil: Is there no way you will tell me what I've forgotten?
Kain: No. If you cannot reclaim it yourself, your hallowed light will have no brilliance to it.
Kain: And it does nothing to change the fact that I did betray you.

(The party approaches Cecil and Kain)

Vaan: Are you talking about something serious?
Zell: Hey, we know we can count on him! Don't sweat the small stuff!
Bartz: You alright, Cecil?
Cecil: Yes... Sorry to worry you. Let us be on our way.
Unwavering Feelings*:
Yuna: Watching you reminds me of one of my guardians.
Kain: ...What do you mean?
Yuna: He also wields a spear... I could always count on him.
Vivi: One of my friends is a dragoon, too. She's really cool!
Firion: Dragoons in my world had already died out... Kain, what was their state in your home?
Kain: The Dragoons of Baron stood shoulder to shoulder with the Red Wings, our air force.
Kain: Though in recent years perhaps, the king's favor fell more so upon the Red Wings.
Firion: What made you decide to become a dragoon?
Kain: Heh... You are a curious lot. What is the point in asking such a thing?
Vanille: Is it so weird to want to hear about a friend?
Cloud: ...It's just small talk.
Firion: Forgive us if it's something you'd rather not share. I just wanted to know more about your world.
Yuna: Everyone is interested since there's so much we don't know about each other.
Kain: ...Is that so?
Kain: I...chose the life of a dragoon out of pride.
Vivi: Were you always with Mr. Cecil? You're best friends, right?
Kain: Yes... We grew up together.
Vanille: You're childhood friends? Oh! Mine also uses a spear.
Vanille: ...Where could she be now? She just popped into my mind.
Vivi: I'm sure you'll see her again.
Firion: Though best friends, you and Cecil are having a hard time of it...
Cloud: It's the Torsions... They've taken something from all of us.
Yuna: ...It's a little scary. I wonder what it is I don't remember.
Kain: You'll remember eventually as we journey on.
Kain: The question is, what will you do when what was lost is reclaimed?
Cloud: Everyone from your world seems to have lost something pretty important.
Kain: Indeed, but...
Kain: With comrades such as all of you, I'm certain they'll regain it.
Firion: That's right... We're all in this together.
Our Path Together:
Warrior of Light: You've grown more pensive since Kain joined us.
Zidane: Is it whatever you can't remember from back home that's eating you?
Cecil: ...Indeed. I've lost something important that for the life of me...I just can't figure out.
Cecil: But more painful than that is this cold-hearted distrust of my friend.
Cecil: Have I...let my heart become as black as this armor...?
Zidane: For such a softie, you're way too hard on yourself.
Warrior of Light: As am I. Everyone has missing memories to some extent or another... I know this thanks to him.
Zidane: I trust Kain. After all, he's sticking his neck out there for everyone, right?
Warrior of Light: Agreed. His spear shows us the way.
Warrior of Light: The mystery to be solved is the Torsions...
Cecil: If we can know them, we can know what it is we have lost, is it?
Cecil: You two are right. There is nothing to gain in fretting...
Zidane: The way I see it, Kain's defending you along with the rest of us.
Zidane: Any doubts you have'll clear up eventually, hear?
Cecil: Thank you, Zidane. As I am, I will do what I can to believe that.

Kain: Cecil and his companions were summoned by this Materia...
Kain: Could the difference in our memories have to do with who summoned us?

Spiritus: Warrior burdened with the mark of treachery... Go, and protect my world!
Kain: As though I would fight for your sake.
Kain: I protect my friend.
???: ...You came, Kain.
???: Now, to Cecil's side with you...
Kain: Heh... My thoughts exactly.

(Kain follows Golbez)

The Beautiful Archeress[]

Blooming in the Woods:

Depending on your progress in the story, characters you have yet to recruit may appear in these events.

???: No! Leave me be!

(Maria runs away, pursued by Warrior of Light and Firion Manikins)

???: Ah! A hiding spot!

(Maria hides while the Manikins run off)

???: ...Whew. Finally they're gone.
???: How did I get myself into this...? I can't even tell where I am.
???: Nor can I take another step. I'm exhausted...
???: ...I wish the others were here. Firion... Sniff...
???: Oh? What's this?

(Maria notices rose petals in the air and follows them to a field of wild roses)

???: Wild rose... The rebel army's password. A flower of hope that connects us.
???: Blooming even here, deep in these woods, unwithered and full of vigor.
???: ...No, I mustn't give up now.
???: If I continue running, I should find the others! This is no time to stop!
???: ...You have my thanks.

(Maria runs off)

Another Rebellion:
Firion: This forest is crawling with monsters. Let's watch our step...
Yang: Hrm! Speak of the devil...!

(Maria runs in)

???: Firion...!
Firion: Maria!? Is that you!?
Maria: Ah! Firion, I finally found you!
Firion: I'm glad to see you safe and sound. Did you come through this forest on your own?
Maria: I thought I was a goner with all the fiends at my heels...
Maria: the moment I had nearly given up hope, I came across a patch of wild rose that reminded me of you and the others...
Maria: That gave me just what I needed to carry on.
Firion: I see. We owe it to the wild rose...our password in the rebellion.
Galuf: Rebellion? Is she also one of your Returners?
Shadow: ...Her face is unknown to me. A new recruit?
Firion: There's a resistance back in our world, too. Maria and I both fought together for the rebel army.
Maria: Returners? Back in our world?
Layle: How about you fill her in, Firion?
Firion: Maria, try not to panic, but the world we're in now...

Maria: ...So it's the fault of these Torsions that we've all been torn from our homes.
Layle: We're all in the same boat here. Summoned by a "god" of some sort to fight for the "sake of the world."
Yang: If we do not defend this world, our home worlds are also at risk of being consumed... In other words, we also fight to protect our own worlds...
Yang: Or that is what Lord Mog has professed...
Shadow: With no evidence to back up the claim.
Galuf: Moreover, it's not only the villains who can create Torsions... We're up to our necks in mysteries.
Firion: Did you happen to feel as though your strength was being drawn out of you when you passed through the Torsion or while battling monsters?
Maria: Come to think of it, my legs were trembling...but I had assumed it was from fear and exhaustion...
Shadow: If only it were just that.
Layle: My employer, the Returners, is the group trying to get to the bottom of why we're here and what these gods are up to.
Maria: Leave it to Firion to join the rebellion in a completely different world.
Firion: Our other friends from the rebel army must be here, too.
Firion: Let's find them together. And uncover the mysteries of this world! You will join us, won't you?
Maria: But of course! I wouldn't want to disappoint any of you!
Galuf: Ho ho ho! Admirable confidence.
Yang: We will put our faith in you, Lady Maria!
Like Siblings:
Wakka: Alrighty then. That's enough of a break. Let's hit the road again, yeah?
Penelo: ...Huh? I don't see Yuna.
Yuna: Sorry to keep you!

(Yuna runs in)

Yuna: Forgive me, I must have started to doze off...
Vaan: Ha ha, no kidding! Nice bed head!
Yuna: Eh!? B-bed head!?
Yuna: Ohhh, not again...
Vaan: You know, for as much as you look like you've got it together, you can be pretty scatterbrained sometimes.
Wakka: Right? She's been like that since way back when.
Maria: Since way back? Are you two childhood friends?
Yuna: We grew up together like siblings in the same village.
Maria: Like siblings... Just like me and Firion.
Wakka: Oh yeah? You two also have a long history together?
Firion: I was without mother or father, so Maria's took me in.
Vaan: Oh, so you're family.
Maria: Yes. We had a quiet life together in a small town in the Kingdom of Fynn.
Maria: ...Until the day the Palamecian Empire attacked...
Maria: We lost both our parents...and though our brother Leon escaped with us, we were separated from him, too...
Yuna: ...How dreadful. I'm so sorry...
Penelo: Imperial invasions happen in any world...huh...
Penelo: War takes everyone... Family... Homeland...
Wakka: It always felt like Spira was full of tragedy...but I guess every world has to put up with its share of crapola...
Wakka: Shoot! Can't start dwelling on the past!
Vaan: Separated from your brother...'cause of the empire...
Maria: Did you...go through something similar in your world?
Vaan: Me and Penelo are both orphans, too. It's a pretty common story. But that doesn't mean we're alone.
Firion: That's right. We're not alone. Even if the world changes, that's still the same.
Firion: So let's keep our eyes on the future. Surely Leon, too, will...
Maria: Yes, you're right. Let's go!
Wakka: Fore that, though, let's give Lady Yuna a chance to fix her hair.
Yuna: Oooh, Wakka!
Unexpected Firecracker*:
Celes: Ah...a dead end. There's not much we can do about a rampart such as this.
Auron: We'll have to turn back and look for another way around.
Cater: Whaaat!? We already came this far! What a waste!
Vanille: Yeah, isn't there something we can do? Maybe try climbing it?
Celes: Please... What if someone falls?
Auron: I doubt anyone plans on falling...
Mog: Let's give up here, kupo. I'll start looking for another route.
Vanille: Hey, can't you float us over the wall?
Mog: Not likely, kupo... It's not even an emergency, and if I dropped someone midway...kupo...
Cater: Well, there is NO way I'm going back the way we came.
Celes: This isn't going anywhere... Maria, what do you think?
Maria: I understand how Cater feels, but we shouldn't consider scaling it.
Maria: We have children like Vivi and Eiko with us, too, after all. Do try to bear it.
Cater: Yeah... I guess that would be hard on them.
Vanille: If we can't climb it...what if we knocked it down?
Auron: What are you thinking...?
Vanille: Haha, I was only joking.
Maria: ...Why didn't I think of that...?
Maria: Mog, are there any cannons on the airship?
Mog: Kupo? C-cannons, kupo?
Maria: Or maybe Cater's guns have enough magic power...
Auron: Maria? Don't tell me...
Maria: It's settled! Let's blow this thing up!
Celes: You can't be serious! The whole wall!?
Vanille: Yeah, I don't know about that...
Cater: I'm in! The best answer is the simplest one!
Celes: H-hold on! If you blow it up, what about all the debris!?
Auron: Crushed under a collapsing wall is just as much a dead end.
Cater: Uh, didn't think about that. We could hide behind something...but I don't see anyplace...
Mog: Another route is the only answer, kupo. Give it up, you two.

(Everyone leaves, except Auron and Celes)

Maria: I thought it was a good idea...
Auron: "Let's blow this thing up!" She's more of a firecracker than I would have expected.
Celes: Indeed... Doubtless she's seen her fair share of mayhem in the rebel army.
Thinking of Home*:
Maria: It is not only back home, but in this world, too, the battles are unceasing...
Maria: The peaceful days spent with my family have become a distant memory...
Cait Sith: Oh, Maria?

(The rest of the party arrives)

Cait Sith: What's got you so down?
Maria: ...I'm sorry. I was thinking of home...
Seven: Yours and Firion's...?
Ramza: You had mentioned your hometown was caught up in war, and you were separated from your family...
Ramza: There is no end to conflict in my world as well. ...I share your pain.
Chelinka: It's sad and scary to lose family... For your family to lose you, too...
Chelinka: can't lose hope... Once you do, you can never change your fate...
Chelinka: I know there's still hope for your world, so please...don't give up...
Kain: ...Agreed. Everyone—even those in similar circumstances—that's what we're fighting to protect.
Maria: You're all too kind...
Seven: Oh, yeah. Cait Sith, how about a fortune telling?
Cait Sith: Fortune telling? Of what?
Seven: Maria's fortune, of course. Isn't that your deal?
Cait Sith: Oh, you better believe it! Let's give it a whirl!

(Cait Sith gives a fortune)

Cait Sith: Beyond ordeals lies an unexpected reunion. Your lucky color is a daaark one...
Seven: Look at that. A reunion awaits you.
Kain: Ordeals, eh... Will those be obstacles before you...or within?
Ramza: But whatever could, "Your lucky color is a dark one," mean?
Cait Sith: Hmm... It's just a regular fortune, so maybe a connection to something black?
Chelinka: But doesn't that give you something to look forward to now?
Maria: ...Haha, thank you.
Maria: Yes, I do think that fortune gave me a little bit of hope.
Cait Sith: Oho! I couldn't be happier to hear it! Fortune must be smiling on this fortune-telling machine!
Maria: If I can live with my family again...
Maria: I will overcome any ordeal I must!
Seven: That's the spirit.
Ramza: Aye, and we will aid you in any way we can.

A Mischievous Black Mage[]

Angry at Us:

Depending on your progress in the story, characters you have yet to recruit may appear in these events.

Mog: There's a Torsion hidden deep inside this forest, kupo! Let's go!

(Mog leaves)

Vivi: ...Huh? What're we waiting for?
Cecil: ...It would seem we are being stalked.
Edge: Yeah it would...

(Mog returns)

Mog: Kupo? What do you mean, kupo?
Edge: You can't tell? There's a pack of monsters breathing down our necks.

(A Bomb arrives, with markings drawn on its face)

Bomb: Grrrrrr...!!

(The party is surrounded by Bombs with the same markings)

Vivi: Ack! Wh-why're there so many!?
Cecil: And they look particularly bloodthirsty.
Mog: I don't get it, kupo! We didn't do anything to upset them, kupo!
Bomb: Graaagh!!

(A Bomb explodes in front of Vivi)

Vivi: Wahhh!!
Cecil: Vivi! Are you alright!?
Vivi: Y-yeah, somehow...
Vivi: But look at these monsters... Was someone scribbling on them?
Cecil: Scribbling...?
Bomb: Grrrowl!
Edge: Whoa, you're right! Take a look! They're all covered in doodles!
Cecil: That explains their ire.
Mog: Kupo! We've been framed, kupo! Who's responsible for this, kupo!?
Bomb: Groarrr!
Edge: Save your interrogation! Here they come!
The Guilty Prankster:
Mog: Kupo... That was a close one...
Bartz: Been a while since I've seen monsters that angry.
Yuffie: Even if they're monsters, drawing all over them's a nasty trick.
Wakka: ...Ya know, Yuffie, you should prolly come clean sooner of later, yeah?
Yuffie: Hm...? M-me!?
Mog: Good point... That's exactly the sort of prank Yuffie would pull, kupo.
Yuffie: H-hang on a minute there! It wasn't me!
Cecil: Hmmm...
Yuffie: Ahhh! Don't you start suspecting me, too! Ya'll keep doubting me like that, I'm gonna turn to a life of crime!
???: Waughhh! Lemme alone!

(Palom arrives)

???: Wau...uh?
Cecil: Is that...Palom!?
Palom: Alright! This is in the bag! Come and get it, you stupid monsters!

(A Bomb arrives)

Bomb: Grrrrrr...!!
Mog: That face... They're really angry, kupo...
Cecil: ...Palom, is this your doing?
Palom: Perfect timing! These dummies have got the shortest tempers!
Wakka: So would anyone if you draw all over them!
Yuffie: Whew! This clears my name!
Bartz: Don't feel relieved yet!
Bomb: Graaaaaagh!!
A New Friend:
Palom: Heh heh! That takes care of that!
Steiner: I will have no heh-heh-ing from you! You nearly got us killed!
Cecil: Explain yourself, Palom.
Palom: Ulp... You're not angry...are you?
Steiner: Of course we are, you little prankster!
Yuffie: And how! You made everyone turn on me!
Palom: Aww, but there're so many monsters around here, you know? So I thought I'd practice my magic a little and clean their clocks.
Vivi: You mean...all by yourself?
Palom: Of course! Who do you think you're talking to? I'm the great Palom, magical prodigy of Mysidia!
Vivi: Wow, really? That's pretty cool!
Cecil: ...And? What does magic practice have to do with doodling on monsters?
Palom: Er, well...
Palom: They were all sleeping so peacefully, I couldn't resist, and one thing led to another...
Cecil: And they woke up and pursued you in their anger...
Zidane: Good grief, who would prank a pack of monsters?
Mog: Kupo! But, but! That's exactly the type of adventurous spirit we'll need in the heat of battle, kupo!
Yuffie: Gee, that's a nice way to excuse it.
Cecil: Mog, is it safe to assume Palom's will is also of the light?
Mog: It is, kupo! I want this mischievous black mage on our team, kupo!
Palom: Great! 'Cause I was coming with ya anyway!
Steiner: This does not sit well with me.
Palom: Don't look so gloomy, Pops! Be glad I'm here to help you out!
Yuffie: What an attitude.
Steiner: I cannot claim to see much difference from you.
Yuffie: Don't you compare me with that kid!
Palom: My magic's the best under the sun! Just wait and see!
Vivi: I'm Vivi! I'm a black mage, too!
Palom: No kidding? Not bad for a squirt!
Palom: Alright then! I'll teach ya some real great magic over there! C'mon!
Zidane: If Vivi has a new friend, it can't be a bad thing...right?
That Reminded Me*:
Chelinka: Yuri! Where are you? Yuuuri!
Tifa: Palom! If you can hear us, come on out!

(Mog and Kain arrive)

Mog: No luck, kupo... They're nowhere to be found.
Kain: The monsters in the vicinity are fierce. We mustn't let our guard down.
Chelinka: Oh dear... Yuri!
Tifa: Let's split up one more time. They can't have gone that far.
Palom: Hey, how's it goin'?

(Yuri and Palom arrive)

Chelinka: Yuri! Palom!
Palom: Huh? Why's everyone so shocked to see us?
Tifa: You should know why! You're the ones who ran off without telling anyone!
Mog: Where were you two, kupo?
Yuri: There was this real interesting looking spot, so we went to go investigate.
Palom: It was dark and damp and spooky. We had a blast!
Chelinka: And all by yourselves... What if some monsters found you!
Palom: Me and Yuri'd take care of 'em!
Chelinka: That's not what I'm talking about.
Chelinka: I was so worried... Can't you be even a little sorry!
Yuri: Sorry, sorry! We'll be more careful next time...
Tifa: Palom, do you understand, too?
Tifa: ...? Palom?
Palom: We were wrong... Sorry to make you worry about us...
Tifa: No way! He actually...!
Mog: Apologized, kupo! And didn't make any excuses!
Kain: What curious turn of events might this be?
Palom: Getting chewed out by Chelinka just reminded me of my sister...
Yuri: You have a sister?
Palom: Yeah, older twin sister. Her name is Porom. She's a white mage.
Tifa: Huh... Are you at all similar?
Kain: Other than appearance, not in the least.
Palom: I'm so jealous that Yuri gets to have his sister here with him.
Palom: We were always together, but now...
Tifa: Cheer up. I'm sure we'll run into her soon.
Mog: She might already be here, kupo! We should hurry up and find her!
Chelinka: Yes, we can't leave her all alone in a dangerous place like this.
Palom: Hey, she isn't the wimp you seem to think she is! Monsters won't get her that easily!
Palom: We're the magical prodigies of Mysidia, after all!
Palom: You'll all help me look for her, right?
Chelinka: Of course.
You Hafta Bluff?*:
Vivi: Here I go! Pow!

(Vivi defeats a Skeleton)

Palom: Ohhh! You did it, Vivi! All that training paid off!
Vivi: Hehe... Thanks, Palom. You think I got a little stronger?
Palom: Yeah, you did! Now you can use real great magic, too!
Palom: Let's go show everyone! This calls for a real great exhibition ceremony!

(Palom runs off)

Vivi: E-exhibition...?

Cait Sith: Hey, now, what's all the buzz about?
Ashe: I do not know. I was simply asked to come here.

(Vivi and Palom arrive)

Palom: Heya! Sorry to keep all y'all waiting!
Palom: Vivi's gonna show you all the real great magic I taught him! Aren't ya, Vivi!
Vivi: Uh, hi there...
Palom: Oh? And here's a monster!
Palom: Alright, Vivi! Do your stuff!
Vivi: O-okay...!

(Vivi faces a Red Dragon)

Vivi: Ahhh! I can't handle this by myself!
Red Dragon: Rrrgh...!

Ramza: Vivi! Look out!
Ashe: To his aid!
Cait Sith: On my way!

Vivi: Whew... That was scary...
Palom: Aw, Vivi! Quit yer whining! That thing woulda been toast with your real great magic!
Vivi: Wh-what do you think I am...?
Palom: sometimes ya gotta bluff it! Puff yer chest out and face it like a man!
Cait Sith: You're sure a feisty lad.
Ramza: Verily, I am fain to believe he would not back down before any foe.
Palom: You got that right! Watch this! I'll show you how strong I really am!

(Palom runs off)

Palom: Waaaugh! Even I can't handle this many all at once!
Cait Sith: Now what?
Ashe: I suppose some things you cannot bluff.
Ramza: That is what for we have our brothers- and sisters-in-arms.
Vivi: Right! Let's help him! Palom, we're coming!

Taking the Gods' Stage[]

To Alter Fate:

Depending on your progress in the story, characters you have yet to recruit may appear in these events.

Golbez: ...So you will go.
Kuja: I need to know. Being a puppet isn't my style.
Kuja: You've felt it, I'm sure. That sensation of someone draining away our power...
Golbez: Furthermore, that moogle... It is no mere spirit...
Golbez: If you are at their side, you may learn its true identity.
Kuja: My plans aren't so grandiose as that.
Kuja: ...The audience has simply tired of waiting for me to take the stage.

(Kuja leaves)

Mog: Kupo! A Torsion is forming, kupo!

(Kuja comes out from the Torsion)

Zidane: Kuja... So this is one of your Torsions, is it?
Kuja: Why, so it is. You need something to fight, don't you? How can we call this a show without an action sequence?
Mog: Your underhanded theatrics end here, kupo!
Steiner: Why you! This time you will get the drubbing you deserve!
Kuja: Heh... Yes, do give it all you've got.
Setzer: ...I suspect he's bluffing; dare we play along?
Zidane: He's not getting away this time. I'll drag the truth out of him if I have to!
Kuja: You should save that line for after you've won the battle.
Entrance Cue:
Kuja: Now then... The villain, yours truly, is thus trounced...
Kuja: And the Torsion vanishes. All according to the moogle's script, I do believe.
Balthier: If there's something you want to say, try spitting it out.
Zidane: What is it you know? About Mog? About the Torsions?
Kuja: Heh heh... Well, for about this?
Mog: Kupo!? These are...dimensional coordinates!?
Vivi: Huh!? Does that mean...Kuja's gonna fight for us!?
Mog He can now, kupo. He doesn't have to travel with us, but we can call on him anytime, kupo...
Edgar: Then do tell, what's your motive? I assume that know-it-all smirk isn't an act.
Kuja: This is just a cameo for now...
Kuja: It will be a while yet before I take center stage.

(Kuja leaves)

Balthier: Please... start pretending you're the leading man and you'll be sorry to find someone else already in the spotlight.
Zidane: Hold on! I'm not done with you!
Mog: ...Should I try summoning him, kupo?
Edgar: No, he's not the type to engage in decent conversation anyway. More importantly...
Zidane: Vivi... Calling him an "ally" all of a sudden has to be hard to swallow.
Vivi: I don't know...
Vivi: I feel scared...but I also feel like I need to be brave enough to accept that his powers can help us...
Balthier: I'm not surprised it's confusing for you. The man was your enemy back in your world.
Edgar: The rest of us don't know anything about him, but we can appreciate how complicated your feelings must be.
Edgar: But thinking about our next steps, if you'll forgive me saying so, we stand to profit from his abilities and knowledge.
Zidane: What he's done back in our world is completely unforgivable. Especially what he's done to your friends...
Zidane: Even so...I think we might need him here.
Vivi: Yeah... I know...
Zidane: If it looks like Kuja's going back to his old tricks for even a second, I'll be there to rein him in. 'Kay?
Balthier: Why do I feel left out?
Edgar: If such a thing happens, we'll all be here to make things right.
Zidane: Ah...yeah. That's right. We're in this together.
Vivi: Thanks... Everyone. I'll do my best, too, and think things over.
The Gods' Plotline*:
Zidane: Kuja's...gotta be planning to alter his fate back home.
Zidane: Vincent, weren't you trying to do something similar?
Vincent: ...Yes, though it ended in failure.
Tidus: How can someone even alter fate to begin with?
Shantotto: Well, creating Torsions is a power we all possess.
Shantotto: So manipulating the jumble of time and space within them would be my guess.
Vincent: That's the idea.
Garnet: The Torsions also affected our memories when they brought us here, did they not?
Vincent: They distort time itself. For instance, some who should have already passed are living and breathing among us...
Vincent: Yet this fact hardly strikes us as strange... Whether that's also the work of the Torsions, I don't know...
Vincent: I don't know, was enough to make me think the sins I'd committed were redeemable.
Shantotto: Short of even a hypothesis.
Shantotto: To be of use to my research, such details are worthless.
Vivi: People who've already died...are living among us...
Tidus: That means Kuja has someone he wants to bring back to life?
Zidane: If there's any mortal fate he wants to's his own.
Zidane: Kuja can't accept that his days are numbered.
Vincent: I searched for some means under that mage Kefka, and did little more than err for it.
Vincent: It's unlikely Kuja will have any better success.
Tidus: ...Everyone dies eventually.
Vivi: Yeah... That's what we leave memories for.
Tidus: Exactly!
Tidus: If I'm gonna disappear at some point, if someone remembers me...even just once in a while...that's enough for me.
Vivi: ...Me, too. That's why I'm traveling with everyone...
Garnet: To leave memories... No doubt our adventure here will become valuable memories, too.
Zidane: Yeah. ...Be nice if Kuja could come around to see things that way.
Resurrected Memories*:
Lightning: It seems that Kuja is only interested in being evasive, and isn't going to give us a whit of information.
Cyan: What sort of man is he?
Zidane: "What sort..."? Man, where to start?
Steiner: He fomented strife the world over by manipulating Alexandria from the shadows.
Eiko: It is all his fault the kingdom fell to shambles!
Cyan: So it is fair to say he is not a man of virtue.
Lightning: The situation sounds more complicated for Zidane and Vivi, though.
Vivi: Kuja created all of us black mages in our world...
Vivi: A lot of my friends were used like tools and got really hurt.
Zidane: ...Kuja's own life was created to be a tool for someone else.
Zidane: Learning that drove him to despair. He probably...wants to change that.
Lightning: Do you think changing his fate would be beneficial for all of you as well?
Steiner: Such as turning everything back to the way things were...?
Eiko: No! That wouldn't solve anything!
Vivi: ...Yeah. A lot of bad things happened...but we shouldn't act like they didn't happen.
Cyan: To fear death...and regret one's failings are feelings present in anyone.
Cyan: ...The number of times I have lamented my country's ruin, the loss of my family, are uncountable...
Steiner: is because of our journey that the princess and I are who we are today.
Cyan: Verily. It is what lies beyond after seeing it through those terrible memories.
Lightning: Anyway, still nothing proves we or the gods here have any power to meddle with time back in our own worlds.
Lightning: You have to keep your eyes front and move on. ...Regret is a waste of time.

(Lightning leaves)

Zidane: Yeah, I know.
Eiko: I'm with you, Lightning! When the going gets tough, I'm going with my eyes front!

(Eiko leaves)

Steiner: Indeed... Let us carry on.

(Steiner and Cyan leave)

Vivi: ...Zidane?
Zidane: I'm fine, Vivi. You go on ahead.

(Vivi leaves)

Zidane: Kuja...please... At least in this world...don't go down the wrong path...
Zidane: Maybe if it's someplace within my reach...I can help you.

(A Torsion opens offscreen)

Kuja: My, my... What a strong cast.

(Kuja walks in)

Irvine: Oh, it's the show-off pretty boy. What's the occasion?
Terra: If you've come here without Mog summoning you, that means...
Edgar: You have something to tell us that's not for moogle ears.
Kuja: Heh... No pivotal revelations quite yet. We wouldn't want to spoil the story.
Serah: Then tell us what you can. I don't care who it's from; I just want answers.
Kuja: ...Such a strong heroine.
Kuja: Let us talk about gods, today. Two gods who created a world.
Warrior of Light: The goddess who summoned us, Materia... And the other being Spiritus...
Kuja: Yes, Materia and Spiritus—a perpetually bickering pair.
Kuja: I was summoned by Spiritus. His sole concern is power, and he pays little heed to one's...people skills in their worlds.
Irvine: Well, that's funny. Didn't the two of them make the world?
Kuja: Yes, they created it, but therein arose some abnormalities...
Edgar: And though they should be working together to fix things, they can't agree on the means and quarrel to no end...?
Kuja: That quarrel is merely the superficial layer of this tale... What's eating away at the world is something more complex.
Serah: You're not saying that's Mog, are you?
Terra: But Mog! Mog's been guiding us...
Irvine: Can anyone here come up with some proof either way?
Edgar: ...We'll keep your words in mind. I'm sure they'll come in handy.
Kuja: Heh heh... Please carry on dancing until the climax.

(Kuja leaves)

Terra: I can't believe Mog would be plotting something behind our backs...
Edgar: Don't confuse "keeping in mind" with "believing."
Warrior of Light: Regardless of the veracity of his is fact that Mog puts us in a difficult position by recruiting Kuja and his kind.
Serah: I don't think I could so easily trust someone who was a bitter enemy back home...
Irvine: Our enemies could be next, don't you think?
Warrior of Light: If we notice the slightest harm or unease befall any of our comrades, we must not keep it to ourselves.
Edgar: Naturally. We're brothers and sisters in destiny, after all.

Balamb Whiplash[]


Depending on your progress in the story, characters you have yet to recruit may appear in these events.

???: This volcano... It reminds me of the SeeD prereqs.
???: The last time I visited there as an instructor was...with Squall, huh?
???: I think I remember teasing him then, too.
???: Zell... Seifer... That was a rough exam...
???: Heavens, this isn't the time to get lost in thought.
???: Where could everyone be? I'd best try to meet back up.
Laguna: Hey! Who's that over there!?
???: You're kidding me... Laguna?

(The rest of the party arrives)

Laguna: ...Huh?
Y'shtola: Your acquaintance?
Cecil: You're from the same world? Please, introduce us.
Laguna: Eh? Uh, I, um... I don't think we've met...maybe?
???: Laguna's this could be a dream...
???: ...But that can't be right, because I shouldn't be me in that case. This is strange...
???: And who are these others? I've never seen a knight in full armor outside of movies...
???: Ears and tails... An unknown race...?
???: ...No good. I need to calm down. Like I tell my students, there's a difference between a test and the real thing...
Zidane: Hello? You keep mumbling to yourself...
Laguna: Another one who knows me, but I don't know them... Why does this keep happening to me? Ugh, my head hurts...
Cecil: This may be more complicated than it first appeared, but she doesn't seem to be hostile.

(The appearance of a Behemoth prompts the party to bring out their weapons)

Y'shtola: It would be nice to determine as much at our leisure, so perhaps we should rid the area of any other threats first.
Like a Book:

(Zell and Squall arrive)

Zell: Quistis!
Quistis: Zell! And Squall! I finally found you!
Y'shtola: So you are an acquaintance.
Zell: Yeah she is. She's our instructor at Balamb Garden— ...Oh, wait, you got fired, huh.
Zell: But she was the youngest to pass the SeeD exams. Her creds are solid!
Squall: ...Glad you're safe.
Quistis: Uh-oh... Did something happen? It's not like you to worry about others.
Steiner: Master Squall has been most concerned about his friends back in his world.
Galuf: He puts on a standoffish face, but he's a compassionate lad deep down!
Squall: (...I shouldn't have opened my mouth.)

Quistis: An alternate world? It's hard to believe...but I think I've got the situation.
Y'shtola: We have been gathering allies along our journey.
Galuf: Everyone starts off on their own, but as you can see, we're now one big, happy family.
Quistis: So then the rest of our party is with you?
Squall: We haven't found everyone. But that doesn't mean they're here.
Quistis: I see... Here or not, though, you can't help but worry...
Squall: What—
Quistis: "Ever."
Y'shtola: Haha, you've read him like a book.
Steiner: Just like a teacher to know her student.
Quistis: Not as a teacher, but a friend. You've been fighting alongside him, too, haven't you?
Squall: ...It's good that you're alright and caught up on things. But as for me, just—
Y'shtola: "Leave me alone."
Y'shtola: ...Did I do it right?
Squall: ...Let's go.

(Squall leaves)

Zell: Aww, c'mon Squall! Don't pout!
Quistis: At last, someone with my sense of humor. We should have a chat.
Y'shtola: It would be my pleasure. As a friend.
Galuf: Hmm, wise beyond her years and possessed of a deep understanding of her companions, it seems.
Steiner: Another valuable ally we have gained!
Instructor Trepe:
Quistis: I see you've been honing your skills during your time here, Zell.
Zell: The competition's fierce in a big party like this! Gotta kick it up a notch!
Quistis: And it's reassuring to see you've got a handle on your nerves, Irvine. Everyone is looking good, all things considered.
Irvine: Never been better.
Zell: Oh yeah, Seifer and his crew are here, too...
Zell: Be nice if he'd grow up a little...
Vaan: That's right. You'd know Seifer, too, huh?
Quistis: You've met him?
Hope: ...Yeah, we've fought a number of times.
Vaan: He picks a fight with us every time we run into him.
Quistis: I'm not surprised... As his instructor, please accept my apologies.
Yuna: We can tell he's not a bad person.
Yuna: He told me that I shouldn't have to shoulder everything myself, and that he'd protect me as a knight...
Irvine: Always a heavy-handed approach, that guy.
Quistis: ...Indeed. A shortcoming that keeps holding him back...
Quistis: He gets good marks in combat...but his habit of ignoring others to do his own thing is inexcusable for a mercenary.
Hope: So he was like that back in his own world, too...
Zell: Those other two from the disciplinary committee, too.
Quistis: Fujin and Raijin?
Irvine: The three of them carrying on without a clue about what's going on here sure is something.
Quistis: I see... They deserve an A for effort.
Quistis: I suppose in this sort of situation, a bad habit of doing his own thing becomes an ability to act independently.
Zell: That's one way to put it. You're trying to defend his actions?
Quistis: He hasn't committed any serious wrongdoing yet, right?
Irvine: Yet. No telling when he'll try to pull something funny, though.
Quistis: I may not be his instructor anymore, but we grew up in the same environment. I'd like to see him succeed if possible.
Hope: You sure are supportive. I'll bet you were a nice teacher.
Irvine: The kids love ya, "Instructor" Trepe.
Quistis: I told you, I'm no longer an instructor! ...Though I don't mind the compliment.

(Eiko and Vivi approach Quistis)

Eiko: Say, Quistis!
Quistis: Oh? Hello, you two. How can I help you?
Eiko: I've got a real interest in this school thing I've been hearing about!
Vivi: You're a teacher, right, Miss? It'd be nice if you could teach us some stuff, too...
Quistis: What cute students. You'd be underclassmen back in the garden.
Quistis: I'll teach you what I can...but what about these three in the back there?
Prishe: Heya! Sign us up, too!
Sabin: With all my training, I forgot my studies. Figure I better learn a thing or two so I can help out Edgar!
Bartz: It'd be useful to learn fighting techniques from another world! And it sounds like fun!
Quistis: I see... Well, you're free to join...but this will be elementary instruction, okay?

Quistis: Alright, let's review the monsters we just discussed. Ready?
Eiko: Yes, Miss Trepe!
Quistis: First, what are bombs' dangerous trait? You've learned this from experience, I'm sure, Prishe.
Prishe: You bet! They're friggin' hot to the touch! I'm right, right?
Quistis: ...Alas, the correct answer would have been "self-destruct"...
Prishe: Huh? Was that it?
Quistis: ...Let's try again.
Quistis: What effect does a malboro's bad breath have on a person? Anyone?
Sabin: You get real light-headed and pass out!
Bartz: You lose your appetite, too.
Quistis: I-I guess that's not wrong...
Sabin: Oh yeah! Wreckin' the curve!
Bartz: We can do anything if we put our minds to it!
Eiko: Aw, c'mon! What gives?
Eiko: You guys are holding up the whole class! We can't move on like this!
Eiko: Vivi, speak up! Give 'em your piece of mind, too!
Vivi: Zzz...
Eiko: ...You're asleep.
Prishe: Aren't we all a little tired?
Sabin: I'll bet it's from having to use my melon for the first time in so long. How 'bout we all take a quick nap?
Bartz: Thanks, Quistis! I look forward to learning from you again!

(Sabin and Bartz leave)

Quistis: ...I'm a failure.
Eiko: Arrrgh! How frustrating! It can't end like this!
Quistis: I lost my position as an instructor, fought the sorceress as a SeeD with you all...and then...hmm...
Irvine: What's the matter, Quistis? Ah! Did you just remember something important?
Quistis: No, quite the opposite.
Quistis: I feel as though, bit by bit, I'm losing details of events from our world.
Quistis: I haven't forgotten everything, of course, but it's like there are these holes...
Faris: You, too? Same here, to be honest.
Galuf: I don't see what's so unusual about a little memory loss.
Onion Knight: You're a special case...
Balthier: More than a few are in the same situation. ...Enough to make me question myself.
Irvine: Out of curiosity, what's the situation with your GFs?
Quistis: I haven't any... Or perhaps more accurately, I couldn't use them in this world even if I wanted to.
Irvine: Sounds about right.
Onion Knight: "GFs"?
Quistis: "Guardian Forces." Something like what we call summons here.
Irvine: Where we're from, you get a nice power boost from equipping them.
Quistis: The trade-off being you lose some of your memory...or by chance remember things.
Galuf: Hm, what you might call a double-edged sword, eh?
Onion Knight: But you can't use them here, right?
Faris: Meaning they aren't to blame for your memory loss.
Quistis: Yes, so it would seem...
Balthier: So is it the Torsions, or is it the gods?
Onion Knight: Torsions are one thing, but memory-stealing gods?
Balthier: Who's to say? There could also be another player in the mix we've yet to imagine.
Faris: Gods or whoever, what's there to gain from taking away our memories?
Irvine: "Keep your mind focused on this world"? Memories from back home'll get in the way, after all...
Quistis: ...At any rate, at least we can tell friend from foe.
Quistis: I'd hate to imagine we're fighting our allies because we don't remember them.
Balthier: Perish the thought. Now let's focus on the task at hand.

Vagaries of a Fractured Heart[]

All Through with You:

Depending on your progress in the story, characters you have yet to recruit may appear in these events.

Mog: Lord Spiritus's warriors are really getting things done, kupo!
Mog: Care to see what they've been up to, kupo?
Spiritus: Hmph... If you think you can manage such a feat, show me.

(The Cloud of Darkness appears)

Cloud of Darkness: Hahaha... That you would even try to use us is appalling...
Cloud of Darkness: We are the law itself. That is the reason which the world follows...

(The Cloud of Darkness disappears)

Mog: Kupo! They didn't tell us anything!
Mog: How about this one, kupo?

(The Emperor steps out from a Torsion)

The Emperor: What's this...? A wretched god and its wretched spirit?
The Emperor: I alone am all that's needed to rule this world. Shall I destroy it here and now?
Mog: Hold that thought, kupo! If you destroy the world, the Torsions go with it, kupo!
Mog: That would put you in a bind, too, right, kupo?
The Emperor: Then bother me no more. The next time you have an audience with me, it will be in a battle over the conqueror's throne.

(The Emperor exits into the Torsion)

Mog: Kupo... Let's try the sorceress, kupo...

(Ultimecia steps out from a Torsion)

Ultimecia: Ha... Deceitful spirit. Still you persist with this act.
Ultimecia: Unaware of that within you, eating away at your very self...

(Ultimecia exits into the Torsion)

Mog: Kupo! No one is cooperating, kupo...
Kefka: You know, we don't have a reason to play nice with each other like your widdle warriors of wight.

(Kefka appears)

Kefka: This does not sit well with me. Pretending to let us do what we want, while it's really for your own hobbies.
Kefka: Well, pthbbth! I'm through with you!
Kefka: Hee hee hee! Time to get on with my bad self, just the way I like it.
Mog: Are you going to cut ties with Lord Spiritus, kupo! Is that really a wise idea?

(Kefka disappars)

Spiritus: I care not. At least I can grasp his motivation, unlike you.
Mog: Kupo! I'm working hard for the sake of the world and its gods, kupo!
Gift Box:
Kefka: Hee hee hee! It has been a puh-leasure doing business with you.
Mog: Consider it a deal, kupo!
Terra: Mog!? Kefka...what are you doing here!?
Kefka: Whoopsie-daisy. I'll leave it to you to relay the particulars. TTFN!

(Kefka disappears as the party approaches Mog)

Edgar: ...Mog! Did you just accept Kefka's dimensional coordinates!?
Firion: You fight with us!?
Terra: No! How could you!? Mog, you know what Kefka has done!
Mog: H-he was so very insistent about it! Whether you use them or not is up to you, kupo...
Edgar: That's not what we're talking about! We're talking about your behavior!
Edgar: That man has slaughtered countless innocents in his lust for carnage! There's no excusing his sins!
Vincent: Sins...?
Shadow: You worked with Kefka for a time.
Shadow: What's his goal here? Would you be able to detect any ulterior motives?
Terra: Shadow! Are you really...?
Shadow: I'm eliminating emotion to assess reality.
Edgar: Are you telling us we get a grip?
Shadow: I don't expect it to come easily.
Firion: There's no telling when Kefka might betray us...
Shadow: By moogle logic, that would make Mog a traitor, too.
Mog: Kupo?
Edgar: So the moment Kefka starts acting suspiciously...we should be prepared to eliminate him and Mog wholesale.
Terra: Mog... Why...?
Vincent: ...We don't need to reach a conclusion immediately. Let's take our time thinking this over.
A Clown's Derangement*:
Vincent: ...What do you want?

(Kefka appears)

Kefka: I just came to see you, ol' palsy-walsy!
Kefka: You wike pwaying fwiends, don't you? I mean, all this talk of trust and stuff makes me want to hurl, but I see the appeal!
Vincent: ...Leave me alone.

(The rest of the party arrives)

Seifer: Hey! You trying to start something?
Serah: Are you bothering Vincent?
Kefka: Heh heh heh. You caught me!
Kefka: I was just trying to have a little fun with my buddy!
Vincent: ...I won't make the same mistake again. You and I are nothing alike.
Seifer: There'll be no fighting on my watch! If you keep this up, you'll have to answer to me.
Kefka: Alright, alright. See ya later, alligator!

(Kefka disappears)

Raijin: That was close! You sure told him, ya know!
Fujin: HURT?
Vincent: ...I'm fine.
Seifer: I still can't believe Mog allowed that guy to join our ranks. That moogle can't be trusted after all.
Serah: But thanks to you, Seifer, nothing happened.
Raijin: That's right! He takes his role on the disciplinary committee seriously, ya know!
Serah: Hehe... How noble of him.
Fujin: AGREED.
Seifer: Hmph... Course there'll be trouble with mooks like him around.

(Seifer leaves)

Serah: That's true... Terra and Edgar haven't yet accepted Kefka as part of the group...
Serah: But I understand. Even I wouldn't be able to accept an enemy from my home world so easily...
Raijin: Yeah. Let us handle those moments, ya know?
Vincent: Everyone has something that they can't do on their own...
Serah: You're right. It's important for us to be there for each other.
Magic Clash*:
Kefka: I can't believe a force of destruction like yourself was really summoned by that blockhead Materia.
Shantotto: Unfortunately for you, I don't recall by whom I was brought.
Shantotto: But I pursue my own goals, so to me, it matters not.
Kefka: Then why don't you come with me? I'm certain it'll be easier to satisfy your destructive desires.
Shantotto: That is for me alone to decide.
Shantotto: But I do not think my noble ideals and your uncouth motives would ever coincide.
Kefka: Heh heh heh... No matter what pretty logic you put behind it, destruction is still destruction!

(Eiko arrives)

Eiko: Wh-what!?
Eiko: Oh no! What should I do!? If those two start a fight, it's gonna be big trouble!

(Eiko leaves)

Eiko: Everyone!
Rem: What's the matter? Is something wrong?
Eiko: Yes! It's Shantotto and Kefka! Come quick!
Papalymo: Good grief... That's a combination to make my head hurt.
King: Let's get a move on.

Rem: What happened here!?
Shantotto: Have you come to help me? You're a bit late, as you can see.
Eiko: Did you fight Kefka?
Shantotto: I was merely conducting an experiment, to my own merriment.
King: An experiment? It looks like someone used a massive amount of magic here.
Rem: Just what were you trying to test?
Papalymo: Well... Do you know what happens to the remnants of magic? Have you noticed it flowing in a certain direction?
King: We were studying the use of magic back home, so I guess...
Rem: ...Toward Mog?
Shantotto: Oh, how cheery! It seems there was some truth to my theory!
Papalymo: Yes. It appears that Mog's been absorbing the energy we release during battle.
Eiko: But why would Mog do such a thing? Won't he explode?
Shantotto: Explode... I see. That's what his intention may be.
Papalymo: A clash between warriors of different worlds produces magical power or an equivalent energy.
King: Which means he's trying to use that energy for something.
Rem: I can't imagine it's anything good. Let's tread carefully... We have no choice but to fight.
Faris: That mage, Kefka. He hasn't done anything to us so far.
Faris: I get that it's nothing good, but what did he do in your world?
Ramza: If it comes to a duel, I would know as well.
Terra: He ruined...the world...
Edgar: Originally he was a magitek knight of the Gestahlian Empire.
Setzer: He would lead attacks here and there on the emperor's orders, but that was merely a bluff.
Edgar: He betrayed his emperor, stole the power of goddesses, rent the earth, murdered innocents... Utter ruin.
Warrior of Light: Stole the power of goddesses...?
Ramza: Had he no cognizance of his crimes? Some ideology or driving goal?
Setzer: Kefka hasn't the heart for such luxuries as that.
Edgar: His mind is completely shattered. All he seeks is ruin... Nothing more.
Faris: In order words...he can't listen to reason.
Faris: Isn't this a right awful party member we've brought aboard. What is that Mog thinking?
Ramza: Mog's thoughts aside... What Kefka's deeds wrought are hard to forgive...
Ramza: Sacrificing the innocent and the powerless...!
Warrior of Light: We can no longer trust Mog's judgment... We must rely on our own.
Terra: But how can we find our way in this world without any help...?
Setzer: It's a gamble.
Ramza: Mog professes he acts at the goddess's word, but we cannot take that at face value...
Setzer: Right. But if we watch his actions, we should be able to read his hand.
Edgar: Mog acts toward some goal other than the gods' will...but what...?
Setzer: We're one step behind him.
Ramza: What can we do?
Warrior of Light: We can only prepare to remain staunch in our convictions when the moment of truth comes.

A Devoted Heart[]

Faris's Little Sister:

Depending on your progress in the story, characters you have yet to recruit may appear in these events.

King: ...Something's off about the monsters around here.
Galuf: Hrm. There are signs here and there of beasts battling each other.
Faris: That's not all. There's poison spread about over there.
Faris: It's like some big...something was scattering poison as it thrashed about.
Mog: Kupo!? Someone's collapsed up ahead, kupo!
Faris: !? It can't be...!!

(Faris finds Lenna unconscious)

Faris: Lenna!
Faris: It is you! Hey, snap out of it!
Galuf: ...No good. She's out cold.
Mog: Do you know her, kupo?
Galuf: Yes, we traveled with her back in our world. She's Faris's little sister.
Faris: Lenna! It's me! Answer me!
King: ...She's badly wounded. We should tend to her quickly.
Faris: Blast it! Who could have done this...!?
Mog: Kupooo! It sounds like a ferocious monster is around here, kupo!
King: It's too dangerous to stay here. Let's get her someplace safe.
Galuf: Right you are. Good grief, some reunion this is...
Decision of Kindness:
Lenna: ...Un...unhhh...
Faris: Lenna! You're awake!

(Lenna gets up)

Lenna: Faris...? And Bartz...
Bartz: Thank goodness! She remembers us!
Lenna: ...What happened to that poor thing?
Faris: What poor thing?
Lenna: There was a dragon... She was so badly injured...
Lenna: She kept crying out, "It hurts. Help me."
Cecil: What's this? She can understand the words of dragons?
Bartz: Yeah. She has a special connection with all kinds of animals.
Lenna: I so desperately wanted to help her, but it didn't go so well...
Faris: ...Is that who attacked you?
Lenna: No! It's not her fault!
Lenna: Her body wouldn't move how she wanted due to the pain. She didn't mean to hurt me.
Lenna: She must be struggling by herself somewhere out there. I have to help her...
Cecil: Despite what you've gone through, you still put the dragon's concerns above your own. You are a kind soul.
Lenna: ...Um, who are you?

(Mog and Terra arrive)

Mog: Kupo! We're back from scouting, kupo!
Terra: Oh, you're awake? Thank goodness.
Lenna: I heard from my sister all that you've done for me. Thank you very much...
Mog: Kupo kupo! It's nice to meet you again, kupo!
Bartz: So, how'd it look out there?
Terra: ...Everywhere you look is corroded by poison. It all seems to have been spread by a dragon.
Faris: A dragon... That must be the one Lenna spoke of.
Mog: The dragon was also covered in poison, kupo. It must have fought with some venomous creature, kupo.
Terra: It likely spread the poison around as it thrashed in pain...
Bartz: And is still thrashing.
Lenna: Can't we help her...?
Mog: From the looks of it, it's too late to do anything, kupo...
Terra: It's already at death's door. All it can do is lash out until it breathes its last...
Lenna: I see...
Cecil: We might become the target of its frustration at any time, too.
Faris: Lenna, I know how you must be feeling, but...
Lenna: ...Thank you. I don't want anyone else to get hurt.
Lenna: But I can't stand to see her suffer anymore...
Lenna: Let's go to her now. I want to do what I can.
Bartz: ...Yeah, let's.
Cecil: Lenna... We shan't let your conviction go to waste.
Serah: You're so amazing, Lenna! I think it's wonderful that you want to save that poor dragon.
Lenna: Of course I do! I can't just leave her out there on her own...
Bartz: Your kind heart hasn't changed a bit. But let's not forget how much trouble that's gotten you into before.
Serah: Did something like this happen in your home world, too?
Faris: You got that right.
Faris: She once crossed a poisonous field to get dragon grass for her sick wind drake, Hiryu.
Bartz: You even ate the dragon weed in front of him, didn't you?
Lenna: Yes. I had to show him it was okay, or else he wouldn't have eaten it.
Galuf: But it's poisonous to humans, despite being medicinal to dragons...
Serah: Poisonous? ...Well, it looks like you made it out just fine.
Lightning: You're a lot braver than I thought.
Faris: But you need to be more careful. You're the only sister I have, you know.
Lightning: I know how you feel. Having a reckless little sister isn't easy.
Serah: Me? Reckless? You're one to talk!
Bartz: Is Serah really so rash?
Lightning: She has a bad habit of running off, and she's no stranger to getting caught up in trouble.
Serah: Hey, Pot! Kettle here!
Serah: Aren't you the one always rushing headfirst into things without even listening to others?
Lightning: What!? Don't talk like you know!
Lenna: Please calm down, you two.
Bartz: I guess Lenna and Serah have a lot in common. They both look calm, but when push comes to shove, they're ready to take action.
Galuf: Ho ho ho! I suppose that toughness is a hand-me-down from their older sisters.
Faris: ...Is that supposed to be praise, Galuf?
Galuf: But of course. Blood will tell, after all. Hohoho!
Those Waiting Back Home*:
Steiner: Hm... It's so strange...
Faris: What is, Steiner?
Steiner: You and Lady Lenna are sisters, are you not?
Steiner: Yet one is a pirate, and the other a princess...
Steiner: Never have I heard of sisters like that!
Balthier: It's a valid point. How does a princess become a pirate?
Steiner: What in the world happened?
Lenna: ...Faris and I were separated when we were children.
Faris: I was lost at sea and found by pirates.
Lenna: And I spent my days in Tycoon, raised as the successor to the throne.
Ashe: I see... So you two didn't grow up together.
Garnet: How did you two ever find each other again?
Lenna: I left the castle in order to save my father.
Lenna: And on that journey, I needed a boat.
Faris: The boat she wanted was captained by none other than yours truly.
Balthier: I can't imagine such a meeting was a mere coincidence. Sounds like fate to me.
Steiner: Princess Lenna, I know you left your home for a noble reason, but you shouldn't have.
Steiner: You are royalty! You must consider your own safety!
Steiner: I cannot condone running away and collaborating with brigands under any circumstances!
Garnet: ...Are you trying to lecture me, Steiner?
Ashe: There comes a time where everyone needs some help, no matter the source.
Steiner: Hrm...
Balthier: I much prefer a princess who takes action than one who stays locked up in her tower, crying her eyes out.
Steiner: But what about her people?
Steiner: The people want their monarchs to be safe and in good health! Please don't forget that!
Garnet: ...He's right. I don't know what to say back...
Ashe: I am chagrined...
Steiner: P-please, don't lose such heart!
Faris: Steiner has a point.
Faris: There are a lot of people waiting for you to return. That's why we need to go back alive, Lenna.
Lenna: Of course. I have no intention otherwise.
Lenna: I will keep fighting for this world, and the people of Tycoon!
Balthier: Someone waiting for your return... How nice that must be.
The Shape of Affection:
Galuf: That's the last of the Torsions in the vicinity.
Mog: It's all thanks to your hard work, kupo!
Bartz: Kay, let's move on to our next destination.
Yuna: ...Hm? Just a moment. I don't see Lenna around.
Galuf: Now that you mention it...
Bartz: Vivi and Eiko are gone, too. Where'd everyone go?
Eiko: Guys! Sorry to keep you waiting!

(Lenna, Eiko, and Vivi arrive)

Galuf: You're all muddied up? What on earth happened?
Vivi: The three of us dug a grave for the dragon.
Bartz: A grave for the dragon?
Lenna: Yes... I want her to rest in peace.
Yuna: Is that so...?
Yuna: I am certain she's so terribly happy that you were there to send her on.
Eiko: We left lots and lots of flower seeds over the grave for her!
Galuf: Ho ho ho, wonderful! Lovely flowers are sure to bloom.
Bartz: Yeah. Let's come back after some time so we can all pay our respects.
Lenna: Thank you, everyone...
Mog: As long as the Torsions persist, incidents like this are bound to happen, kupo...
Yuna: Monsters from different worlds will come into conflict after passing through the Torsions...
Galuf: Neither side was ever meant to encounter the other.
Galuf: An unnatural struggle... It's no wonder that poor dragon met such a fate.
Lenna: I...want to see all the Torsions closed. I can't bear to see this tragedy repeat itself...
Mog: Kupo! Those are the words I hoped to hear, kupo! I can feel the kindness flowing form the light of your will, kupo!
Vivi: Let's give it our all, Miss Lenna.
Eiko: We'll all help!
Bartz: Gosh... Don't take on more than you can handle, hear?
Galuf: Not to worry, Bartz. When they take on too much, we'll be there to lend them a hand.

One-Winged Angel[]


Depending on your progress in the story, characters you have yet to recruit may appear in these events.

Cloud: ...You're cornered.
Sephiroth: What, all alone...?
Cloud: So what? Draw your weapon!

Hope: I can't find Cloud anywhere.
Warrior of Light: Have we no hint as to his whereabouts?
Mog: I sense something powerful over that way, kupo! Two somethings, kupo!

(The party catches up to Cloud and Sephiroth)

Tifa: ...Sephiroth!?
Sephiroth: ...World order?
Sephiroth: Of course... You're the one...
Mog: K-kupo!? He's gonna attack us, kupo!
Tifa: He's not an opponent to take lightly! Help me out, guys!
Warrior of Light: Naturally.
Sephiroth: Heh heh... ...That's right. Let me see this.
The Enemy of My Enemy:
Sephiroth: ...Now I see.
Mog: Kupo! S-stop looking at me, kupo!
Cloud: I'm over here!
Shadow: Wait! We're not alone... Manikins!

(Manikins of Sephiroth, Tidus, and Yda appear)

Zidane: Aww, c'mon. The real ones are bad enough.
Sephiroth: Heh... A copy that was never even a lab rat...
Sephiroth: ...Don't make me laugh.
Zidane: He's gonna fight the manikins!?
Shadow: "The enemy of my enemy is my friend," eh? Cloud, what say you?
Cloud: There's got to be a catch... There's no way we can trust him.
Mog: Y-yeah, but...!
Mog: There's no way we can fight Sephiroth and his manikin at the same time, kupo...
Shadow: Hm. Either one alone would leave us in sorry shape.
Mog: Desperate times call for desperate measures. We need to take the advantage we can, kupo.
Cloud: ...Fine.
Sephiroth: Heh heh heh... So that's how you lead them.
Dimensional Coordinates:
Mog: Kupo... What amazing energy, kupo. With that—
Sephiroth: Ha ha ha...
Cloud: Sephiroth! We aren't finished!
Sephiroth: So cold, Cloud.
Sephiroth: This isn't the planet to return to. You lost your reason to fight me long ago.
Vivi: Cloud... What's he talking about?
Sephiroth: It's entirely possible you wouldn't understand... How much do you remember?
Cloud: Remember...?
Sephiroth: Have you never questioned those memories? Your abilities?
Sephiroth: Things you've lost... And things you're given... Do you plan to repeat this pattern over and over?
Sephiroth: And you're the one using that to gather power.
Mog: I haven't the foggiest, kupo.
Sephiroth: All you've gathered... Let me see that power for myself...!
Sephiroth: Ha ha ha... You're joking, right? Don't tell me you haven't been suspicious from the start.
Warrior of Light: Hn... That is...
Vivi: I-I trust Mog! I know everyone else is unsure, but I decided to trust him!
Warrior of Light: Vivi... Indeed, you have the right of it... Although my faith in Mog may have wavered—
Sephiroth: Save your theatrics.
Sephiroth: Cloud... How about you? What crosses your mind when you look at this unfinished world and its unfinished puppets?
Cloud: Mog...
Sephiroth: That's your answer?
Sephiroth: Heh heh. Very well... I shall usher you forward, so you can see your own reactions when confronted with the truth.
Warrior of Light: Usher...? Explain yourself!
Sephiroth: Take it.
Sephiroth: That power inside of you... Don't disappoint me.

(Sephiroth exits via Torsion)

Mog: Kupo...
Cloud: You took his dimensional coordinates!?
Mog: That's the will I was given, kupo...
Mog: I don't understand his intentions either, but I'm sure his strength will be of use to you, kupo.
Mog: I can't fight, kupo... So I have to help you find your way in this world...and you...

(Mog drops down)

Mog: All I can support you, kupo...
Mog: I-I... I want to he...lp you, kupo... I... I...
Vivi: M-M-Mog, are you alright!?

(Mog flies back up)

Mog: What do you mean, kupo?
Mog: We've got a new ally! Let's keep fighting and go close those Torsions, kupo!
Mog: Cheer up, everyone! Let's go, kupo!
Once a Hero...*:
Cait Sith: I know what they say about cats and curiosity, but I can't help wondering what Sephiroth is thinking.
Layle: He's from your world, isn't he? What's got you so worried?
Cait Sith: I just can't put my paw on what his goal is. He seems different from Spiritus's other warriors.
Zidane: Kuja wants to change his destiny—
Tidus: Seymour said he wanted to liberate us with death.
Celes: And Kefka just seems to be enjoying the carnage as always.
Cait Sith: But Sephiroth's goal here doesn't match up with the kind of things he did back home.
Layle: Maybe we could help if we knew more about him.
Layle: Could you tell us what kind of person he was back in your world?
Cloud: He was a man of impressive strength, a first-class SOLDIER known as a hero.
Cloud: But...after learning the truth about his birth, he went mad and started spiraling out of control.
Layle: What exactly did he find out?
Cait Sith: He was injected with a certain type of cell and artificially enhanced before he was born.
Celes: Artificially enhanced? Just like me and Kefka...
Zidane: I see. So maybe Sephiroth's not so different from us after all...
Cait Sith: No... He's completely different.
Cait Sith: After finding out the truth, he killed lots of people and burnt Cloud's hometown to the ground.
Cloud: I'll never forget the heat of the flames from that day...
Tidus: So Cloud went after Sephiroth for revenge?
Cait Sith: Cloud's hometown was just the beginning.
Cait Sith: After that, he tried to destroy the entire planet.
Celes: Then he's just like Kefka, isn't he?
Cloud: The planet tried to fix itself. And he gathered that energy...
Cloud: Wait. Could he be trying to gather this world's energy like that planesgorger that possessed Mog?
Layle: Maybe he wants the energy to rewrite world order, like some kind of god.
Layle: There was someone like that in my world, too...
Cait Sith: I don't get it. Even if he changed the world order here, what good would it do?
Cait Sith: All I know is we're all in trouble if he's found a new purpose in this world...
Tidus: This guy sounds like a real pain.
Zidane: Well, whatever his goal may be, it sounds like he's still as dangerous an enemy as he was in your world.
Cloud: Yeah. We should be on our guard.
Darkness Gathering*:

(Kuja comes out from a Torsion)

Kefka: Heh heh heh. Welcome back! Did you have fun playing with our new pals?
Kuja: Were you waiting here just to ask me that?
Kefka: Why so cold? We're on the same team, aren't we?
Kuja: Please don't rope me in with your buffoonery.

(Sephiroth comes out from a Torsion)

Kefka: Oh! Back so soon?
Kefka: It seems like you just can't stay away from that porcupine head!
Sephiroth: Stay out of my business.
Kefka: Aww... Nobody wants to play with me! What's the matter? Am I really that annoying?
Seymour: That is correct.

(Seymour arrives)

Kefka: Well, if it isn't Mister Maester! Did you have some business to attend to with our friends, too?
Seymour: ...I've had enough of your idle chatter. You couldn't possibly understand what I'm doing.
Kefka: You know, you're absolutely right!
Kefka: So why don't you enlighten me? If not for kicks, then why are you helping them?
Kefka: Ack! Wait, wait! Come on. It's been so long since we've seen each other, so why don't you stay and chat?

(Kuja, Seymour, and Sephiroth are about to leave but Kefka teleports in front of them)

Kefka: ...We could talk about that moogle, for example.
Kuja: ...Mog? He betrayed those fools.
Kefka: Yeah! But while blabbing on about the big bad Blackened Will, he was oh so sneakily gathering energy!
Kefka: And even after all that, those goody two-shoes still kept the scheming sack of fluff around! They're even chummier now!
Kefka: I can't believe it! How does crazy stuff like this even happen!?
Sephiroth: Sympathy. Forgiveness. But those are all lies... Lies that pitiful humans cling to for survival.
Kefka: I see! It's all because they're weak, little worms.
Seymour: That's right... Real truth doesn't exist in any world.
Sephiroth: They'll soon feel the sting of betrayal and the coldness of despair...
Kefka: Oooh, I get it now! It seems we're on the same page after all!
Kuja: Silence, clown.

(Kuja leaves; Kefka watches but turns around where Sephiroth points his blade at him)

Sephiroth: Learn to hold your tongue...else I'll cut you down where you stand.
Kefka: Hmph. Alright, alright already!
Seymour: It seems like the moogle and his friends are calling.

(Sephiroth withdraws his blade and leaves)

Kefka: Ta-ta! Have fun out there!

Space Dreams[]

Junk Salvager:

Depending on your progress in the story, characters you have yet to recruit may appear in these events.

Vaan: You alright, Cloud? You don't look so good.
Cloud: It's nothing... Don't worry about it.
Vincent: He's just airsick.
Sazh: Aw, man! Even you get sick?
Sazh: ...But I was at the helm. Sorry about that.
Cloud: It's not your fault.
Vaan: Leave the flying to me next time! I'll give you a smoother ride than Sazh's!
Cloud: Please. Don't make things worse.
Vaan: Tsk, figures... Huh?
Vaan: Is someone rummaging around over there?
Vincent: That's a familiar backside.
Cloud: Yeah, it is. ...C'mon.

???: No good... No good... No good, either...
???: $#&%! Nothing but a pile of junk!
Cloud: Cid!

(Cid runs to the party)

Cid: Cloud! Vincent! Where the hell'd you two run off to?
Vincent: What were you doing there?
Cid: Huh? Trying to cobble together something to get me airborne, of course.
Sazh: From scratch!?
Cid: Natch! Need some way to track down and reconnect with my group.
Cloud: In that case, you're all set. Here we are.
Cid: Huh? I guess so, but...
Vaan: Look out! Behind you!
Vincent: It appears a Torsion was buried under that rubble.
Cid: The hell's a "Torsion"?
Cloud: We'll explain after we take care of those things.
Eyes on the Skies:
Cid: ...You don't say. A whole new world, huh?
Yuffie: Gee, you caught on faster than I'd expect you to.
Tifa: I don't think he's giving it all that much thought...
Cid: Alright! Let's build a big ol' airship and fly on back home!
Tifa: See?
Sazh: Cid, listen. If it's a big airship you want we've got ya covered.
Cid: That so? Even if you do, I'm warning you, I can be a bit stubborn when it comes to these things.
Cid: We've got the world's best pilot here, I'll have you know! Even got an airship with my name on it!
Cid: The name's Cid Highwind, captain of the Highwind.
Setzer: And a new competitor enters the race.
Sazh: Now, now, let's keep our passengers' safety in mind 'fore we talk about racing...
Vaan: Hey, Cid! Teach me how to fly, too, will ya? These guys never let me take the wheel.
Cid: Huh? That's 'cause they sized you up, kid.
Cid: If they haven't let you steer, there's a reason. All the more so with passengers on board.
Cid: I didn't get to where I am in a day either. Take it one step at a time and you'll reach your dreams.
Cid: For now, just work on aping others' techniques. Think of it as training.
Vaan: I guess you're right. You all were young once, too, huh?
Setzer: I hope that remark wasn't directed at me.
Cid: Alright, let's see this airship. Could be a tune up is in order.
Vaan: Sure thing! It's over here!

(Cid and Vaan run off)

Sazh: Man, now I want to take a look, too!

(Setzer and Sazh leave; Tifa joins Yuffie)

Tifa: We didn't even have to ask him to join us.
Yuffie: Good for Cid hitting it off with his new friends.
Don't Stop Dreamin':
Cid: Hey, Mog. You're the one who provided that airship?
Mog: Kupo! Do you like it, kupo?
Cid: Yeah, she ain't a bad boat! Got a comfortable clunk to her!
Cid: ...So, uh, I don't suppose she's got any rockets on her, eh?
Mog: K-kupo? Rockets...kupo?
Cloud: Not that again...

(The party catches up to Cid and Mog)

Cid: Argh! $#&%, yes, that again!
Irvine: "That" what?
Yuffie: Cid wants to be an astronaut. The first man in space.
Irvine: Ohhh, space...
Irvine: I guess we beat him to the punch, eh, Squall?
Squall: (Don't remind me...)
Cid: Beat me...? You kids've been to space?
Irvine: It just kinda happened that way.
Cid: Just kinda happened!? Holy $#&%, am I jealous!
Cid: Hey, what'd the planet look like from space!? Was there anything out there!?
Cid: Do you really float around weightlessly!? D-don't tell me you went out on a spacewalk!
Squall: (What a pain...)
Mog: You're as giddy as a kid, kupo!
Yuffie: I sure don't get it. Just thinking about going to space makes me queasy. ...Urp.
Cloud: Likewise. I want nothing to do with it.
Irvine: We've got a space station in our world.
Cid: A s-space station...?
Irvine: If you felt like it, you could probably go live there.
Cid: Cloud! Yuffie! I've made up my mind!
Cid: When we're done here, I'm going back to these guys' world! Don't try to stop me!
Cloud: No one's stopping you...
Cid: Alright, gotta get to closing those Torsions! For space!
Mog: Th-that's not supposed to be why we're closing them, kupo...
Cid: Irvine! You tell me more about it!
Irvine: What? Me!? Squall!
Squall: You reap what you sowed.
Yuffie: He's all yours.
Cecil: Cid... A man who lives in the sky...

(Cid approaches Cecil)

Cid: What's this all of a sudden?
Cecil: My apologies. I just realized something.
Cecil: In my world, there's also someone by the name of Cid. He was both a pilot and engineer, not unlike you.
Cid: Well, ain't that a coincidence!
Onion Knight: Talk about weird! I also knew a guy named Cid.

(The rest of the party arrives)

Tifa: Really!?
Onion Knight: He was an old man who knew his way around an airship, too. He used a perpetual engine to make our ship fly.
Bartz: The Cid from my world was an inventor and scholar.
Bartz: He could read ancient texts and remodel our airship. He was a big help on our journey.
Cid: Gahaha! Happy to hear they're doing their namesake proud.
Tifa: You don't seem surprised at all.
Cid: The world is a big place. It's only natural there'd be others with the same name.
Tifa: I guess you've got a point...
Cid: How 'bout you, Zidane? Any great Cids in your world?
Zidane: ...Yeah.
Zidane: He's the ruler of a huge country. He likes inventing and even developed airships.
Bartz: Interesting, isn't it? It seems all Cids have ties to airships.
Cecil: And they've all helped us in their own way.
Cid: We're pretty nifty, aren't we? I'd like to talk to all of 'em and see what I could learn about technology.
Cecil: If you're discussing airships, please allow me to join.
Cid: A gathering of men of the sky! I'm already lookin' forward to meetin' like-minded fellas!

(Cid leaves)

Onion Knight: I wonder if they'll all get along...
Zidane: This Cid's sure a roughneck.
Tifa: Yeah, but he's a reliable one.

(The party leaves)

Bachelor's Bull's-Eye*:
Cid: Alright! You ready for this?

(Cid defeats a Wolf)

Galuf: Good grief... You may have skill, but that doesn't mean you have to rush into everything like that.

(The rest of the party arrives)

Cid: What're you saying, old man? Having this kind of energy is a good thing!
Jecht: That's right! It keeps everyone's spirits up.
Yang: It seems you two have found a kindred spirit in each other.
Sazh: Your kids must be a handful.
Cid: Kids?
Cid: Sorry, don't have any! I'm living a true bachelor's life.
Galuf: I feared as much...
Yang: Lord Cid, they say one becomes stronger once having a family.
Jecht: Isn't there anyone you've got your eye on?
Cid: What...?
Cid: A-absolutely not! So leave me alone, will ya!?
Sazh: ...You're a terrible liar.
Cid: Just imagining that woman being my wife gives me goose bumps!
Galuf: Ohoho. Hate is but the other side of love.
Cid: That's enough out of you, old man...!
Cid: Sure she takes care of everything at the lab...
Cid: But she's dumb as a rock when it comes to work! She put herself in danger for my dream. She could have died!
Cid: That's why I had to give up on that dream. It was all her fault...
Yang: Hm? You mean you saved her?
Cid: I wasn't about to sacrifice her!
Jecht: Which means she was more important than your dream.
Galuf: You just don't get it, do you?

(Galuf leaves)

Sazh: Ahh, youthful romance. I'm almost jealous.

(Sazh and Yang leave)

Jecht: Isn't it time you grew up?

(Jecht leaves)

Cid: The hell're they talkin' about? Lettin' their imaginations run wild is what...
Cid: Don't stick your noses into other people's business, dammit!

Shining In, Someday[]


Depending on your progress in the story, characters you have yet to recruit may appear in these events.

Yuffie: Geez, this rain just won't let up.
Mog: It's always raining here, kupo. My pom-pom is waterlogged...
Firion: I would welcome the rain, but it's bound to wear us down if it stays like this.
Tifa: We're all gonna catch our death out here. Cloud, let's go look for someplace—
Tifa: ...Cloud?
Cloud: Someone's here.
Tifa: Huh?
Cloud: I can feel it. Someone from SOLDIER.
Yuffie: Whaaa!? Who!?
Cloud: ...Over there!

(Cloud runs off)

Tifa: Ah! Wait! Cloud!
Mog: Everybody after him, kupo! We can look for shelter after!
Rained On:
Cloud: !? Y-you...!?
???: Cloud!? If it isn't Cloud!
???: Hm? But...where's this?

(The rest of the party)

Mog: Kupo! We caught up!
Tifa: Is that...Zack!?
Hope: He's dressed the same as Cloud. Does that mean he's also from SOLDIER?
Warrior of Light: That would seem to be the case.
Zack: Oho? That crowd back there all your friends?
Cloud: Y-yeah... That's right.
Zack: Hey, if it ain't Tifa, too! Long time, no see! All healed up?
Tifa: Yes...thanks to you...
Hope: It looks like they all know each other...but does something feel off to you?
Warrior of Light: The Torsions warp everything... Our memories, too. There must be some details that do not match up for the three of them.
Mog: That young man's will is as bright as can be, kupo! I sure hope he'll join us!
Zack: Huh? What's that fluffy thing? And what's this about my will?
Mog: Kupo! How nice of you to ask, kupo!
Mog: You see, this world is yada yada kupo kupo...

Zack: ...Seriously? Get out.
Cloud: Tifa and I both ended up here that way.
Zack: Really... Good grief. Never a boring day in my life, huh?
Zack: But hey, different world or not, I'm sure glad to see you again!
Cloud: ...Yeah, me too.
Zack: Uhhh, the fluffy guy... Mog, was it?
Zack: Sign me up! A mission that takes me the world over sounds like a blast!
Mog: Kupo! Just the words I wanted to hear, kupo!
Cloud: I'm in your debt again. ...Sorry.
Zack: Hahaha! Don't be so standoffish! We're friends, right?
Cloud: Thank you, Zack.
Zack: Heh heh... No sweat!
Zack: Okay, boys and girls, let's hit the road! Destination: Torsion! Woo, I'm all fired up!
Pride in Hand:
Mog: Kupo! Way to show those monsters who's boss, kupo!
Zack: Yeah! Let's keep it up!
Rem: If only the weather would clear up, it would do a lot for our visibility...
Vaan: I've got nothing against the rain, but it's getting old real fast.
Zack: Hey, what's with the whining, you two?
Zack: Oho? Well, would you look at that? A break in the clouds.

(The party arrives in a field with clear skies)

Mog: Kupo! The sun's so bright, kupo! And warm!
Tifa: Hard to believe it was pouring like that up till now...
Zack: As long as you keep looking ahead, the rain's bound to clear sometime. It's only when you give up that you hit the end of the line.
Zack: Whatever happens, protect your honor! Turn to face your dreams, and keep heading right for them!
Rem: Right. We've been able to keep this up because we have dreams we want to see come true.
Vaan: Zack's like your complete opposite, Cloud.
Cloud: (...Don't even bring that up.)
Zack: You've got it all wrong, Vaan. He may look that way, but Cloud's got a real passion hidden deep down in there.
Zack: He might be kinda awkward, or anxious around people...but there's no mistaking he's a swell guy!
Rem: Hehe... You two must be close.
Cloud: ...That's Zack for you.
Mog: I hope you'll motivate everyone with that positive attitude, kupo!
Zack: You don't need to tell me; I plan to!
Zack: We'll knock out anyone who stands in the way of our dreams, and protect this world! If we pull this off, we'll all be heroes!
Vaan: Heroes, huh... It's got a nice ring to it when you say it.
Cloud: sure about this?
Zack: Of course! We put our heads together, we can do anything!
Cloud: Yeah... I suppose you're right.
Zack: Come on, Cloud. Don't give me a wimpy response like that.
Zack: This is when you turn up the volume and shout, "Move out!" or something like that! Alright? Take two!
Cloud: ...If you say so.
Cloud: Alright, everyone! Move out!
Something to Write Home About*:
Zack: "Dear Mom and Dad, I don't know how, but I'm in a different world now. I'm doing fine, though." Hmm...

(The rest of the party arrives)

Sazh: Hey, Zack. Whatcha up to all on your lonesome?
Zack: I'm writing a letter to my folks back home.
Yang: How splendid! That is quite admirable of you.
Zack: I'm sure they're worried about me, so the least I can do is write them a letter to say what I've been up to lately.
Zack: My hometown, Gongaga, is your average village surrounded by trees.
Zack: I lived there with my mom and dad. But I had a dream I wanted to make come true ever since I was a kid...
Zack: So I left home when I was thirteen and haven't seen them since.
Sazh: I see... They must be worried sick. I know I would be if you were my son.
Yang: To know that their only son left home to make his dreams come true must be bittersweet for them.
Garnet: What was this dream of yours anyway?
Zack: Thanks for asking!
Zack: I wanted to make friends the world over and swim wherever I had to meet 'em!
Garnet: It is wonderful to have so many friends, isn't it?
Sazh: In a sense, you can say your dream came true. You've even got friends from different worlds now.
Yang: I am certain your parents would be overjoyed to hear as much.
Sazh: I guess Dajh would be happy to hear from me, too...
Yang: Indeed. Even the most stout-hearted can be prone to worry, like my wife.
Zack: Then maybe you should write letters, too! Let them know how you're doing!

Zack: Oh, there he is! Hey, Mog!
Mog: Yes, kupo?

(The party approaches Mog)

Sazh: Could we ask you for a favor?
Yang: Would you deliver these letters for us, Lord Mog?
Mog: L-letters, kupo?
Mog: Don't be ridiculous! I'm no delivery moogle, kupo!
Zack: So you won't?
Zack: Huh... Eiko told me that moogles could deliver letters, too...
Mog: Those are the moogles from Eiko's world! We're not the same, kupo!
Garnet: Oh, that's too bad... I suppose even moogles have their differences.
Yang: Even though we wrote these letters, it seems there is no way to get them to their receivers...
Zack: Hey now. What are you two so disappointed about?
Zack: This is all the more reason for us to get home on the double! If we make it back to our worlds, we can tell them ourselves.
Yang: Indeed! You are most correct, Lord Zack!
Garnet: Hehe. I wrote something for Zidane, but I suppose I could just give it to him in person.
Mog: That's a great idea, kupo! Now let's get moving so the rest of you can do the same!
A Friendly Competition*:
Cid: Argh! $#&%, it's cold! I'll freeze to death at this rate!
Quistis: We all will if we don't find a way out soon.
Zack: Come on, guys! Let's keep moving! There's only forward to go when chasing a dream!
Seifer: Hmph. Even this weather can't cool him down...
Tidus: How are you in such high spirits, Zack? Does the cold not affect you at all?
Zack: Hehe. Let me tell you my little secret.

(Zack begins squatting)

Zack: This is how I'm keeping warm! One, two! One, two!
Quistis: S-squats...?
Zack: That's right! Why don't you all give it a try? You'll be warm in no time!

Cid: Huff... I'm beat...
Quistis: I suppose I am warmer, but at what cost...

(Zack, Seifer, and Tidus continue squatting)

Zack: One, two! One, two! Don't tell me you two are done already!
Seifer: That all you got? I'm not going down that easy!
Tidus: Ha! This is nothing! I'll show you how tough a pro athlete can be!
Zack: That's it, Seifer! Tidus!
Zack: Alright! Now this is a real fight! The last one standing is the winner!
Cid: Don't you knuckleheads come whining to me after you've got bigger muscles than brains.
Quistis: There's not much we can do except wait it out. All three hate to lose...

(Lenna arrives)

Lenna: Everyone, we've found a way out! Let's go!
Lenna: ...Huh?
Zack: Just... Just give us a second...
Tidus: My legs are so sore... I can't walk...
Seifer: Don't...underestimate me... I'm just...getting started...
Cid: See? I told you so.
Quistis: There's no point in tiring yourself out before battle. You need to pace yourselves!
Tidus: ...No comment.
Zack: Sorry for dragging you all into this.
Zack: I take full responsibility, so let them take a break!
Quistis: ...I suppose as long as you've learned your lesson, all is forgiven.

Overcoming Sadness[]

Help Appears:

It is recommended that you clear Ch. 10: Abandoned Petalum before playing.

Raijin: Take this, ya know!

(Raijin defeats a Bomb)

Vivi: You're amazing, Mr. Raijin!
Raijin: Hehe, you're makin' me blush, ya know?
Fujin: EGO.
Raijin: I can't remember the last time anybody complimented me, ya know!
Vivi: It's really too bad if no one ever compliments you...
Raijin: Anytime you need me, just let me know, ya know!
Raijin: I got a Mr. Raijin Special to help you clobber any problem, ya know!

(Two more Bombs appear behind the party)

Fujin: DANGER!

(Raijin turns around and a Bomb explodes on him)

Raijin: Yeeeowch!?
Raijin: That's a dirty trick, sneakin' up on a guy like that, ya know!
Vivi: We can do this, Mr. Raijin!
Raijin: Y-yeah, just gimme a sec, ya know?
???: Yaaaaaah!!

(The Bombs are vanquished by Rydia)

???: You're safe now.
Raijin: Y-you! It can't be!
Raijin: ...Do I know ya, ya know?

(Fujin runs ahead to face another Bomb)

The Summoner Rydia:
???: Yang! And Edge, too! I'm so relieved to see you again!
Yang: Have we met...?
Edge: You know me, miss?
Rydia: Hold on, what do you mean? It's me, Rydia.
Yang: Rydia...
Yang: C-could it be? The summoner Rydia!?
Rydia: Yes! Now you remember?
Yang: Goodness gracious... The Rydia I remember was but a child...
Yang: The resemblance is more than passing, though... Hmmm...
Edge: ...Even if you say that... Argh, I can't believe I'd forget such a pretty face...

(The Onion Knight and Serah arrive)

Onion Knight: It could be the Torsions at play. Let's get her caught up on what's going on first.

Serah: ...In short, even friends from the same world could have memories well out of sync.
Rydia: I had no idea... So that's why you don't remember me...
Edge: Don't make such a sad face! Aw, could I have forgotten...?
Yang: Whilst we were traveling at sea, we met with an accident and you were lost to us.
Yang: That is the last thing I can remember...
Serah: But if you've grown up, does that mean you're from the future?
Rydia: No, I don't think the time I'm from is so different from everyone else.
Rydia: After that accident, I ended up in a place called the Feymarch and lived there for a while.
Rydia: Time passes more quickly in the Feymarch, so...
Onion Knight: You grew up in the blink of an eye?
Rydia: Yup, that's about it!
Rydia: The queen of the Eidolons told me wheels of a fate greater than us all are turning now.
Rydia: If so many other worlds are in danger, could this be what she meant?
Serah: You'll help us out, won't you?
Rydia: Of course! Let's face this fate together.
Edge: Yeah! More than just a beauty, you got pep to boot! I like your style, Rydia!
Rydia: Edge hasn't changed at all... What a relief.
The Feymarch*:
Galuf: It's still hard to believe you were a child until recently.
Galuf: You're clearly a grown woman now.
Bartz: I guess people drifted here from all different times...
Galuf: What's the matter, Bartz?
Bartz: It's nothing. I was just thinking about how interesting the flow of time is.
Eiko: This is so annoying!

(Eiko arrives)

Eiko: Just how rude can they be!?
Rydia: What's the matter, Eiko? You seem upset.
Eiko: Zidane still treats me like a child! Doesn't he know I'm a lady!?
Eiko: And then Edgar said something about it being a crime.
Eiko: And to top it all off, Seifer called me a little brat! Grr! I can't take it anymore!
Cloud: ...Are they wrong?
Eiko: What'd you say!?
Cloud: ...Nothing.
Irvine: If you're so upset about it, why don't you go to the Feymarch?
Bartz: Right! If you do, you'll grow up in the blink of an eye!
Eiko: Hmm... It definitely sounds interesting...
Eiko: Hey, Rydia. What's the Feymarch like?
Rydia: Well... It's the place eidolons call home.
Rydia: Everyone coexists in peace there. The eidolons manage shops, and there's a huge library with all sorts of books!
Eiko: Wow! That's wonderful!
Eiko: A place where everyone is friends and I can become a lady like Rydia sounds like a dream come true!
Irvine: But, you know, if the passage of time is faster there...
Irvine: You could become an old lady before you know it if you're not careful.
Eiko: Wh-what!? I don't want that...
Galuf: Ho ho! There's wisdom you can only gain from experience. But it takes time, and there's no helping that.
Eiko: Nooo! I'm not ready to be old yet! My life's just begun...
Bartz: No matter what you look like, Eiko, you're still you. Just leave things to the flow of time.
Respective Feelings:

(Balthier, Cecil, and Tidus observe Rydia and Yuna)

Balthier: Those two seem to have hit it off. Summoners must have a lot in common.
Tidus: I get the feeling Yuna and Rydia aren't all that alike. Fun to have another smiling face, though.

(Seymour arrives from a Torsion)

Yuna: That's...!?
Tidus: Seymour!!
Balthier: Another sudden entrance. ...Can we help you?
Seymour: You needn't look so frightening...
Seymour: I simply came to speak with this young woman.
Rydia: Huh? Me?
Seymour: Yes. There is something I must know.
Seymour: Why you travel with the one who killed your mother.
Yuna: ...Killed Rydia's mother!?
Tidus: Who do you think here is gonna buy your lies, Seymour!
Balthier: Is that your idea of a joke?
Cecil: ...Alas, it is not.
Cecil: Although I was unaware at the time, I am the one responsible for Rydia's mother's...
Yuna: It can't be true...
Seymour: Hatred and grief are never ending. I know too well how you feel.
Seymour: For that reason alone, I find your actions difficult to comprehend.
Seymour: Will you not seek revenge while it is in your power to claim it?
Rydia: ...I can't say I understand it well, but one thing I do know...
Rydia: Revenge can't change the past.
Rydia: I can't wallow in my pity forever! I decided for myself that I would fill the role I was meant to.
Seymour: How truly wretched... You would try to whitewash a bloodstained past with pretty words?
Tidus: Would you shut up, already! What's so wrong with choosing to move forward!
Balthier: It strikes me as far more constructive than going in circles as you're bound by the past.
Seymour: It does not seem as though we will be able to understand each other. I wasted my time...

(Seymour exits into the Torsion)

Tidus: Ahhh! I can't stand that creep! Rydia, forget everything he said!
Rydia: Don't worry; I'm fine. Though...
Cecil: Rydia... I am so terribly sorry for the pain I have caused you...
Rydia: You don't need to apologize to me anymore, Cecil. Come on, look at me.
Rydia: You risked your life to protect me that time, right?
Rydia: Your feelings came through to me, loud and clear.
Balthier: As a fellow man of the sky, let me give you some advice.
Balthier: ...Don't dwell too much on the past...
Rydia: Don't worry. Cecil has it in him to carry on. I know him!
Cecil: ...My thanks.
Someone to Protect*:

(Edge defeats a Bomb for Rydia)

Edge: Wow! It was no match for you, Edge!
Edge: Do you get it, Rydia? This is the way we fight in this world.
Rydia: I see...
Layle: Edge has been in high spirits ever since Rydia arrived.
Krile: I've never seen him so excited...
Laguna: Well, I understand how he feels. He wants to show her his good side...
Edge: No monster is a match for my blade.
Edge: So there's no need to worry!
Edge: I'll go on ahead. Follow me, everyone!
Rydia: That's enough! There's no need to rush. Don't you know how to look before you leap?
Edge: Wh-what's that!? We'll be just fine!
Layle: Hmm...
Edge: Now what, Layle?
Layle: It's nothing, really. Just that you're such an open book.
Layle: You want to protect those close to you.
Layle: But it's impressive how you've got such a selfish prince under your thumb, Rydia.
Edge: You're just like the old man!
Krile: Old man? You mean my grandfather?
Cecil: No, he doesn't mean Galuf.
Cecil: In our world, there was a gentleman named Cid among us. And he would most certainly say something like that.
Krile: Were Edge and Cid like this back home, too?
Laguna: I'll bet! I can just imagine Edge getting excited like this, and Rydia getting mad at him.
Cecil: Haha. Indeed.
Edge: Th-that's enough out of you!
Rydia: You need to calm down, too, Edge.
Edge: R-right. Sorry, Rydia...
Laguna: Did you see that, Layle?
Layle: Yeah, but I thought I was hallucinating for a second. I didn't think that selfish prince knew the word "sorry."
Edge: H-hey! Don't you know you should respect your elders?
Layle: You're right. I forgot you were older than me.
Laguna: Haha! That just means you've got a long way to go before you're mature as me, Edge!

(Laguna and Layle run away with Edge chasing after them)

Krile: Hehe. Everyone gets along so well.
Cecil: Edge hasn't changed one bit, has he?
Cecil: Though he's supposed to have regained some of his memories, he still continues to support me...
Rydia: I know. I heard about it from Edge.
Rydia: He said he wasn't going to let you shoulder all of this alone.
Rydia: And I couldn't agree more.
Cecil: ...I am blessed to have such wonderful allies. Thank you, Rydia.
Rydia: Please don't forget to thank Edge. We're all here for you, Cecil.

Another Realm[]

Mistress of Sword and Sorcery:

Depending on your progress in the story, characters you have yet to recruit may appear in these events.

Yuffie: Hey, those monster sounds were coming from this way, right?
Yuffie: Ack!
Yuffie: Uh-oh! Hurry it up, guys!
Wakka: Take it easy, Yuffie! Running in headlong on your own won't do no good, ya?

(The party spots Alisaie surrounded by enemies)

Rem: Oh no! That girl is surrounded!
Wakka: ...Aw, geez! We gotta hurry!
Yuffie: That's what I've been saying!
Lamia: Grrr... Hisss!
???: ......
Lamia: Grrr... Hisss!

(Alisaie defeats the Lamia, and finishes the battle)

???: ...Phew.

(The party runs to Alisaie)

Rem: Did you just...beat all those monsters by yourself!?
???: It would appear that way, wouldn't it?
Wakka: All at once, too! That's some trick!
Yuffie: Even I can tell, you're something else!
???: ...Are you from around here?
Rem: No, we're traveling together.
???: Hm. The same as me, then.
Wakka: You're traveling alone!? Even with all these monsters!?
Yuffie: If you're asking us, that means you ain't from around here either.
???: I have tread my fair share of foreign lands.
Wakka: That doesn't make it any safer. Why don't you come with us?
???: Are you asking me out? Regardless, I will have to pass.
???: I haven't the time to fraternize with strangers.
???: ...Furthermore, I have mine own companions.
???: Should we meet again, though, let us work together at that time.

(Alisaie leaves; Lilisette arrives)

Yuffie: Ah, well... There she goes. Bummer.
Lilisette: Huh? You defeated them all already?
Wakka: Nope. We didn't do a thing.
Rem: There was a girl surrounded by monsters who effortlessly beat them all with both magic and her sword.
Yuffie: Man, I coulda taken it easy with her on our team...
Lilisette: Is that so...? With all the amazing companions I've met, I shouldn't be surprised to meet another.
Lilisette: But I'm really curious if she's impressed all of you this much.
I Am Who I Am:
???: ...Ungh! I let my guard down.
Thancred: That'll be enough of that now.

(Thancred jumps to the rescue and defeats the Gaelicat)

???: ...You have my thanks, Thancred. You've saved me again.
Thancred: Is that... Lady Alisaie!?
Alisaie: ..."Lady"?

(The party joins Alisaie and Thancred)

Zidane: Here I was expecting a tough-as-nails warrior woman, but if it isn't a pretty little lady!
Jecht: So this is the kid with the amazing sword and magic powers?
Thancred: No, Yuffie and the others must have meant someone else. This is—
Alisaie: My name is Alisaie. I am a companion of Thancred.
Thancred: Milady...?
Alisaie: And I suppose you are companions of those whom I met earlier.

(Alisaie defeats a Thunder Flan)

Jecht: Yup, if you're the one Yuffie was going on about.
Zidane: ...Nasty attack. Maybe I spoke too soon about the tough-as-nails part.
Yda: I never imagined we'd run into you here, though. It's such a relief to know you're safe, Lady Alisaie.
Alisaie: ...Yda?
Yda: Hm? Yes? Y'shtola and Papalymo are here, too, you know!
Alisaie: I-I see...
Alisaie: At any rate, I am also glad to see you all hale.
Alisaie: But more importantly...please stop with the "Lady Alisaie."
Alisaie: I may be the granddaughter of Louisoix, but I am here as myself.
Yda: ...If you insist. Then..."Miss" Alisaie?
Alisaie: That is just as much a mouthful. "Alisaie" alone will be fine, thank you.
Yda: Alrighty! Alisaie it is!
Alisaie: So, I understand you're on a journey. Would you mind explaining to me of what sort?

Zidane: ...And that's how it is. Was that too much all at once?
Alisaie: Thank you. I believe I have the gist of it.
Alisaie: Though equal parts may have escaped my grasp.
Alisaie: In short, if we do not act, our own world will be in grave danger as well, yes?
Alisaie: Although I declined your offer once for mine own convenience, would you still let me join you?
Jecht: I don't see why not.
Alisaie: Haha, how easily I am accepted.
Jecht: You're pals with Yda, right? Ain't that good enough?
Mog: Let's give a warm welcome to another warrior who shares our will, kupo!
Alisaie: Another warrior... Thancred and Yda, you two also share this will?
Thancred: You could say that.
Alisaie: It has a nice ring to it.
Thancred: I'd say so.
Alisaie: Very well. It is my pleasure to share it, too.
Seeking Answers:
Alisaie: ......
Serah: Is something off?

(Serah and Lilisette arrive)

Alisaie: ...It is. I cannot shake this peculiar feeling.
Alisaie: Although they are my companions with whom I journeyed as Scions of the Seventh Dawn, I cannot say they are the same...
Alisaie: But if I were forced to put a point on it, I sense I am the one who is out of step.
Lilisette: It's a common occurrence in this world.
Alisaie: Then I can assume the two of you have this sense as well?
Serah: Yup, though I've gotten used to it...
Serah: You think Alisaie comes from a different time from the others?
Lilisette: You think? Probably the past, or the future...
Alisaie: ...I see. So that's normal in this realm.
Alisaie: Phew... It boggles the mind.
Lilisette: Hmmm, "normal" might not be quite it, but I guess it's good enough.
Serah: Right. My sister here is from the past...
Serah: But she's still my sister.
Alisaie: I can go along with that.
Alisaie: There may be discrepancies in our memories, but it doesn't change my trust in them.
Serah: They're a reliable bunch.
Alisaie: And in its own way, this might be the more fortunate realm...
Serah: ...I've thought the same at times. It's a happier place than the future I'm from...
Alisaie: I see... And yet... No, let us leave off these thoughts.
Alisaie: My brother is the one more suited to contemplating these things. I'm on my journey to find answers.

(Lightning, Shantotto, and Prishe arrive)

Lightning: Serah, here you are. This is how you'll end up separated from the rest of us.
Serah: Oh, give it a rest, Sis.
Alisaie: Haha, how reliable.
Serah: She's always been like this.
Alisaie: Well, let's be on our way before we worry your sister any further.
Prishe: You guys really will get lost if you just run around willy-nilly.
Shantotto: Hearing that from you somehow strikes me as rather silly.
The Power to Face One's Fate*:
Irvine: You're quite the fighter, Alisaie.
Alisaie: You think so?
Irvine: Sure do! You can hold your own in battle no matter the distance.
Edge: Just like the Eblan ninja!
Edge: ...Though I could learn a thing or two from you about a smooth transition.
Alisaie: It's important to know how to fight in close and ranged combat with this power.
Alisaie: Both my magic and aetherial sword grow stronger when combining different types of swordplay.
Irvine: You mean you can get even more powerful?
Alisaie: I wonder!
Vivi: That's amazing. You're so cool, Miss Alisaie!
Alisaie: Thank you.
Alisaie: But I think one such as yourself who can wield black magic with ease is more praiseworthy.
Vivi: Hehe, you mean it?
Yda: To be honest, I'm impressed you've made it this far, Alisaie!
Alisaie: Are you implying that I have not been able to fight until now?
Yda: Wh-what!? No, of course not...!
Alisaie: I jest, Yda. I understand what you mean.
Alisaie: And you're right. I am far stronger in battle than I used to be.
Yda: Yes. Did you see how surprised Thancred was?
Edge: The rest of us can't even imagine an Alisaie who can't fight.
Alisaie: I couldn't bear always relying on others.
Alisaie: To know the truth, I needed only the power to face it.
Alisaie: I hope I've grown enough not to be a burden on others now.
Irvine: That's the path you chose. Maybe it was the only path you could choose...
Irvine: I understand.
Vivi: I want to be as cool as you some day, Miss Alisaie!
Edge: If that's the case, watch and learn! I'm not afraid to face my fate, whatever it may be!
Vivi: Okay! I want to learn how to be strong like you, too, Mister Edge!
Edge: Haha, I'm gonna blush! Now then, let's get going!

(Edge, Irvine, and Vivi leave)

Yda: The power to face one's fate...
Alisaie: ......
Something Precious*:
Yuffie: ...Something's fishy.
Layle: What's that supposed to mean?
Yuffie: Did you notice that Alisaie is always carrying a book?
Layle: Huh? ...Yeah, now that you mention it, she does.
Cyan: Perhaps it is a tome dear to her heart. I myself am very partial to books.
Yang: It is moving to see such studious youths.
Yuffie: So you all know the book! She seems so attached to it, I can't help but be curious!
Cyan: Has it sparked thy interest in reading, Lady Yuffie? This is joyous news.
Yuffie: No! The only interest I have in that book is its price!
Layle: And you want our help with this?
Yuffie: That's right. I want you to help me find out more about the book.
Yuffie: That should be no problem for you, right, Layle?
Layle: What an audacious request. I refuse.
Yuffie: Wh-what!? But why!? Aren't you interested?
Layle: If you're so determined, why not just ask her yourself?
Yuffie: Huh?
Alisaie: Is there something you want to ask me?
Yuffie: No no no no no! Nothing at all!
Alisaie: I overheard everything. You're interested in my grimoire, are you not?
Yuffie: Umm... Well... Y-yeah, I guess I am...
Yuffie: But how could I not be? You're always carrying it around like some precious treasure!
Alisaie: It is. To me, at least... My grandfather made it especially for me.
Alisaie: But I don't know if it's very valuable otherwise.
Yuffie: I see... A specially made book...
Yang: You understand now, do you not? This book is not something we can lay a hand on...
Yuffie: I get it! It's a very special book that she got from her family!
Yuffie: Even I understand the value of something like that...
Layle: Well, that's a relief.
Yuffie: But still! You wouldn't want to lose it, right? I can hold onto it for you if you want!
Alisaie: You're worried about me? I sincerely appreciate it.
Cyan: But something that precious must be kept safe by its owner and no one else.
Yang: Now that that is settled, shall we be on our way?

(Everyone leaves, except Alisaie)

Alisaie: How nice it is to have such friendly allies. This will certainly keep things interesting.

Royal Hope[]

Unfamiliar Sense:

Depending on your progress in the story, characters you have yet to recruit may appear in these events.

Eiko: We've never gone this way before! I can't wait!
Yuri: Yeah, who knows what we'll find!
Chelinka: Oh, Yuri. You're such a child, getting all worked up the moment you hear, "explore."
Yuri: Aw, don't act like you're the grown-up. We're twins, aren't we?
Yuri: You're the one tagging along because you wanted to explore, too.
Chelinka: I-I'm just worried about the rest of you...

(A Ghost appears)

Vivi: Wa-wah! A monster!
Yuri: This, uh...doesn't look good.

(Noctis arrives)

???: You okay!?

(Noctis warps in front of the party)

Chelinka: When did he—?
???: I'll handle this! You run!
Vivi: Wait! We'll help!
???: This isn't a job for kids!

(The party is surrounded by more Ghosts)

Eiko: But we're surrounded!
Yuri: We'll take care of these guys! Mister, back us up over there!
???: ...Got it!

(The party finishes the battle)

Vivi: Thanks a lot, Mister!
Eiko: You were strong, but what'd you think of my magic?
???: So that was magic after all.
Eiko: Huh? Weren't you watching?
Vivi: Is something wrong?
???: Well, using magic isn't really normal, you know.
???: Man... What have I gotten myself into?
Used to Favors:
Noctis: I guess that means it wasn't a dream...
Hope: You're the one who helped our friends?

(The rest of the party arrives)

Hope: Thank you very much.
Noctis: I'm not sure they needed it. Those battle-hardened kids are something else.
Zell: Kids have to fight sometimes in their worlds.
Noctis: "Their worlds"?
Balthier: Indeed. You've stumbled into a junction of sorts, connecting multiple worlds to each other.
Zell: We've got folks from all over.
Noctis: I wonder if anyone I know is here, too.
Zell: I don't think we've run into anyone else with your fashion sense...
Balthier: Thus spake Zell. You may be out of luck.
Noctis: All on my own, huh...
Faris: ...We all started out in the same boat as you, summoned here without warning.
Noctis: Huh?
Faris: But after learning of the disturbances affecting this world, we're fighting to end them before they affect ours.
Faris: Would you be willing to fight alongside us?
Noctis: Me?
Hope: We've never seen anyone with your fighting style. If you'd lend us a hand, we'd be able to cope with that much more.
Zell: Our clothes are kinda similar, but I don't think our worlds are. Let us hear about where you're from!
Noctis: Sure, why not?
Hope: Really?
Balthier: Appreciate the quick conclusion.
Noctis: Well, you asked.
Another World's Meal Circumstances:
Prishe: Alright! Another one bites the dust!
Noctis: I wonder how many of us that'll feed.
Tifa: You eat monsters, too!?
Snow: Is that edible?
Noctis: Yeah, it's a behemoth, isn't it? You can pick it up at the store. I eat it now and then.
Prishe: Right!? It's delish!
Penelo: It may come as a surprise, but it's a luxury foodstuff.
Steiner: Sir Noctis, are you well versed in preparing monster cuisine?
Noctis: I've never actually made it myself.
Steiner: Then a companion of yours must be.
Snow: All this food talk is making me hungry.
Prishe: C'mon, let's go cook something up!
Penelo: How about fish? There's a river nearby.
Tifa: Yeah, I'd prefer that than monster.
Steiner: Agreed. It will be easier to prepare dishes we're familiar with.
Noctis: If it's fishing, then count me in!
Prishe: Oh ho, gonna catch us a big one?
Noctis: You bet! One lunker coming right up!
Tifa: If you're that confident, then I won't mind asking you for one, too.
Prishe: Noctis, teach me how you do it! I wanna hook my own!
Snow: I'll come, too. Sounds like you're gonna need help carrying back this haul.
Noctis: You can call me Noct. Let's do it.

(Prishe and Snow follow Noctis)

Secret Striver*:
Wakka: Hey, Noct. You okay?

(The party approaches Noctis)

Noct: I'm fine. Sorry about getting in the way of your attack.
Sabin: Did something happen?
Yang: They pursued an enemy that escaped me and nearly collided with each other. My apologies for being so careless.
Sazh: These things happen in a fight, especially when fighting close-range.
Sabin: Perhaps you were just tired. Why don't we head back?
Yang: You make a good point. Let us end our search here for today.

(Everyone leaves, except Sabin and Noctis)

Sabin: Did the enemy make any strange movements in battle?
Noct: No. Our timing was just off...
Noct: Back home, I didn't pay much attention to what my friends were doing in battle.
Noct: They would just match my style... But here, I have to change the way I fight.
Sabin: It's nice to hear you taking this seriously.
Noct: ...Would you mind training with me?
Sabin: I'd like nothing better! Should I call the others?
Noct: Nah. I'd like to go one-on-one with you for now.
Sabin: Are you sure? No doubt my brother would have a thing or two to teach you.
Noct: I'd...prefer if you didn't tell the others about this.
Sabin: Haha! If you insist. It will be our secret.
Noct: Thanks.
Keeping Family Close*:

(After watching Krile and Galuf, Noctis and Yuri approach the party)

Noct: Seems like you guys are good friends.
Yuri: Galuf is Krile's grandfather.
Noct: That makes sense. Seeing you reminded me of a family friend and his granddaughter.
Laguna: Must be nice having such a happy family! What's your secret?
Krile: Being left behind once and never wanting to be apart again.
Yuri: Did that happen?
Yuri: ...You must have been so lonely.
Krile: I was...
Krile: My grandfather decided on his own that he wanted to protect everyone, so he left all by himself.
Krile: I was so sad and alone...
Krile: That's why I'm so happy we can be together now!
Yuri: I know how you feel. It's nice to be with family, isn't it?
Noct: ...Yeah. It is.
Laguna: Well, you have to forgive Galuf.
Laguna: I'm sure he had his reasons for going off alone.
Yuri: But maybe she could have helped.
Galuf: No. I couldn't let her get involved in such a dangerous affair.
Yuri: Why not?
Yuri: You could have at least talked to her about it...
Galuf: We had a mission to fulfill, and I did not want to expose my family to danger.
Edge: But I understand how Yuri feels. It's painful to be left behind.
Laguna: Still, having someone waiting for you will keep hope alive—
Laguna: Hope that you can one day return safe and sound to that person.
Yuri: ...You don't understand how it feels to be the one left behind.
Yuri: It's so lonesome without your family around...
Laguna: But the one who leaves has every intention of coming back.
Laguna: And they leave those precious to them behind so they have something to look forward to when coming home.
Laguna: If they bring their beloved child with them, they'll constantly worry about protecting them.
Laguna: That's why they leave them in a safe place.
Yuri: I see...
Yuri: I understand how it feels to fight to protect something...
Krile: That's why you can't just leave without saying anything!
Galuf: Ho ho! You want to scare me into it?
Noct: I know how you feel, when circumstances don't let you say what you're thinking.
Yuri: Yeah... Protecting something's a reason...
Noct: ...But it's still better to say so.
Yuri: Hehe. Thanks, Noct.

With Trabia in Mind[]


Depending on your progress in the story, characters you have yet to recruit may appear in these events.

???: Oh, great. I wonder where this is. I think I might be lost...
???: There're no cities or buildings in sight! Not even train tracks! I really stepped in it this time.
???: ...Huh? What's that sound?
???: Ahhh! An airship! Alright!

(Selphie runs after the airship)

???: I'll hitch a ride with them! Yeah, that's the ticket!

???: Wait up! I said waaait!
Kain: ...Did you hear someone just now?
Zack: Yeah... It sounded like a girl shouting, "Waaait!"
Squall: You're imagining things. We're all the way up here.
Zack: Naw, I definitely heard it! She must have a really high voice. ...Get it?
Squall: (Oh, brother.)
Zell: Hmm... It did sound kind of familiar, though.
???: Wait up, already! C'mon!
Zack: See! We're not just hearing things!
Kain: Is that...a girl?
Vaan: Hey, guys!

(Vaan runs in)

Vaan: Someone's been chasing after us yelling things. Anyone know who it is?
Zell: Who would chase after an airship? Let me have a look.

(Selphie continues running after the airship)

???: Heeey! Give me a lift!

Zell: Waugh! Her!? Hey, Squall!
Squall: Yeah... Vaan, could you ask them to touch down for a moment?

(Vaan runs off)

Kain: Hm. Not an enemy then.
Squall: No, she's a member of SeeD like me and Zell.
Squall: (Brace yourself... Things are about to get noisy.)
Selphie, All Worked Up:
???: Whee-ooo! You guys saved my life! And who'da thunk Squall and ya'll would be aboard, too!?
Irvine: Who'da thunk you'd be chasing after us? Right, Squall?
Squall: I don't know how you thought anyone would hear you... Crazy as ever.
???: That's it? You're not surprised to see me?
Irvine: Selphie, let me introduce you. This little lady is Eiko, and the fella in armor is Cecil.
Selphie: Wow! Nice horn! It's so cute!
Eiko: Oh, you think so? have good taste!
Selphie: And your armor's really cool, man! You think I could try it on?
Selphie: Isn't it super heavy!? Ah! Don't tell me—you're on a diet! I bet the pounds just melt off in that!
Cecil: simply standard equipment in my world...
Squall: You don't have to humor her. This is just how she is.
Eiko: Cheerful and fun! I can tell you're a nice person! Say, let's go play over there!

(Laguna arrives)

Laguna: Heyo! There's a new recruit? Introduce me, too!
Selphie: Get out! Sir Laguna's here, too!? And he's young! It's that Sir Laguna!
Selphie: My hero! I've missed you!

(Selphie chases Laguna away)

Laguna: Whoa! What the—!? Is this the dream thing again!? Or the movie thing this time!?
Squall: I could've guessed this would happen... I hope she doesn't say anything she shouldn't...
Irvine: Leave it to me. I'll make sure she understands.

(Irvine walks off)

Irvine: Selphie, let's chat, eh? I've got something real important to tell you.
Squall: (...Thanks.)
School Festival!*:
Selphie: So you two are classmates! It's no wonder you dress alike.
Deuce: We both attend Akademeia, where we learn how to fight and use magic. Students there are called Agito cadets.
Ace: As the war worsened, cadets like us were sent to the front lines. But the academy's main purpose is education...or so they say.
Selphie: So you're fighters and students, then.
Irvine: Well, you're in good company!
Selphie: Mmhmm! So tell me, what's your school festival like?
Deuce: School...festival?
Selphie: Y-you don't have one!?
Ace: Our school might, but we're in Class Zero, so we don't have much to do with the rest of Akademeia...
Selphie: But school festivals are so much fun! The students scheme up all sorts of events and PAAAH-TAY!
Selphie: I was on the committee that planned the festival. Or at least...something like it, right?
Irvine: Yeah. It was more like a concert, but you still did a great job putting it all together!
Deuce: It sounds wonderful. Maybe we could do one, too!
Selphie: That's the spirit! You need to live it up while you're young!
Selphie: I know! Why don't we have a school festival here? It'll be super fun with schools from different worlds!
Irvine: Great idea, Selphie. Count me in!
Ace: ...So what exactly should we do?
Selphie: Hmm... Good question.
Selphie: Deuce can put on a flute concert, and Ace can do a magic show with his cards!
Deuce: Alright! I won't let you down!
Ace: A magic show? Is that different from using normal magic...? Do I use magic to...entertain people...?
Irvine: I think we need a few more acts. Is there anyone else we can ask?

(Lilisette and Celes arrive)

Lilisette: It looks like you guys are having fun over here! What's going on?
Selphie: Lilisette! Celes! You're just in time!
Selphie: We were talking about finding more acts for our school festival.
Selphie: You'll dance in our show, won't you, Lilisette?
Lilisette: But of course! It's what I'm best at! I'll show you the grace of Troupe Mayakov!
Irvine: And Celes will sing!
Celes: M-me!?
Selphie: You're an opera singer, aren't you? That's what Setzer said.
Celes: That no good...!
Selphie: Then it's decided! Let's do our best to make this the greatest school festival ever! ...After we beat the baddies, of course!

(Laguna and Sazh watch from afar)

Laguna: Haha. It's nice to see them having so much fun. Well, you're only young once!
Sazh: That so? I can't imagine two old men like us ever being young...
Spreading Smiles*:
Selphie: Wow. These ruins are really...ruined.
Quistis: Indeed... It's hard to get around with all this rubble.
Wakka: And seeing all this reminds me of the destruction back home...
Firion: I can't help but remember my hometown, burnt to the ground by the empire. If we don't save this world, the others may share its fate...
Cait Sith: Hey there! What's got you all looking so gloomy?

(Cait Sith arrives)

Cait Sith: This journey's supposed to be full of smiles! C'mon now, turn those frowns upside down!
Selphie: ...Hey, Cait Sith, there's something I've been meaning to tell you.
Cait Sith: What's that? I'm all ears!
Selphie: You really remind me of my friends back home!
Cait Sith: Oh? That so!?
Selphie: Yeah! I'm from Trabia, a cold and snowy place in my home world. Even still, everyone's so warm and friendly there.
Lion: So Cait Sith's upbeat personality reminds you of home?
Selphie: Not just that. I think he's got the same way of speaking, too! It's like we're old friends!
Cait Sith: Happy to hear you think so, Selphie! I do my best to keep a smile on everyone's face!
Quistis: That certainly is kind of you.
Cait Sith: Think nothin' of it! It puts a smile on my face just bein' here with you all.
Cait Sith: I hope we can become your warm and friendly home away from home, Selphie.
Selphie: Thanks! I feel better already!
Cait Sith: No thanks necessary! We're like family now!
Firion: Can a way of speaking really bring people so close...?
Wakka: You bet. And these two are birds of a feather. They can befriend anyone in a heartbeat.
Lion: It's fascinating to see such similarities between people from completely different worlds!
Selphie: You got that right! It's super-duper neato!
Selphie: I feel lucky to know such friendly people in my home world and here, too!
Cait Sith: There weren't many friendly folk around me back home...
Cait Sith: But they had such a serious job to do, they didn't have time to think about smilin'. So I decided to help 'em with that!
Selphie: That's wonderful, Cait Sith! I'm sure that, together, we can spread smiles around the whole world!
Lion: ...You sure are ambitious.
Quistis: It can't be helped... Think of it as a good thing.
Wakka: Selphie's got the right idea. We need to keep our heads up. We can't keep looking back.
Firion: Agreed. I must learn to look on the bright side, or risk forever being lost in dark thoughts about my home...
Cait Sith: Alrighty then! How 'bout we start by loosening up the way you talk?
Selphie: With me and Cait Sith as your teachers, you'll be talking friendly in no time. Booyaka!
Firion: Haha... Perhaps we can begin lessons next time...
Serah: What's up, Sis? You said you wanted to talk.
Lightning: Yeah. It might be nothing, but...
Lightning: It seems there's a secret code going around lately. Do you know anything about it?
Lightning: I overheard Palom and Vivi using it earlier...


Palom: Booyaka, Vivi! Let's go practice your magic!
Vivi: Booyaka! Thanks, Palom!

(Vivi chases after Palom; Lightning observes)

Serah: ...So you noticed, too. Actually, just a little while ago...

(Flashback: Serah observes Zack approaching Cloud and Aerith)

Zack: Booyaka! Aerith, Cloud, would you get this?
Aerith: Um...booyaka?

Lightning: What on earth is..."booyaka"?
Serah: Sorry, but I don't know either. Maybe it's some other world's vocabulary.
Selphie: Booyaka! What's shaking, you two?

(Selphie arrives)

Serah: Selphie... Can you tell us what "booyaka" means?
Selphie: Oho! How good of you to ask! It's a greeting I made up!
Selphie: I couldn't quite get it to catch on in my world, but everyone here's got the spirit!
Lightning: ...What does it mean?
Selphie: Cute, right?
Lightning: We're not...communicating...!
Selphie: Feel free to use it as much as you can! Later! Booyaka!

(Selphie runs off)

Lightning: I can't take any more of this...
Serah: Boo...yaka?
Lightning: Serah! Not you, too!
Serah: Sis...I kinda like it! It's catchy!
Serah: Booyaka! Hahaha, I gotta share this with Snow.

(Serah runs off)

Lightning: W-wait! Serah!
Lightning: Serah... Why does it look like you're enjoying this...?
Lightning: Or are you just trying to enjoy your time in this world...? Maybe I ought to follow her example...

Itchin' for Greater Fights[]

A Journey with No Destination:

Depending on your progress in the story, characters you have yet to recruit may appear in these events.

???: Ahh... Not bad, a journey with no destination... I wonder whom I'll meet where this time...
???: And yet...what a revolting development this is.
???: Even I, who has traipsed across countless dimensions, find this place yucky...
???: ...What might Bartz, that spry, old fellow, and their merry band be up to about now?

(Gilgamesh sees a Torsion)

???: Oh, my! Have we an exit before us!?
???: This time we shall arrive in some space more respectable-like!

(Gilgamesh enters the Torsion)

Mog: Kupo! What's a Torsion doing here, kupo?
Faris: There aren't many monsters about... Just a wee Torsion, I suppose.
Mog: A Torsion is still a Torsion, kupo! Let's get in there and close it, kupo!
???: Whaaat iiin the—!?

(Gilgamesh comes out of the Torsion)

Bartz: Gilgamesh!?
Gilgamesh: What ho! If it isn't Bartz! Then this must be...
Gilgamesh: ...... ......
Gilgamesh: ......someplace?
Firion: You...we fought you in the World of Illusions. If you came out of there, then that means...
Mog: You're the Torsion's master, kupo!?
Gilgamesh: Fwa!? I haven't the faintest of what's going on, but you wish to cross blades!?
Gilgamesh: Hah hah hah! Very well!
Gilgamesh: The me before you now is in prime condition! Three on one! Bring it!
Bartz: ...I don't know what's going on either, but okay!
Wandering Swordsman:
Gilgamesh: Arrrgh! You beat me agaaain!
Vaan: Hey, the Torsion isn't closing.
Mog: Kupo!? Then the Torsion isn't his, kupo!?
Squall: ...What a waste of time.
Bartz: Sorry about that Gilgamesh. So why are you here?
Gilgamesh: Why wouldn't I be? There was an exit, and I took it!
Vaan: You were lost?
Gilgamesh: I was not lost! I was wandering! As suits Gilgamesh, the wandering swordsman!
Serah: Bartz, this guy's from your world...right?
Bartz: Yeah, we fought him as an enemy a bunch of times...
Gilgamesh: Let us not discuss my former employer. I am now a vagabond, roaming the expanse of the Rift.
Squall: Why do you ask?
Serah: Hmm... Maybe I'm imagining things, but I feel like we've met before...
Vaan: Actually, I had the same feeling. He's kind of familiar...
Squall: ...So you guys, too.
Bartz: Huh? You all know Gilgamesh?
Gilgamesh: I don't know you!
Squall: Just a passing resemblance...?
Gilgamesh: Mayhaps we have met, but so long has been my journey, many a detail have I forgotten!
Mog: You've been wandering between dimensions without the need of Torsions? How unusual, kupo...
Bartz: Anyway, Gilgamesh hasn't done anything wrong. Should we get back to closing the Torsion?
Serah: Right, we can't leave it open.
Squall: Our memories of back home aren't spot on in this world either... No point dwelling on it.

(The party walks to the Torsion)

Gilgamesh: Hey! You're going already!? Then I shall lend you my aid!
Gilgamesh: You say we have met... What kind of a jerk would I be if I let acquaintances risk their lives!?
Vaan: Sure you just don't want to be lost and alone again?
Gilgamesh: I'm not lost! Nor am I letting your last memory of me be my humiliating defeat!
Bartz: Is it alright if he comes along?
Mog: He's strong and doesn't seem like a bad guy. I don't see why not, kupo.
Gilgamesh: Then it is decided! You won't regret this!
When Next We Meet:
Gilgamesh: Alright! Consider my honor regained!
Bartz: You were a big help. Sorry about the mixup earlier.
Gilgamesh: Think nothing of it! You and I are buds, are we not!?
Galuf: Your skills haven't dulled at all either.
Gilgamesh: Of course not! I have been continually sharpening them!
Gilgamesh: I am heartened to see you in good health, old man. As for me, I must return to my journey.
Mog: Kupo!? You won't stay with us, kupo?
Gilgamesh: Saving the world simply doesn't suit a wandering swordsman.
Vivi: Are you really gonna go, Mister?
Vanille: Would you look at that? Even the kids like you despite that scary face of yours.
Gilgamesh: Ulp... Do not look at me with those eyes! I might get emotional!
Vivi: I'm worried about you... I don't want you to get lost and feel lonely again.
Bartz: We were also washed up here away from home and are wandering just the same.
Gilgamesh: Ho ho... Well, if you insist!
Gilgamesh: Moogle! Take this!
Mog: Kupo! These are...dimensional coordinates, kupo?
Gilgamesh: My journey has no destination, and when we next meet, it may be as rivals...
Gilgamesh: Buuut! Whenever you folks need me, just call my name! I'll be there!
Mog: Yay, kupo! Another friend added to our roster, kupo!
Gilgamesh: Now then, fare thee well! Hrah!

(Gilgamesh leaves)

Vanille: I feel like our conversation went off the rails somewhere...but oh well?
Galuf: He can be a hasty fellow, but try to welcome him warmly.
Bartz: Who could've imagined a day we'd be fighting side by side...? What a feeling.
Maladroit Man-at-Arms*:
Gilgamesh: Ho! Fancy meeting you here! How fare your travels?

(Gilgamesh approaches the Final Fantasy V party)

Faris: Why are you here? We haven't summoned you.
Gilgamesh: There's no need to be so cold. You should try to be nicer to others!
Krile: Did you come to check on us?
Gilgamesh: Even if we fight at each other's sides, there's no way of telling how you're doing!
Bartz: You've got a point. A lot's happened, but we're doing fine.
Gilgamesh: Where's that old man? Is he still as sprightly as ever?
Krile: Of course! He's over there with some of the others.
Gilgamesh: ...I see. Please take good care of him!
Faris: Hey, Gilgamesh. Are you...hiding something that happened in our world?
Krile: ...Because of the Torsions, some people have lost their memories.
Gilgamesh: Well...
Galuf: Oho, here's a fine guest! What are you folks talking about?

(Galuf arrives)

Gilgamesh: I-it's...nothing! Absolutely nothing! We were just chatting about how strong you are!
Galuf: Ho ho ho! Your clumsiness hasn't changed a bit, has it?
Galuf: Perhaps you can see our future after wandering the Rift for so long.
Bartz: Galuf...
Galuf: But you needn't worry. In order to fix the distortions and return the world to how it ought to be, I'm willing to accept any fate.
Gilgamesh: Old certainly are an exemplary warrior.
Gilgamesh: Sniff... Bah, my nose is running... H-how dare this weather aggravate my allergies!
Gilgamesh: I must be off! Pwing!

(Gilgamesh runs away)

Faris: ...What a weirdo.
Bartz: He's a bit flaky, but he's not a bad guy.
Bartz: Serah... You said you might've met Gilgamesh before, right?
Serah: Yes... He reminds me of someone I fought once. We eventually became allies.
Serah: But they're not the same. The person I know uses guns, and the swords are slightly different, too.
Bartz: This Gilgamesh uses only swords, so they're definitely different. Only their name is the same.
Zidane: If we're talking names, I know a Gilgamesh, too.
Zidane: But he didn't use a sword. He didn't fight at all, actually.
Lion: ...My father's name is Gilgamesh.
Lion: Though his appearance and profession are totally different.
Ace: We also have a Gilgamesh in Orience. He's the head of the Lorican Alliance.
Ace: Other than the fact that they're both military men, they've got nothing in common.
Seifer: Why does that ugly mug give me such a bad feeling...?
Bartz: Is there also someone named Gilgamesh in your world, Seifer?
Seifer: Can it. I don't remember ever meeting an idiot like that!
Zidane: Maybe you just lost your memories of him?
Seifer: Hmph. Lost memories or not, there's no way I'd lose to such a wuss.
Ace: You can never fault Seifer for not being confident enough...
Serah: Isn't it fascinating, though? That such different people with the same name can exist across our worlds.
Lion: I'd love for them to meet my dad. But I know it's probably for the best that they don't.
Bartz: I'm sure he'd be surprised to say the least. Even if it won't happen, it's fun to imagine.

A Thousand Words[]

Led by Interceptor:

Depending on your progress in the story, characters you have yet to recruit may appear in these events.

Zell: Something over there, Interceptor?

(The party follows Interceptor)

Lilisette: That's Shadow's partner for you! What a trouper!
Lilisette: There, there, who's a good boy...whoa!
Lilisette: Did I make him mad? ...Maybe he doesn't like me.
Shadow: ...He eats strangers.
Zell: I guess he's a little rough around the edges, just like his master. Or "rrruff," in his case.
Zell: He almost ate me...

(Sabin and Terra arrive)

Sabin: Heeey! We got trouble!
Lilisette: What's the matter, you two? You look like you've seen a ghost.
Sabin: We just saw some things that look like people! That look like us!
Zell: Manikins? Well, that's nothing special.
Terra: No, they were different from manikins...
Zell: Look like you, but not manikins? What could they be?
Terra: I don't know...but...
Terra: They remind me of something. Maybe...

(Interceptor runs ahead)

Zell: Ah! Interceptor! Where ya going!?
Lilisette: He took off at top speed... Did he find something?
Shadow: It can't be...

(Shadow runs ahead)

Zell: Wha—!? There goes his master!
Lilisette: Let's go, too!
The Artist Relm:

(Interceptor finds Relm)

???: Good boy, Interceptor. Where's your owner?
Sabin: H-hey! It's Relm!

(The party arrives)

Shadow: ...Just as I thought.
Relm: Shadow! And the muscle-man!
Cloud: Is she talking about— ...Why do I even ask?
Relm: Great! I finally found somebody I know!
Sabin: If you're here, then those guys we saw earlier must be...
Sabin: Were you painting pictures of us!
Relm: Heh heh, ya got me.
Relm: I was all by myself, lost in a strange place. I got lonely.
Relm: So I had a little fun painting!
Penelo: Um, sorry, but I don't think I follow...
Penelo: Does painting have something to do with those doppelgangers?
Sabin: When Relm paints a picture, the real thing pops out.
Penelo: Her pictures come to life!?
Cloud: ...You have to watch out for paintings in your world?
Relm: What does he mean, "your world"? Who're they?
Shadow: They'll fill you in.
Relm: Hmm? If you say so!
Relm: Anyway, Interceptor! Let's go play over there!

(Relm and Interceptor run off; Shadow follows)

Sabin: If you cross her, she'll threaten to paint your picture. Be careful!
Penelo: I-I'll keep that in mind...
Relm's Portrait Workshop*:
Palom: Hey, everyone!

(The kids arrive)

Sazh: What's up? Looks like you kids are having fun.
Vivi: Yeah! Relm taught us how to paint portraits!
Relm: Everyone's so good at it! Look!
Eiko: Zidane, I, umm...painted a picture of you...
Zidane: Oh really? Let me see!
Zidane: Whoa! This looks just like me! Great job, Eiko!
Eiko: Really? Yay! Ehehe.
Sazh: I guess it does look like you, but...isn't it a bit TOO handsome?
Quistis: I had no idea his lashes were this long...
Vivi: I drew you, Sazh! Here!
Sazh: That's wonderful! Thanks, Vivi!
Sazh: ...What's this? Am I nothing but a hairball...?
Relm: I taught Vivi a secret technique: focusing on unique features!
Sazh: I...I see...
Palom: I drew you, Quistis! I'm sure you'll love it!
Quistis: Oh? Thank you, Palom.
Zidane: Well, this...certainly is...Quistis...
Sazh: Are these...horns? And it looks like you have fangs, too...
Quistis: Palom... What is the meaning of this?
Palom: Well, you get mad when we misbehave, right?
Palom: I wanted to show how scary you look when you're upset! Right, Relm?
Relm: Capturing things unseen to the eye is also a very important technique!
Quistis: Am I really so...terrifying...?
Zidane: Aww, don't get so down about it. They're just kids.
Eiko: Growing horns is no big deal, either!
Quistis: That might be true for you, Eiko, but...
Relm: It'll be alright, Quistis.
Relm: I think you're right to be this scary to rascals like Palom!
Sazh: You're a rascal yourself, Relm.
Relm: What did you say!? Take that back, or else I'll draw you next!
Sazh: Okay, okay! Just don't draw me!
Vivi: I like drawing pictures!
Eiko: Yeah! Let's draw the others, too!
Parent and Child*:
Tidus: Hyah! Fast break!
Jecht: Haha! Too easy! Take this!

Jecht: Come on. Throwing in the towel already?
Jecht: You won't ever be better than me with those weak moves.
Tidus: Damn you, old man! One more time!
Jecht: Alright. Give it your best shot!
Shadow: You're quite lively...

(The rest of the party arrives)

Relm: You two are really close, aren't you?
Tidus: Me and this old man? Don't be ridiculous...
Laguna: Aww, you're blushing. There's no need to be shy, Tidus!
Laguna: There was a little girl who helped take care of me when I was injured. She was so adorable!
Laguna: Aww, I miss her now. I want to be as close to her as you and your father!
Squall: (Hmph...)
Laguna: What about you Relm? Are you close to your parents?
Relm: Well, I don't have a father. When I was young, he left home.
Laguna: Oh... I'm sorry for asking.
Tidus: Even though he left, he could still be alive, right?
Relm: Hmm... I guess so. But I don't really remember him at all.
Jecht: You're a tough girl. Different from a certain crybaby I know.
Tidus: I hope you're not talking about me! I wasn't lonely or anything!
Squall: Don't you two ever get tired of this...?
Jecht: Who would be cruel enough to leave such a cute little girl behind?
Laguna: You were both athletes, weren't you?
Laguna: Maybe Relm and her father were both painters!
Squall: The more important part is the magic. Perhaps he was a mage.
Relm: They're both possible! I hope I can meet him someday!
Tidus: You never know. He may be just around the corner.
Jecht: Hahaha! Yeah right!
Krile: Are you tired, Grandpa? I'll give you a shoulder rub!
Galuf: Oh, Krile, you're too kind. Just the sentiment is enough for me.
Relm: ...Grandpa, huh?
Relm: Wonder what my old codger is up to about now.
Tifa: "Old codger"...?
Krile: Did you live with your grandfather, too, Relm?
Relm: Yup. Strago's his name.
Setzer: He looks like any aged fellow, but he's a rather skilled mage.
Cecil: We had an older gentleman named Tellah among our comrades as well.
Cecil: His magic was also so great as to earn him the title "sage." A dependable companion.
Relm: Oh, really...?
Relm: Galuf, or Tellah, or whoever, everyone has such great grandpas.
Relm: Mine on the other hand... He just gave up on his dreams and does nothing but get older...
Tifa: You're worried about him, aren't you?
Relm: Hmmm... He's pretty awful, but I can't just leave him alone.
Galuf: That Strago must be a happy man.
Krile: I hope you, and Cecil too, can meet them again soon.
Galuf: I'd like to meet them, too. They must have some stories to tell.
Setzer: You and Strago would get along. You have a thing or two in common.
Relm: Please take good care of him when the time comes!
Relm: If he starts whining, just clock him one, 'kay?
Galuf: S-sure, but gently, perhaps...
Cecil: Love comes in all forms...I guess.
Tifa: You can say that again.
Relm: Grandpa... I'm doing fine, so you hang in there, too...

Power is Everything[]

The Emperor's Servant:

Depending on your progress in the story, characters you have yet to recruit may appear in these events.

Firion: This finishes it! Hah!

(Firion defeats a Behemoth as Jecht and Tidus arrive)

Jecht: Oh, not bad, Firion! Got a good arm on ya!
Tidus: That was a big one. Didn't think we'd run into this sort around here.
???: Good show.
Firion: That voice!

(The Emperor appears)

The Emperor: You have grown stronger. I did not expect you to defeat the fiend I sent your way.
Firion: The Emperor of Palamecia!
Jecht: "Sent our way," huh? What's the big idea!?
The Emperor: Did I not make myself clear? To test your strength.
The Emperor: And I find that strength increasingly appealing. What do you say? Shall I dominate you now?
Tidus: You never learn, do ya?
Firion: Don't make us repeat ourselves! No one wishes to be ruled over!
The Emperor: Ha... In that case, might the sight of this man sway your position?
The Emperor: Come!

(Leon emerges from a Torsion)

Firion: Leon!
Leon: Unh... Is that you...Firion...?
Jecht: Who's this guy? Friend of yours?
Firion: My best friend... But why is he...?
Tidus: Your best friend works for the Emperor!? The heck!?
Leon: Ngah...! Fir...iooon! Power... Give me your power! If I kill you...then I...!
Leon: I can...! Become the true...ruler...!
Jecht: Hey, he's spoutin' crazy talk now. You really used to hang out with this nut job?
Firion: ...Clearly something is amiss. The Leon I know would never...
The Emperor: Well, now what? Here is a bit of fun where former friends battle to the death... Try to entertain me.
The Emperor: Go, Leon!
Power is Everything Pt. 1:

(Wave 3: Leon)

Leon: Fir...ion! You can defeat me!?
Firion: Leon...snap out of it! Blast, have we no choice but to fight!?
Leon: Ngh... Firion...
Firion: Leon, please, come to your senses... This fight is...meaningless.
The Emperor: Hmph, some opponent you proved to be. Hopeless.
The Emperor: I have no need for useless worms. Allow me to deliver the finishing blow.
Firion: Stop, Emperor!
The Emperor: Oh, you wish to protect the man who betrayed you? And why is that, may I ask?
Firion: Leon is my friend...and my family!
Leon: ...Fir...ion...
The Emperor: Hahaha... A truly worthless reason.
The Emperor: I think it best I finish you both here and now!

(Gunshots are fired by Irvine)

The Emperor: What!?
Irvine: That'll be enough, Mr. E. Mind stepping away from my friends now?

(Snow and Thancred arrive)

Snow: His family is our family! You aren't laying a finger on him!
Thancred: Do afford us the dashing entrance from time to time, eh, Firion?
Firion: My friends...!
The Emperor: ...Hmph. Your theatrics have spoiled my entertainment.
The Emperor: Well enough. This one is now steeped in darkness. He is certain to betray you in his thirst for power...
The Emperor: Ugly battles amongst yourselves is the most you have to look forward to.

(The Emperor disappears)

Snow: He got away! Everyone in one piece?

(Leon collapses)

Firion: Leon! Are you alright!?

Firion: Can you stand, Leon?
Leon: Y-yes... I am fine now...
Leon: But are you? You heard what he said...
Firion: Why don't you tell us what happened first? Why were you with the Emperor?
Leon: I realized I was in this world...felt some dark will pursuing me, and lost consciousness...blast it all.
Leon: I was with that monster...
Leon: I'm sorry. Please, leave me be.

(Leon leaves)

Firion: ...Argh.
Snow: Hey, you gonna let him go? I thought he was family.
Irvine: Yeah, you need to take better care of him than that. Heeey, Leeeooon!
Firion: Snow, Irvine... You're right...
Firion: Leon! This world isn't please stay with us, at least as long as you're here...!

(Firion runs off, and reunites with Leon)

Leon: ...Firion... But...I'm sure I will eventually betray you...
Snow: Geez, don't you make this harder than it needs to be.
Snow: What'd we say? Firion's family is our family! We don't care what your baggage is!
Snow: Family sticks together! Hey, you guys with me here?
Thancred: Aye, I have no interest in digging up the past.
Irvine: Yeah, and it's safer if you're with us than getting yourself lost and manipulated by some other wacko.
Firion: Thank you, everyone...!
Firion: No one among us will hold anything against you.
Firion: I finally found you...
Leon: ...Very well.
Snow: Right-o! That settles it! Let's go let the others know we've got a new friend! I mean family member!
Leon: Am I...truly fit for this...?
Two Sides of the Same Coin*:
Leon: I heard you were once a knight who wielded dark powers.
Cecil: Correct. I used those dark powers in battle.
Leon: I did not loathe choosing this power under the Emperor.
Leon: Everything...was for the sake of gaining even greater power.
Leon: But you are different. You did not hunger for power and instead found a different path to tread upon.
Cecil: ...That's true. And yet there is a part of me that feels indebted to my current and past form.
Cecil: Though it was for the sake of my home and lord, I still wielded a sword of darkness...
Kain: Dark and light are two sides of the same coin, Cecil.

(The rest of the party arrives)

Kain: Without light, there can be no shadows. Because there is darkness, the light shines.
Leon: What are you trying to say?
King: Power is not good or evil. It depends on how you use it.
King: I picked up a gun for the sake of war. It wasn't to protect someone, or so I thought.
King: But a gun is just a weapon. Whether it does good or evil depends on the will of its wielder.
King: Sazh told me that.
Vincent: Even cursed power...can prove useful at times...
Mog: Exactly, kupo!
Mog: You may all be from different worlds, but here you're all warriors of light to me, kupo!
Kain: You're no exception, Leon.
Kain: I'd like to see how you choose to use that power of yours.
Leon: ...I never thought I'd see the day I'd be called a warrior of light.
Leon: You have saved me. I will not let you down.
Cecil: I'm certain you won't. Let us hold our wills fast, together.
Smiling Practice*:
Chelinka: Yuri!
Chelinka: You went overboard in battle again! I keep telling you not to get carried away, don't I?
Yuri: Sorry, Chelinka. I just get so excited!
Chelinka: You never change... Listen to what your older sister says for a change!
Maria: It's like watching ourselves when we were kids, Brother.
Leon: Indeed...
Sabin: Hey! Big brother!

(Maria and Leon watch Edgar and Sabin)

Sabin: I just worked out a new technique! Have a look!
Edgar: How exciting. Show me!
Leon: There are other siblings here besides us, I see.
Chelinka: They're all very close, too! Like Lenna and Faris, and Lightning and Serah.
Leon: Close...
Leon: If it was possible, I would have wanted us to laugh more together...
Wakka: Stop lookin' at the past. You still got time to make that happen.

(Wakka and Vaan arrive)

Wakka: You should be happy you're still alive to see each other again.
Leon: Still alive... You mean...
Wakka: I don't wanna brag about misfortune, you guessed, my brother is already gone.
Leon: My condolences...
Wakka: No worries. It's like I said: just be happy you guys can still see each other!
Yuri: It doesn't matter how you meet. What's important is "now" and what you'll do from now on.
Vaan: That's right. You can still laugh and smile together from now on.
Leon: I don't know if I can change that quickly...
Yuri: Why don't you try it with just your face? Like...this!

(Yuri runs over to tickle Leon)

Leon: H-hey! Stop that!
Wakka: Oho! You smiled!
Maria: Hehe. It's been so long since I've seen you smile, Brother.
Chelinka: Look! Leon's blushing!
On Deck:
Leon: ...Why? I don't understand...
Zell: Yo! Leon!

(The party arrives)

Zell: We're going over what's next for us. You should join in.
Firion: Is there something on your mind?
Leon: Why are you all so willing to accept me?
Leon: In my thirst for power, I became a knight of the Emperor...
Leon: And if that wasn't enough, I turned my blade on you.
Seifer: I think you're mistaken, dark-wuss. Who said we're accepting you?
Seifer: We're just letting you tag along because our interests happen to match up.
Leon: Is that all...?
Zell: No! No, that's just Seifer shooting his mouth off!
Ramza: It is true we once crossed swords.
Ramza: But we have seen your actions since. Your skills have aided us any number of times.
Steiner: And how! As a fellow knight, your swordsmanship must be respected!
Seifer: As a knight...
Seifer: Who wouldn't want power?
Seifer: I don't get your hang-up.
Zell: ...I get nervous when you talk like that, you know...
Seifer: Ugh, you're annoying. Mind your own business.
Seifer: Do what you want the way you want. That's how I operate.

(Seifer leaves)

Steiner: Graaagh! Why you—! How dare you rub salt in Sir Leon's wounds!
Ramza: ...Stay. That needn't be all he intended.
Ramza: Seifer's conviction to his own approach should have no small influence on our own way of thinking.

(Ramza and Zell leave)

Steiner: Hrm... Perhaps... But do not dwell too deeply on it.

(Steiner leaves)

Leon: ...They are an enjoyable lot. You've found yourself some good friends, Firion.
Firion: It's as Seifer says. Do it your way.
Firion: Even if your way is mistaken...
Firion: We have plenty of friends here who will set you right.
Leon: Heh... Right you are.

Fangs of Promise[]

Belligerent Warrior:

Depending on your progress in the story, characters you have yet to recruit may appear in these events.

Jecht: It's exhausting being around all these kids, treatin' me like an old man.
Jecht: Maybe I can get some rest over— Huh?

(Jecht sees Fang against a Lightning Manikin)

???: You may look like her, but you're nothing like her.

(Fang defeats the Manikin)

Jecht: Nice work! You one of Lightning's friends?
???: What's it to you? And how do you know Lightning?
Jecht: Calm down, missy. I'm one of the good guys.
Jecht: But if you wanna fight, you've got it.
???: Who are you calling "missy"? How do I know you're not one of them?
???: I don't know what to believe anymore.
Jecht: Alright, since you're not gonna listen, we're solvin' this the old-fashioned way.

???: Not bad for an old man.
Jecht: They do look like us on the outside, you're right about that.
Ashe: There you are. Why did you go off on your own?

(The rest of the party arrives)

Jecht: Ha! No reason. Hey, Snow, lemme ask you something.
Snow: Yeah?
Jecht: She one of yours? Seems to know Lightning.
Snow: Wh-what are you doing here!?
???: Snow! No, you're one of them, too!
Snow: Ahhh, slow down, Fang! Just listen! I can explain.
Ashe: So they do know each other.
Jecht: That's what I thought. This hot-headed little missy here wouldn't listen to a word I said.
Fang: Stop calling me that!
Ashe: Will she listen to what any of us have to say?
King: What do we do?
Snow: We're not fighting her. She's one of us.
Snow: Fang, listen. Vanille and the others are over there too so why don't—
Fang: Vanille!? Why didn't you tell me!? Where is she?
Snow: Over there. And I would've told you sooner if you'd just listen...

(Fang runs off)

Jecht: She's just riled up because she has no idea what's going on. Can't blame her.
King: She seemed real concerned about Vanille.
Ashe: Are they sisters?
Snow: Kind of.
A Missed Partner:

(Lightning approaches Fang)

Lightning: Fang?
Fang: Dammit! Another one!
Fang: Or...are you really her?
Lightning: It's me. Wanna find out?
Fang: ...
Fang: It really is you!
Fang: You look exactly like one of those monsters. It wouldn't hurt to crack a smile, would it?
Lightning: Same old Fang. I'm glad you're okay.
Fang: You, too. I'm relieved to see someone I know.
Fang: Speaking of, where's Vanille? Snow said she was here.
Lightning: She is.
Vanille: Fang!

(Vanille runs up to Fang while the rest of the party arrives)

Fang: Vanille!
Steiner: You must be very close friends.
Aerith: I've never seen Vanille look so at ease.
Fang: You have no idea how worried I was.
Vanille: I was worried, too! I'm so glad you're okay!
Fang: Sorry it took me so long.

(The party sees a Vanille Manikin)

Steiner: Another manikin!
Aerith: What a way to ruin the reunion.
Fang: Is that what you call those things? Those poor imitations of us.
Fang: That looks nothing like you, Vanille.
Fang: Just like old times. Ready?
Vanille: Yeah!
Desire to Protect*:
Fang: Hey there, Hope. I see you're here, too.
Hope: Hey, Fang. I'm glad we were able to find you.
Fang: We might've been able to see each other sooner, but I just don't trust strangers.

(Jecht and the rest of the party arrive)

Fang: Thanks for protecting Vanille.
Firion: We don't see it as "protecting."
Firion: We simply take care of each other.
Fang: That's fine for now. But Vanille can be pretty reckless.
Fang: She'll get into all sorts of trouble if you don't keep a good eye on her. That's why I need to protect her.
Leon: ...
Leon: I do not know what transpired between you two in the past, but if you say it is so, then it must be.
Leon: However... That is not all we see in her.
Firion: Leon...
Firion: You're right. In that sense, perhaps Fang is the only one who can protect her.
Fang: You think too hard. It's simple: She's someone I want to protect, so I protect her with all my might.
Auron: That is true... Whatever the truth may be, she's a part of our group now. We share a common fate. That does not change.
Auron: Don't think you have to protect her by yourself. There are others you can rely on.
Fang: I've got priorities, so I can't make any promises.
Auron: That's no matter, as long as you understand how we think.
Fang: ...I understand. I planned on working together with you from the start. I appreciate you staying with Vanille this whole time.
Fang: From here on out, I'll protect her, too.
Jecht: Dammit... If you were one of Lightning's friends, you should've just believed me!
Auron: I can't say I blame her. Your face is dubious at best.
Jecht: What'd you say!? My mug's as honest as they come for old men!
Fang: I'm sorry. I wasn't sure who I could trust then.
Fang: I didn't have time to think about it. I was worried about Vanille.
Jecht: Well...I guess I understand. At least it worked out in the end.
Like Family*:
Vanille: Then Fang and I... And after that, we...
Yuri: Whoa! Really!?
Yuri: Isn't that amazing, Chelinka? After her long sleep, Vanille woke up and met all her friends!
Chelinka: Calm down, Yuri. It sounds normal when you say it like that.
Vanille: Hehe.

(The rest of the party arrives)

Fang: What's up, Vanille?
Vanille: I was telling them about our past.
Chelinka: It sounds like a lot happened between you two. I can see why you're so close.
Fang: So you really told them.
Vanille: Yes. I thought it was no good for us to be the only ones keeping secrets... And I just never had a chance to talk about it.
Fang: I see...
Yuri: So you've been alive for a long time, then.
Yuri: In our world, we have a race called the Yuke. They also live long lives!
Yuri: Does that mean you two are also part of a special race?
Fang: Huh? No. We were asleep for a long time is all.
Chelinka: Yuri, you need to be more considerate! Some people are sensitive about their age!
Yuri: Oh... Sorry.
Vincent: Solid advice...
Vaan: Why're you looking at me when you say that?
Vincent: You're hopeless...
Fang: Don't worry about it. I'm about as young as I look.
Fang: We slept the whole time, so we didn't really age.
Vincent: A similar thing happened to me. I slept for a long time.
Vaan: You too, huh? I guess you can't judge a book by its cover.
Yuri: I get a feeling you all have trouble getting out of bed in the morning.
Chelinka: You're one to talk, Yuri! And don't say such rude things to our friends!
Vanille: Hehe. You sure are close, aren't you? Fang and I were raised like siblings, too.
Fang: That's right. Our village was like our family.
Vanille: It really was, wasn't it? I miss that place.
Yuri: Chelinka...
Chelinka: We're the same. We lived in a small village with our family and friends...
Fang: You're bound to meet all sorts when traveling in such a big group. I'm glad to see there are others like us out there.
Fang: Huh? Time to move on?
Serah: Fang! Where've you been!? You're bleeding!
Fang: Don't worry. Blood's not mine.
Wakka: You were fighting all by yourself!? That's dangerous!
Fang: What are you talking about? We all do our part, right?
Vaan: Yeah, but we don't do it alone.
Fang: I'm alright. I just needed to move around a bit.
Serah: Let us know next time, okay? We worry when people go off on their own.
Fang: You two really are nothing alike.
Serah: Who?
Fang: You and Lightning. Are you sure you're related?
Fang: You worry about everything all the time.
Vaan: Isn't that a good thing? Can you imagine having another Lightning?
Fang: Fortunately, there's only one.
Serah: I'm serious, Fang. I was really worried.
Sabin: Serah was worried about your safety. You wanted to get some exercise.
Sabin: Next time let me come along. I could use some training practice.
Fang: Training practice?
Vaan: Oh man, Sabin and Fang-style training? Count me in!
Fang: There's no training or practice of any kind! Haven't you heard a word I said?
Serah: Haha, maybe I'll join too!
Fang: ...I prefer being on my own, but I can't stop you from coming along.
Serah: Fang, I know you want to protect Vanille.
Serah: I want to become stronger, so I can protect Lightning too.
Serah: We have the same goal, right?
Serah: And not just Lightning. I want to protect everyone, and that includes you.
Fang: That's your business, not mine.
Serah: Stop being so difficult! Don't go off alone! Always stick with the group!
Serah: Got it!?
Fang: Got it.
Fang: I take back what I said earlier. You're more like your sister than I thought.
Fang: I always knew you were stubborn, but I think it's gotten worse since you've been here.
Serah: Has it?
Serah: That means I've changed throughout my journey. This would never have happened back home.
Fang: Alright. You wore me down. I'll try not to wander off alone.
Sabin: Good! Whether it's training or the real deal, everything is better if we do it together!

The Power of Kindness[]

The Sound of a Flute:

Depending on your progress in the story, characters you have yet to recruit may appear in these events.

Vaan: Do you see that!?

(The party runs ahead to a dead Zu)

Rem: Someone must've slain this monster.
Ace: A battle was fought here.
Yuna: And it wasn't one of us... But maybe it's someone we know.
Yuna: They must be alright seeing they defeated this monster.
Ace: It may be a friend, but it could very well be an enemy too.
Vaan: Can't you be a little optimistic for once?
Ace: I'm just stating the possibilities.

(The sound of a flute is heard)

Thancred: Did you hear that?
Rem: What is it?
Thancred: I thought I heard a flute. Rather a ways off, though.
Vaan: Really? I didn't hear anything.
Thancred: Perhaps I'm starved for entertainment.
Ace: It's possible you heard something we didn't.
Rem: Yeah, and if you did hear a flute, it could be whoever killed this monster.
Yuna: A musician who can battle? Or perhaps one who learned to in order to travel?
Rem: Not quite. We have a friend back home who wields a flute as a weapon.
Yuna: A...flute?
Ace: I suppose it must seem odd to those from other worlds.
Rem: Now that I think of it, it's not very common in our world either.
Thancred: A friend may be nearby then?
Thancred: What are we waiting for?
Ace: You're right. Let's go.
An Encouraging Ally:

(Terra finds the party against a pack of Wolves)

Terra: Are you all okay?
Onion Knight: Yeah, but they just keep coming and coming.
Terra: We must've come across a large pack.
Yuffie: You guys would've been so dead without me!
King: I appreciate the help, but our situation hasn't changed much.
King: I know we're all tired, but we need to keep fighting.
Yuffie: Why are there so many of them!?
Onion Knight: It's not strange for monsters to travel in packs.
Onion Knight: You jumped in to help us because we were surrounded, right?
Yuffie: Yes, but I didn't know there'd be so many of them!
King: For what it's worth, you can have all the credit.
Yuffie: I don't want credit, I want rewards!
Terra: More keep coming.
Onion Knight: We need to stand our ground till the others arrive!
King: Got it.

(Deuce arrives)

???: It looks like I made it just in time.
Yuffie: Who're you?
Deuce: I'm Deuce. It's nice to meet you.
Yuffie: Why are you so calm!? Can't you see what's going on!?
King: Don't worry, she can handle herself.
Deuce: I'm so glad I found you all. I'm ready to give you my full support.
Terra: A flute?
King: We'll talk later. Right now, we need to take care of this situation.
The Young Flautist:
Deuce: Thank you for letting me come with you.
Thancred: Of course.
Thancred: I knew I heard music back there.
Rem: I'm glad to see you again!
Deuce: Me too!
Thancred: Were you frightened all alone?
Deuce: No, not especially. Fighting isn't new to me, and I knew Rem and the others were okay.
Deuce: And because they were, I knew that I had to do what I could.
Vanille: How did you know they were okay?
Deuce: Because I could remember them all: Rem, Ace, King, and Cater.
Rem: In our world, when someone passes, they're forgotten.
Vanille: Wow, and that kept you going.
Rem: But I don't know for certain if that applies in this world too.
Deuce: Why is that?
Rem: There's no way to confirm it.
Vanille: Whatever the case, I'm glad you're alright and that you found your friends.
Deuce: Thank you.
Vanille: I'm curious. How is it using a flute as a weapon?
Deuce: I don't know. I've never been asked so I've never thought about it.
Deuce: This is what I'm used to.
Vanille: So it's hard to explain...
Vanille: Oh, maybe you like music?
Deuce: I do. I love music.
Eiko: Then you and I will become great friends!
Thancred: How so?
Eiko: I can play the flute too! And I'm really good.
Thancred: I had no idea.
Eiko: Of course. I'm a lady.
Eiko: I even played the flute in battle!
Deuce: Will you show me later? I've always wanted someone to play music with.
Eiko: Of course! See? We're great friends already!
Someday's Goal*:

(Deuce plays her flute for the party)

Deuce: ...That's enough practice for now.
Yuna: What a beautiful sound.
Deuce: Thank you! Though I've never played outside of battle, to be honest.
Tidus: Really!? That seems like a waste.
Celes: I agree. It's unfortunate that such wonderful music is being used as a weapon...
Deuce: Thank you for your kind words.
Deuce: Hmm...

(Deuce looks between Celes and Setzer, and Tidus and Yuna)

Yuna: What's the matter?
Celes: Do I have something on my face?
Deuce: You both have such beautiful voices. Do you like singing?
Deuce: If you two ever feel like it, I would love to play along. I think we could make amazing music together!
Celes: Even if I enjoyed singing, I need to protect this world first...
Yuna: She's right. You agree, don't you?
Tidus: Yuna, singing? I've got to hear this!
Yuna: You shouldn't say things like that at a time like this...
Garnet: There's no need to refrain from doing the things you like just because we're in a battle.
Garnet: you hate singing, Yuna?
Yuna: It's not that. I just don't feel confident that I could...
Setzer: I think this is a fantastic idea. Let's strike while the iron is hot.
Setzer: The audience will be just us for now, but I will prepare a grand stage and the best dress for you, Deuce.
Zidane: Hold it! You can't just go making plans on your own like that...
Celes: Thank you, Zidane. Tell him this is really not the time—
Zidane: Celes and Yuna aren't the only ones who can sing!
Garnet: Zidane, you don't mean—
Zidane: Garnet's got the voice of a goddess! Let her perform, too!
Deuce: That's a great idea! You'll sing, too, won't you?
Garnet: I suppose I don't have much of a choice...
Deuce: Don't worry about it. I know that it's not easy to concentrate now.
Deuce: But, once things calm down, why don't we give it a try?
Setzer: You are a gentle soul, and yet quite persuasive.
Tidus: Well, now we've got something to aim for!
Zidane: Yeah! We gotta bring back peace so we can hear these lovely ladies sing!
Not for the Fight...*:

(Deuce plays her flute for the party)

Prishe: Whoa! I can feel the power flowing through me!
Prishe: There's no way I'd lose to the enemy now!
Firion: Deuce's support can help make quick work of the opposition.
Prishe: I want her to play the flute all the time!
Cyan: Perhaps that is asking too much...
Bartz: I'm sure it would be hard on Deuce to keep going for so long.
Prishe: What? I was just kidding!
Cyan: Are you certain? It seemed you spoke at least somewhat in earnest.
Deuce: I'm happy my music helps.
Deuce: Doing it all the time would be tough, but I'll gladly do what I can!
Bartz: That's heartening to hear.
Cyan: There is no doubt that thou possess great power, Lady Deuce.
Cyan: And your music can pacify or uplift all those who hear it.
Bartz: Is it what's making Lilisette and Penelo move like that?

(The party sees Lilisette and Penelo dancing)

Lilisette: Wh-when did this happen!?
Penelo: My body moved on its own...
Prishe: I don't really understand, just means that Deuce is a powerful ally, right? That's all that matters.
Deuce: Hehe.
Prishe: ...Did I say something weird?
Deuce: No. Thank you, Prishe! I'll do my very best!
Bartz: Prishe is right, though it would be nice to hear you play outside a fight.
Deuce: What do you mean...?
Bartz: I'd like to just listen to you play the flute. It's beautiful.
Deuce: ...I'm happy you think so.
Cyan: I concur. Music is something that should be enjoyed, too.
Lilisette: Agreed! It's a waste of your talent, Deuce.
Lilisette: What do you think, Penelo?
Penelo: M-me!? Well, I think dancing to the music is quite fun...
Lilisette: Professional dancers like us can't just turn a blind eye to your talent!
Penelo: I just dance for fun. I'm no professional...
Deuce: The thought of playing outside of battle never really crossed my mind.
Deuce: But playing music for fun... I like that.
Deuce: I'll practice the flute for everyone to enjoy!

Knight's Honor[]

A Knight's Duty:

Depending on your progress in the story, characters you have yet to recruit may appear in these events.

Agrias: Is this region, too, without so much as a village? And this is not the time for me to tarry.

(Agrias sees the Onion Knight run by)

Agrias: Was that...a knight? But under whose flag?

(The Warrior of Light and Steiner run by, but Steiner is stopped)

Agrias: Stay; what is this? Is there to be a battle?
Steiner: Wha—? You—!? No, my mistake! Forgive me, but I must find my comrades! They have been surrounded by monsters!
Agrias: Monsters? Then I shall aid you! Lead the way!

(Agrias and Steiner run off)

Onion Knight: That takes care of that. Thanks for holding out, Shadow.
Shadow: I wasn't about to leave a child behind... More importantly, here's a new face.
Agrias: I am Agrias Oaks, a knight of the Lionsguard.
Shadow: Ah, a knight. That explains your composure in battle. ...Not your first.
Steiner: This gentlewoman recognized our distress and came to our rescue!
Onion Knight: That's mighty noble of you to assist complete strangers.
Agrias: I could not let your plight go unheeded. Also, there is something I would ask you.
Warrior of Light: Please. We will do what we can to help.
Agrias: Are there no villages in the vicinity? This land is unknown to me, and I am without supplies.
Warrior of Light: You seek a village...
Agrias: Also, your armor is of a motley sort. Am I correct to assume you do not belong to any knightly order?
Steiner: Our providence is varied, but the strength of our wills has gathered us to fight together.
Agrias: I see. So you are a variegated unit formed for the purpose of suppressing fiends.
Warrior of Light: No, it is not only fiends with which we do battle. We fight under the goddess.
Agrias: ...Goddess?
Warrior of Light: Correct. We were all summoned here from different worlds, and are now comrades-in-arms.
Agrias: Different worlds...? What is this nonsense you speak?
Shadow: Heh. You've confused her.
Onion Knight: Ahh, we better start at the top. I'm for having her join us. What do the rest of you say?

(The Warrior of Light and Steiner nod)

Onion Knight: Follow us back to camp. We'll explain on the way, and you can eat there, too.
Agrias: ...Very well.
Steiner: You can trust us, Lady Agrias! Let us walk together!
Justice for Whom:
Ramza: Lady Agrias!?

(Ramza reaches the rest of the party)

Agrias: Ramza! You are here!
Ramza: I am glad to see you well!
Galuf: So you know each other? That's a relief.
Ramza: She is a capable and reliable ally! With her among our ranks—
Agrias: I have yet to say I would join you.
Thancred: Worried about unfinished business back home? That's understandable.
Agrias: To think even now how their schemes may be running their course...!
Laguna: Now, now, Ramza just got carried away because he was happy to see you.
Ramza: Carried away...?
Ramza: If you were to lend us your aid, though, certainly salvation would be within our reach.
Agrias: ...Salvation?
Ramza: The disturbances in this world bear an effect on ours. Have you already heard from the others?
Agrias: I have...
Agrias: A tale hard to believe, but from appearances, such may very well be the case.
Thancred: Everyone's world is in danger lest we do something to right this one...or so the story goes.
Ramza: We must unravel the mystery of these disturbances and return the world to order. This fight is ours as well.
Agrias: Ramza, tell me for what it is you are fighting.
Agrias: From my understanding, here there are no peoples oppressed or victimized.
Agrias: What reason have you to fight here? What is there to save that is worth putting our world aside?
Ramza: Just as I met you in our world, I have gained many comrades in this world as well.
Ramza: Saving this world means saving theirs...
Ramza: I cannot simply put mine own needs above that of my comrades!
Galuf: You're a stouthearted friend, but you'd do well to relax some!
Ramza: Forgive me...but I have said my piece.
Ramza: Our world is important, but I cannot leave the others' in danger...!
Laguna: Ramza! I never knew that's how you felt! Man, I am touched!
Agrias: ...For your comrades' sake. No matter where, you still fight for others.
Agrias: Ever unswerving, you...
Agrias: Very well. Allow me to join you.
Ramza: Truly!?
Agrias: I previously placed my trust in you, and now I shall place it in your sense of justice.
Agrias: You prove again to be an irreplaceable ally to me.
In What Place Loyalty:
Cyan: ...And so Lady Agrias has joined us. Thou said thou art a knight?
Agrias: Yes, sworn to the crown back in my world.
Balthier: You look the capable one. I suppose you've spent your fair share on the battlefield.
Agrias: Naturally I have drawn my sword more than once, but I am now the princess's guard.
Cyan: Lord Cecil is a knight as well. Perhaps thou may have common stories to share.
Cecil: Yes, we may both be knights...but to be honest, I am somewhat envious of Agrias.
Balthier: Don't tell me you wish you could protect a princess, too. I hadn't pegged you for japery.
Cecil: Please do not tease me. ...No, it is not that.
Cecil: Though I was sworn to my liege, I left his side...
Cyan: But not without reason, no?
Cecil: Mine was a fine lord, but at some point, he strayed from the path of righteousness, which I could not abide.
Squall: He breached his contract with you. What's there to regret?
Agrias: I understand, Ser Cecil. Surely you were conflicted.
Cecil: Thank you... He raised me as his own.
Cyan: That...must be agonizing for thou...
Cecil: I still think, if I was that close to him, should not there have been something I could have done?
Balthier: That doesn't make it your responsibility. People change. You can't stop that, even if it's your own flesh and blood.
Agrias: I was also betrayed many times by those upon whom I depended...
Agrias: Man is soon to drown in desire, and sully his hands for its sake...
Agrias: Those who can control themselves and adhere to justice are but a handful...
Agrias: For that reason, Ser Cecil, you served as a loyal retainer.
Squall: ...You mean to say, loyalty isn't just following orders.
Agrias: Should our masters fall to evil ways, it is our duty to chastise them a thousand times till they are right again...
Agrias: ...And if that loyalty falls on deaf ears?
Agrias: All the more for your familial bonds, your disaffection should carry far more weight than words.
Agrias: How heavy a blow it may be, your liege should come to understand it by degrees.
Cyan: Hear, hear, Lady Agrias. Lord Cecil was ne'er in the wrong!
Squall: Yeah... Abandoning thought to just carry out your duty is the same as abandoning your humanity.
Squall: You're not a tool or a machine...
Cecil: I thought I can never face him again...
Agrias: You need not waver from your sense of justice. Carry it with pride.
Cecil: I will. ...When I return, I will venture to meet him again.
Balthier: ...There's no guarantee it will turn out well, though.
Cecil: Thank you for your concern.
Cecil: ...But do not worry. I have a little more faith in myself now.
Your Gift*:

(The party approaches Prishe)

Ashe: Prishe! We need to prepare for departure...
Rem: Are you praying?
Prishe: Sorry! It's a habit of mine.
Yda: I had no idea you were so devout!
Prishe: I may not look it, but I'm a theologian. I wasn't allowed to leave the cathedral for a long time, so I guess that's when it became a habit.
Agrias: You were kept prisoner!? How terrible...
Prishe: Naw, not exactly.
Prishe: Someone I really respected lived there, and she taught me all kinds of things. It wasn't terrible at all.
Agrias: I see... My apologies. Your situation reminded me of the princess I serve, so...
Yda: Oh, that's right! You serve as a knight to royalty.
Ashe: But your bond runs deeper than that, doesn't it? A mere knight would not speak with such compassion.
Ashe: It is clear you care deeply about your mistress.
Agrias: That is due to how stricken I was by Princess Ovelia's fiber.
Agrias: Even toward the likes of me is she tender, and quietly she devotes herself to her monastic studies. I have naught but the utmost respect for her.
Rem: She sounds absolutely wonderful. I can see why you're so concerned about her.
Prishe: But isn't it thanks to the monastery that she became so great?
Prishe: I'll bet she also met someone amazing there, just like I did.
Agrias: ...Yes. Ramza's younger sister.
Agrias: She also studied at the monastery for a time. They were the closest of friends.
Rem: Thinking of old friends makes you want to try your hardest, doesn't it?
Ashe: Their kind words and the memories you made together become your strength.
Yda: Yes...
Agrias: Hmm...
Agrias: I wonder if I have ever given Princess Ovelia strength...
Prishe: Darn straight you have! You may not believe it, but I sure do!
Yda: She's right. Some people don't realize how much they're helping others without being told.
Prishe: Just seeing your courageous form might make her feel brave.
Agrias: You mean in battle? I do not understand...
Prishe: You might be like her precious charm. Just having you around makes her feel stronger.
Eventual Rouge*:
Terra: Your clothes are a little different from everyone else's, aren't they?
Yuna: Yes, indeed. Do you like them?
Terra: I think they're beautiful! But it might be a nice change of pace to try on something else, don't you think? Like my clothes, for example.
Yuna: Oh! I would love to give it a try!

(The rest of the party arrives)

Faris: What's going on over here, lasses?
Yuna: Hello, Faris! We were just talking about our clothes. I think you would look beautiful in a dress...!
Faris: A dress!? You wouldn't catch me dead in one of those!
Terra: Hmm... I wonder what else would match...
Agrias: Chatting about fashion like young ladies, I see.
Yuna: It's wonderful to see what people from other worlds wear. I think it would be fun to see everyone try on something different, too.
Agrias: Everyone... Including us?
Serah: Imagine the reactions we might get from everyone if we changed our usual looks.
Y'shtola: We would certainly catch them off their guard.
Agrias: Forgive me for not knowing what to say... My armor was made for battle.
Agrias: Does it matter what you wear as long as it suits your purposes?
Faris: Agrias is right! I dress like this so fools don't underestimate me in a fight.
Y'shtola: ...But do you not also wear that outfit because of some attachment to it?
Y'shtola: No matter how well it suited your purposes, anyone would feel remorse over an outfit they didn't like.
Y'shtola: It is because we fight that we choose an outfit that lifts our spirits, even if we are not always aware of such.
Faris: And that's precisely why I can't agree to wearing a dress...
Serah: Well, our outfits aren't limited to just our clothes. How about an accessory?
Faris: I guess it couldn't hurt...
Terra: I think something like Yuna's pendant would look great on you.
Agrias: It seems like you just want to dress us up...
Yuna: Do you wear any makeup, Agrias?
Agrias: Such a thing is a luxury in my world, and there are no reasons for knights to use them.
Y'shtola: You never know what might happen from here on out.
Terra: She's right. If you ever feel like a change of attire, we'll be here.
Agrias: Should such an occasion arise...I suppose some rouge may not be uncalled for.

"Treasure Hunting"[]


Depending on your progress in the story, characters you have yet to recruit may appear in these events.

Yuffie: What's going on!? I don't get it!
Onion Knight: What's the matter?

(The rest of the party arrives)

Yuffie: You haven't noticed yet? There's no treasure here. Anywhere!
Vivi: Treasure?
Sabin: That's right. You did say you were on a treasure-hunting mission.
King: I didn't think you were serious about that.
Yuffie: Of course I was! Anything that has value winds up mysteriously appearing in my pocket!
Yuffie: But this place has nothing! What a bust.
Yuffie: Unless...someone sneaked in here and stole everything before I could!
Vivi: Oh, no! A thief!?
Yuffie: That's the only explanation! Stupid thief got a jump on me! No fair!
Shadow: A thief...?
Sabin: Then he must be around here somewhere.
King: Do you know who this thief might be?
Sabin: A friend from my world. It has to be him.
Yuffie: You're friends with a thief...? You should really choose your friends more carefully.
Onion Knight: I can only imagine what Cloud would say if he were here.
Treasure Hunter:
Tidus: Finally! Some fresh air.

(Locke is spotted lying on the ground)

Celes: Look! Someone needs help. ...Wait, that bandanna!
Squall: (That's...)

(Celes runs to Locke)

Edgar: Not to worry, he's not hurt, he's taking a... Well, she'll find out for herself.
Cloud: A friend?
Edgar: You caught me. Let's go wake him up.

Celes: Locke! Please, wake up!
Edgar: Calm down, he's just napping. Find anything interesting, Locke?

(Locke gets up)

Locke: Nah, not really.
Celes: Thank goodness. I thought you were injured.

(The rest of the party arrives)

Cloud: You must be the thief Yuffie was talking about.
Locke: "Thief"?
Locke: C'mon, Cloud. I prefer the term, "treasure hunter"!
Cloud: How do you know my name?
Locke: I know everything. You're Tidus, right?
Locke: A cheerful and upbeat athlete type.
Tidus: H-how do you know that!?
Squall: He belongs to the Returners. He's been delivering information from us to Edgar.
Edgar: Even in a strange world, you're still as reliable as always.
Cloud: That explains it.
Locke: By the way, Squall over there?
Locke: Despite his attitude, he's kind and has a great sense of humor.
Squall: (Please stop talking.)
Celes: I'm so glad to see you here.
Locke: It's been a while. How's everything with you?
Celes: I don't need you to worry about me. What were you doing on the ground anyway?
Locke: Once Edgar joined you all, my part was done.
Locke: I've been hunting for treasure all around this world ever since.
Celes: All alone?
Celes: Edgar! Why didn't you tell me about Locke?
Edgar: If I had, you would've gone off on your own in search of him.
Edgar: Locke has a plan of his own. That's why I didn't tell anyone about him.
Locke: I apologize. It's not that I'd forgotten about you. I'm trying to track something down.
Celes: Then we can help. Come with us.
Locke: That's the plan. I've gotten tired of wandering around on my own.
Locke: Besides, this way, I can find treasure and help my friends. Two birds!
Tidus: Treasure comes first, huh?
Edgar: Despite what he said, he's one of the most reliable men I know.
Edgar: ...Though you'll need to look past the thieving.
Legendary Treasure:
Snow: I hear you're looking for some treasure. Something you've been after for a while.
Locke: A legendary relic that can call back the spirits of the dead.
Yuna: Call back?
Balthier: A nifty toy.
Cater: You can bring back the dead? What would you do with something like that?
Locke: There's someone I'd like to bring back. Someone I lost in the war.
Ace: Right. Unlike in our world, you remember those who are gone.
Locke: She didn't have to die. She's dead because of me.
Locke: With that relic, everything will go back to the way things were. That's the only way I can make up for what I've done.
Locke: At least, that's what I thought.
Cater: Is that a good idea?
Locke: The memories of people who pass are wiped away in your world, right?
Locke: Life would be so much easier if that was how it worked in mine, too.
Snow: There's no use talking about "what if." Your world's ways are just that.
Snow: I know what it means to care about somebody. But you're taking it a little far.
Yuna: If she knew how much her death has kept you from moving on...
Yuna: I think she would be upset. Do you think she wants you to feel like you need to make up for the past?
Locke: You too, huh?
Balthier: In my world, we have no clue what the dead think or feel.
Balthier: Bringing her back and apologizing will make YOU feel better, but what about her?
Balthier: What happens after she comes back? Applause and happily ever after?
Locke: So you all think I'm being selfish.
Snow: Come on, guys. We all have our own different ways.
Locke: It's fine, Snow. Balthier might be right.
Locke: Back then, I didn't even think about who or what I was doing this for.
Ace: We fight to protect the future.
Ace: We were taught that in order to move forward, we need to cut our ties with the past.
Locke: Move forward, huh?
Locke: I would never want to forget about her, but maybe fighting for what's to come has some sort of meaning.
Locke: Ace, you do what you think is best for the world to come.
Locke: I was told those words once. And that's what I'm doing and will continue to do.
Locke: Or at least that's what I'm trying to do. For some reason, what I think is best always seems to upset Celes... Heh.
In Search of Treasure*:
Vaan: I snuck into the palace while it was under imperial occupation and stole back the royal family's treasures.
Locke: Royal family treasures, you say? Those must've fetched quite the price.
Zidane: You think that's impressive? I stole a princess from her castle!
Locke: That's how you met Garnet, right?
Faris: I wouldn't say you "stole" so much as "kidnapped" a princess.
Locke: You're a pirate, right, Faris?
Faris: I suppose so. I was picked up by pirates when I was a child and raised as one of their own.
Locke: I see. And Yuffie...
Yuffie: Oho, glad you asked! I became a hunter to liven up my hometown!
Zidane: Even still, I wish you wouldn't steal from your friends...
Locke: Haha! It's great to see everyone getting along so well! I won't lose to you all in treasure hunting, though!
Vaan: But aren't you a thief?
Locke: How many times do I have to say it? I'm a treasure hunter!
Locke: My specialty is finding treasures hidden in ruins and graveyards. I can open any chest!
Locke: I'm also great with disguises. I can take the clothes off a merchant or soldier and slip right under the enemy's nose.
Zidane: I've impersonated a soldier, too.
Yuffie: Oh, I just remembered! You stole my treasure in the palace earlier!
Locke: Treasure? If you want it, you can have it.
Yuffie: Really?
Locke: I've just been taking whatever I can get my hands on.
Locke: But the treasure in this world just seems...empty. Maybe I just don't know its value...
Faris: ...You might be right. This world was made based on many others, so things may have a different value than back home...
Vaan: You mean what constitutes "treasure" here may not be the same as "treasure" in our home worlds?
Yuffie: Aww... What a depressing thought...
Locke: That would make any treasure hunter give up his trade here...
Zidane: Come on now, you two. Cheer up! It's not like you to sulk like this.
Faris: He's right. Those gloomy faces don't suit you at all. We need to take what we can.
Locke: You're right. It's too soon to be giving up.
Locke: My fellow treasure hunters: we'll get our hands on that treasure, whatever world we may be in!
Object of Protection*:
Firion: Locke... You joined forces with Edgar in the rebel army, am I right?
Firion: Was there a reason for that? Did you do so out of hatred?
Locke: Someone very precious was taken from me...and I didn't want to see more people suffer the way I did.
Locke: But I wasn't aware of my own hatred, nor did I feel the responsibility the king did. I was just going with the flow.
Celes: As was your rescue of me.

(The rest of the party arrives)

Locke: Ah! N-no, that's not true...
Locke: I joined the resistance after the person I wanted to protect passed away, and I lost sight of my objective...
Locke: I decided to help the Returners because I was angry at how powerless I felt. I was...immature.
Laguna: Someone with a troubling youth, I see!
Squall: (You're one to talk...)
Locke: That might be true. And I don't plan on getting old anytime soon.
Serah: Hehe... I can tell. You still steal treasure wherever you go!
Celes: You're right. He'll be this immature forever.
Laguna: He may be young at heart, but he still manages to get things done.
Squall: (Just how much does he remember?)
Laguna: Haha! I can tell you're that kind of guy, Locke!
Locke: Hey! I've still got dreams to chase!
Firion: It may have been different at first, but do you have someone you wish to protect now?
Locke: Of course.
Squall: (What an insufferable guy.)
Locke: It's different now than when I was just mindlessly chasing after treasure, not knowing what was really precious.
Locke: But that time came. And I understood what I really treasured...
Locke: It's not just a passing feeling. Even you must have a reason for fighting.
Firion: Yes... You're right. Even if the reason starts as hatred, it eventually changes...
Squall: ...What now?
Laguna: I understand... For some reason, Locke's story really hits home...
Serah: What happened?
Celes: It seems like you've got quite the past, too, Laguna.
Locke: Didn't you say that your memories were foggy?
Laguna: That's why it's so strange! I wonder what happened in my past...
Locke: Well, don't let my personal stories get to you. I like you the way you are.
Firion: Yes. Just continue to be yourself, Laguna.
Laguna: You're right. I just can't help thinking about it, though!
Squall: (You keep doing that...)
Serah: Once you find someone to protect, you grow up...
Serah: When you want to protect someone, that becomes your very reason for living...
Celes: Are you talking about Snow?
Serah: Not just Snow, but the others as well. Especially Noel... He's such a worrywart.
Serah: But in this world, everything is fine. There are lots of people around to help.

Right Arm with a Mission[]

Hot-Headed Bunch:

Depending on your progress in the story, characters you have yet to recruit may appear in these events.

???: ......
???: Where the hell am I!?

(The rest of the party arrives)

???: Me? I could say the same for you!
???: Uh, I mean, you have any idea where we are?
Steiner: Even if we did, we would not divulge that information to an adversary such as yourself.
???: Come on!
???: I just need some directions! What makes you think I'm the enemy!?
Cater: Is that a gun? Wow, that's dangerous, you know.

(Kain and Shadow arrive)

Kain: Hey may be an ally of someone we know.
Shadow: You may be right, but we don't know for sure.
Steiner: That does it! We must deal with this miscreant immediately!
???: Why won't any of you listen to me!?
???: Don't assume I'm the bad guy!
???: You bunch of arrogant clowns!
Cater: If you want a fight, you got one!
???: All right, Missy!
Steiner: A noble knight should never partake in a fight, but I must protect these damsels!
Shadow: What a hot-headed bunch.
Kain: Should we stop them?
Shadow: No. With any luck, someone will do that for us.
Kain: You're quite composed.
Shadow: As are you.
Cater: Stop chatting and come help us!
???: You want some of this? You got it!
Suspicions Dispelled:
Cater: Phew! You're as tough as you look.
Barret: I won't let you stand in my way!
Sabin: I respect that.
Barret: Shut up! Whoever you are, you're built like a damn bear!
Sabin: Thanks! I'll take that as a compliment.
Cater: You're both built like bears. But I'm here to back you up!
Maria: If he's willing to talk, we should hear him out.
Maria: Besides, remember what Shadow said.
Sabin: He might be a friend of one of us.
Sabin: Change of plan! We may not be on opposite sides.
???: After all that!? I'm not falling for any of your tricks.
Maria: If you can just wait a little longer, there are more of us on the way.
Tifa: Barret!

(Tifa arrives)

Barret: Tifa? What are you doin' here!?
Sazh: You know this guy?
Tifa: Yeah, he's a close friend. He has a bit of a temper, though.
Barret: Hey! I'm standin' right here!
Tifa: But he's a nice man who cares very much about his daughter. Isn't that right?
Barret: W-well, yeah, of course.
Sazh: So you're a father fightin' alone, too? Maybe we're not so different after all.
Cater: Well, this is kind of embarrassing. I wish I'd known he was on our side sooner.
Cater: I feel awful fighting someone's friend.
Tifa: I'm sorry I didn't get here sooner. When I heard what Shadow said, I thought maybe...
Barret: Sorry from me too. I admit, I lost my cool.
Maria: It's alright. I'm glad you found your friends.
Sazh: You really are a tough fellow. Probably what's kept you alive for this long.
Sabin: We can explain where we are later. Wanna go say hi to Cloud and the others?
Barret: Cloud! He's here too?
Barret: Before we head out, the name's Barret. Lookin' forward to gettin' to know everyone.
To Protect...:
Cloud: They thought you were the enemy?
Barret: Yeah, I was about to get real rough.
Barret: You've been here a while, right? Do you think Marlene's okay?
Tifa: I wish we knew...
Tifa: We've been fighting to save this world and ours.
Cait Sith: It's good to focus on the goals right in front of you!

(Cait Sith arrives)

Barret: You're here too!
Cait Sith: Yes, and I've made a lot of friends.
Barret: Are you, uh, are you okay?
Tifa: Oh, right. Cait Sith is—
Cait Sith: No, no, that's classified information! Just know there's nothing for you to worry about.
Cait Sith: There's a lot we don't know, including Marlene's well-being.
Cait Sith: I believe this world is still safe, though.
Barret: It's like that, huh?
Barret: Alright then!
Barret: I'll do all I can to protect her and our home!
Barret: I'll do it all for Marlene!

Palom: Wow!
Barret: Wh-who're you?
Palom: Your arm! It's so cool!
Edgar: I apologize for him, but your weapon is fascinating.
Barret: Ah, this thing.
Edgar: I've never seen anything like it before.
Edgar: Replacing your arm for a weapon must have been a tough decision to make.
Barret: Not really. Just how things turned out.
Barret: It's a reminder of what I couldn't protect and what I should.
Edgar: Don't be so modest. I can sense your strength and determination in the way you treat it.
Edgar: It has a few nicks and scratches, but it's well taken care of. It says a lot about you.
Snow: What he said. I don't know much about machinery, but I can tell there are people and things you want to protect.
Snow: And that in itself is an important part of who you are. It demonstrates strength.
Barret: I haven't done anythin' yet to deserve this kind of praise.
Snow: I can tell you have heart. I like you. Let's talk later. I'd like to hear your stories.
Heat-Seeking Barret*:
Eiko: Hehe! He'll have to run faster to catch us!
Relm: There's no way he'll catch up!
Krile: He's on his way. Let's go!

(The girls run as Barret arrives)

Barret: Wait up! Huff... Huff... Guess I'll take a break here.
Barret: The kids here sure can run.

(The girls come back)

Eiko: You're tired already? We just started playing tag, too!
Relm: Are you alright, old man?
Krile: Should we take a break?
Barret: What!? There's no way I'll lose to a bunch of kids!
Galuf: You are quite skilled with children, Barret.
Barret: You think so? This is just me.
Barret: Clashing with others as always.
Galuf: That's a part of being an adult.
Relm: Come on, old man! Break's over!
Eiko: Yeah! Don't keep us ladies waiting!
Galuf: Hoho. You certainly are popular.
Barret: Join us, Galuf. We'll show 'em what adults can do!
Krile: Are you going to play, too, grandpa? Barret couldn't even catch us...
Galuf: What are you saying? There's still life in these bones of mine!
Jecht: Why don't you join 'em, kid?
Tidus: I'm not a kid anymore! Why don't you join? You act childish enough.
Jecht: Fine. I will.

(Jecht runs to join the party)

Tidus: Seriously!?
Jecht: Hey! Let's play a new game. See that sulky boy over there who looks like he wants to play?
Jecht: The first one to catch him wins!
Jecht: Ready? Start!

(The girls run toward Tidus)

Tidus: Wh-what's going on!?
Eiko: Wait up, Tidus!
Relm: If you keep moving, I'm gonna draw your portrait!
Krile: Run away, Tidus!
Barret: Hahaha! I think I'll catch 'im first!

(Barret runs toward Tidus)

Tidus: W-wait, Barret! Not you, too!

(Tidus runs away, chased by the girls and Barret)

Tidus: Damn you, old man! I won't forget this!
Barret: ......
King: What's the matter? Are you okay?

(King joins Barret)

Barret: Just doin' some maintenance so I'm ready when push comes to shove.
Barret: I need to listen to what my partner says, else my life'll be in danger.
King: I understand. I make sure my revolvers are always in top shape.

(The rest of the party arrives)

Locke: But it looks to me like you just let loose in battle, Barret.
Barret: What...
Barret: There's no time to think about consequences in a fight!
Barret: You just have to go in with your guns blazing!
Edge: Your personality comes through even in your fighting style. I can admire your passion.
Cecil: But if your gun breaks at a critical moment, then...
King: We have no choice but to run. A broken gun is useless.
Locke: But you have us to rely on in that case.
Barret: You've got nothin' to worry about!
Barret: My partner's been with me through all my battles.
Barret: We'll make it through somehow!
King: "Partner," I see... It seems like a trustworthy ally indeed.
King: I had thought Orience to be on the cutting edge of technological development...
King: But I've never seen anything like your gun. Can you replace the attachment...?
Barret: Well, it's connected here like this... With an arm, I use this bolt and...
Locke: What a rare pair they are!

A Prayer for One Dear[]

A Fair Friend:

Depending on your progress in the story, characters you have yet to recruit may appear in these events.

Rem: We've come pretty far. Don't you think we should head back?
Kain: You're right. Let's head back and...
Palom: Look!

(Rosa runs past, chased by a Ghoul and Ghost)

???: They're still after me!?
Kain: Is that...Rosa!?
Thancred: We must go.

Rosa: There are so many of them...but I mustn't give up.
Kain: Are you alright, Rosa?

(Kain lands in front of Rosa)

Rosa: Kain! Yes. Yes, I'm all right.
Kain: Are you with me?

(The party finishes the battle)

(Rosa heals Yuri)

Rosa: There. That should do it.
Yuri: Thanks! It doesn't hurt at all anymore.
Chelinka: Yuri, why's your face all red?
Palom: Maybe it's because Rosa's a lot prettier than you, Chelinka!
Yuri: You're right! She's pretty and nice and...
Chelinka: Wait a second! I'm all those things too!
Palom: Are you, though...?
Rosa: I see you've made some new friends.
Kain: That's right. They're trusty comrades.
Thancred: How about you introduce us to the lady?
Kain: She is a friend. Rosa, Cecil, and I grew up together.
Rem: That explains why you rushed off without hesitation.
Thancred: Just "friends"? What a shame.
Rem: Kain isn't like you, Thancred. It's natural to care about someone you've known for a long time.
Rosa: I apologize if I caused you worry. Thank you all so much. I wouldn't be standing here if not for all of you.
Yuri: Then let's go and find Cecil! He'll be happy to see you're doing okay.
Kain: He's nearby. I'll explain everything on the way.
Rosa: Thank you. But let me heal you first.
Rem: You were hurt? I didn't notice at all!
Kain: It's nothing. I thought I hid it well.
Rosa: You did, but you can't fool me.
Beautiful You:

(Cecil runs to Rosa and Kain)

Cecil: Rosa!
Cecil: I'm not certain whether I should be happy seeing you here.
Rosa: I'm fine, Cecil. Kain came to my rescue.
Cecil: What a relief! Thank you, friend.
Kain: I told her about this world we're in, and she was determined to come and see you.
Rosa: Knowing I can be of help erases any fear I may have.
Cecil: Thank you, Rosa, for being strong.
Cecil: Everyone, this is Rosa. She's very dear to me.

(The rest of the party arrives)

Celes: I knew it!
Bartz: I'm glad you found each other.
Eiko: You must be a good person if you're Cecil's sweetie.
Kain: She's a bit stubborn, but possesses a strong will.
Eiko: You must know her well, to be able to spot something like that.
Kain: I must go back to patrolling the area.
Cecil: Already? But Rosa is here.
Kain: What I'm doing helps her and everyone else.
Kain: You should rest and catch up.
Eiko: Wait! I'm going with you.
Eiko: I know how you feel. Chin up!

(Kain and Eiko leave)

Cecil: I was hoping we could all talk together.
Bartz: He's letting you two have some time alone. After all, you must have a lot to talk about.
Bartz: I suppose it's time for us to patrol the area too.
Rosa: Oh! You don't have to...
Celes: Reuniting with someone you've been hoping to see again is nothing short of a miracle. Don't take this for granted.

(Celes and Bartz leave)

Cecil: Did Kain tell you how I lost my memory? I would be lost if not for him.
Rosa: That's just like him. Though he saved me back there, I don't always want to be protected.
Rosa: I want to do what I can for the both of you, too.
Cecil: I thought you might say something like that.
Cecil: Come with us. Your help will be greatly appreciated.
Rosa: Thank you, Cecil. I'll always be by your side.
Ever by Your Side:
Rosa: It's your turn, Lilisette.

(Lilisette comes over for Rosa to heal her)

Lilisette: Wow! I feel much better!
Aerith: That's amazing. This must've taken you a long time to learn.
Rosa: It took a lot of hard work.
Terra: It wasn't so easy at first?
Rosa: I became a white mage to support Cecil.
Aerith: Because you care for him.
Rosa: As a mage, I could keep an eye on him in battle too.
Vincent: Instead of keeping him away from strife, you joined him.
Vincent: You chose a path that allowed you to watch over him.
Lilisette: Didn't that worry the people around you?
Rosa: My mother was against it. But this was something I had to do.
Aerith: It's only natural for a mother to worry about her children.
Terra: But they don't always know what's best for you because of their concerns.
Terra: It's impossible to hold back the feeling of wanting to protect someone you care about.
Snow: Exactly. It's that feeling that makes you stronger and helps you face whatever comes your way.
Lilisette: I fight, too, in hopes of getting stronger to protect the things I care about.
Rosa: As long as you hold on to that determination, you can do anything.
Rosa: It will pave the path to the future you hope for.
Vincent: Sometimes the path has obstacles you may need to overcome.
Rosa: Yes. There have been times I wasn't strong enough. I let everyone down.
Rosa: But I vowed to stay by Cecil's side. And to do so, I need to become stronger.
Snow: Good luck! You're gonna have your hands full with that one. But I'm sure your conviction is a part of what keeps him going.
Rosa: Thank you. I'll try my best.
Vaan: My hometown was surrounded by deserts, so the sands were like my backyard.
Galuf: Though you don't know what might emerge from them? You sure are a tough one.
Rosa: He's right, Vaan. The desert is a dangerous place.
Vaan: Don't worry about me. If the enemy is too strong, I can just run away. I don't get too far from the city anyway.
Rosa: No matter how close you are to town, you can't let your guard down. Though the village was right before my eyes, I still collapsed from Desert Fever.
Garnet: Were you okay!? What happened?
Rosa: I learned some terrible news and chased after Cecil in concern. It was my fault for rushing out alone.
Cloud: Were you surprised you were so under-prepared?
Tidus: If I were Cecil, I'd be happy you cared about me so much, but I'd worry about you, too, Rosa.
Rosa: I know... I've reflected on my rash actions that caused Cecil and the others to worry.
Garnet: I can understand how you feel. Being scared after getting separated from someone precious to you...
Rosa: But...I always regretted not going with him at that time.
Vaan: It's better to regret something you did than something you didn't.
Galuf: It's easy to say now that it's over, but I'm glad neither of you encountered dangerous foes or got swallowed by quicksand.
Garnet: Quicksand is definitely dangerous... We were once attacked in a palace buried beneath quicksand.
Galuf: There are a lot of odd things in the world. We were once chased up and down by a giant caterpillar-like beast!
Garnet: What!? A giant caterpillar!?
Cloud: Are you sure it wasn't a snake?
Galuf: No! It was most definitely a caterpillar! I remember it brushing against my skin...
Tidus: I had to search for a cactus! And those things can run fast!
Vaan: You guys were worried about me playing in the desert? Just listen to yourselves!
Rosa: Yes, you're right... I never thought it could be so fun.
Rosa: No matter how tough our surroundings, we can overcome it with a smile together.
Vaan: Exactly! Isn't it much better that way?
Rosa: Vaan...
The Road without Regret*:
Seifer: I'll go after the small fry! Their boss should be up ahead.
Rosa: Wait, Seifer! There might be a strong enemy up ahead. We ought to prepare.
Seifer: Do you want them to get away? What if we never find them again?
Rosa: That is far better than one of us getting severely injured. It's important to rest, Seifer—
Seifer: If you're afraid, you can wait here. I'm going to stop them!
Rosa: Are you trying to act tough? Did you think I wouldn't notice?

(Rosa heals Seifer)

Seifer: I don't need any healing!

(Sabin and Auron arrive)

Sabin: Haha! You can't win this one, Seifer.
Auron: We'll heed Rosa's advice and take a break.

Lion: I'm surprised you can be so persistent, Rosa.
Rosa: I'm sorry, but...I couldn't just let him injure himself.
Auron: You are in charge of looking after your comrades. It would be problematic if you weren't so persistent.
Rosa: Thank you, Auron. I think I got this stubbornness from my mother.
Lightning: Oh really? I've also got stubborn family.
Lion: I'm going to let Serah know you called her stubborn.
Lightning: ...I wish you wouldn't.
Lion: Haha. I'm kidding!
Rosa: My mother became a white mage to protect my father. I chose the same path, so they worried and we fought a lot.
Lightning: You stuck to your goal...
Rosa: If there's a chance you'll succeed, you don't want to give up, do you? I wanted to believe in myself and my mother. I wanted to be recognized someday.
Auron: ...Indeed. Chance is an impartial arbiter for all.
Lightning: I didn't want to give up and kept fighting. I kept chasing that chance, however small, and will keep doing so.
Rosa: I don't want to give up halfway and regret it.
Seifer: Yeah? Well me neither.

(Sabin and Seifer arrive)

Seifer: If we keep pressing forward, there's a chance we'll win. Or is that different?
Sabin: You're not wrong. No matter the case, there's always a chance. Even I like to battle with momentum.
Sabin: But you shouldn't neglect your own health. Next time, let us know when you're hurt.
Seifer: ...Tch. Haven't we rested enough? Any longer and I'll fall asleep.
Lion: What a brat... Can't you just say "thank you" like a normal person without being so embarrassed?
Seifer: Who's embarrassed!? Grr... I'm going on ahead!
Seifer: ...'Preciate it.'

(Seifer leaves, followed by Sabin)

Rosa: It makes me happy to hear that. Now we're all prepared!
Rosa: Let's go! The chances are better when we're together!

Golbez, Clad in Darkness[]

The Rift between Light and Dark:

Depending on your progress in the story, characters you have yet to recruit may appear in these events.

Raijin: I don't get it. Golbez shoulda just come with us, ya know?
Yuffie: Yeah! I thought he cared about Cecil...
Jecht: Listen, you two...
Jecht: Just 'cause you care about someone doesn't mean you always gotta be with 'em.
Yuffie: I know... Well, at least it seems like his heart's in the right place.
Raijin: Yeah! Galuf sure talked some sense into him, ya know?
Yuffie: Hmm... I guess there's not much else we can do, huh.
Raijin: Seems like it, ya know...
Galuf: What are your thoughts, Cecil?
Galuf: Do you also wish to fight alongside your brother?
Cecil: Not "fight," per se...
Cecil: I didn't have much chance to speak with him properly in our world after he had come to his senses.
Cecil: If we were to journey together in this world, I would like to talk to him.
Jecht: Well, what're we doin' just standin' around here then?
Jecht: ...So, I got an idea.
Jecht: Why don't we let Cecil here take the helm for a bit?
Cecil: You mean...pilot the airship?
Jecht: You can do it, can't ya? We don't have a heading yet, so just take it wherever you want.
Cecil: ...Understood. I'll give it a try.

(Cecil leaves)

Cait Sith: Well, well! Aren't you persuasive?
Jecht: He needed to get his mind off his problems. I just gave him a suggestion.
Jecht: Besides...I got a feelin' that something's about to change.
Jecht: After all, some people are just drawn to each other by fate...

Galuf: A forest... Did you sense something here?
Cecil: Yes, something important... But what that is, I do not know.
Jecht: My kind of guy! Ain't nothin' wrong with followin' your gut. So let's get searchin' already—
Cait Sith: A m-monster! And a right big one at that!
Cecil: Over there! Let's go!

Cecil: Brother!?
Jecht: Seriously!? Not this guy again!
Cait Sith: So surprised to see him, are ya?
Golbez: Cecil... Stand back. Leave this to me.
Cecil: I refuse! We will fight, too!
Galuf: And we do so not to help you, but of our own free will.
Jecht: We'll be responsible for our own lives. I doubt you've got complaints with that.
Golbez: ...Do as you like.
Leaving Only Bonds:
Cecil: Wait! Brother!
Cecil: Why won't you talk to me? Please, tell me what you're thinking!
Golbez: ...Through my mistakes, I brought misfortune upon this world.
Golbez: It is now my responsibility to fix it.
Aerith: So you're trying to close the Torsions all on your own?
Galuf: Then our goals are one in the same. Isn't that right, Edge?
Edge: No doubt about it.
Edge: But I was prepared for this. Like I said before, that's life for you.
Galuf: Indeed. If Cecil wishes for us to travel together, then so be it.
Cecil: There's no need for us to fight anymore.
Cecil: Even with Spiritus's patronage, it's too dangerous for you to do this alone.
Cecil: So please, come with us—
Golbez: No. I must atone for this alone.
Cecil: But why?
Golbez: There is a chance that the darkness that once possessed me can cross the Torsions to this world.
Golbez: I may yet again be manipulated by that evil and consumed with wicked thoughts...
Golbez: So I must do this alone, lest I betray you all.
Cecil: No. If that happens...
Cecil: If that happens, then I'll help you regain your memories. Just like you did for me.
Aerith: Yes! And we'll be there to help!
Edge: I'll knock you back to your senses!
Galuf: You can rely on us. And your brother.
Golbez: ......
Golbez: For you, spirit moogle.
Mog: Kupo!? Th-these are dimensional coordinates!
Cecil: That means...!
Golbez: Summon me if you must. I will aid you as long as I am still myself.

(Golbez leaves)

Cecil: ...Thank you, Brother.
Aerith: Is this really okay with you, Cecil? Wasn't there more you wanted to talk about?
Cecil: ...Yes, but there's still time for us to talk. Perhaps not now, but...
Cecil: For now, this is enough.
Family Portrait:

(Golbez defeats a Ghost)

Cecil: Thank you, Brother.
Golbez: I do not need thanks... Farewell.

(Golbez exits via Torsion, then the party approaches Cecil)

Zidane: Seems like he hasn't warmed up to us one bit.
Firion: For siblings, you two are nothing alike...
Sabin: I guess it's because they walked different paths in life.
Firion: Were you two more alike as kids?
Cecil: I don't recall. I grew up thinking I didn't have any blood relatives.
Sabin: Oh yeah, you mentioned that.
Kain: Cecil was being raised by the king of Baron from before I can even remember...
Kain: As a child, he knew few others besides the king and myself.
Cecil: It seems like all siblings and childhood friends here have such great bonds.
Cecil: Perhaps it's not possible to form such a connection with someone you haven't grown up with...
Zidane: That's not true! Upbringing's got nothing to do with it.
Zidane: I don't know anything about where I'm from. I didn't even know I had siblings...
Firion: And sometimes you'll fight even with those you grew up with.
Sabin: But a connection can still be strong, even if you aren't together. Like me and my brother!
Cecil: Thank you. Your words give me strength.
Cecil: There may yet come a day where he and I work together.
Zidane: I have no doubt about it.
Firion: Agreed. We all believe so.

Kuja: Getting sentimental, are we?
Kuja: If you like him so much, you should just join him.
Kuja: What's holding you back?
Golbez: ...A fine question coming from someone also assisting them.
Golbez: Does that kindness not stem from a connection to one of them?
Kuja: ...Just a whim. Please don't confuse my motives with your own.
Golbez: Hmph... Very well then.
Strength of Will*:
Sazh: Hey, Golbez!

(The rest of the party arrives)

Sazh: Thanks for the new airship. It's been a big help.
Setzer: Yes. It's got a great engine and is far faster and more comfortable than the last.
Golbez: You need not thank me. It was a hasty construction made with the power of my will.
Noct: Can you really do something like that?
Golbez: There are several among Spiritus's chosen warriors who have superior strength of will and the ability to manipulate Torsions.
Golbez: The Red Wings you fought were also summoned by my will.
Bartz: Now that you mention it...
Bartz: The forest you caught Exdeath in looked like a place from my home world.
Squall: (So was the flower field Seifer was in Ultimecia's doing?)
Golbez: Spiritus doesn't ask his warriors to work together, so I cannot say what the others have done.
Setzer: So it's no more than speculation at this point.
Noct: Would be nice to have the Regalia here right now.
Bartz: The Regalia?
Noct: My car back home.
Setzer: I'd like to summon the Blackjack, too.
Sazh: Same here! I'd love to give everyone a ride in the latest airship.
Golbez: Your strength of will is by no means inferior to those of Spiritus's warriors.
Golbez: Spiritus, who uses any means necessary, and Materia, who desires resolution without destruction...
Golbez: The only difference between us may be that way of thinking.
Bartz: For someone who hasn't summoned anyone dangerous, Materia sure is a worrywart...
Golbez: What is good and bad depends on the circumstances.
Golbez: I have not used my power for anything after that airship, and have no intention of doing so in the future.

(Golbez exits via Torsion)

Sazh: Good and bad depends on the circumstances, huh... I guess it's natural to err on the side of caution.
Setzer: He may be our ally now, but those Red Wings certainly made for a tough battle before.
Squall: So things from other worlds mixing together is a danger in itself...
Bartz: I guess it's best if we try not to do it as much as possible.
Setzer: I suppose I'll have to put the Blackjack on hold then.
Moon Tales*:
Golbez: It looks like the monsters are gone for now.
Chelinka: Thank you, Mr. Golbez!
Selphie: We'll give you a holler if we're ever in a pinch!
Cid: Hey, Golbez! Wait up!

(Cid arrives)

Golbez: ...Did you need something?
Cid: I heard that you've been to the moon!
Cid: What was it like? Tell me all about it!
Selphie: You're bursting with enthusiasm as usual.
Irvine: At this rate, I doubt he'll let you leave until you give him an answer.
Golbez: In our world, there are two moons. One is uninhabited...
Golbez: And a race known as the Lunarians resides on the other.
Yuri: Did you hear that, Chelinka? Do you think they're like the Lunites...?
Chelinka: Other worlds also have people connected to the moon...
Cid: People live on the moon!? I wish I could get close enough to meet 'em!
Golbez: Most Lunarians hope for friendship with those on Earth, but there are those who planned to invade it.
Golbez: The one who once controlled me was also a wicked Lunarian.
Cid: What!? That's terrible!
Yuri: In our world, the moon is a symbol of evil.
Chelinka: The people who are corrupted by its power are called Lunites.
Golbez: How...unfortunate.
Irvine: Speaking of the moon, it's also brought us some misfortune, right?
Selphie: That's where monsters come from in our world!
Cid: You're all makin' the moon seem like a miserable place...
Cid: Damn... There go my dreams...
Irvine: There's no need to get so down about it. These are stories of our own worlds.
Yuri: He's right. The moon in your world might be totally different.
Selphie: It might be a land of flowers and fluffy animals!
Chelinka: Yeah! Maybe it's a super fun place!
Cid: ...I guess you're right. I won't know for sure until I see it with my own eyes, though.
Cid: Alright! I'm definitely going to the moon someday, you'll see!
Yuri: I think it's a lot more fun that way. It'll definitely be different from our moons.
Golbez: I pray your journey is a safe one.
Cid: Thanks, Golbez!

Where to Go[]

Innocent Girl:

Depending on your progress in the story, characters you have yet to recruit may appear in these events.

Vivi: I wonder where Mr. Laguna went... I thought we told him not to wander off.

(Rinoa arrives)

Rinoa: Hey there! Looking for someone?
Onion Knight: ...Yeah. We got separated from one of our friends. He's got a lousy sense of direction, so we gotta keep an eye on him...
Rinoa: Hmm... It sounds like he might be lost... Alright then. I'll help you look for him!
Ace: Don't worry about it. This is our problem.
Rinoa: I knew it! You're no ordinary student!
Rinoa: Some of my friends are students, too, so I'd feel terrible if I didn't help you out.
Onion Knight: But there are a lot of monsters in this area...

(The party is alerted to nearby monsters)

Vivi: Oh no! There they are! Get behind us, miss!
Rinoa: Don't worry about me. I'll protect you!

(Rinoa runs ahead)

Vivi: M-miss!? Don't just run off like that! It's dangerous!
Ace: Come on. Let's go!

(The party finishes the battle)

Rinoa: Yay! We did it!
Onion Knight: What were you thinking, running off like that!? Be more careful!
Rinoa: But we won, didn't we?
Rinoa: You're all so strong, there was nothing to worry about. Thanks for having my back!
Onion Knight: I-I guess... Well, I'm glad nothing happened. But next time, be more careful...
Ace: It's rare to see you being so agreeable.
Onion Knight: There's not much I can do about it, not with her looking so darn happy...
Vivi: You worried about our safety and fought those monsters, even though we just met...
Vivi: You're so kind.
Rinoa: Not at all. I was just keeping a promise. I said I would help, and I'm no quitter!
Vivi: Even so, I really appreciate the help.
Vivi: I'm glad to have you with us.
Rinoa: I know it's hard to help everyone in the world, but I still want to do as much as I can for the people I meet.
???: I thought I heard noises coming from this way... Hmm...

(Laguna and Quistis arrive)

Quistis: I'm sorry, but if you don't know where we're going, just say so...
Onion Knight: Laguna! Where were you!?

(The party joins up)

Rinoa: Quistis! What're you doing here!?
Quistis: Rinoa! You're here, too?
Rinoa: What do you mean? Should I not be here?
Laguna: A friend of yours, Quistis?
Rinoa: Huh? You're so...young...
Laguna: Another strange response... Have we met before?
Ace: She helped us fight some monsters earlier. Looks like she's one of Quistis's friends, though.
Quistis: That's correct. Rinoa is from our world. I can't say I'm surprised she was called here, though.
Rinoa: Called? By who? ...What are you guys talking about?
Destined Reunion:

(Rinoa and Serah approach the party)

Irvine: Hey, Rinoa! We've been waiting for you!
Rinoa: Even Irvine is here! I almost can't believe this is a different world...
Cater: Hm? Could it be the realization hasn't hit yet? Or have you already calmed down?
Rinoa: Yeah. But it was scary at first, hearing I was in a different world... Is everyone okay?
Irvine: Don't worry about us. We're already used to it here.
Rinoa: I see. So everyone's already helping out the goddess?
Rinoa: Is there something I can do? I want to help, too!
Balthier: Plucky lass, here. So trusting and unafraid...
Cater: Is she a SeeD, too?
Irvine: No. But she fought alongside us regardless.
Rinoa: When I heard what was going on here, I was so surprised.
Rinoa: Being in a different world, summoned by a goddess...
Rinoa: I wasn't sure if I could do it, to be honest. But I knew that if everyone here was doing their best, so would I.
Rinoa: I'm going to fight, too.
Serah: I'm happy to hear it! So if you're friends with Irvine, that means...
Squall: Rinoa!

(Rinoa and Squall run to each other)

Rinoa: Squall! You're here, too! I'm so happy to see you!
Squall: Are you okay? You're not hurt or...
Rinoa: Haha! Are you worried about me, Squall?
Squall: ...What's so funny about it?
Serah: I wouldn't have guessed they'd be such good friends!
Rinoa: It's nothing! I'm fine. The others helped me out. And Quistis told me all about this place.
Rinoa: Thanks for worrying about me. I'm glad I'm here.
Squall: ...It would've been better if you hadn't come.
Rinoa: What!? Why!?
Squall: I'm relieved to see you, but I didn't want you to get involved in this...
Rinoa: Hehe. You're such a worrywart, Squall! No matter where I go, I'll be fine as long as you're there.
Rinoa: Even in a different world, I can be of some help, can't I?
Squall: ...You're right.
Balthier: So the silent-type can't stop talking in front of someone close to his heart. How droll.
Serah: I don't mind at all. In fact, I think it's wonderful!
Fearsome Strength:
Vaan: Aww, it's stuck!
Rinoa: Hmm? What's stuck?

(Rinoa, Vanille, and Layle approach Vaan, Prishe, and Terra)

Prishe: Hehe, sorry! Guess I got carried away!
Terra: Our ball got stuck in that tree. I'll go and grab it.
Layle: Don't worry, I'll get it.

(Layle brings the ball down with gravity)

Vaan: Thanks, Layle!
Rinoa: Whoa! That's handy!
Layle: Handy? You know it's not normal for people to do that, right?
Layle: Back in my world, people would be running away in fear.
Rinoa: Fear? You mean they're scared of you? ...But why?
Layle: Because ordinary people don't have special powers like this.
Prishe: Most people are afraid of things they don't understand. There's not much you can do about it.
Vaan: But why? Everyone's different, aren't they?
Terra: People crave the powers they don't have, but when it's too strong, they get scared.
Vaan: ...I see. They think it's dangerous.
Vanille: Even if you don't mean to use that power for evil, they're still scared...
Rinoa: I guess it's the same everywhere. I don't think there's any reason to be afraid of you, Layle. You're a good person.
Rinoa: I know people who will care about you, even with those powers.
Prishe: I'm happy to hear that.
Prishe: People hated me because of my powers...
Prishe: But I think even having just one person who believes in you is enough.
Terra: That's right. There was a time where I lost control of my powers and got separated from my friends.
Terra: But they found me.
Terra: At that time, I was afraid of myself...
Terra: But my friends didn't fear me. Because of them, I was able to face myself.
Vanille: ...That power isn't something you can just throw away. You have to learn to accept it.
Layle: That's right. It's a part of you.
Layle: So it's best to use it the way you want—without fear or hesitation.
Rinoa: A part of me... Hehe. I'll take your advice to heart!
A Changing Battle*:
Rinoa: So even though you all knew you were summoned by the gods, it didn't worry you at all?
Tidus: It sounds like you were worried, Rinoa.
Edgar: I wanted to look at the situation objectively, so I assembled the Returners to have a look around.
Rinoa: The Returners? Is that some kind of secret organization?
Edgar: The Returners is the name of an insurgent group from my home world.
Tifa: You were a part of the Returners here, right, Firion?
Firion: Yes. It felt like the rebel group I was a part of back in my home world.
Ashe: Joining a similar organization in a different world must be such an odd feeling...
Firion: But the Emperor is in this world, too. And I wouldn't mind settling the score here.
Firion: I don't know what will happen if he returns to my world. Stopping him here could prevent more harm from befalling my home.
Rinoa: You look so young, but you're really giving it your all.
Firion: My all...? Well, I just didn't have any other choices.
Rinoa: I was fighting for the independence of my town. I had a plan, though it was a bit dangerous, so I hired SeeD to help.
Tidus: That's impressive. You both fought for the sake of other people.
Rinoa: No, not really. I just felt like taking action. But after meeting Squall and the others, I realized how naive I was...
Ashe: I'm fighting to take back things that were stolen.
Ashe: For my home, those precious to me, and pride...
Ashe: No. It's because of pride that I can continue fighting without yielding. What are you fighting for, Rinoa?
Rinoa: I... I'm fighting so I can be with everyone.
Rinoa: Squall and the others chose to fight, so I had to take up arms if I wanted to be beside them...
Rinoa: Fighting wasn't a means, but an end.
Rinoa: But I learned that I had to fight to keep the future from disappearing. So I decided to do just that.
Tifa: I know how you feel, and I'm sure the others do, too.
Tifa: We want to be with those important to us and protect those close to our hearts. Those feelings allow us to be strong and fight.
Tidus: I know that looking at ourselves in the past can be...embarrassing.
Tidus: But if I'm trying hard, I want someone to acknowledge it.
Tidus: I realized that I was naive, too. I regretted a lot of things.
Edgar: Those who can accept their past failures can grow. I believe both of you will.
Ashe: Yes. You are serious about it now, right?
Rinoa: Of course. I won't let anyone take away our future. I'll protect it with my own two hands!
Rinoa: Or am I still being too naive...?
Ashe: No. Nobody could call you "naive" after hearing you say that.
What She's Feeling*:

(Cecil and Krile approach the party)

Rinoa: Welcome back! How was the patrol?
Cecil: Nothing to report. But it looks like we may be in for some bad weather soon.
Maria: Oh really? It looks fine to me...
Krile: The animals said so, so we should get ready.
Rinoa: You can talk to animals, Krile!? That's amazing!
Maria: Were you raised with animals?
Krile: No, but I can understand what they say.
Rinoa: I can tell when animals are happy or sad, but nothing more than that.
Shadow: Though I get the feeling they can read our emotions pretty well.
Rinoa: I know! I guess it only goes one way, though...
Eiko: Is there an animal you want to talk to, Rinoa?
Rinoa: My dog, Angelo! She's my partner in battle.
Rinoa: She's super clever and cuddly, too! I feel like we could be even better friends if I could talk to her.
Krile: Just because you can talk doesn't mean you'll be better friends. There are more important things than words.
Rinoa: Oh really?
Krile: Isn't talking what causes a lot of fights?
Rinoa: Won't being together every day help?
Eiko: I don't think so...
Eiko: Even though I spent every day with the moogles, we still fought all the time.
Cecil: Then I guess it's not much different from talking with humans.
Cecil: I suppose connecting to others with kindness is what's most important.
Maria: You're right. Feelings can be conveyed even with just your eyes.
Eiko: I feel like I can understand Shadow's feelings just by looking at his eyes!

(Shadow looks away)

Krile: Hehe. Even if you don't speak, there are other ways to convey your feelings!
Krile: You can tell an animal "thank you" or "I'm sorry" just by cuddling or petting them!
Krile: You understand Angelo's feelings, right?
Rinoa: Yeah! I think Angelo also likes being with me.
Rinoa: I'll be sure to show her how much I love her from now on!

A New Journey[]

Summoner Search:

Depending on your progress in the story, characters you have yet to recruit may appear in these events.

Lulu: Hm... I don't recognize this place, either.
Lenna: Look! There's someone over there.
Celes: They seem lost... Maybe they're someone's friend.

(The party approaches Lulu)

Celes: Is everything alright? Perhaps we can help.
Lulu: Are you from this area?
Celes: No. We aren't too familiar with it, either...
Lulu: I see... Hm...
Lenna: Maybe we should tell her what we know about this world.
Lilisette: Good idea! She's probably a friend of someone from another world.
Celes: Could it be that you're also lost in this world?
Lulu: "Also"?
Lenna: Yes. There are others like you, us included. Could you tell us what happened to you?
Lulu: I was told by a goddess that this is a different world... I'm searching for my comrades now.
Lilisette: Then we can definitely help! What kind of person are you looking for?
Lulu: A young woman. She's a summoner.
Lenna: Summoner?
Celes: I know some likely candidates. You wait right here. I'll go and fetch who I can.

(Rydia and Eiko are brought in)

Rydia: Um, well... Nice to meet you?
Eiko: I don't know this lady, either! But we can still be friends.
Celes: I'm sorry. You said "summoner," so I thought...
Lilisette: I guess we got it wrong.
Lulu: I see... You two are also summoners?
Lulu: What fascinating dress... This truly is a different world.
Lulu: I hope she's all right, wherever she is...
Lulu: Thank you for your help. I'll continue my search.
Celes: Wait. I can't let you go off on your own.
Rydia: You must be exhausted. Please don't push yourself.
Eiko: Why don't you take a break first? Then we'll all help you find your friends!
Lenna: Indeed. We have other summoners in our group. There's a chance the one you're looking for is among them.
Lilisette: Yeah! You can meet all of our comrades if you come with us to the airship.
Lulu: ...I suppose you're right.
Lulu: Thank you for your kindness. Let us do just that, then.
Guardian Black Mage:
Penelo: How are you holding up, Lulu? We should be out of the forest soon.
Lulu: I'm fine, thank you for asking.
Penelo: Not at all! By the way, that's a cute doll you have there.
Lulu: Thank you. You must find it weird for me to be carrying this around.
Penelo: What? Of course not! I think it's adorable!
Lulu: Hehe. My apologies for teasing you.
Lulu: This doll is capable of more than just looking cute.

(Lulu brings out her Moogle doll who bounces in her hands)

Seven: It moved!
Shantotto: Oh dear... It reminds me of the royal puppeteer!
Lulu: Puppeteer?
Seven: You two are from different worlds, right? How is it possible you know that?
Shantotto: Though the theory behind it is not the same, I believe something akin to magic is to blame.
Lulu: ...So the idea of magic is the same then. Well, she's right. This moves by magic.
Penelo: Then you're a mage, Lulu? We've got lots of allies who can also use magic!
Penelo: I hope we can find your friend soon!
Seven: We're nearly there. Just a little more.
Lulu: I can't thank you enough for helping me. I feel much better now.
Seven: Don't mention it. We all know what it's like to be lost in this world.
Wakka: Man, this thing just won't quit!

(Wakka arrives)

Seven: Wakka? What's the matter?
Wakka: Nice timing! There's a monster over there. Come on, help me out!
Wakka: ...Lu!?
Lulu: Wakka! There you are!
Wakka: It's a good thing you're here. My ball just doesn't seem to do the trick.
Wakka: I need your help, Lu!
Lulu: ......

(Lulu casts magic to defeat a Flan)

Penelo: Wow! So your magic could do more than just make that doll move!
Lulu: Where is Yuna? Is she safe?
Wakka: Take it easy. She's with us.
Lulu: Thank goodness.
Shantotto: So that's the summoner you were looking for. Finding her among so many would've been a chore.
Seven: We should've brought Yuna with us. When we get back to the airship, you'll be able to see her.
Lulu: Please don't apologize. Thank you for bringing me with you.
Wakka: Lu is one of Yuna's guardians, just like me. She'll be a real powerful ally, no doubt about it.
Lulu: If Yuna is here, I will gladly fight alongside you.
To New Journeys:

(Lulu runs to Yuna)

Lulu: Yuna! I'm so glad you're okay.
Yuna: Lulu! I'm so happy to see you! When I heard that you were all alone, I was so worried.
Lulu: You have my apologies.
Lulu: I regret not finding you here sooner.
Yuna: I'm fine. I've made it this far thanks to all my new friends.
Yuna: I didn't want you or the other guardians to worry about me.
Lulu: You've gotten stronger while I was away, haven't you?
Yuna: You think so?
Lulu: ...On second thought, maybe not.
Yuna: ...Hey!
Lulu: Hehe.

(Jecht arrives)

Jecht: But we need to fix whatever's goin' on in this world before you guys can go home.
Jecht: And it won't be easy.
Lulu: What!? What are you doing here!?
Jecht: Didn't mean to surprise ya. Not even I understand everything at work here.
Jecht: But I can move my own body and haven't lost control yet.
Yuna: Sir Jecht is also one of our allies now.
Lulu: I see... ......
Lulu: I can put my faith in you as a legendary guardian, can't I?
Jecht: Course ya can!

(The rest of the party arrives)

Lion: So Jecht was famous back in your world?
Yuna: Yes. Both Sir Jecht and Sir Auron were legendary guardians.
Lion: So this is like a dream team!
Layle: We've been traveling with Jecht for so long, it's hard to believe he's some kind of legend...
Jecht: Alright, 'nuff talk about dreams.
Lulu: I guess you're right. Though our journey was somewhat of a dream...
Vaan: Auron is always composed, so I'd believe someone if they told me he's some sort of legend, but...
Vaan: Jecht is a different story.
Jecht: Hey! I don't care about bein' a legend! Normal's fine with me!
Lulu: Guardians, Sir Jecht, and all those from other worlds...
Lulu: I will do my best to protect you.
Inquiring Minds*:
Vivi: You use dolls instead of rods to cast magic, don't you, Miss Lulu?
Vivi: It's so rare to see, so it's neat to get to travel with you.
Lulu: Is that so? I never really thought about it.
Vivi: I wonder how it works. You're a black mage too, aren't you?
Lulu: There are things even I don't understand about it. I do it because it was needed on our journey thus far.
Vivi: It's really cool the way other people cast magic.
Shantotto: Are you saying you are not awed by magic cast with a rod?
Shantotto: No tool is better or worse when reciting a magical verse.
Lulu: She's right. It is a mere coincidence that I happen to use dolls.
Vivi: I see. I guess there are lots of ways to use magic out there.
Papalymo: Rods and wands were originally used to heighten the caster's concentration and magic abilities.
Papalymo: If anything, it allows one who has the disposition for it to use magic. How does your magic work, Edge?
Edge: I don't use magic! I use Eblan ninjutsu.
Edge: I'm no mage. I can't do what Rydia and Rosa do.
Shantotto: At least according to Vana'diel's rules, ninja cast something like spells with tools.
Shantotto: But how do these arts work in other parts?
Shantotto: The flames of my interest have been fanned.
Shantotto: So would you mind lending me a hand?
Edge: N-no way!
Edge: The Eblan ninja arts are a royal secret!
Shantotto: I have no interest in your traditions. This is for the sake of knowledge acquisition.

(Edge runs off)

Edge: Give me a break!

(Shantotto follows, as does Vivi)

Papalymo: ...I suppose there's no sating her curiosity. Forgive me for my question earlier.
Lulu: Do not worry about it.
Lulu: Our home world, Spira, was full of danger.
Lulu: Magic was a way of fighting those dangers. I never thought of it as something to be researched.
Papalymo: Regrettable that you only ever considered one side of your power.
Lulu: It seems like you all have very inquiring minds.
Papalymo: I also quite enjoy the pursuit of knowledge.
Lulu: I never had the chance to talk so genuinely about magic. It'
Papalymo: I am glad to hear it. Traveling together will give us many more chances to enrich the other.
Dear Friends*:
Eiko: I'll play with you! What do you want to do?
Lenna: ...It doesn't talk after all.
Aphmau: It seems like Lulu is the one moving it, so it might be difficult for it to talk.
Eiko: ...I don't understand how stuff works in other worlds. Does it really move by magic?
Eiko: There's nothing else moving it? Like a machine, or an animal on the inside?
Aphmau: That's how automatons in my world work. There weren't any animals inside, but they had mechanical parts that allowed them to move and speak.
Aphmau: My automatons, Ovjang and Mnejing, are my precious friends.
Eiko: Wow! If they're your friends, you must feel safe even when you're alone.
Lulu: it so unbelievable that it moves by magic? How can I prove it to you?
Ace: We don't need you to prove it.
Ace: Back in Orience, there were some cactuars and tonberries who lived alongside humans.
Ace: There were moogles like that in Eiko's world, too. Your doll might be the same.
Lenna: In my world, I have a dragon friend who is as big as a monster.
Eiko: Yeah! So if your doll ever wants to make friends, let me know!
Eiko: What do you think, Cait Sith?
Lulu: (Now that they mention it...there are beings like Cait Sith in other worlds. Perhaps a misunderstanding was unavoidable.)
Cait Sith: Hm... I don't understand other worlds very well.
Cait Sith: But whether they're alive or not, or a doll, monster, or beast...if they're a friend, you need to take good care of them!
Aphmau: That's right! It doesn't matter if they're a doll. The most important part is how you've been together, and that you want to continue being together.
Cait Sith: Exactly!
Eiko: Well, will you keep being our friend, Cait Sith?
Cait Sith: Huh? Well, I wouldn't mind being friends with all my companions here...
Ace: Cait Sith said so himself. Even dolls can be friends.
Lenna: Yes. There is more to friendship than just exchanging words.
Eiko: Hehe. Thanks, Cait Sith!
Aphmau: I want to be friends, too! I don't have any other automaton friends besides Ovjang and Mnejing.
Cait Sith: Of course! We're all friends here.
Aphmau: Yay! Thank you, Cait Sith!
Lulu: ...Even if our worlds are different, similar magic exists.
Cait Sith: Magic? What do you mean? I'm a fortune-telling machine.
Lulu: To think that a machine can move and have feeling towards friends... Technology is incredible.
Cait Sith: Now Lulu, don't go spoiling the kiddos' dreams.
Lulu: I suppose you're right. The similarities were just too hard to ignore. I apologize.
Lulu: But no matter what kind of person you are, you are still a friend.
Cait Sith: I'm a machine with a capital M! But I'm happy to be called a friend.
Lulu: Hehe... I really do enjoy it here.

Mysterious Siblings from a Mysterious World[]

A Curious Existence:

Depending on your progress in the story, characters you have yet to recruit may appear in these events.

Snow: Did you hear that?
Terra: Yes, but I don't recognize that voice.
Warrior of Light: It was a scream. We must hurry.

(Lann is attacked by a pack of Wolves)

Lann: Ouch! What the honk!? That hurts!
Lann: N-now hold on a second! I just need an empty prism, then we can be friends!
Lann: Here we go!
Lann: A persimmon! If only I had a way to slice this up!
Lann: ...Wait a second. Where's my prism!?
Lann: And who put a persimmon in my pocket!? Was it Tama? Serafie?

(The party watches Lann being attacked)

Squall: What's going on here...?
Terra: It doesn't matter. He's in trouble. We have to help him!

(The party helps Lann finish the battle)

Lann: Whew! You really rescued my rear back there. Thanks!
Lann: But I am glad to see you guys again! You've got great timing!
Snow: Do we...know you?
Squall: I don't remember him at all...
Lann: What!? It's me, Lann!
Lann: I used to be a Jiant! Dude... Was I really so forgettable?
Lann: Anyway...
Lann: Why are you all suddenly Jiants, too!?
Warrior of Light: Jiants...?
Lann: Yeah! Why didn't you tell me you could do that!?
Lann: Well, it's a bit awkward talking to you from down here, so...up I go! ...Huh?
Lann: What the what!? Why can't I turn into a Jiant!?
Lann: ...And where are we?
Snow: All right, little guy, calm down. We'll explain everything.

Lann: ......
Terra: And that's why we've got to solve this problem.
Warrior of Light: Indeed. In order to protect our own worlds, we must first protect this one.
Lann: I get it...
Lann: On second thought, I don't. Could you run that by me one more time?
Snow: I guess we went too fast. Where did you get lost?
Lann: Somewhere around the time you said..."We'll explain everything."
Snow: That was even before we started!
Squall: (Why even bother explaining? This kid's a lost cause...)
Terra: Why don't we explain it again later when we can take our time?
Warrior of Light: Agreed. We must get moving. Will you join us?
Lann: Do you even have to ask? It'll be just like old times!
Squall: ("Old times"? What a weird kid...)
Twin Mirage Keepers:

(Lann and Terra join the rest of the party which includes Reynn)

Edgar: Welcome back. And it looks like you brought a new friend!
Reynn: Lann, there you are! I knew you got lost somewhere!
Lann: Sis, did you see? Everyone's a Jiant now!
Reynn: Ugh... Of course I've seen!
Lann: Isn't it awesomely weird?
Reynn: ...I'm sorry if you wasted your breath explaining things to my brother. He was born a dummy.
Terra: Don't worry about it. There's always bound to be confusion in the beginning.
Reynn: If it were just the beginning, that'd be fine...
Tifa: You must be Reynn's brother. It's nice to meet you.
Lann: Oh, uh, nice to meet you too, I guess? Looks like you've also grown into a Jiant, Tifa.
Tifa: So we've also met before.
Tifa: Reynn also knew my name, though she did call me a ghost and try to run away at first...
Reynn: H-hey...!
Lann: Aww, you poor thing, Sis. Thankfully someone was around to save the day!
Reynn: And what happened to you, huh!?
Terra: He was being attacked by monsters.
Edgar: I'm glad you escaped unscathed.
Terra: He was saying something about a persimmon in his pocket when we found him...
Lann: Y-you saw that!?
Edgar: And just what did you intend to do with that persimmon?
Reynn: Don't tell me you were looking for a prism, but pulled out a persimmon instead...
Lann: How did you know that!?
Edgar: I'm happy to see you two having fun, but I must remind you that this is a different world than the one you're familiar with.
Tifa: He's right. And even though you may have met us before, it's still the first time for us.
Terra: I still have no idea what a "Jiant" is...
Edgar: And forgive me for asking, but is the form you take...normal in your world?
Reynn: Yes. This is what we call Lilikin size. It is normal, but Lann and I are different.
Reynn: We're usually the same size as the rest of you, but we had to change to this form to fit the world we traveled to.
Reynn: And for some reason, it seems like we just can't change back...
Edgar: It sounds complicated, and it seems like you're in a tight spot as well. Let us help.
Reynn: Thank you!
Lann: I see...
Reynn: Are you sure about that?
Lann: Aha ha ha! Of course I am! Someone, you know, needs our help!
Reynn: Yeah, and that person is YOU!
Bartz: Haha! You guys are funny!
Reynn: Me? Funny!?
Lann: It's so weird to see you without Boko, Bartz!
Bartz: You know Boko?
Lann: Of course! You two are always together!
Edgar: ...So versions of us really do exist in your world.
Edgar: And their similarities to us go far beyond our names and appearances.

(The party hears the sound of a monster)

Tifa: Did you hear that? It sounds like there are monsters nearby!
Edgar: You two had better hide.
Reynn: We may not have our Mirages or our Prisms, but we can still fight. Right, Lann?
Lann: You got that right! We're not about to let you guys have all the fun.
Lann: Let's do this, Sis.
Reynn: Do you think we can win?
Lann: No doubt about it! Remember, we're not alone.
Reynn: You're right. Let's go!
Another World Of...:
Tidus: Whew! That should calm things down around here for a bit.
Lann: Over already? Things really get done quick with you guys around!
Quistis: We're happy to be of service.
Lann: I guess we'll be seeing you guys around.
Lightning: You're leaving?
Lann: Yep! But we'll be back soon.
Quistis: Does that mean you've found a way to return to your world!?
Lann: Yeah. Usually we just pass through the gate and... What the!? Where's the gate!?
Reynn: I think I finally understand what they were saying. This really is a different world than Grymoire...
Lann: How weird... The gate should be right here!
Reynn: You really weren't listening, were you? There's something we have to do in this world first.
Lann: Seriously!? You mean no more shortcut? My legs are tired just thinking about it!
Faris: What shortcut is he talking about?
Reynn: Sorry about that. Just ignore him.
Lann: H-hey!
Faris: In any case, it looks like you two are also stuck here.
Reynn: Yeah, I guess so.
Tidus: That means you're staying with us, right?
Reynn: Yes! There's still so much I wanna know. It'll be nice traveling together again.
Lann: ......
Lightning: What's on your mind? Shocked you can't go home yet?
Lann: No, it's not that. I've just noticed something terrible...
Quistis: What's that?
Lann: This isn't Grymoire, so we can't use the gate!
Reynn: What do you mean you just noticed that? I said that a few minutes ago!
Lann: Wh-what!? You mean everyone else knew?
Reynn: ...You'll have to forgive my brother. He can be a bit...slow at times.
Full-Frontal Assault!*:
Agrias: We are to work with the other team and bring down the band of monsters ahead with a pincer maneuver.
Lann: A band of monsters? Well, that doesn't sound so bad. I wonder what kind of instruments they play!
Reynn: You can't be serious right now!
King: We're working out our battle tactics. A full-frontal attack would do nothing but tire us out.
Lann: Tire us out...? But I don't wanna get squished by tires!
Reynn: It means "exhausted," not being flattened by wheels!
Reynn: Just nod and say "uh-huh," Lann.
Reynn: We're getting nowhere fast by you asking these questions. Got it?
Lann: Uh-huh!
Zell: Let's leave the strategizing to them, Lann. I know they'll do a good job.
Lann: Yeah!
Reynn: Now then, with the distractions out of the way, let's get on with the strategy meeting.
Agrias: ...Very well then.
King: A pincer attack will only gather our enemies and give them the advantage of numbers.
Agrias: Precisely. It is an unwise plan for us, with so few people.
Reynn: Why don't we lure in our enemies, starting with the closest, and shave off their numbers that way?
King: Then I'll lure them in. I can grab their attention without getting too close.
Agrias: If you lead them to us, we can thin them out by dropping rocks on them from our vantage point.
Lann: Uh-huh.
Zell: Lann and I could do the heavy lifting.
Lann: Uh-huh!
Reynn: You can say more than "uh-huh" if you actually understand, you know.
Lann: Even though you told me not to!?
Agrias: Do not worry. I will go with you.
Reynn: I'll help King.
Agrias: Then let us commence the operation: eliminate the monsters.
Lann: Eliminate...
Zell: It means we're going to bring down all the baddies.
Lann: I get it! Your explanations are so easy to understand, Zell!
Reynn: I don't think you really understand what's going on here, Lann...
Lann: Give me more credit than that! I was listening the whole time!
Zell: Then there's nothing to worry about. Let's do it, Lann.
Reynn: Really...? I'm not so sure, so could you stick with the—
Lann: We're gonna beat down the baddies! Let's go!

(Lann leaves)

Zell: Lann? Where are you going!?
Reynn: I knew it! He has no idea what's going on! Lann!

(Vaan arrives)

Vaan: What's going on!? Lann just ran straight at the enemy!
Agrias: What...! Could you let everyone know there's been a change of plans? A full-frontal assault...
King: That fool... He reminds me of someone else I know...
Reynn: I'm really sorry for my brother...
Hard Work for Big Sisters*:

(Palom, Yuri, and Lann run by)

Palom: Alright! Let's get out of here!
Yuri: Ahaha!
Lann: This is what happens when you scribble on monsters!
Yuri: Phew... That was fun!

(The boys are met by Chelinka and Reynn)

Chelinka: Yuri! Where were you!? I heard something worrying about "scribbles"...
Yuri: Huh? Oh... We didn't do anything! Right?
Chelinka: How...suspicious.
Reynn: Blatantly suspicious...
Reynn: Could it be that someone was messing around with monsters, got found out, then tried to fight them...
Reynn: ...Only to realize they were surrounded, then notice they were lost in a monster's den, and panicked...
Reynn: ...Then ran all the way back here trying to act like nothing at all happened?
Lann: That's so specific, Sis!
Lann: But, even if that were the case, we're totally fine! Right, Palom? Yuri?
Palom: Yeah! We're totally fine!
Reynn: I've got my hands full enough with Lann, but now these two, too...
Chelinka: Hehe. I've been here for a while, so I'm used to it. But I know how you feel.
Lann: Why are you on Chelinka's side anyway? She's so responsible.
Reynn: What do you mean? I'm responsible, too, aren't I?
Chelinka: Yes, you definitely are!
Chelinka: I think we're the same. Though I don't know what happened to you two in the past...
Yuri: I think so, too. I'm sure you've overcome some similar difficulties.
Yuri: And you're both scared of ghosts, too!
Chelinka: That has nothing to do with this! But...I'm sure there's something different about us, too.
Chelinka: It seems like Reynn kind of enjoys Lann's mischievousness.
Lann: Really, Sis!?
Reynn: No no no no no! You've got it all wrong!
Reynn: I wish you could calm down a bit and learn some manners, or at the very least not be a nuisance to others...
Lann: That's mean!
Palom: You're way too spoiled by your sisters.
Chelinka: You have an older sister, don't you, Palom?
Palom: Yeah, but I'm plenty responsible. She doesn't need to worry about me at all!
Palom: It must be hard having such immature little brothers.
Reynn: You know it.
Lann: I don't wanna hear that from Palom...
Yuri: I'm trying my best to be responsible...
Chelinka: Palom's sister...
Reynn: Hm? What about her?
Chelinka: I just thought it would be so much fun to meet her. I think we'd get along very well.
Palom: I'm sure she's around here somewhere. When you find her, I'm sure you'll be great friends!
Reynn: Yeah! Let's go find her on the double!
Lann: Right! We don't want Palom to feel lonely being separated from his big sister for too long!
Reynn: Hmmm?
Lann: What?
Reynn: Nothing. Don't mind me!

Conqueror's Duty[]

The Bigger Picture:

Depending on your progress in the story, characters you have yet to recruit may appear in these events.

The Emperor: So you, too, are siding with them? Those worthless worms...
Vayne: How to keep the peace is an integral part in the upbringing of the men of House Solidor.
Vayne: Those who stand above exist for those below them.
Vayne: We must now reassess our duties with the crystal core of light gone.

(Vayne exits into a Torsion)

The Emperor: Hmph... What role has duty when one has dominion?

Firion: This looks like the place where we met Cait Sith and the others.
Onion Knight: It must have been created based on someone's home.
Vaan: It feels...imperial...
Ashe: It seems places like this are normal in other worlds.
Vaan: Normal, huh...

(Vayne emerges from a Torsion)

Mog: Why are you here, kupo!?
Vayne: I understand you're distrustful of me.
Ashe: What are you doing here, Vayne!?
Vayne: ...I would like you to think of my appearance as my way of showing you my resolve.
Vayne: If we continue to focus on our petty grudges, we will all miss out on the larger problem at hand.
Vayne: However, I do not expect you to readily comprehend my meaning.
Onion Knight: Well, of course not. You need to tell us what you're talking about first before we can understand it.
Firion: But considering how things got this way, it might not be easy...
Vaan: Like we could ever see eye to eye!
Vaan: We don't have to listen to you!
Vayne: My aim is to protect my home, nothing more.
Ashe: Do you know how much blood has been shed for that very reason!?
Vayne: Not just the boy, but the princess, too... I suppose we cannot talk like civilized people with all that blood rushing to your head.
Vayne: Be that as it may...
Vayne: I'm afraid I must insist on you seeing the larger problem looming above us.
Vayne: And to that aim, I will first give you the fight you want.
Vaan: You'll pay for what you've done, Vayne!

(Vayne attacks Ashe with Mach Wave)

Vaan: Ashe! Are you okay?
Onion Knight: Is this your way of insisting? Just what is your purpose here?
Vayne: I've already told you: I must protect my home.
Vayne: This is for that purpose alone.
Firion: Mog, summon our allies.
Mog: I'm on it, kupo!

(Mog leaves)

Onion Knight: I thought you were here to talk...but if it's a fight you want, it's a fight you'll get!
Vayne: I wouldn't have it any other way. Show me what you can do.
Vayne: I will discern for myself whether your strength is of any use to me.
For Ivalice:
Vaan: Urgh!
Balthier: Can you stand?
Vaan: Just what do you want!?
Vayne: I have already obtained what I want.
Onion Knight: What do you mean? Are you going to run away again?
Vayne: Spirit moogle. These are my dimensional coordinates.
Mog: You mean you'll be our ally, kupo!?
Vayne: Call me freely should the need arise.
Vaan: Just what are you scheming!?
Vayne: I no longer wish to play puppet to the gods.
Vaan: Answer the question!
Cait Sith: Let's settle down a bit, Vaan, hm?
Vaan: Why? Do you know something, Cait Sith?
Cait Sith: No. But if you won't let Vayne explain, none of us will ever know.
Vaan: I see... So he hasn't even told you.
Vayne: I have discerned this: the danger present in this world is a threat to Ivalice.
Vayne: However, despite the shattering of the crystal core of light, everything here remains unchanged.
Vayne: How things fare in our own worlds is yet a mystery to me.
Onion Knight: Materia said the crystal core of darkness is sustaining the world...for now.
Vayne: I am looking for the crystal core of darkness.
Vayne: I cannot grasp the size of the threat looming over my homeworld. It is an unfortunately grave state of affairs.
Vayne: We need more information before we decide a course of action.
Vayne: The fight against you earlier was a test of your strength. Of course, I leave the choice to call me to your discretion.
Vayne: But I am not your enemy. Nor am I your ally. However, this arrangement works to our mutual advantage.
Cait Sith: You certainly are a lad who loves his world. Even coming this far for it...
Onion Knight: It doesn't exactly feel pleasant, but...I've got a friend like him.
Vaan: I can't accept this. I know he'll just get in our way again.
Vaan: Throw those coordinates away, Mog. I refuse to fight alongside him.
Balthier: That's enough, Vaan. We're not throwing anything away.
Balthier: His Majesty went out of his way to present us a gift. We ought to accept it.
Mog: In that case, I'll hold onto it...
Vayne: It will be an honor to be of service.
Balthier: Don't think this means we like it, though.
Vayne: It matters not to me. I wholeheartedly accept your hatred. I use my powers for Ivalice, not for the sake of friendship.
Vayne: But there are objectives I cannot fulfill with those summoned by Spiritus.
Vayne: Which is why I offer my power to you, in exchange for information.
Balthier: Understand that we're not the ones being used. You are.
Vayne: Then I pray you use my power well.

(Vayne exits via Torsion)

Putting Differences Aside:

(The party approaches Vaan and Ashe)

Balthier: Is it so hard for you to accept Vayne's help?
Vaan: Of course it is! Why isn't it for you?
Ashe: Vayne is our enemy. It's not like we can readily fight alongside him...
Cait Sith: Hmm... Think of it as insurance.
Balthier: Yes, I suppose that's one way to think about it.
Penelo: What do you mean?
Cait Sith: Vayne's goal is clear.
Cait Sith: If we do nothing about the disorder in this world, it could affect our homes.
Cait Sith: And if harm is done to our homeworlds, then...
Cait Sith: This world and all the warriors within it could be erased.
Cait Sith: Or at least that's what he told me before.
Vaan: We can't let that happen...
Balthier: Then you understand. The time to put that grudge to pasture is now at hand.
Balthier: We have his dimensional coordinates, which means we know where he is.
Balthier: It's better than not knowing, correct?
Ashe: Even so... It's hard to just put all that history behind us...
Cait Sith: Spiritus's warriors always have all our info, so all the more reason to put it behind you.
Vincent: Information even they can't know...
Balthier: After all, it's not like they'll come together to decide their next move.
Vincent: Indeed. Our enemies move alone. And we'll have more options if we can keep an eye on them.
Vincent: Cait Sith... You're acquainted with him.
Cait Sith: You got the right of it, Vincent!
Cait Sith: I'll keep my eyes on the man! Just leave it to Cait Sith!
Cait Sith: I know how politicians like him work.
Penelo: Still, I can't help but worry...
Vaan: ......
Vincent: Don't force yourselves to accept it. The fact that he's an enemy won't change.
Balthier: As does the fact that our troubles never cease to multiply.
Balthier: Nevertheless, we'll keep an eye on Vayne while saving the world. Playing the leading man was never an easy job.
Cait Sith: We know that your feelings toward him aren't wrong. But leave it to me. I'll find out his true intentions.
Vaan: ...Thanks.
His Purposes*:

(Vayne arrives from a Torsion)

Wakka: Oh no! There's that guy again!
Lightning: Why are you here? We didn't call you.
Vayne: I have no intention of hindering you here and now.
Vayne: I am simply interested in the memories you hold.
Serah: Our memories?
Vayne: I heard that people from the same world don't always have the same memories.
Lightning: Word gets around quickly, I see.
Vayne: I had my doubts, but if you say it to be true...
Serah: What do you get by poking your nose in our business?
Vayne: ...Forgive me. I am not free to choose my purpose.
Lightning: There is nothing I know that you don't already.
Lightning: What you want to believe is up to you.
Vayne: ...I choose to believe you.
Vayne: What say you two? Have you any abnormalities in your memories?
Wakka: What am I supposed to say to that, huh? ...Any idea, Yuna?
Yuna: I wonder. I feel like I'm still missing something...
Wakka: You serious!? ...Hmm, I don't know.
Lightning: There's no point in worrying about what we don't know. What are you scheming?
Vayne: I am interested in the memory discrepancies of the warriors here.
Vayne: Notwithstanding the circumstances of Ivalice...of House Solidor and my homeland, there may be things I have forgotten.
Wakka: You mean even Spiritus's warriors have lost their memories?
Vayne: ...The key to retrieving your lost memories lies in brilliance, does it not?
Lightning: And what if it does? Gathering brilliance will revive the crystal core. It doesn't suit your purposes.
Vayne: Just because it fails to suit my purposes doesn't make it extraneous. All the more when it comes to my own memories.
Vayne: I want to know the current state of my homeland. I must remember what I did, at the very least.
Vayne: Matters of this world will come later.
Vayne: Thank you for your time.
Yuna: You're quite the conversationalist.
Vayne: Despite appearances...
Vayne: The conflict in my homeworld was due merely to a difference of opinions.
Vayne: Now, I think we ought to be building a partnership. I intend to tell you what I can.
Vayne: You may not believe me now, but there may come a day when we join hands.
Unwavering Faith*:

(The party faces a Behemoth)

Bartz: This one won't go down easy!
Lion: It's not that tough... Can you keep going?
Hope: Haha, I'm not so sure...

(The Behemoth attacks, but the Warrior of Light jumps in)

Warrior of Light: Gck...
Lion: What are you doing!? You can't just appear in front of us like that!
Warrior of Light: We must all work together to stop an opponent this strong.
Bartz: You don't have to tell me that! I know we can't let this thing roam around free!
Hope: Another attack!? At this rate...
Vayne: Stand back.

(Vayne appears and fights the Behemoth)

Vayne: I will take the front lines while you catch your breath.
Hope: You came to help us?
Lion: Just what are you trying to do?
Vayne: It would be problematic for me if you fell in battle here.
Vayne: I would hate to see mankind's history end in this world...!
Bartz: So you're our ally now?
Vayne: At present, I am merely not your enemy.
Warrior of Light: I'm ready. Let's go!

(The party finishes the battle)

Bartz: Looks like we cleaned that up!
Lion: That was a close one, though. Thank you...Vayne...?
Hope: I don't see him anywhere.
Warrior of Light: It seems he left.
Hope: He really did come to help us this time.
Lion: That might just be hi way of doing things. He's a politician, right? It's possible he's trying to win us over somehow.
Lion: Though it could just be a way of furthering his own ends.
Hope: Well, he's definitely got the eloquence and actions to bring people together...
Lion: Even so, he started a war and killed lots of people in Vaan's world.
Warrior of Light: ...He's willing to do whatever it takes for his own purposes.
Warrior of Light: He is always thinking of a way to fulfill his duties, even if it means hurting people...
Warrior of Light: You might say he has an ominous light about him.
Bartz: For now, he said he's not our enemy. He saved us, so...let's just go with that.
Bartz: But if he dares hurt Vaan, Penelo, or any of the others...I won't hesitate to fight.
Lion: Of course. I can't just sit back and watch while others get hurt.
Lion: Why don't we head back now? It's time we got some rest!

Girded for Freedom[]

A Meeting in the Woods:

Depending on your progress in the story, characters you have yet to recruit may appear in these events.

Prishe: Not again...!
Prishe: No matter which way we go, we just can't get through.

(The rest of the party arrives)

Maria: It seems like we're in the depths of the forest now.
Freya: Indeed. The structure has become unexpectedly complex.
Auron: We've walked quite a distance. Have we lost anyone?
Y'shtola: ...No. Everyone's accounted for.
Prishe: I've had enough of this place! It's taking ages just to find the way out.
Prishe: Let's just knock these trees down and friggin' make our own path!
Fran: I would not do that.

(Fran arrives)

Fran: You will only anger the wood.
Prishe: Who are you?
Y'shtola: Are you familiar with these woods?
Fran: These are not the woods I know. But I can show you the way out.
Fran: Walk that way and you will be free of this place.
Maria: Just who are you?
Fran: You need not believe me if you wish not to do so.
Auron: I don't feel like you would lead us astray...
Fran: Such a feeling is for you to decide.
Prishe: Well, let's give it a try! Not like we have any other choices!
Freya: You make a fair point. Let us put our faith in this woman's words.
Fran: Then I will be on my way.
Maria: Why don't you come with us? There's safety in numbers.
Fran: I must decline.
Freya: ...I see. Thank you for your help.
Maria: Are you sure? Don't you think she could be a friend of someone? Is it okay for us to just leave her?
Y'shtola: ...I think she'll be fine on her own.
Freya: ...Then we will take our leave. Until our paths meet again.
Fran: Yes. Until that time...

(Fran leaves)

Vanille: Well, that was easy! And we have that woman to thank for it.
Edgar: She sounds like an absolute beauty. I would love to thank her in person!

(Fran arrives)

Fran: It seems you made it out fine.
Zidane: Are you the mysterious lady who helped them out?
Balthier: Aha. So it was you, Fran.
Cid: You know her?
Balthier: But of course. She's my partner.
Cid: Huh? This lady, YOUR partner?
Vanille: If we had known you were partners, we would have brought you along!
Fran: I did not think you one to wander the earth so.
Fran: A sky pirate flies, doesn't he?
Balthier: It's nice to gaze up at the heavens once in a while.
Cid: What's the point in lyin'? Ain't got one fit for flyin' is all...
Zidane: But if Balthier's a sky pirate...
Vanille: And Fran's his partner, then that makes her one, too!
Edgar: If you knew Balthier was here, why didn't you join him?
Balthier: You did not take Materia on her word and were biding your time observing us until you were sure.
Fran: That's right.
Zidane: Well, if you're a friend of Balthier's, you're a friend of ours.
Balthier: That is up to Fran to decide.
Vanille: In any case, you really knew your way around that forest.
Edgar: Thanks to you, we can all move forward together now.
Edgar: It appears that beautiful flowers are blooming in the woods of your world.
Balthier: Try as you may, Edgar, but this one is no easy prey.
Balthier: Now then, you've probably already realized it, but it's as the goddess said: this is a different world.
Balthier: Can you hear the voice of the wood here?
Fran: No, I cannot. I know only the way through...
Fran: But it seems that unwanted guests followed you out of the woods.

(Fran points to a Goblin that appeared behind them)

Balthier: Are you certain they didn't follow you?
Fran: Does it matter now?
Fran: I will take care of them. Stand back.

(The rest of the party joins Balthier and Fran)

Zidane: We'll fight with you!
Edgar: We must repay you for showing our friends the way out of the woods.
Vanille: That's right!
Balthier: ...How about it, Fran? Will you join our ranks?
Fran: I will. You are here, too, after all.
The Way Back:
Yda: Thanks to Fran, we were able to make it this deep into the woods!
Yda: Now we can get back without getting lost!
Onion Knight: That's a relief. It's dangerous wandering around here for too long.
Garnet: I'm happy we have such a skilled ally among us now.
Yda: I wish we had met her sooner!

(Fran and Papalymo arrive)

Fran: Hearing such praise is pleasant. But know that I do not know my way around every forest.
Yda: What do you mean?
Onion Knight: The fact that you followed us without saying a word means you know the way back, right?
Fran: I assumed the one at the front knew the way.
Garnet: Oh no! At this rate, we'll all get lost...
Yda: Let's go back, then! If we keep going forward, we'll forget how we got here.
Papalymo: Fret not, Yda. I know the way back.
Papalymo: As do you. Am I right?
Fran: You are. My apologies for toying with you.
Fran: There is no need to rush back. Panic will lead you down the wrong path.
Garnet: What a relief... I'm sorry for panicking.
Fran: But please do not assume I know everything about the woods.
Fran: I can no longer hear the green word...
Papalymo: It sounds like your race is able to hear the voice of the wood.
Papalymo: Does that mean you lost the ability since leaving your home?
Papalymo: You needn't say anything if you do not wish to.
Fran: ...Thank you.
Onion Knight: So what do we do now? Should we go back?
Papalymo: There is no need for that. Both Fran and I know the way.
Onion Knight: Then let's explore a little more. I'll lead the way!
Yda: We're going to keep going? Well, could you let us know before we reach the point of no return!?
Garnet: We'll do our best to help.

(The Onion Knight, Yda, and Garnet leave)

Fran: ...A lively bunch.
Papalymo: But they're friendly, aren't they?
Papalymo: And you made a choice to lend us your powers when you decided to travel with us.

(Papalymo leaves)

Fran: ...I have no regrets. I look forward to seeing what this world has to offer.
All Ears*:

(The party observes Cater and Wakka talking)

Lion: Huh? What could Cater and Wakka be talking about?
Y'shtola: Idle banter, most likely.
Fran: Though it seems as if they wish to keep it a secret.
Freya: If they have gone through the trouble of coming all the way here, we best not interfere.
Cater: Did you hear us!?
Wakka: That's why I told you to give up already.
Fran: You were talking about our ears, weren't you?
Cater: So you did hear us!
Y'shtola: I suppose it's safe to say our kind aren't very common in your worlds.
Freya: Does it not interest you, Lion?
Lion: There are all types of tribes in my world, but people like Fran or Freya are rare.
Lion: There are those like Y'shtola back home, though. They're called Mithra.
Cater: We weren't talking about anything weird, just so you know.
Cater: I just wanted to know...if I can touch your ears. So can I?
Wakka: I told you it's not gonna happen. They have pride, too, y'know.
Wakka: You gotta respect that.
Cater: I know, but...
Fran: There are people like you in my world—those especially keen on my race, the viera.
Fran: No, indeed.
Y'shtola: I will have to decline as well.
Freya: As will I.
Wakka: I told you so.
Cater: But it's too soon to give up. Maybe when they're asleep...
Wakka: C'mon, you can't do that!
Lion: You seem pretty terrible at keeping secrets. Your plan sounds doomed to fail.
Fran: But I believe it good to be interested in species other than our own.
Fran: If you manage to catch me unawares, I may just overlook it.
Lion: Good luck with that one, Cater...
Better Left Unsaid*:
Fran: There many of you.
Vaan: Of course. It's been just you and Balthier for a long time! But it must be heartening to have so many allies now, right?
Bartz: Though some of us are just here in their own interest.
Penelo: Yeah... And some are pretty scary, too.
Locke: And there are a few who you really don't want watching your back.
Fran: But are there not also those whom you can trust?
Bartz: You're right. I never thought I'd see the day I'd fight beside Gilgamesh.
Quistis: When moving together with this great of number, it's both unusual and...unifying.
Penelo: And you want to protect all your allies, not just the ones from your own world.
Vaan: I know I can rely on each and every one of them.
Fran: ...You are more grown-up than the Vaan I know.
Locke: Oh really? He still seems like a kid to me.
Quistis: It wouldn't hurt you to calm down a bit, though I wouldn't take it as far as Squall has... And a little tact would do you some good.
Fran: You may be right.
Vaan: Well that's not very fair. Everyone's a child to you, Fran!
Vaan: Even Bartz and Locke and the others...
Bartz: I've got a bad feeling about this... You better quit while you're ahead, Vaan.
Locke: Why? What's up?
Vaan: Other worlds I don't know, but in Ivalice, some people live a looong time. I can't say exactly how old Fran is, but yeah...
Locke: Oh really? Hearing about tribes from other worlds is pretty fascinating.
Penelo: V-Vaan, hold it!
Penelo: Think about what Quistis said! You need to be more tactful!
Quistis: Yes, Vaan... This is exactly what I was talking about.
Fran: Hehe... You really have not changed at all.
Bartz: We had better call it quits here. There are just some things you don't talk about.

A Reliable White Mage[]

Gotta Save Her!:

Depending on your progress in the story, characters you have yet to recruit may appear in these events.
(Porom is blocked by two Ghosts and a Specter)

???: What should I do...
???: Excuse me... I'm looking for somebody. Would you mind...stepping aside?
???: ...Alright. If you won't move, then...
???: I'll just have to take you down!

Zack: Whew! Wasn't that last battle a blast?
Zack: Did you see my special technique? It slayed that monster!
Seifer: What are you getting all excited about?
Seifer: I was the one who landed the finishing blow.
Zack: Wh-what'd you say!?
Seifer: Are all you SOLDIER twerps hard of hearing? Or are you just in denial?
Zack: Alright, buddy! Let's settle this right here and right now!
Seifer: If it'll shut you up, it'd be my pleasure.
Zack: Likewise! You'll be sorry for picking a fight with me, you—
Onion Knight: Settle down, you two. What's the point in fighting about it?
Zack: He's trying to steal my thunder!
Krile: Hehe... Even though you say that, I can tell you care about Seifer.
Krile: You don't want him to feel alone, right?
Zack: H-huh!? How did you know that? What gave it away...?

(The party hears a monster roar)

Seifer: Hey... Thanks to your big mouth, we've got guests now.
Zack: I-is that my fault...?
Krile: Everyone, look! Over there! A little girl is surrounded by monsters!
Onion Knight: We've gotta save her!
Krile: She seems pretty calm, though...
Zack: She's probably so scared she can't move! Let's go!

(Zack runs off)

Seifer: Where are you running off to!? Those monsters are mine!

(Seifer runs off)

Krile: Hehe. Sometimes I can't tell if they're friends or not...
Onion Knight: C'mon, there's no time to waste, Krile!
A Precocious Mage:
???: Hyah! Take that!

(Porom defeats the Specter)

???: ...That should do it.
Zack: Huh!? Did you defeat them all by yourself!?

(Zack and Seifer arrive)

???: Oh? Did you come to help? Thank you!
Zack: Oh, uh, you're welcome...
Seifer: Are you stupid or something?
Palom: Porom!

(Palom reunites with Porom)

Porom: Palom!?
Porom: I finally found you! Where have you been?
Palom: I should ask the same to you! But I'm happy you're fine.

(Cecil and Aerith arrive)

Cecil: Porom! I'm so glad to see you unharmed.
Porom: Likewise, Cecil. It's a relief to see you.
Zack: Is this little girl...
Aerith: Palom's twin sister?
Palom: That's right! Her name's Porom, and she's super strong—just like me!
Seifer: Hmph... That's better than useless.
Aerith: Palom called you a prodigy, and he certainly wasn't exaggerating.
Porom: I'm no prodigy... We're still in training, after all.
Porom: ...My apologies for being so forward, but who might you be...?

Porom: ...I see. And that's why I'm now in a different world...
Porom: I'm sure it hasn't been easy taking care of my brother. Please accept my heartfelt thanks.
Zack: ...I noticed it before, but you're so polite.
Seifer: Unlike your brother.
Palom: Wh-what's that supposed to mean!?
Porom: Enough, Palom! Mind your manners!
Palom: Urk, now I'm in for it...
Porom: I'm sure my brother's caused you all sorts of trouble, playing pranks and the like...
Palom: Hey! Why isn't anyone defending me!?
Porom: ...You warriors from other worlds can take it easy now. Rest assured I'll take care of Palom.
Porom: From now on, I'll be happy to travel with you while keeping an eye on him!
Palom: What!? I don't need a babysitter!
Porom: Quiet, Palom!
Palom: O-okay...
Cecil: Thank you, Porom. Your presence is a great relief to us...
Aerith: We're happy to welcome such a reliable new friend on board!
Porom: Hehe. Leave everything to me!
Palom & Porom:
Mog: Go here, kupo... And then there, kupo...
Mog: I'm so busy, kupo... Being a spirit guide sure isn't easy...
Mog: Wh-who's there, kupo?

(Mog turns around to find a Wight Priest behind him)

Yang: That's Lord Mog's voice!
Maria: Oh no! Mog is being attacked by monsters!
Auron: There's no time to waste. Let's go!

Mog: P-please don't eat me! I'm bad for your tummy, kupo!
Yang: He's too far away! We might not make it!
Maria: No...! Mog!

Palom: Heeey! Over here!

(Palom and Porom arrive to Mog's rescue)

Palom: This way, big guy!
Porom: We'll play with you!

Palom: Now, Auron!
Porom: Save Mog!
Auron: Hmph. Those kids...
Yang: Understood. Leave the rest to us!

(The party finishes the battle)

Mog: That was a close one, kupo...
Porom: Are you alright, Mog?
Mog: I'm just fine, thanks to you two, kupo!
Palom: Hehe! Just think where you'd be without us!
Porom: Quit boasting, will you?
Maria: But you two did admirably. If you hadn't been there, we might not have reached Mog in time.
Auron: Indeed. Risking your own life to protect a comrade is no easy feat.
Yang: ...Now that I think about it, something similar happened back in our home world.
Yang: These two risked their very lives to save us from being crushed by the walls.
Yang: They turned themselves to stone...
Porom: That's right...
Palom: Well, we couldn't let you guys die like that!
Maria: How incredible. You two are so courageous.
Auron: The future looks bright for these two...
Porom: Thank you! We'll continue to do our best to help this world.
Palom: Yeah! We're prodigies, after all!
Porom: Palom! What did I say about boasting!?
The Smell of Monsters*:
Porom: I'm so glad Angelo's with us! She's such a big help!
Cinque: Yeah! She can sniff out dangerous areas. What a nifty trick!
Rinoa: Did you hear that, Angelo? Everyone loves you!

(Laguna arrives)

Laguna: Now wait just a minute!
Laguna: My instincts say we should go thataway!
Cecil: Ah, Laguna's sixth sense at it again...
Cinque: Again? But aren't you wrong, like, every time?
Laguna: No, no! This time I'm sure of it!
Laguna: But Angelo's nose is nothing to sneeze at! So why don't we have a vote?
Rinoa: I can already see how this will end...
Porom: Well, I'm with Angelo!
Porom: After all, I can smell monsters from over there!
Cinque: Oho, I see, I see!
Rinoa: And where there are monsters, there's a Torsion!
Rinoa: ...Wait a second. Did you say you can smell monsters?
Porom: Yes. Let's call it...mage's intuition.
Laguna: Whoa! Seriously!? That's amazing, Porom!
Cecil: Back home, Porom used that to expose a monster masquerading as a human.
Cinque: If even Cecilski says so, then it must be true!
Laguna: Alright! Then I'm with Angelo and Porom on this one!
Laguna: Now that you mention really does smell like monsters.
Rinoa: Really? What does it smell like?
Laguna: Hmm... It's sour...or maybe bittersweet...?
Cinque: Is that true, Poromie?
Porom: Not even close.
Bonds of Sisterhood*:
Porom: If I let him out of my sight for even a second, he's off pulling pranks. He doesn't have any tact, either...
Chelinka: If Yuri finds something interesting, he rushes off without thinking...
Reynn: My brother hasn't got a care in the world and can't sit still, and he's an idiot on top...
Porom: Sigh... I guess everyone's got it pretty rough...
Chelinka: We've got to do our best as big sisters!
Porom: You're right. I guess it's because we're all in the same boat, but I feel closer to both of you than most.
Reynn: Hehe... It must be some sort of destiny to bring us together!
Reynn: I say we start the Big Sister Alliance here and now!

Palom: Grr! All my sister's done since she got here is scold me! I've had enough!
Yuri: I guess we make them worry a lot, but I wish they would trust us more...
Lann: Yeah! I won't let her be the boss of me forever!
Palom: Hmm... I guess we've all got it pretty rough...
Palom: We can't let this go on! Today's the day!
Yuri: We'll tell them straight!
Lann: The Little Brother Alliance strikes back!

Palom: Hey! We've got something to say to you!

(Palom, Yuri, and Lann arrive)

Palom: So listen up! We always—
Porom: Palom! You drew on monsters again, didn't you!?
Palom: ...Huh?
Chelinka: Yuri, too... What's going to happen if you keep doing dangerous things like that?
Yuri: But we're fine... No, um, sorry.
Reynn: Did you give Mog the message I told you earlier, Lann?
Lann: Whoops! I totally forgot!
Porom: Good grief. How many times do I have to tell you?
Porom: Go and take care of those monsters right now! They're rampaging all over the place!
Chelinka: And you're going to help, Yuri.
Reynn: Lann, go and tell Mog. On the double!

(Palom, Yuri, and Lann leave)

Chelinka: Phew... It just never ends...
Reynn: Didn't they say they wanted to tell us something? I wonder what it was.
Porom: ...Knowing them, nothing important.

The Power of Innocence[]

Come In!:

Depending on your progress in the story, characters you have yet to recruit may appear in these events.

???: Hellooo? Come in, Class Zero! Anyone?
???: That's weird... My COMM isn't working. Maybe something's interfering with the signal...
???: Where did everyone go? If I can still remember them, that means they're at least alive.
???: Oh?

(Cinque turns around to find a trio of Magitek Armor)

???: Magitek armor? But I don't recognize this type. Must be new!
???: ...But I don't have time to play with you now. I've got to find the others first!
???: Helloooooo! Ace? King!?

(Cinque defeats the MA that approaches her)

???: Someone? Anyone? Answer me!

(Cinque defeats a second MA as another arrives)

???: Ohhh, how annoying! Stop interfering with my signal!

(Cinque defeats a third MA but another takes its place)

???: Now I'm angry! I'll beat you black and blue!

Steiner: ...A COMM? What's that?
King: A "Crystal Oriented Messaging Medium."
Cater: It's a communication device... But I guess that doesn't help much. It's basically a magical item.
Cater: You can use the COMM to talk to your comrades, even if they're far away.
Maria: How convenient!
Steiner: Being able to talk to distant comrades... What a mysterious device.
King: Unfortunately, we can't use it here.
Maria: That's a pity...
???: Ahaha! Wait, waaait! We're having so much fun!

(The party notices the ground shake)

Steiner: Wh-what was that? Is someone fighting around here!?
Maria: That girl over there! Let's go!

(Steiner and Maria run off)

Cater: That laugh... It's got to be her.
Blithesome Cinquey:
???: Upsy-daisy! Now crumble!

(Cinque defeats another MA as the rest of the party arrives)

Cait Sith: Look, over there! Someone's destroying the magitek armor!
Freya: Someone from another world... From the looks of her uniform, she must be one of Ace's schoolmates.
Cait Sith: How impressive. She's swinging that heavy weapon around like it's nothing.
Ashe: Just what kind of magic is she wielding...?
???: ...Hmm? Well, lookie here! People in weird clothing spotted!

(Cinque approaches the party)

???: Are you their reinforcements? You must be!
Ashe: H-hold it! Don't jump to conclusions!
Cait Sith: We're not your enemies! We just wanna talk.
Ace: Cinque!

(Ace and Seven arrive)

Cinque: Ace! Seven!
Cinque: I'm so happy to see you! How've you been?
Freya: She's not bothered at all...

Seven: ...And that's the current situation. Did you get that, Cinque?
Cinque: Yup! This is not Orience. And we've got a lot of new friends!
Cinque: Oh, sorry about earlier! I made a big mistake.
Ashe: You decided we were enemies, even though we'd just met...
Cinque: I said I'm sorry. It wasn't on purpose.
Ashe: Could you say it like you mean it...?
Freya: She does not seem to feel any remorse, either...
Ace: Sorry, you two. Cinque is just this kind of person.
Cait Sith: It's water under the bridge now.
Cait Sith: Shouldn't you take it easy, Ashe?
Ashe: ...You're right. People like her won't listen no matter what you say anyway.
Freya: However...even after finding out she was in a different world, she did not show the slightest hint of surprise.
Cinque: Hmm? I may not look it, but I swear I'm super shocked!
Cinque: But I guess I'm just a lot happier to see my classmates!
Cait Sith: A beautiful friendship, indeed! I'm almost jealous.
Freya: They are very reliable allies.
Cinque: Of course! We're Class Zero, the cream of the crop!
Cinque: And wherever Ace and the others go, Cinque will go too!
Ashe: Can we really rely on her in a fight...?
Seven: Don't worry about it. You'll see what she's capable of soon enough.
Student Vibes:
Cinque: I love this new world! Every day is better than the last!
Eiko: You look really happy! How come you like this place so much?
Cinque: Well, I can do whatever I want with my time now! I don't have any classes or tests here!
Zell: Aw, man, I know how you feel, Cinque!
Raijin: Same here, ya know!
Zell: Sitting in class all day at Balamb was such a bore...
Raijin: But in this world, we don't have to study! There's no homework, ya know!
Cinque: That's right! No reports to turn in, either!
Eiko: Huh? Being a student sounds awful.
Cinque: You don't go to school, Eiko?
Eiko: I didn't even know what a school was until coming here. I grew up with moogles.
Eiko: That's why I'm so jealous of everyone! You can make lots of friends at school, right?
Cinque: That's right!
Raijin: If I hadn't attended garden, I would've never met Seifer or Fujin, ya know?
Zell: You can get a lot more than knowledge at school.
Quistis: Excuse me, boys and girls!

(Quistis and Serah arrive)

Quistis: How long do you intend to keep us waiting?
Serah: Being punctual for a group gathering is important. Try to be more considerate of other people's time.
Cinque: Yes, maaa'am. We're sorry.

(Quistis and Serah leave)

Quistis: I wonder if she really means that...
Serah: Agreed. The children I can understand. I wish the older ones would be on time, though...
Zell: ...Yup. That brings back memories.
Raijin: Even outta school, I guess teachers can still get mad at us, ya know...
Eiko: I see... So this is what it feels like to be a student.
Eiko: I'll work hard to be the best student ever!
Cinque: Yeah! And with some practice, you can sneak out of all your classes like a pro!
Eiko: Oooh! So you didn't mean it!
Cinquey, Bestower of Nicknames*:
Mog: Just a little further now!
Mog: Follow me, kupo!

(The party arrives)

Cinque: You're the best, Moglin! I knew we could count on you.
Mog: K-kupo? What's "Moglin"?
Deuce: Hehe, Cinque is great at giving people nicknames.
Deuce: Back home, we had a moogle who would support us in battle named Moglin, too.
Cinque: That's right! Moglin, Moglin!
Leon: What an odd way of addressing someone. I simply cannot understand...
Locke: Have you got a nickname, too, Mog?

(Locke and Rinoa arrive)

Cinque: Well if it isn't Rinoski and Lockey! You two are looking good!
Rinoa: Hehehe. Of course!
Locke: I was pretty surprised at first, but you get used to it.
Mog: I'll try my best, kupo...
Cinque: Nicknames are a symbol of friendship! They close the gap between people and make you feel warm fuzzies inside!
Cinque: And Cinquey's got so many new friends just waiting to be nicknamed!
Cinque: Hey! Just where do you think you're going, Leonie?
Leon: Leonie...?
Locke: Haha! Did you think you would escape the nickname onslaught?
Rinoa: Don't be so cold, Leonie!
Mog: Hmm... But isn't it a little long, kupo? How about 'Lee'?
Cinque: Nice idea, Moglin! Lee it is.
Deuce: What a wonderful nickname. Lucky you, Lee!
Locke: Congrats, Lee. You're officially part of the club now!
Leon: You guys...
Mog: You were right, Cinque. I feel even closer to everyone with these nicknames, kupo!
Rinoa: It's so much fun, too.
Cinque: Right? Let's give our other friends super-duper cool nicknames, too!
Leon: Please leave me out of it...
Among the Flowers*:
Sazh: Man, what a day...
Barret: You're tellin' me...
Fang: What's with the long faces, guys?
Sazh: See, we were with Cinque and the others in a flower garden earlier...

Cinque: Wooow! Look at all these pretty flowers!
Selphie: Being in a field of flowers can put a smile on anyone's face!
Sazh: Flowers or not, aren't you both always smiling anyway?
Barret: Hahaha! You said it, man!
Barret: What's the matter with you, Cinque? You're staring.
Cinque: Question! Why do you have a gun for an arm, Barret?
Barret: Huh? Where did that come from?
Cinque: Well, I was just thinking your arm would be a whole lot cuter if it were flowers instead!
Aerith: Hehe... So you think Barret is cute, too, I see.
Selphie: Well, there's no time like the present!
Cinque: Then what are we waiting for?

Barret: S-stop that! Don't pull! It don't work that way! Fine! I'll take it off myself!

Fang: Haha! Sounds like a right disaster you had.
Barret: What are you laughin' at!? I thought they were gonna rip my arm off!
Fang: So what happened to you, Sazh?

Aerith: Whenever I come here, it reminds me of a very special place back home.
Selphie: Where's that?
Aerith: A church in the slums. I took care of the flowers growing there.
Cinque: No kidding! Cinquey wants to grow flowers, too!
Sazh: Haha, in this world? Are you going to carry a flowerpot around with you?
Sazh: ...What now?
Cinque: How about we grow some flowers on Sazh's head? Then we wouldn't need a flowerpot!
Aerith: I wonder if that would work.
Selphie: Well, there's no time like the present!
Cinque: Then what are we waiting for?

Sazh: L-leave me alone! Don't grow flowers on people's heads!

Sazh: We just can't catch a break...
Barret: Those two are a lot stronger than they look. They're too much to handle.
Fang: Planting flowers on Sazh's head, huh... Well, you've got a chocobo living in there, so maybe it's not such a bad idea after all.
Fang: Haha. She doesn't look it, but that Cinque's sharper than she looks.
Sazh: Don't even joke about it, Fang. I've got enough to deal with as it is.

On the Road[]

Regular Expectations:

Depending on your progress in the story, characters you have yet to recruit may appear in these events.

Prompto: I thought I saw it go this way... Come out, come out, chocobo!
Prompto: Excuse me! Have you seen a chocobo around here?

(Bartz and Ace arrive)

Bartz: A chocobo? No. Is it a friend of yours?
Prompto: Nah. I was taking it out for a ride, but I lost sight of it... I guess it went the other way.
Ace: Did it really come here? It's not safe with all the monsters roaming about.
Prompto: M-monsters!? I better find it quick!
Bartz: We'll help you look. I'm sure an extra pair of eyes or two wouldn't hurt.
Prompto: Are you sure? We just met...
Lightning: Did something happen?

(The rest of the party arrives)

Bartz: His chocobo ran off, so we volunteered to help him find it.
Prompto: Thanks for your help! I'll be on my way once I find it.
Lightning: Hold on a second. Chocobo aside, it's impossible to get out of here.
Lightning: If he's here alone, that means he probably just arrived. Did you tell him he's in a different world?
Cloud: It could be that he's here while his chocobo is still in his home world.
Bartz: What!? You mean it might've never arrived? I never thought about that...
Prompto: Um... What are you guys talking about? I don't have much experience as a hunter, so I don't quite understand all the details, but...
Lion: Sorry about that. You might not believe it, but you're in a different world from the one you live in.
Lion: You—and we—were summoned by the gods of this world.
Prompto: Um... Well that's, uh... Wait, what? No! You're joking, right?
Lightning: I expected as much... But this is no joke.
Bartz: Yeah. We're all from different worlds.
Prompto: So you're saying I was called here from my home a god? But I'm just an ordinary guy...
Cloud: Despite what you think, you were chosen. There's no mistaking that.
Lion: One of your friends may be here already. Why don't you come with us?
Lightning: Agreed. There's no point in staying here alone.
Prompto: O-okay... Lead the way.
Cloud: Let's go.

(Everyone leaves, except Bartz, Ace, and Prompto)

Ace: It would've been nice if you actually came with a chocobo.
Prompto: Huh? Oh, yeah...
Prompto: I hope he's alright, wherever he is.
Bartz: Chocobos are tough. I'm sure he'll be just fine.
Prompto: Haha, you're right. They're cute, but definitely no pushovers!
Prompto: Thanks, you two. What's say we chat about chocobos until we get there?
'Cause We're Friends:
Prompto: NOOOCT!

(Prompto runs to Noctis as the party gathers)

Noct: Prompto!? You're here, too!?
Zidane: A friend of yours, Noct?
Noct: Yeah. His name is Prompto.
Prompto: Whoa! You look great, Noct!
Prompto: And here I was shaking in my boots! I can't believe you're doing just fine.
Noct: Well I haven't had any problems yet... But if you have any questions about this place, just ask.
Auron: I seem to recall someone who sulked at not having friends from home around... Now who was that?
Noct: I don't know. You must be imagining things, Auron.
Vincent: So you're close friends. It seems to put him at ease.
Prompto: I have that effect on people! But I'm happy to see him, too.
Kain: If you're a friend of Noct's, you must be quite formidable in battle. Can we count on you in a fight?
Noct: Sure can. He'll be fine.
Prompto: H-hold on a sec, Noct!
Prompto: I mean, I heard what's going on in this world: we were summoned by some gods to fight.
Prompto: But isn't it a little suspicious? Why are you helping them?
Noct: Because they're counting on me.
Prompto: ...That's just like you, isn't it?
Prompto: In that case, I can't just run on home, can I?
Noct: You couldn't run on home even if you wanted to, so why not lend a hand here?
Vincent: If you've got any doubts, it's best to sort those out first.
Prompto: N-no, I'm fine! If Noct is going to help, I will too!
Zidane: Are you sure?
Prompto: Yeah. I want to help Noct.
Kain: You're a kind soul, just like Noct.
Zidane: But aren't we all the same in wanting to help a friend?
Noct: Exactly.
Prompto: Hehe. Well, here's to new friends in a new world!
A Reason to Shoot:
Jecht: Alright! This is the last one!

(Jecht goes into battle as the rest of the party arrives)

Prompto: Wicked cool! I gotta get this shot...!
Prompto: Oh, that's right... I don't have it.
Maria: What's the matter? Did you lose something?
Prompto: No... I was looking for my camera, but I guess I left it back home.
Tifa: Your camera? Why now?
Prompto: Well, everyone looks so cool when fighting! So I wanted to take a few pictures.

(Jecht arrives)

Jecht: I am pretty cool, aren't I? I can't argue with you there.
Tifa: But in the middle of a fight? Isn't that dangerous?
Irvine: That's how much he loves taking photos! I have a video camera, so I know how much fun it can be.
Prompto: You're a video guy, Irvine? Sometimes you just can't control the urge to record something, right?
Jecht: Sounds like a sphere. People were crazy about those back home.
Cyan: Art thou perhaps talking about machines?
Prompto: Sorry! I guess cameras don't really exist in your world...
Maria: Are cameras and
Irvine: Cameras can make instant portraits. Some can even record movement.
Cyan: That sounds quite convenient. In that case, I had best prepare my finest attire...
Prompto: Oh! We're not making portraits! I just wanted to make a record of the fight...
Maria: But you can record the moment in your heart. Or is that not enough...?
Cyan: Indeed. If thou can record those in thy heart, then there's no need to endanger thyself further.
Irvine: It's difficult to explain. I guess the excitement of photography just doesn't come across in words...
Prompto: But...if you have a picture, then you can show it to other people!
Maria: Why would you do that?
Prompto: So the people who weren't there can see what you saw. That way you can share your memories.
Maria: That sounds wonderful! If you can make a moving portrait right away, then you can show people things that can't be described in words!
Prompto: Exactly! And not just things like a battle, but everyday things, too.
Cyan: Everyday things... Such as one's family?
Prompto: Yeah, of course! There are loads of people who keep photos of their children!
Cyan: I see... I would like to have one of those, too...
Prompto: Well, why don't we take pictures of each other home then?
Jecht: But you don't have a camera, do you?
Prompto: Oh, you're right!
Prompto: Guess I'll just have to keep the memories of you folks in my heart!

(Terra and Shantotto defeat two Mindflayers)

Prompto: No matter how many times I see that, I'm always in awe...
Terra: Hehe. Is magic rare for you, too?
Prompto: Yeah! It really feels like we're in a different world when I see it.
Tidus: Haha! I know exactly what you mean!
Prompto: The guys and I saw so many unreal things on our journey, but I never thought we'd come to another world!
Shantotto: The universe presents numerous unexpected events.
Shantotto: Or perhaps you're simply ignorant of powers beyond human intellect?
Prompto: Yeah, but...I never thought it would happen to me. I'm just an ordinary guy!
Hope: I was, too. But my life changed in an instant.
Prompto: Wh-what!? No way! I thought everyone here was special.
Hope: I was helpless. I didn't even know how to hold a weapon. I never thought I would have to fight.
Penelo: Same here. I went with Vaan because I was worried about him, but our journey just kept getting bigger and scarier...
Penelo: Even if you lead a normal life or don't know how to fight, you can get swept up in something bigger.
Prompto: I see... So you both had your share of scary moments.
Tidus: But everyone has their own story. So there's no such thing as being "ordinary."
Penelo: Right. It's like Balthier says. "I'm the leading man."
Tidus: I don't know about Balthier, but you get the point!
Prompto: Do you think it's all right for that story to be super plain?
Shantotto: By what metric do you decide what's plain? It might be something others wish to attain.
Hope: She's right. Only now I'm realizing how precious those ordinary days were.
Terra: Exactly. Every story is amazing in its own right.
Terra: So even if you think you're ordinary, you're actually pretty special.
Prompto: I can't really believe it just yet, but...
Prompto: It really is special getting to meet all of you here.
Tidus: Oh really? You sure you're not secretly getting tired of us?
Prompto: No way! I'm so glad I'm here!
Palom: Hey, Prompto! You only attacked to get the monster's attention earlier, didn't you?
Prompto: Yeah. I thought I would let you land the finishing blow!
Palom: Haha, you're the best! Let's do it again next time!
Prompto: You got it, partner!

(The rest of the party arrives)

Laguna: Haha! Prompto, are you one of his henchmen now?
Palom: Henchmen? Great idea!
Prompto: For being so small, you sure have confidence and strength, Palom...
Wakka: You say that because he hasn't pranked you yet. That kid is nothing but a brat!
Palom: And I'll prank you again if you keep it up, old man!
Wakka: You're nothing but trouble. Should I call your sister?
Palom: Boo! You're no fun, Wakka...
Prompto: Haha. Well, he does look a little mischievous, but that's made him close to everyone. I was shy when I was that age, so I'm actually kinda jealous.
Laguna: Oh really? You seem like you could get along with anyone, though.
Prompto: It was just the opposite! I didn't have any friends.
Vaan: How about Noct?
Prompto: Actually, I worked my butt off because I wanted to be friends with Noct.
Vivi: I know how you feel, Mr. Prompto. I wanted to be friends with Zidane, so I had to be brave.
Laguna: You admired them. Having people like that around makes you want to try your best.
Wakka: But there are things you can't do well even if you give it your all.
Vaan: Really? Maybe you're just nervous. You need to loosen up a bit.
Laguna: Yeah. I tried to show off how cool I was and it got me nowhere fast...
Palom: Seriously, Laguna? That's the worst thing you can do!
Laguna: I know that...
Palom: But you know, someday I wanna be a sage!
Palom: And when I become a sage, people are going to look up to me and wanna be one, too!
Palom: So I have to be cool. Aren't you guys the same?
Wakka: I get it now...!
Laguna: Right... I think Seifer said he looked up to me or something like that...
Palom: So you guys need to be confident and be cool!
Prompto: But I don't know if anyone will ever want to be like me...
Palom: But you already changed, didn't you? So it's only a matter of time now!
Prompto: Haha. I appreciate it, Palom!

Walk This Way[]

Twins of the Dawn:

Depending on your progress in the story, characters you have yet to recruit may appear in these events.

???: Perhaps it is unwise to proceed without knowing the lay of the land...

(The rest of the party arrives)

King: Huh? That guy looks like Alisaie...
Cloud: I doubt it's a coincidence.

(Alphinaud approaches the party)

???: Excuse me. I overheard you say the name "Alisaie"...
???: Do you know her, perhaps?
Lenna: Yes, we do. Are you her brother?
Alphinaud: My apologies. My name is Alphinaud, and I am indeed Alisaie's brother. Is she around here?
King: Yeah. She's been traveling with us ever since we met.
Lenna: Alisaie went with Y'shtola and the others to scout out the area. Shall we take you to her?
Alphinaud: I would appreciate it.
Alphinaud: ...So even Y'shtola is here? What is going on?

(Cloud approaches Y'shtola and Alisaie)

Y'shtola: What seems to be the matter?
Cloud: We found one of yours.

(The party arrives with Alphinaud)

Alphinaud: Alisaie! Y'shtola! Are you two alright?
Y'shtola: Master Alphinaud!
Y'shtola: What a relief... We have yet to gather all the Scions, but I had hope they would be fine.
Alphinaud: A-are you alright, Y'shtola?
King: What do you mean? She looks the same as always.
Alphinaud: B-but she just called me "master," didn't she...?
Alisaie: Come with me, Alphinaud.
Alphinaud: What is the meaning of this, Alisaie? Is this some sort of joke?
Alisaie: I understand your confusion. Let me explain what's going on.
Alphinaud: Very well...
Alisaie: Could you give us a moment?
Lenna: Of course. I'm sure you've got a lot to talk about after being reunited.
Cloud: Don't mind us.
Alisaie: Thank you.

(Everyone leaves, except the twins)

Alisaie: You and I are the same.
Alphinaud: The same...?
Alisaie: I'll tell you what I know.
Alphinaud: ...I'm listening.
With Carbuncle:
Yda: You made it, Master Alphinaud! I'm so happy you're alright!
Alphinaud: Yda...
Alphinaud: ...I see. I heard the tale from Alisaie, but couldn't believe it. It seems to be true, though...
Yda: Master Alphinaud? What's wrong?
Papalymo: Give him a moment, Yda.
Papalymo: He's new to this world. He needs time to adjust.
Papalymo: Welcome, Master Alphinaud. I am glad to see you well.
Alphinaud: ...Papalymo.
Alphinaud: I'm happy to see both you and Yda well, too.
Alphinaud: It's such a relief to see everyone.
Tidus: ...I thought you'd be happier to see your friends.
Krile: Yeah. When I met up with my grandpa, I was so excited!
Alphinaud: ...What!? Do I not look happy?
Krile: You looked like you wanted to smile, but couldn't. I've seen lots of grown-ups do it before.
Alphinaud: Grown-ups... I see. I suppose I feel relief at seeing friends, but also uncertainty about the current situation.
Tidus: Doesn't it make you want to scream real loud?
Alphinaud: I'm not very good at expressing my emotions like that.
Tidus: I guess you're more the calmer type.
Krile: ...Or should we call you "Master Alphinaud" like the others?
Alphinaud: There's no need for that.
Alphinaud: I want to become friends with everyone, without my title. I want to stand on the forefront as equals.
Alphinaud: Is that clear, Yda? Papalymo?
Papalymo: Understood, Alphinaud. Is that...okay?
Papalymo: Alisaie wished for the same. Isn't that right, Yda?
Yda: Yes! And Alphinaud is a precious comrade to us, too.
Alphinaud: Thank you.
Tidus: ...You two sure are alike.
Alphinaud: Alisaie and myself? Of course. We're twins. We were often mistaken for each other as children.
Krile: Do you also fight with a sword and magic? It doesn't look like you have one, though...
Alphinaud: We once studied under the same teacher, but...
Alphinaud: Now we walk different paths, despite the circumstances of our birth.
Tidus: Does that mean you don't use a sword?
Alphinaud: Indeed. It's faster if I show you.

(Alphinaud turns around and spots a Bomb)

Alphinaud: Come, Obsidian Carbuncle!

(Alphinaud summons an Obsidian Carbuncle)

Alphinaud: This is how I fight.
Knowledge to Power:
Alphinaud: I see...
Lion: See what?
Alphinaud: I just realized how heartening it is to have such comrades.
Faris: The feeling's mutual. Going it alone out here can be tough.
Lion: Right. Even if our goals are different, we can still work together.
Alphinaud: Still, it must be difficult traversing this world with so many people...
Alphinaud: Do you have an easy way of getting around?
Sazh: We've got an airship, and a huge one at that.
Alphinaud: It's a relief knowing there are airships in this world, too.
Thancred: But there are many places you cannot go with an airship. Those we have to walk to.

(Thancred arrives)

Thancred: I'm happy to see you well, Alphinaud.
Alphinaud: You as well, Thancred.
Alphinaud: So you proceed by foot then. That requires quite the endurance, especially for children.
Lion: Don't worry about them. The children here refuse to be outdone by the adults.
Faris: They've all got guts, enough to deserve a ride on my own ship.
Sazh: Do you think you have it in you, Alphinaud?
Thancred: Alphinaud needn't worry about such things. He takes the rear and—
Alphinaud: Hold on. The old me may have warranted such worry, but...
Alphinaud: I possess even more endurance than you can imagine, Thancred.
Alphinaud: ...A lot has happened.
Thancred: Hmm...
Lion: In that case, going on foot shouldn't be a problem.
Alphinaud: That's a different issue.
Alphinaud: Walking causes more strain than you can imagine...
Alphinaud: I've got it. I suggest taking the occasional break to avoid exhaustion.
Sazh: Well, isn't that thoughtful of you?
Faris: I'm with Alphinaud.
Lion: Hehe. You're like an adviser, Alphinaud!
Alphinaud: ...An adviser?
Alphinaud: I do not know if my knowledge and experience are worth anything in this world, but consider me at your service.
Eiko: You're a summoner too, right? And you brought a wonderful friend!
Terra: Hmm... But I wonder why I can't hear your carbuncle's voice.
Alphinaud: So you can both borrow the power of your summons, is that correct?
Eiko: That's right! And my friends are the best!
Alphinaud: That's good to hear.
Alphinaud: But like the both of you, I am certain the summoners from other worlds have a history I am unaware of.
Alphinaud: But I am not actually a summoner.
Rydia: Even though you summoned that carbuncle?
Alphinaud: This carbuncle is a magical entity, an artificially created being.
Alphinaud: The things you call espers in your worlds are a threat in mine.
Terra: A threat? Do they attack people?
Alphinaud: Yes... Which is why my organization tries to stop these "primals."
Alphinaud: Carbuncle was made for that purpose.
Alphinaud: There are also summoners in my world, but they're somewhat different from those from other worlds.
Alphinaud: They do not summon primals themselves. They can call upon and use their "egi," or their powers.
Eiko: Sounds...complicated.
Rydia: Primals... Egi... What a different world.
Alphinaud: Hmm... How should I explain this...
Eiko: You're borrowing carbuncle's power, aren't you? Then you're the same as me!
Alphinaud: The fundamentals are vastly different, but when you look at it that way...I suppose we are quite similar.
Rydia: Then we're all borrowing the power of our friends.
Yuna: The world is full of all kinds of summons...
Yuna: In order to summon in my world, you need to visit an aeon's temple first.
Alphinaud: And what do you do there?
Yuna: You ask the fayth to lend you their power.
Alphinaud: ...There are so many things I have yet to learn.
Alphinaud: That's it...! If you don't mind, could you tell me more about your worlds?
Alphinaud: If I know the fundamentals of other worlds, I may be able to further draw out Carbuncle's power.
Yuna: You're quite studious, aren't you?
Terra: In your world, espers were a threat...
Alphinaud: The primals from my world and the espers from yours are completely different.
Alphinaud: That's why I don't see the espers in your world as a threat.
Terra: But...espers weren't very common in my world.
Alphinaud: Even so, I believe in your esper friends. I was able to get where I am now because I believe in my friends.
Terra: ...Thank you.
To Be Like Them*:
Alphinaud: Huff, huff...
Sabin: You okay? It can't be easy keeping up with us...
Alphinaud: I'm fine... Thank you...
Zack: Take it easy. You can lose your footing pretty easy here.
Vaan: He's right. This takes some getting used to. You'll be lucky to get away with just a few scrapes if you fall down here.
Yang: You would do well not to underestimate the challenges of mountain climbing. Take your time.
Alphinaud: I tried to keep up with the leaders because I didn't want to be a burden, but...
Alphinaud: I didn't think the others would be falling behind like this.
Alphinaud: You don't try to keep pace with the others?
Sabin: If I get to the top quickly, I can spend more time training!
Yang: A worthy thought, Sabin.
Vaan: And Mog will call us if there's a battle, so everyone can go at their own pace.
Zack: I thought this group seemed like fun, so I came along. I'm interested in their training, too.
Sabin: Let's see then... Today we'll move as much as possible with as few breaths as we can manage!
Yang: Breathing and movement are closely connected. Mastering both can increase your defenses and unlock your greatest power.
Zack: No way! This is the real deal! I'm burning up!
Alphinaud: I find it incredible you have so much energy left to spare.
Alphinaud: ...I will choose a slower group to climb the mountain with next time.
Vaan: Out of gas?
Alphinaud: This is more stamina than I've had before. I was confident, but...
Alphinaud: I realize I was naive to think I could keep up with you folks.
Alphinaud: ...The me of the past wouldn't even be able to admit that much.
Alphinaud: Let's go to the summit together. Though I don't think I'll be able to join in your training afterward.
Zack: Don't push yourself. If you wait a little, the others will catch up.
Alphinaud: I've made up my mind, so there's no changing it. I'd like to try.
Alphinaud: My friends, including a certain hero, always rise to the occasion.
Alphinaud: Even if they fall, they get right back up...
Alphinaud: I want to be able to count myself among their ranks.
Vaan: I don't quite get it, but I think you're doing pretty good.
Alphinaud: Thank you, Vaan. I hope to be like them someday.

Royal Puppeteer[]

Lone Puppeteer:

Depending on your progress in the story, characters you have yet to recruit may appear in these events.

(The Onion Knight defeats a Scorpion)

Onion Knight: That looks like the last of them around here.

(Aphmau arrives)

Aphmau: Ovjang! There you are!
Aphmau: Oh! You're not Ovjang! I'm sorry.
Onion Knight: Don't worry about it. Are you looking for someone? Maybe we can help.
Aphmau: Really!? Thank you! I'm looking for my automatons.
Papalymo: An automaton...? Isn't that a puppet weapon?
Aphmau: Ovjang and Mnejing are different! We've been together since I was little. They're precious to me.
Papalymo: ...I see. If you're looking for them, then that must mean you've lost control of them.
Aphmau: For other automatons, that might be the case. But not mine.
Aphmau: They move on their own will. But they won't harm others, so don't be afraid.
Vivi: They're puppets with their own will?
Vivi: So they have souls, too...
Warrior of Light: Existences without wills can still have souls...
Papalymo: ...Understood. We believe you. Where did you lose sight of them?
Aphmau: I'm not sure... When I came to, I couldn't hear their voices anymore.
Onion Knight: Do you know which direction you came from? We can go back together.
Aphmau: I don't remember anymore... I guess we just have to return to Aht Urhgan.
Vivi: Aht Urhgan... Is that where you live?
Aphmau: You haven't heard of Aht Urhgan?
Aphmau: Just how far from home am I...?
Warrior of Light: You may be the only one familiar with that place.
Warrior of Light: I think this is a different world from the one you know.
Papalymo: ...Hmm. Perhaps she got separated from her automatons before arriving here.
Onion Knight: But if she can't remember when they last saw each other, they might be here.
Onion Knight: And from the looks of it, she hasn't spoken to Materia...
Aphmau: What's that? Did you figure something out?
Onion Knight: Well... We need to tell you something that might be a bit hard to believe, but rest assured your automatons are probably fine.
Aphmau: Since you were nice enough to believe me, I'll listen as best as I can.
Onion Knight: Great. It's a long story, but...
Me as I Am:
Aphmau: W-what!? A different world... Will I ever get back home?
Zidane: We're sorry. Please don't cry...
Snow: Stay calm. Breathe in... Now breathe out and release all your worries.
Aphmau: I left my friends behind... Oh no...
Firion: I understand. It must be hard being separated from those close to you...
Firion: But there's no need to worry. I was reunited with my friends here, too.
Aphmau: You're right... I'm sure someone will— Ah!
Aphmau: What should I do? What if they find out I snuck out in disguise...!?
Aphmau: I need to get back quickly.
Penelo: We're looking for a way home now. If you come with us, you're sure to get back.
Aphmau: Everyone? In that case, I'll go with you.
Zidane: When you say you snuck out in disguise...does that mean you're a princess or something?
Aphmau: Me!? N-no... Definitely not...
Zidane: Alright. Sorry for the dumb question. We'll just assume you're an ordinary girl.
Penelo: ...Actually, you're wearing some very pretty clothes, so I thought you were someone of social status.
Penelo: But if you don't want anyone to know, we won't ask anymore. Everyone has their reasons.
Aphmau: Really...? I'm happy that people from different worlds are nice, too.
Firion: Well, it doesn't seem like you would lie to us. And it's not like you're trying to set us up or anything, right?
Firion: ...Hm? What's the matter?
Aphmau: Different worlds...
Aphmau: This is a different world...!
Snow: What's up? You seem happy all of a sudden.
Aphmau: You don't know who I am, so I can act however I want, right?
Penelo: What do you mean?
Aphmau: Normally, I can't be myself. If I don't conduct myself with dignity, I get scolded.
Zidane: So you're just playing a part. There's no need for that here.
Penelo: I see... You can't walk about normally...
Penelo: You don't have to hold back here.
Aphmau: Thank you. I feel so much more at ease!
Aphmau: Even if I cry, my problems won't be solved...
Aphmau: So until I find a way home, I'll enjoy this world to the fullest!
Snow: That's the spirit! I'm happy you could turn this around.
Aphmau: It's my friends' advice, so I don't want to prove them wrong.
Journey of Growth:
Aphmau: Wow! You defeated them so quickly! You guys are amazing!
Setzer: Hey... I thought I told you to be careful...
Bartz: What's going on here? Looks like you're all having fun!

(Bartz and Ramza arrive)

Setzer: Don't be ridiculous. We came here to help.
Setzer: This lady carelessly brought monsters along with her.
Aphmau: I was so curious what was back there, so I just had to check it out!
Bartz: A curious kid, I see... I understand. I also want to explore the world.
Bartz: Your elders just need to keep an eye out for you.
Cater: I know how you feel, too, but next time you should go with someone.
Ramza: Agreed. We must scout ahead and look for danger. Thoughtless actions could put our comrades at risk.
Aphmau: You're right... I'm sorry. I always get scolded for being careless...
Aphmau: Even though I try to do good, I always end up making a mess of things...
Ramza: If you really think so, you should consider your actions more carefully. People scold you because they care.
Aphmau: Because they care... I see. I don't want them to worry.
Bartz: I think it's fine to do whatever you want.
Bartz: There are things that move you down to your core. You shouldn't suppress those feelings.
Setzer: True... I occasionally indulged in dangerous pastimes long ago. You don't look before you leap when you're young.
Ramza: Not you too, Setzer...
Aphmau: Hehe. I'm happy it's not just me!
Ramza: But still, you can't go on your own, especially to dangerous places like these.
Cater: Well, aren't we overprotective?
Setzer: It's because he has a younger sister.
Ramza: Yes... You two are around the same age, so I'm sorry if I said too much.
Aphmau: Don't worry about it. Thank you. I can't go making you sad, now can I?
Aphmau: I'll be sure to invite you guys the next time I go out!
Cater: There we go! Good going, "Big Brother"!
Technology Connecting Worlds*:
Aphmau: ...And that's why Ovjang and Mnejing can speak.
Vanille: It's so amazing that they can talk! I would love to meet them someday!
Yang: Yes, but...regrettably I do not have good memories of puppets that can move on their own.
Vanille: Really? I think they're super cute! When I was little, I even had a robot friend.

(Prompto and Vivi arrive)

Prompto: Looks like you guys are having fun! Mind if we join the party?
Yang: These two have puppet friends who move and speak on their own... But I cannot think of them as cute no matter how I try.

(Shantotto arrives)

Shantotto: Since you seem interested, allow me to reveal: puppets like hers are common in Vana'diel.
Aphmau: You! Please don't get in our way!
Shantotto: Ohohohoho! There's no need to pick a fight. I just thought I'd shed some light.
Prompto: So can anyone make puppets like that in your world, Shantotto?
Shantotto: The technology to produce was originally only for military use.
Prompto: Military... So I guess not everyone can make them, huh.
Shantotto: But later that technology became widely known. So with the right knowledge, you could make one of your own.
Prompto: That's great news!
Shantotto: You seem drawn to making automatons.
Prompto: Well, Vivi and I were talking and thought about making Aphmau's friends if it was possible.
Vivi: We thought you might be lonely without Ovjang and Mnejing.
Prompto: Right! And friends are important! I'll bet Noct was probably super lonely until I got here!
Shantotto: But I must confess, the ways to make automatons are countless.
Shantotto: You may find your plan unfurled just gathering materials in this world.
Shantotto: You best give up before it ends in dismay.
Shantotto: And with that, I bid you good day.

(Shantotto leaves)

Vivi: P-Prompto...
Prompto: D-don't worry about it, Vivi! She never said it was impossible!
Prompto: She only made it seem really...difficult...
Aphmau: ...Thank you.
Prompto: ...For what?
Aphmau: I am sad without my friends, but...
Aphmau: Here, I'm surrounded by people who care about me.
Aphmau: So I'm not alone.
Prompto: Then you should thank Vivi! He's the one who came up with the idea.
Aphmau: Vivi... Thank you. I'm happy to have such good friends in this world.
Vivi: You're not lonely, Miss Aphmau?
Aphmau: No, I'm alright. You're my friend, too, aren't you?
Vivi: O-of course!
Vanille: Don't forget about me, Aphmau!
Yang: Friendship is truly a beautiful thing...
Prompto: Are you fine without being her friend, Yang?
Yang: I think that is best left to the young. We can watch over them from afar.
Prompto: I guess you're right... Wait a second. I'm young, too!
???: Where in the world are we? We've been going around in circles for ages now...
???: And no sign of Aphmau anywhere!
???: Calm down, Ovjang.
Ovjang: How can you ask me to be calm? Are you fine without seeing Aphmau, Mnejing!?
Mnejing: Of course not! But walking around aimlessly like this is..
Kuja: Who are you? ...Puppets?
Mnejing: And who are you, dressed like that...?

Kuja: I see... So you're looking for someone named Aphmau.
Kuja: I've seen a girl like the one you described with Zidane and his friends.
Kuja: I'm sure my acquaintance knows her.
Ovjang: I-I see. Could you take us to them?
Kuja: ...No. I do not take orders from lowly puppets.
Mnejing: Wh-what!?
Kuja: A jest. But knowing you are puppets, I had my reasons.
Kuja: You too were created by the gods, made to dance upon their stage. In order to change that destiny...
Kuja: You will become my pawns...
Kuja: Go forth from here and you will find who you seek.

(Kuja opens a Torsion behind the Automatons)

Ovjang: ...You look weird and say some strange things, but you seem like a nice person.
Kuja: ...I changed my mind.

(Kuja closes the Torsion)

Mnejing: I'm sorry! I'll talk to Ovjang about it myself. Thank you, Kuja!

(Kuja opens the Torsion and the Automatons go through)

Kuja: ...What am I doing, helping puppets?

Ovjang: Aphmau!
Aphmau: Did you guys hear something?
Zidane: There are two little things running this way... Maybe they're those friends of yours.
Aphmau: Ovjang! Mnejing!

(Aphmau reunites with her Automatons)

Aphmau: I've been looking all over for you! I'm so happy to see you!
Mnejing: We're sorry. We've been wandering around here for ages...
Ovjang: This weird guy named Kuja told us we could find you here!
Aphmau: I see. I better thank him, then.
Zidane: Kuja helped you guys?
Mnejing: Yes. He seems like a nice man!
Vivi: Kuja... I wonder if he's had a change of heart.
Zidane: I don't know about that... But it seems like he's definitely changed.
Aphmau: Now we can travel around this world together!
Ovjang: "This world"?
Mnejing: What are you saying, Aphmau?
Aphmau: Hehe. I guess you're right! I've got a lot of explaining to do.
Aphmau: Hmm... Where should I begin?
Zidane: I guess we better get the princess's friends up to date!
Vivi: Right. I hope we can become friends...
Zidane: I'm sure we will, Vivi. You can start by teaching them all about this place.
Vivi: Yeah!
Vivi: N-nice to meet you two! Um, well, this world was made by gods...

Someday Never Comes[]

When I Awoke...:

Depending on your progress in the story, characters you have yet to recruit may appear in these events.

Sherlotta: ...Urgh...
Sherlotta: Where am I?
Sherlotta: I've never seen this forest before.
Sherlotta: Could this be that strange woman's doing...?
Sherlotta: Hmm... What to do...
Sherlotta: Ooh, sounds like there's someone in here! It'd be nice if it weren't a monster...

(The party faces a Behemoth)

Vaan: I thought we could get out of here if we kept walking, but...
Vaan: I guess it's no surprise we keep running into monsters.

(Vaan attacks)

Warrior of Light: It can't be helped if they keep blocking our path.
Yuffie: I'm getting sick of this!
Vincent: Would you prefer becoming monster food?

(Sherlotta arrives)

Sherlotta: So I'm not alone after all. This is great!
Sherlotta: I was thrown into this forest and had no idea where to go.
Sherlotta: ...What are you guys doing?
Vaan: Umm... Well...
Vaan: We're in the middle of a battle!

(Vaan attacks)

Sherlotta: Well, I can see that.
Sherlotta: I wanted to know what you're doing here.
Yuffie: This is kind of a bad time!
Vincent: Yuffie, stay focused. This is no time for chitchat.
Yuffie: Chitchat!? I'm totally fighting here!
Warrior of Light: Our apologies, but could we explain the situation to you later?
Vaan: This'll be over in a flash, so go and wait somewhere safe for us!
Sherlotta: Sure...
No Child Knows:
Warrior of Light: Is everyone alright?
Vaan: Yep!
Vaan: Sorry for the wait. Are you hurt?
Sherlotta: Of course not. I was just watching.
Sherlotta: So could you tell me now? Just what is this place?
Vaan: We've got some people who are better at explaining. Why don't you come to the airship with us?
Sherlotta: Air...ship? What's that?
Vaan: You don't know what an airship is? Uh, well... You'll understand once you get on.

(Sherlotta is taken aboard the airship)

Sherlotta: O-oh... It's...flying. I'm flying!
Balthier: Are they rare where you come from?
Sherlotta: This is the first time I've seen one! But this isn't what I came here for.
Sherlotta: Where did this technology come from? Just what did you have to sacrifice...?
Balthier: A fine question. I regrettably don't know what drives it.
Onion Knight: In this world, the power of our wills becomes energy. So maybe the airship is the same.
Sherlotta: Hmm... The power of wills...
Sherlotta: Well, that sure sounds suspicious! Is this some kind of religious thing...?
Balthier: An unknown form of power is understandably dubious.
Sherlotta: ...But I guess it makes sense. Feelings and wills can give birth to all kinds of power.
Sherlotta: There was someone I watched over for a long time...
Laguna: A love interest?
Sherlotta: No... A child.
Sherlotta: And whenever I thought about that child, I could do anything.
Sherlotta: My "feelings" had that kind of power.
Laguna: In that case, you need to help us defend this world in order to protect that child.
Sherlotta: But that kiddo's all grown up.
Sherlotta: My help's no longer needed.
Sazh: ...Don't say such sad things. Just because someone you want to protect is independent...
Sazh: It doesn't change the fact that they're important to you, does it?
Sazh: That kid may be tough, but even so... It won't change a parent's love.
Sherlotta: That's true, but...
Laguna: He's right! You should treasure those feelings.
Sazh: I've got the same ones, too.
Sazh: But if you feel the way Jecht does as a parent, then it's hard for your kid to understand...
Sazh: But you still want to protect them. And you'd give your life to make sure they're safe.
Laguna: I think you mean "go back alive" rather than "give up your life," right?
Laguna: For the sake of your cute little kid.
Sherlotta: ...Huh.
Sazh: Wh-what are you doing, glaring like that?
Sherlotta: I'm not glaring.
Sherlotta: I was just thinking how serious you can be compared to that hairdo of yours.
Sherlotta: I guess you can't judge a book by its cover.
Sherlotta: ...Thank you. I decided to lend you guys a hand.
Sherlotta: You can call me Sherlotta.
The Chronicled:
Chelinka: Were you summoned by Materia, too?
Sherlotta: ...Who's Materia?
Layle: A goddess who made this world. You haven't met?
Sherlotta: Before I met up with you guys, I was lying on my back in front of a crystal. The only person I met was this weird, self-important lady.
Layle: ...That's Materia.
Sherlotta: Oho! I didn't know she was a goddess!
Yuri: Did she tell you anything?
Sherlotta: Not really.
Layle: "Not really"? Didn't you talk about anything?
Sherlotta: She just kept talking. She was strange and I had things to do, so I decided to go home.
Yuri: You made it back home all on your own!?
Sherlotta: Well, as you can see, I'm here and not at home.
Sherlotta: ...But I really have to get home. I've got better things to do than this.
Layle: Ha! Materia's summoned a live one this time.
Sherlotta: ...By the way, I've been wondering. Is that a crystal on your face?
Layle: If you recognize this, it must mean you have them in your world, too. Can you use crystals?
Sherlotta: A crystal is something that's part of you.
Sherlotta: Now that I think about it, after I gave that kiddo the crystal, they were always together.
Sherlotta: Hm? Is that a crystal, too, Chelinka?
Yuri: It sure is.
Chelinka: I was born with it.
Sherlotta: What!? How many other worlds have crystals, too!?
Sherlotta: But...I see. You all have a responsibility that comes with it.
Sherlotta: That kiddo also had a very important role to play. All those tied to the crystals do...
Chelinka: I can tell this child is very special to you. What were they like?
Sherlotta: Do you want to know? I'm sure you do! There's so much to tell! Get comfortable!
Chelinka: I have a feeling this will take some time...
Sherlotta: I could tell you everything starting from the baby years, but...there just aren't enough hours in a day!
Sherlotta: Don't you have a crystal, Yuri? I can feel the same power coming from you...
Yuri: I'm borrowing Chelinka's powers.
Chelinka: Well, not quite... Without Yuri, I can't draw out the crystal's powers very well.
Sherlotta: Interesting... Now that you mention it, the crystal's power does flow a lot more smoothly when you two are together.
Sherlotta: Whenever we're together, too, I'm at my best!
Layle: You can't help but compete, can you?
Sherlotta: The crystal... Nevermind. I don't want to talk about this anymore.
Sherlotta: What do we have to do to go back home? Destroy the root of all evil?
Yuri: Unfortunately, there are lots more roots than you think. First we have to find them before we can destroy them.
Yuri: It's like Bartz says: if you follow where the wind blows, you'll get to the end eventually.
Sherlotta: But that could take ages. I want to go home sooner than that.
Sherlotta: I've got a kid to wake up on time, send to bathe, feed properly...
Sherlotta: I want to make sure everything's okay...
Layle: Haha. Then we'd better get a move on so you can get back sooner.
Yuri: It'll go even faster now with you around!
Sherlotta: But of course.
Sherlotta: ...I didn't think I needed to be so close anymore, but I want to be as much as I can.
Sherlotta: Alright! Thoughts of being together back home will keep me going until I get there!
My Little Secrets*:
Lann: Hey, Sherlotta! Long time no see!
Sherlotta: Do I...know you?
Reynn: Don't scare her like that, Lann.
Reynn: The people here aren't the same people in Grymoire! So this is the first time we've met this Sherlotta.
Lann: So you're saying we haven't met!?
Sherlotta: ...Are you trying to hit on me?
Bartz: There were people similar to us in Reynn and Lann's world.
Bartz: It sounds like they met someone like you, too.
Tifa: I know how you feel, Sherlotta. I was surprised to hear that there's someone like me in another world, too.
Snow: Well, the more we hear about those people, the more it seems like they're not just similar to us. They are us.
Sherlotta: If everyone says that, it must be true. It's a little surprising, but...tell me more about this other me.
Reynn: You let us stay at your inn.
Lann: But it was in a super-duper cold place, so there weren't many guests.
Sherlotta: I've never run an inn before. Maybe I'll give it a try when I get back home.
Reynn: Nothing ever surprised you, plus you were really well-known. It helped us out a lot.
Sherlotta: Sounds like me alright! She must have been wonderful.
Lann: But I was super shocked when I stepped on you.
Sherlotta: You stepped on me...?
Snow: How did that happen? Did she fall in battle?
Tifa: Not quite... Lann and Reynn are Lilikins, so I'm sure Sherlotta was, too.
Bartz: I see! So you stepped on little Sherlotta when you were Jiants!
Lann: Wrooong!
Reynn: Actually, Sherlotta—
Sherlotta: Stop right there!
Lann: What? Why!?
Sherlotta: I wouldn't want you spilling any of my little secrets now.
Lann: Uh-oh... She's totally glaring at me.
Lann: I... I'm so sorry!
Reynn: Please forgive me, too. I almost let it slip!
Sherlotta: Hehe. I'll forgive you this time.
Sherlotta Knows*:
Sherlotta: ...The water's close.
Vanille: How can you tell?
Sherlotta: It's easy-peasy when you're me.
Faris: It doesn't smell like the sea.
Sherlotta: It's not the sea. It's a river.
Vanille: Is it this way?
Sherlotta: Yup!
King: It shouldn't be that easy to locate a river in this terrain. How can you be so sure?
Sherlotta: No reason you kiddos could understand. You're nowhere near as skilled as I am! Hehe.
Steiner: I should have sufficient experience after all my years, but not even I could locate it.
Steiner: The waterside is important for supply routes. Please, teach me your ways!
Vanille: Yes! I would love to learn!
Sherlotta: You could be a little resentful, you know?
King: If you were lying, I might be. But I don't get that feeling from you.
Krile: Yeah. You may not look much older than me, but...
Sherlotta: Alright, that's enough! I have an image to uphold!
Sherlotta: I may have kept it a secret, but it's not that tough. I heard it from the animals passing by.
Steiner: What!?
Sherlotta: Pretty simple, right?
Vanille: You can understand animals?
Krile: I can, too! I'm so happy to have more friends like me!
Steiner: ...Though it's nothing I can so easily imitate.
King: Then be glad to have another powerful ally in our ranks. We just need to do what we can.
Sherlotta: Right. There's no need for everyone to be able to do the same things.
Sherlotta: Besides, you hear some pretty useless things, too. I can't exactly say it's always the most convenient power.
Krile: Yeah, you're right...
Vanille: You must overhear some pretty scary things, too.
Sherlotta: Exactly. Some voices are threatening. But I just threaten them right back!
Krile: But at those times, you give them a proper talking to, don't you?
Krile: You're like a kind mother always thinking about her children!
Sherlotta: Wh-what? A...a mother? K-kind...!?
Krile: It's okay, Sherlotta. I know how sweet you are.
Sherlotta: Stop that... You won't get anything for praising me...
Sherlotta: Hehe. But it's not a bad feeling. Thank you, Krile.
Sherlotta: I'll keep giving it my a good mother to that kiddo.

Cycle of Battle[]

Entwined in Conflict:

Depending on your progress in the story, characters you have yet to recruit may appear in these events.

Garland: ......

(Garland opens a Torsion)

The Emperor: Where are you going?

(The Emperor arrives)

Garland: Have we anywhere else to go but the battlefield?
Garland: I care not about the will of the gods. You are the same, no?
Garland: My desire for war is not unlike yours for dominion.
Garland: In that sense, we are kin.

(Garland exits into the Torsion)

The Emperor: A warrior who cares only for the fight...calls me "kin"?

Ashe: It looks like we managed to drive back the enemy.
Warrior of Light: They must have been lying in wait to have attacked so suddenly. We can't let our guard down.
Faris: But there's no way we'd be bested in a place like this!
Mog: Great job, kupo! I feel so at ease with so many friends on our side!
Warrior of Light: Indeed. No matter what trials we may face, we can overcome them together.
???: Then overcome this!

(Garland arrives from the Torsion and immediately battles the Warrior of Light)

Warrior of Light: Gck...!
Faris: Garland!? You've got some brass launching a surprise attack like that!
Garland: Those who do not tirelessly seek war have no place in this world.
Ashe: What do you mean?
Warrior of Light: Are you still devoting yourself to the cycle of war?
Garland: Of course.
Garland: It is what I hoped for. If this world was made the same way, then isn't that the answer?
Faris: What's wrong with this guy?
Warrior of Light: ......
Garland: Oh?
Warrior of Light: We will use the light gathered here to end your cycle!
Garland: Very well... Then come!
Yearning for Battle:
Ashe: Huff, huff... What a powerful attack...
Faris: Are you okay, Ashe? You can pull back if you need to.
Garland: As I expected. You enjoy this, don't you?
Warrior of Light: Enjoy!?

(Ace and Zidane arrive)

Ace: Are you guys okay!?
Zidane: Is that Garland!?
Garland: Hahaha! Let us continue the battle!

(Y'shtola and Cloud Manikins arrive from Torsions to join Garland)

Ace: Dark manikins...
Zidane: We'll take you on!
Garland: I see... I am not the only one who desires war.

(Garland destroys the Manikins)

Warrior of Light: What?
Garland: Our fight is for us. I do not wish for others to get in our way.
Garland: But I had forgotten. When I dedicated myself to the cycle of war...
Garland: Strangers like these were a part of the cycle, too.
Garland: Take my coordinates.
Mog: Kupo!? You mean you'll work with us!?
Warrior of Light: What is the meaning of this!?
Garland: I yearn for battle.
Garland: It's like he said. We are naught but performers.
Garland: I wish to stage the grandest of battles upon those gods' stage.
Zidane: Don't try to lump yourself in with Kuja!
Garland: It changes nothing. War is the fate from which we cannot escape.
Garland: That's why...I wish you to summon me to your battles.
Garland: And come for my life whenever you wish!
Garland: All war will become mine.

(Garland exits via Torsion)

Faris: What just happened here? Why did he give us his coordinates?
Warrior of Light: This is dangerous. I cannot imagine that he truly wishes to cooperate with us.
Zidane: Yeah. Even going so far as to mention Kuja...
Ace: And I highly doubt he wants to be our friend.
Ace: Garland is trapped. The cycle of war is not just his problem.
Ace: People seek strife... War repeats itself...
Ashe: So shall we leave him be...?
Ace: No. That's not what I meant...
Faris: He means it in a wide sense. Even you should understand, Princess.
Ashe: Well, when you put it that way...
Warrior of Light: Everyone shares the fate of fighting. Garland is a mirror that reflects light...
Fate Strayed:

(Garland reenters the Rift)

Kuja: How tasteless of you. I have no desire to put you upon my stage.
Garland: Then you must force me down.
Kuja: ...Do you truly intend to perform?
Kuja: Then I'll have to find a suitable role for you.
Garland: My only role is that of war. It shall make for a grand spectacle...

(Garland leaves)

Firion: I can't believe that...
Snow: You don't think Garland could've had a change of heart?
Warrior of Light: I can't imagine so.
Cecil: Neither can I see him as a friend.
Warrior of Light: Indeed.
Firion: But then why would he give us his coordinates?
Warrior of Light: To put himself in the battle. He wants to make our fight his, too.
Snow: War is...not normal.
Cecil: If you're uncertain, it's best not to use his coordinates.
Warrior of Light: I continued my fight with Garland in hopes of ending the cycle of war.
Warrior of Light: But there may be some things that cannot be ended with the two of us fighting.
Warrior of Light: Ace said the same. We're also in a cycle of war.
Snow: A cycle, huh... You might be right.
Snow: But we're different from Garland. We don't want to fight. We have to.
Snow: There are people that need to be stopped, and we just happen to be the only ones who can do it.
Firion: The reason you take up arms will become your faith.
Firion: I feel that in you. I will fight beside you until you find acceptance.
Cecil: I believe your light will reach Garland someday.
Warrior of Light: Faith... Yes, thank you.
Warrior of Light: If Garland's actions are heading toward a different end than in the past...
Warrior of Light: We must keep going forward until that time.
A "Pure" Sentiment*:
Porom: So that Garland guy is our ally now...
Mog: Even I'm surprised, kupo!
Lulu: Though it seems we can't yet call him a friend, nor do we have a united front...
Zack: Enemies have fought on our side before, but...
Hope: I have a hard time believing we have a common interest.
Zack: Garland wants to battle, right? Maybe he wants to get stronger?
Sabin: I would understand if that were the case. To get strong, you need to fight strong opponents.
Hope: Getting strong and seeking out strife are two different things.
Hope: In war, thoughts and feelings collide, then some get weeded out.
Hope: That goes against our ways.
Sabin: War is definitely different. My brother often struggles in such situations.
Lulu: But conflict without a purpose... That in itself may be a pure sentiment.
Hope: A "pure" sentiment for which things are lost.
Lulu: My apologies. I don't mean to say I agree.
Lulu: Just that, since we know where to draw the line, we're able to empathize with our opponents.
Lulu: Because we believe that to be right, even if it means suppressing our own wills.
Porom: Does that mean sticking to your own ideas can hurt others?
Lulu: I wonder. I think sticking to your beliefs is necessary.
Hope: I'm sorry... I know what you mean, Lulu.
Zack: Thinking about these things dosn't make it easier, either. In the end, it's hard to know what's best.
Sabin: If you can't figure it out, move your body! It'll clear your head!
Zack: Now we're talkin'! Great idea, Sabin!
Porom: I get the feeling you just don't want to think...
Porom: Still, I agree. But let's not go overboard.
Explosive Situation*:
Garland: Pathetic!

(Garland defeats a Behemoth)

Vaan: ...You really are fighting with us.
Garland: Are you dissatisfied?
Cyan: Though we are supposed to be fighting side by side...
Cyan: I must admit I cannot overcome my fear of thy blade piercing my back.
Garland: Hahaha! Nor should you!
Garland: I will strike you down the instant your guard falls. We are not friends, after all.
Vaan: Wh-what!?
Cyan: Art thou mad!?
Garland: I should ask you the same, sheathing your swords before me.
Lightning: Do you really think you could win alone?
Garland: Neither victory nor defeat matters to me. Nothing ends in war.
Garland: I would enjoy crossing blades with you in war.
Vaan: If you want a fight, you'll get one!
Zell: Hold it! We defeated the enemy, so let's calm down.
Lightning: Say that to the one who started it.
Cyan: Indeed... We will not be brought down.
Zell: But that doesn't have to be now!
Garland: Despite trying to foolishly stop the fighting, you do not leave yourself open.
Zell: Getting riled would be playing right into your hands.
Lightning: That's one way of seeing it, I suppose.
Cyan: I will relent out of respect for Sir Zell.
Garland: How interesting! It seems like there is yet more to be enjoyed!

(Garland disappears)

Zell: Phew... I had no idea what would happen.
Lightning: I guess we had you worried.
Zell: That's fine. I just didn't want to keep fighting.
Zell: But if you don't want me to be worried, it'd be nice of you to withdraw earlier.
Lightning: I'll try.
Zell: That's good enough for me. Thanks.

Governess of Time[]

Unexpected Allies:

Depending on your progress in the story, characters you have yet to recruit may appear in these events.

Kefka: Those blasted humans... How dare they harm my adorable Blackened Wills!?
Kefka: They'll pay for this! I will have my revenge yet!
Ultimecia: Calm down.
Kefka: Huh?

(Kefka turns to Ultimecia)

Kefka: Wellllll, if it isn't Madam Sorceress! What brings you here?
Kefka: Not that I can help. I'm a bit busy, so if you could kindly BUZZ OFF, I'd be much obliged!
Ultimecia: Materia's warriors grow stronger by the day.
Ultimecia: It would be unwise of you to attack them head-on again.
Kefka: You ruin all my fun! Well then, what's your bright idea?
Ultimecia: Their power stems from will. You need only manipulate that.
Kefka: Yikes! Your face says you're up to no good!

Leon: Are you alright, Noel? Can you hear that woman's voice again?
Noel: You mean Ultimecia? No, not at all...
Selphie: Seems like she's given up. That's a relief!
Leon: There is nothing for you to fear. We are here for you.
Noel: You're right.

(A Magitek Armor arrives)

Selphie: A monster! I'll get rid of it on the double!

(Selphie defeats the Magitek Armor, but another arrives)

Selphie: Another one!?
Selphie: Alrighty! I guess we just need to clean this one up, too!

(The party continues to battle but they are overwhelmed)

Selphie: They sure are persistent... Just how many are there?
Noel: This is weird. It was calm until just a minute ago...
Leon: It appears something is summoning them.
Leon: And this aura... It feels like the Emperor...

(The Magitek Armor are defeated by Ultimecia)

Ultimecia: You seem to be in a difficult spot. Allow me to aid you.
Noel: It's you!
Selphie: No way! YOU rescued us!? Why!?

(Another pair of Magitek Armor arrives)

Leon: If she is not here to fight us, let us get our answers later. We must deal with these enemies first.
Helpless before Solitude:
Ultimecia: The battle is won.
Ultimecia: You did well, children of light. You are stronger than before.
Relm: Umm... Thanks for your help?
Relm: But I don't get it. Aren't you that quiet guy's enemy?
Squall: ...Why are you helping us?
Ultimecia: I have no intention of fighting you here and now.
Ultimecia: I've been detested since birth as an evil sorceress. I spent my entire life alone and unloved.
Ultimecia: Can you fathom my loneliness?
Balthier: We don't have time for long-winded explanations.
Ultimecia: ...You understand, don't you? Solitude eats away at you...
Ultimecia: You found hope in talking to me, did you not?
Ultimecia: I am the same...
Noel: ......
Squall: Don't listen to her.
Ultimecia: You leave me with no choice...
Ultimecia: I cannot imagine you will believe me so easily. Take this.
Mog: Y-your dimensional coordinates, kupo!?
Squall: What!?
Ultimecia: I want you to know the true me...
Ultimecia: I will lend you my strength, whenever you so desire.

(Ultimecia leaves via Torsion)

Relm: The "true" her? Is there some kind of misunderstanding?
Squall: ...No. This must be a trap.
Balthier: This is not unprecedented... Let us use what we can.
Balthier: But we should prepare ourselves for when she shows her true colors.
Squall: You don't understand anything!
Balthier: It's natural I don't understand anything of your world.
Balthier: But I understand that in this world, we can fight side-by-side with our enemies.
Noel: I know it must be hard for you to hear, but...
Noel: She really saved us.
Relm: That's for sure.
Squall: ...Whatever.

(Squall leaves)

Mog: I took it without thinking, kupo...
Balthier: We just need to get used to it.
Balthier: We had best prepare ourselves for anything that can come our way.
Balthier: But understand this, Noel: this doesn't mean we support that sorceress.
Noel: I understand. We're just "using" her...
Outrageous Hate:

(Ultimecia defeats a pack of Wolves)

Rydia: I have to admit...her magic is incredible.
Zell: Don't be fooled, Rydia! That's just what she wants you to think!
Rydia: Is it?

(Ultimecia approaches the party)

Ultimecia: What seems to be the matter over here?
Seifer: Don't play dumb. I know what you're up to.
Seifer: Ever since you arrived, monsters have been appearing like crazy.
Zell: That's right! You're just putting on an act, aren't you!?
Squall: (Wow, sharp...)
Ultimecia: ...Your accusations are disheartening. I see you do not trust me yet.
Noel: You've saved us. That much I know for sure.
Noel: But I also know that you're an enemy to Squall and his friends...
Zell: Yeah! I might not remember you at all, but...
Zell: I know you're up to something!
Seifer: I dedicated myself to being your knight and you betrayed me. There's no way I could ever trust you.
Squall: (...He's right.)
Ultimecia: ...I understand.
Ultimecia: But remember this: my heart is always on your side.

(Ultimecia exits via Torsion)

Noel: The lonely sorceress... Squall's enemy...
Noel: But she saved me from my own solitude. I don't understand her goal...
Seifer: Hmph. She's trying to trick us.
Zell: Even though I can't remember her, I feel so annoyed! Just how bad will it be when I actually remember!?
Rydia: Calm down, you two.
Squall: (Just what is Ultimecia planning...?)

Kefka: Welcome back, Madam Sorceress!
Kefka: I saw it all! From beginning to end!
Kefka: Getting their sympathy, taking advantage of their kind hearts! You are, indeed, a cunning sorceress!
Ultimecia: I have no need to be understood by you.
Kefka: Yes, yes! I get it!
Kefka: You'll get them to lower their guard, then hit them where it hurts most!
Ultimecia: I would have accomplished my goal had they not been there...
Kefka: Oho! You mean...time compression?
Ultimecia: You and I are different, clown. I did not destroy everything.
Ultimecia: Nevertheless, the world sees me as evil because of those children...
Kefka: Wow, how outrageous! Isn't being despised just the greatest?
Kefka: You're so full of hate and sadness! You really are scary!

(Kefka disappears)

Ultimecia: ...But the eyes of that boy who said he believes me...
Ultimecia: Hmph... It's just my imagination.
True Loneliness*:
Lilisette: Hmm... I just don't get it.
Cinque: Thinking about it makes Cinquey's noodle hurt...

(Vaan arrives)

Vaan: Hey. What's with the long faces?
Papalymo: We were just mulling over Ultimecia's behavior.
Fran: We thought she may have some ulterior motive, but nothing has happened yet.
Eiko: I wonder if she really is just lonely.
Lilisette: Didn't Squall say that she was trying to compress past, present, and future...
Lilisette: And create a world where only she can exist?
Lilisette: Not simply traveling through time to change the future, but eliminating all time that should be...
Lilisette: Any way you look at it, it's terrible!
Cinque: Sounds like a big bad meanie to me! Can she really do that, though?
Fran: Changing the world changes its principles... Anything is possible.
Vaan: But that's only in Squall's world, right?
Vaan: Would it even work if she tried to do that here?
Papalymo: That is precisely what we are discussing.
Papalymo: Heretofore, her reasons for shadowing us were clear...
Papalymo: She planned to use Mog, possessed by the Blackened Will, as a foundation for her time compression.
Cinque: But that evil will's gone bye-bye and Moglin's A-okay now!
Fran: So she no longer has reason to pursue us.
Papalymo: And even less to help us in battle.
Eiko: But I still don't get why she would say she's lonely, then try to erase everyone else!
Eiko: Isn't this what they call a...contra...contradiction?
Fran: ...One feels loneliness only because of the presence of others.
Eiko: What? Really?
Lilisette: Ahaha! I guess it's hard for a kid like Eiko to understand.
Eiko: Hey! I'm not a kid!
Vaan: ...I was an orphan, too, so I can understand.
Vaan: When you realize you really are all alone, nothing matters anymore...
Lilisette: So you mean Ultimecia is getting desperate?
Cinque: That's scary! There's no telling what she'll do next!
Cinque: So? Any idea what might she be up to?
Fran: ...We are back to where we started.
Papalymo: At the very least, we must keep our wits about us.
Papalymo: I will not say to not sympathize, though...
Full of Dreams*:
Yuna: Here I go!
Garnet: Me too!

(Yuna and Garnet defeat a pair of Wolves when Ultimecia arrives)

Ultimecia: ...You both have great skill in magic.
Ultimecia: Continue to devote yourself to magic. I will support you from the shadows...

(Ultimecia exits via Torsion)

Steiner: Princess!
Wakka: Yuna!

Steiner: My apologies for being so late! Please tell me Ultimecia has not laid a finger on you!
Garnet: I'm fine, Steiner.
Lulu: And you, Yuna? Nothing, I hope.
Yuna: No need to worry. But thank you, Lulu.
Wakka: I can't tell what she's thinking... But there's no need for you to worry.
Steiner: Exactly! Whatever happens, we will be here to protect you!
Seifer: ...How pathetic. Making a show out of it...
Lulu: Seifer?
Wakka: What are you talking about?
Seifer: You! Fawning over your masters like a bunch of lapdogs.
Seifer: Like you don't have any will of your own! It's annoying just looking at you!
Wakka: You're just trying to pick a fight now!
Lulu: I think he's jealous, no longer the sorceress's knight.
Seifer: Shut it! Unless you want me to shut it for you!
Yuna: Please, stop this.
Steiner: I protect the princess because of her graciousness!
Steiner: Make no mistake: it is not only out of duty as a knight!
Wakka: Lu and I are the same. Before we were guardians, we were her family.
Lulu: We are just protecting our family... I hope you understand that.
Seifer: Tch... Did I ask you for excuses?
Garnet: Listen to what you're saying...
Wakka: Then let me ask you, Seifer: why did you become Ultimecia's knight?
Steiner: Isn't it because you sympathized with her and her feelings?
Seifer: ...I don't care about those things.
Seifer: My dream was to be knight, ever since I was a kid.
Seifer: That's all...

(Seifer leaves)

Wakka: Y'know, since Seifer joined us...
Wakka: Wasn't he boasting about being the god's knight, too?
Lulu: He is young yet, and full of dreams.
Yuna: There's no chance he'll become her knight there?
Garnet: For now, let's hope not...

Keeper of Fear[]

Just a Glance...:

Depending on your progress in the story, characters you have yet to recruit may appear in these events.

???: I was save this world?
Spiritus: This is a place of respite.
Spiritus: The goddess Materia and I created this world to give battle-weary warriors rest.
Spiritus: However, all worlds connected to this one now hang in the balance...
Spiritus: Because of the planesgorgers.
???: Is Orience connected to this world, too?
Spiritus: Of course. It is no exception to the danger that faces all.
Spiritus: Many warriors from other worlds have already been summoned here as a new battle unfolds before us.
Spiritus: You are free to collude with whomever you wish to accomplish your goals.
Spiritus: ...Even if they may be Materia's warriors.
???: You don't care about anything but yourself, do you?
Spiritus: No.
???: I guess I don't have much of a choice...
???: I have a lot of things to do back home, so I'll do whatever it takes to get back.

???: ...Even so, I don't know where to begin.
???: Summoned by a god and not given any concrete orders...
Golbez: What are you doing here?

(Golbez arrives)

Golbez: ...My apologies. It seems I have mistaken you for someone else.
???: Someone else?
Golbez: One of those who don a similar uniform.
???: ...That can't be.
Golbez: They said they were from a military in a different world. There was a young boy who fought with cards named Ace...
Golbez: And a girl skilled with the flute, among other warriors.
???: They're...alive!?
Golbez: So you are one of them. In that case—
Golbez: You seem troubled...
???: ...I don't know if I could face them now, after what I've done...
Golbez: It sounds like a complicated situation.
Golbez: It is up to you whether to see them or not. I have no intention of forcing you either way.
???: But if they're really alive...
???: I want to see them with my own eyes, even if only for just a glance, and apologize...!

(Machina leaves)

Golbez: Just a glance...
Golbez: ...I understand the feeling well.
Shadow: ...Someone is following us.
Zell: What!? Seriously!? Where are they!?
Shadow: Come out. I know you're there.

(Machina arrives)

Ace: Machina!?
Machina: Ace. Deuce... Is it really you?
Machina: I can't...believe it...
Deuce: We're so glad you're here, Machina!
Machina: ...What?
Ace: We were worried about you. But you look unharmed.
Machina: Y-yeah. I'm fine...
Ace: What's the matter? Is something wrong?
Deuce: It's been so long since we've seen each other! The least you could do is smile!
Shadow: So you're a friend of Ace and the others.
Zell: What were you doing sneaking around like that!? There's no need to hide!
Ace: Let me introduce you. His name is Machina. He's another member of Class Zero.
Deuce: He's new to Akademeia, but a great comrade in arms!
Machina: (Could it be...they don't remember?)
Rem: Machina...?

(Rem arrives)

Rem: It is you, isn't it!?
Machina: Rem...!
Rem: I'm so happy to see you, Machina!
Machina: Me, too. Are you okay?
Rem: I'm fine! Hehe.
Ace: She sure got a completely different reaction than we did...
Deuce: I guess that's to be expected. Those two are special to each other, after all.

Machina: ...I heard all about the situation from the god.
Deuce: That's a relief. Now we can fight together again!
Ace: Come on, Machina. We'll introduce you to the others.
Rem: Machina...?
Machina: I don't...deserve to go with you.
Rem: What are you saying?
Zell: What do you mean "deserve"? You're friends, and that's all that matters!
Deuce: Zell's right. I don't understand why you're so hesitant...
Rem: Please come with us, Machina. I want you to be by my side.
Machina: Rem... You're right. I promised.
Machina: I'll go with you. I want to help.
Zell: Was that so hard now? Man, you're weird!
Shadow: Let's get moving.
Deuce: Yes! Let's go!
Rem: We can take our time catching up later, Machina.

(Everyone leaves, except Machina)

Machina: They're all...the same as back then...
Machina: I'll protect you this time. I'll atone for everything.
The Future:
Tidus: ...And then the crowd goes wild! It's a blast!
Tidus: You can't beat blitzball when it comes to fun in Spira.
King: A giant sphere filled with water...
Cinque: Wouldn't it be great if we had that in Orience, too?
Cater: You have something amazing in your world, too, right? An...amusement park, was it?
Aerith: That's right. They have all sorts of games and rides, and you can take part in a stage show there, too.
Aerith: You can even watch the fireworks from a gondola. It's such a beautiful sight to see.
Cinque: Ooh, we need an amusement park, too! I never get tired of hearing about it!
Cater: I'd love to hang out in all the other worlds! Once the war is over, let's go!
King: That's not a bad idea...
Cinque: I'm looking forward to it already! We've got to make tons of plans for the future!
Machina: The future, huh...
Machina: (But they don't have a... No. I can't say things like that...)
Cinque: Lookie, lookie, I found a Machy!

(The party goes to Machina)

Cater: You must've heard us just now! Is there anywhere you want to go?
Machina: Me?
Machina: Hmm... Well...
King: You don't need to think so hard about it.
Machina: Well, I... As long as I'm with you guys, anywhere's fine with me.
Tidus: What? Don't be so indecisive!
Aerith: Of course you'll all go together! But we want to know what you want to do once the fighting's over.
Machina: Uhh... I guess if I had to choose...
Machina: I'd like to go to school with Class Zero again.
Cater: What!? That can't possibly be your dream!
Cinque: You're so serious, Machy!
Machina: I'm not serious...
Machina: I'm just being honest.
Cinque: Are you okay, Machy?
Cater: A-are you crying? At a time like this!?
Machina: I-I'm not crying! Don't be ridiculous!
Machina: It started raining! I'm going to take shelter over there!

(Machina runs off)

Aerith: But it's not...raining...
King: He's a terrible liar...
Tidus: He's a little...strange, isn't he?
Cinque: He's at a sensitive age, you know! Don't be too hard on him.

Machina: They don't know...about Class Zero's future...
Machina: But in this world, I can save them...
Childhood Friends*:
Vaan: So, you two have known each other for a while, huh?
Rem: That's right. We were separated when we were young, but we were reunited at Akademeia.
Penelo: Really? What are the chances!?
Machina: I was as surprised as you are.
Machina: Our village was attacked when we were just children. Burned to the ground to contain a disease.
Machina: We fled together, but got separated along the way. I thought I'd never see her again.
Tifa: That's have your home taken like that.
Rem: When we ran away, he made a promise. Do you remember?
Rem: He said he was gonna become a great warrior and protect me from all the bad grown-ups.
Vaan: Ah, so that's why he came here.
Penelo: How heroic! I wish someone would do that for me.
Tifa: Hehe...
Cloud: What's so funny?
Tifa: Oh, nothing...
Penelo: Weren't you two also...?
Tifa: Yeah. We went through a lot as kids.
Cloud: That's in the past. Let's keep it there.
Penelo: Aw, I'm so jealous! To have a friend you can depend on—a friend you've known since forever.
Penelo: Maybe you should learn a thing or two from Machina and Cloud, Vaan.
Vaan: You don't have to worry about any of that, Penelo.
Vaan: Once I'm the world's most famous sky pirate, you'll be the first one I share the wealth with.
Penelo: Uh, were you even listening...?
Machina: Vaan, if you're going to protect someone, you have to be ready to do whatever it takes.
Vaan: Huh?
Machina: If you only focus on being strong, you'll lose sight of what's really important.
Vaan: Uh... Right... Got it.
Rem: You know... You seem different, Machina.
Machina: Hmm?
Rem: I can't really put my finger on it, but you seem...a little bit more grown up.
Cloud: Something wrong with that?
Rem: No, not necessarily...
Tifa: It's not always easy to talk about the past. Sometimes it makes us...heated. Right, Machina?
Machina: Yeah...that's it. There's nothing to worry about.
Machina: (I need to be more careful...)
Your Lucky Day*:
Machina: Nobody knows anything, do they? Not about my mistakes...not even about their own fates.
Jecht: Hey kid, come on! What's eating you?

(Jecht, Kain, and Mog arrive)

Machina: Nothing, don't worry about it. Even if I told you, you wouldn't—
Kain: You remember events that your allies do not. Am I wrong?
Machina: What!? How did you know?
Kain: It was the same for me.
Machina: And Jecht? You too?
Jecht: Yeah, suppose it was.
Jecht: Looks like Spiritus summoned you here, just like he did us. I'd wager on it.
Mog: Many of the warriors summoned by Spiritus still have memories of their old world, kupo! Not so with the warriors summoned by Materia.
Machina: I see...
Machina: Well, it's reassuring to know I'm not alone.
Kain: Doubtless there are things you remember that you'd prefer to hide from Ace and the others.
Jecht: You know, I think you're right.
Jecht: Better not keep it all festering inside. If you need someone to talk to, we're all ears.
Machina: I can barely remember, but I think...I think I had a brother.
Jecht: You can't remember your own brother? Ah, wait, I heard about your world. That explains it...
Machina: I was consumed with hatred at Class Zero. I blamed them for his death. I couldn't let it go.
Machina: That wasn't all. There was someone I wanted to protect—to keep them safe so badly that I sought out a great power. Too great...
Machina: I lost sight of everything else... And in the end, because of me, she...she...

Kain: I see. You have my sympathy.
Mog: Painful memories create powerful will. That's why Spiritus called you here, kupo...
Machina: It's better that the others don't have their memories. At least they can smile and laugh like they're back at Akademeia.
Kain: Perhaps that is so.
Mog: Don't worry, my lips are sealed, kupo. I won't say a single word.
Machina: Thanks. And...sorry to put this on you.
Jecht: Is that really all you have to say, kid?
Machina: Huh?
Jecht: Sitting there moping won't fix anything. You have a chance—don't waste it!
Machina: What?
Jecht: Are you deaf? I said don't waste it!
Jecht: You're guilty because you let your friends down, right? Well, now's your chance to do something about it!
Jecht: Not everyone gets an opportunity like this. Today's your lucky day!
Kain: For all his bluster, he has a point. We cannot change the past. The future, however...
Mog: That's right, kupo! You know what's to come, but that doesn't mean it has to come.
Machina: The past is set, but the future can still be that it?
Jecht: Ah, you're a clever one!
Jecht: If you ever need an ear to bend, just give us a shout! Spiritus's warriors need to have each others' backs!
Machina: Thanks, I will.

A Captain's Loyalty[]

To Earn Your Trust:

Depending on your progress in the story, characters you have yet to recruit may appear in these events.
(Basch defeats a Death Machine)

???: I was told to lend them my aid, but I have yet to find them...
Steiner: Princess!
???: "Princess"? Could that be...

(Basch runs off)

(The rest of the party faces a Vanguard Magitek Armor)

Steiner: Are you alright!?
Garnet: Yes. I'm fine, Steiner.
Galuf: You are quite the tough princess. You do not easily fall in battle.
Rem: Leave it to me. I'll heal you right up.

(Rem heals Garnet)

Garnet: Thank you, Rem.
Steiner: You! Identify yourself!

(Basch arrives)

???: You are not Her Highness... Though she should be with you.
Galuf: It seems you mean no harm. Are you looking for one of our allies?
???: Forgive me for asking, but are you Materia's warriors?
Rem: Yes, we are. And you are...?
???: You may not believe me, but I am not your enemy.
Garnet: I can see you're on your guard. But if you really are one of Materia's warriors, we want to believe you.
???: My apologies. I cannot risk mistaking the ones I must protect.
???: Protectors of the princess, I leave them to you. I will also join the fight.

(Basch points the party to more enemies)

Galuf: Oh my... It seems we were surrounded whilst in conversation.

(Basch turns to face the Vanguard Magitek Armor)

???: I will draw this one's attention away. I hope then you will believe me.
Steiner: You mean to fight it alone!?
???: If I can win your trust this way, then yes. Afterward, please tell me about your other comrades.
To Protect:
???: Lady Ashe. I am relieved to see you unharmed.
Ashe: As am I to see you, Basch.
Steiner: So you are a knight of Lady Ashe.
Faris: Something terrible must've happened to you. Your equipment is completely tattered, Mr. Knight.
Basch: Because of what happened back home, I had to don myself with whatever was available.
Basch: Besides, a general in shining armor is hardly credible.
Basch: More seems Her Highness has been blessed with great allies.
Basch: My apologies for what I said earlier.
Basch: Materia told me about this place...
Basch: She said there are many warriors hailing from different worlds here, and among them are villains masquerading as allies.
Basch: I had to be sure that you were truly traveling with Lady Ashe.
Steiner: It is natural for a knight to worry over his princess. I would have done the same were I you.
Basch: Thank you. I think we will get along well.
Setzer: I suppose it isn't easy being a knight.
Basch: I am sorry I did not believe you or the gods right away. I have many enemies in my home world.
Setzer: Yet another caught up in troublesome politics and conspiracies added to our ranks.
Basch: My apologies...
Setzer: Don't be so serious. We're used to it.
Basch: Haha... So even you can tell how humorless I am.
Steiner: But is it not for the sake of the one you protect?
Steiner: I could tell you were such a knight from the moment I met you, Sir Basch.
Basch: I am grateful.
Basch: Allow me to introduce myself properly. Basch fon Ronsenburg, at your service.
Objectives and Adventures:
Vaan: Hey, looks like you're alright.
Basch: In a manner of speaking.
Basch: My apologies on taking so long to find you.
Vaan: You don't need to apologize. We were doing fine.
Basch: I'm relieved to see you haven't changed at all.
Cait Sith: That must mean you're happy to see him, huh, Vaan?
Vaan: No! I just wasn't sure if he'd show up or not...
Basch: Vaan isn't the sort of man to get lonely.
Basch: When I first heard about warriors from another world, I wondered what type of people they could be. You're a fearsome bunch.
Basch: I can see why Lady Ashe and Balthier trust you so.
Bartz: We feel the same. They've helped us out a lot.
Bartz: Everyone has things they need to do back in their world.
Bartz: It's only natural we'd help each other out.
Vanille: Precisely!
Vanille: Those things aside, though, traveling with everyone is just plain fun!
Vanille: What's considered "common sense" for one is different for the others. I've learned so much!
Vaan: I wonder if those things would shock Basch.
Basch: I'm not sure, so perhaps we should take it slowly.
Basch: But it's like Bartz said... I can't help thinking about the things I must do back home.
Basch: Ivalice, Dalmasca... I wonder how they're faring.
Cait Sith: Vayne is here, too. He also doesn't know how his home world is doing, so why not focus on that instead?
Basch: I see... He must be scheming something. We need to stop him.
Basch: Since Her Highness is here as well, it is my duty to protect her.
Vanille: Sounds complicated. But I'll do my best to make sure you get back home safely.
Basch: Thank you. Having such comrades is heartening.
Basch: I know I cannot lose sight of my objective...but I would also like to enjoy this adventure with my new allies.
Vanille: I'm certain you will!
Basch: Good. This will do nicely.

(The rest of the party arrives)

Serah: Cleaning your weapons, huh? Looks like a lot of work.
Basch: In battle, life rests on a sword's edge, and only those with a keen blade will fall on the right side of it.
Basch: Victory goes to the prepared more often than not.
Basch: At least, judging from my own experience.
Firion: I agree. You have to be ready for anything, or it'll come back to bite you.
Firion: That being said, it's not easy to keep all of my weapons as sharp as I'd like.
Basch: If you ever require aid, you only need ask. Your arsenal is impressive, but I know my way around an armory.
Firion: I might have to take you up on that. I usually try to do it all myself, but sometimes it becomes a bit much...
Basch: When it does, consider me at your complete disposal.
Firion: Thanks. You know, it's good having you around. I can tell you're dependable.
Basch: Is that so? I've never thought that to be among my qualities.
Serah: It's nice to see you two getting along!
Basch: My offer of aid is open to you as well, Serah.
Serah: I appreciate it, but my weapon might be different from what you're used to. You see, it's actually a moogle that transforms into what I need.
Serah: But I do make sure to check up on him, ask how he's doing... I guess that's sort of like maintenance?
Basch: Your moogle? I'm familiar with the word, but it seems the moogles in my world are...unlike yours, to say the least.
Basch: You said it "transforms." How exactly does that work?
Serah: You know, I'm not sure. You seem pretty good with your hands—why don't you take it apart and see what makes it tick?
Basch: You will...uh...have to forgive me if I pass on that opportunity.
Serah: Hehe, gotcha!
Serah: But jokes aside, you do know a lot about weapons, right? Does that mean you can use a bow?
Basch: To a degree, yes. Mastery is but a matter of practice, after all.
Maria: Practice and time. There's not much you can't do with those two things.
Firion: Maria would know. She might use a bow here, but that's not all she's good at.
Maria: If I could get by without wielding a weapon, I'd gladly do so. Alas, we do what we must.
Cait Sith: You guys really are warriors, huh? Maybe I could stand to learn a thing or two from you all.
Cait Sith: I'd love to fix up my trusty megaphone, but that's not really an option in this world.
Cait Sith: You see, it's a bit more complicated than it seems. You need nimble fingers and quick hands to make the most of it.
Basch: At a glance it seems simple enough. May I?
Cait Sith: Be my guest.
Basch: What!? A machine?
Basch: I am afraid this is beyond my ken. Balthier could make more sense of it, perhaps...
Cait Sith: Ah, so you have mechanics in your world too, huh?
Cait Sith: I'd ask Cid to take a look, but I'm sure he'd think the task was beneath him. A broken megaphone sounds better than his endless grumbling!
Basch: I would hate for you to suffer through that on my account.
Serah: Hehe. I just love learning about other worlds!
Cumbersome Ties*:
Basch: ......

(The rest of the party arrives)

Ace: Alright, we're heading out soon.
Celes: Basch? Is something the matter?
Basch: Ah, no, it is nothing.
Lulu: You seem surprised by your surroundings.
Basch: Surprised? I suppose. I hail from a country surrounded by endless desert. Seeing this...makes me keenly realize how far from home I really am.
Ace: Do you think everyone's doing alright? It can't be easy living under another empire's thumb.
Basch: I can do little at present but hope that my countrymen are safe.
Cecil: The empire's caused you much suffering, some of it at Vayne's behest. It must be difficult for you to see him again.
Basch: That it is. However, while the empire is the enemy of Dalmasca, Vayne himself is well-loved by its populace, even trusted.
Basch: I can't deny his skill with words—a skill which has won men's hearts and set entire armies in motion.
Celes: Given your circumstances, I'm surprised how calm you sound. He's your enemy, isn't he?
Basch: The people of a country may be united under the same flag, but they are still people.
Basch: My aim is to restore Dalmasca to her rightful place. That does not mean I must hate the citizenry of a whole nation.
Basch: That being said, Vayne had his part to play, and for that he deserves no forgiveness.
Basch: And my brother...had his...
Celes: Your brother fights against you?
Basch: Aye, he does. Although I can hardly say we're on good terms, I don't believe either of us wishes to be enemies.
Basch: I wonder if perhaps we'll be reunited here.
Lulu: It's possible, but I've heard of no one who might fit his description.
Basch: I see. Well, I sense our reunion is inevitable, be it here or elsewhere.
Basch: We have been on opposing sides ever since we parted ways. He is still of the empire, even if we are kin.
Ace: Isn't there any way to compromise?
Basch: We are both alike in that we refuse to make concessions in our beliefs. That will make things difficult.
Basch: And although we are siblings, there are still those words which do not come easily.
Cecil: I know what you mean. It is a difficult situation to be in.
Cecil: I'm struggling to find the answers myself.
Basch: Blood ties can be a cumbersome thing. More often than not they can feel restricting rather than liberating.
Basch: Sometimes severing those ties seems like the only way to break free. But in the end, one is always left with a burden. How heavy was the burden I left him?
Cecil: Even brothers can't always know what the other is thinking. And even if they do, some gulfs are too wide for even the bonds of family to traverse.
Basch: I understand that now. There are yet truths I must seek out, truths that I must confront. No matter how much I'd rather look away.

Unbreakable Pride[]

Doesn't Talk Much:

Depending on your progress in the story, characters you have yet to recruit may appear in these events.

Kimahri: ......
Onion Knight: Is someone there?

(The rest of the party arrives)

Kimahri: ......
Cid: Can't tell if this guy's on our side or not.
Cid: Hey, say something!
Deuce: Maybe he doesn't speak our language?
Ashe: Wait. We cannot judge by appearances.
Ashe: There are many races in my world.
Ashe: And among any of the races, there were those who were hesitant to speak.
Ashe: Maybe he is lost.
Ashe: If our words can get through to him, then we should explain the situation.
Kimahri: ......
Onion Knight: ...Are you listening?
Kimahri: ......
Freya: Wait. Are you looking for something?
Kimahri: ......!

(Kimahri runs off)

Cid: What!? Did he just ignore us!? Some nerve!
Deuce: But I didn't sense any hostility in him.
Freya: Those were unmistakably the eyes of a knight. I could sense his resolve to protect.
Freya: He will prove a formidable addition should he be our ally. Perhaps someone will know who he is.
Team Up:
Kimahri: ......
Cait Sith: Isn't that over there that silent fellow whom we can't tell if he's friend or foe?
Cait Sith: What should we do? Tell the others?
Sazh: Let's try to talk to him first. He might be friendly.
Cait Sith: He doesn't...look friendly...

(Jecht arrives)

Jecht: What are you guys gossiping about?
Cait Sith: Jecht! I feel like this is going to get complicated with you here... Or maybe easier?
Jecht: It's you!
Sazh: You know him?

(The party goes to Kimahri)

Jecht: Hey.
Kimahri: ......!?
Cait Sith: He looks surprised. Are you sure you know him?
Jecht: Looking for Yuna? She's with us.
Sazh: See? Everything's okay. And it seems like he can talk, too.
Kimahri: Kimahri is happy if Yuna is safe.
Sazh: "Happy"? What're you gonna do then?
Cait Sith: He's standing on two legs...
Cait Sith: Gee... There are so many different types of folk across the worlds.
Cait Sith: Now that I think about it, though, I guess Freya and Y'shtola do, too...
Jecht: Says the fortune-telling machine I ain't never seen the likes of.
Cait Sith: Ahaha! Good point. But I'm custom-made!
Kimahri: ......!

(Kimahri runs off)

Cait Sith: What? Yipes! We've got company!
Kimahri: Kimahri tracking. Protect Yuna.

(Auron joins Kimahri)

Auron: Yuna wouldn't let someone fight alone while she escapes.
Kimahri: ......!
Auron: As her guardian, you understand that, don't you?
Kimahri: New world with new enemies. Kimahri not know what will happen.
Auron: You've done well. But now we're here to help.

(The rest of the party arrives)

Jecht: Let's not make this complicated. We just need to bring 'em down!
Sazh: Let's do this!
Cait Sith: A friend of a friend is still a friend! Let's go!
Unsociable Guardian:
Kimahri: Separated from Yuna. Kimahri at fault.
Yuna: Don't worry, Kimahri. I'm happy to see you safe.
Cid: If you're on our side, why didn't you say something when we met!?
Cid: We wasted a lot of time trying to get a word out of you!
Kimahri: Kimahri know not if friend.
Kimahri: Kimahri is Yuna's guardian.
Cid: Gah! You're too hard-headed for me!
Fang: It makes sense to me. I don't see a problem.
Yuna: Kimahri is just like this...
Yuna: He often gets hurt or worried because of me.
Fang: Sounds like a trustworthy ally.
Firion: Being able to protect what you want until the end isn't an easy thing...
Warrior of Light: Indeed. It takes courage and a strong will.
Cid: Yeah, well, would it kill him to be a bit more sociable? Bah, but that's all in the past now.
Kimahri: Kimahri protect Yuna.
Kimahri: Kimahri practice sociable if sociable protect Yuna.
Cid: I didn't say that!
Yuna: Hehe. No matter where Kimahri goes, he never changes.
Firion: You seem like good friends.
Yuna: We've been together since I was little. He's always protected me.
Fang: Then you're like family. If you're together for so long, I can imagine him getting overprotective.
Kimahri: Yuna try to do all alone, so Kimahri protect.
Warrior of Light: He has a will to protect his friends, and he's not the only one.
Warrior of Light: We also wish to do the same. Shall we fight together?
Kimahri: ...Kimahri glad Yuna travel with good friends.
Fang: I sure feel at ease having you around.
Kimahri: Protect Yuna. World matters not.
A True Smile*:
Tidus: Hey, Kimahri. I see you made it here, too.
Kimahri: ...Kimahri does not understand many things.
Kimahri: This world. What gods want. Why Kimahri and others called.
Tidus: Don't worry about it, Kimahri. We all feel the same, so lighten up.
Tidus: If you keep thinking so hard, your face will get stuck like that.
Kimahri: ......
Tidus: Come on. You'll make Yuna worry. Did you practice smiling?
Kimahri: Kimahri practice.
Tidus: Then show me what you got.

(Kimahri smiles)

Tidus: Uhh...
Tidus: It's still a little stiff. You're going to have to do better than that.
Palom: Hey, Kimahri! Are you practicing smiling? Sounds weird! Let me see!

(The rest of the party arrives)

Edge: ...Does this mean Tidus and the others come from a world where people don't smile from the heart?
Edge: ...Sure looks like it.
Palom: Err... Aren't you all thinking about it too hard?
Shantotto: Ohohohoho!
Shantotto: The little one is right! A smile won't come when thinking with all your might!
Kimahri: Shantotto always think when smile.
Kimahri: But Shantotto's smile is real smile.
Kimahri: Kimahri practice. Learn from Shantotto.
Shantotto: Hmm... A commendable resolve! Under my tutelage, your smile's sure to evolve!
Shantotto: Ohohohoho!
Palom: I'll try, too! Ohohohoho!
Tidus: Kimahri... Do me a favor and don't laugh like Shantotto.
Kimahri: Kimahri not learn laugh...
Kimahri: Kimahri learn feeling of laugh. Then Kimahri make true smile someday.
Edge: Good. Because I'd hate to hear anyone else laughing like that...
Taking Pride in One's Horn*:
Eiko: Oh no! Your horn is broken!
Kimahri: Kimahri horn broken long time ago.
Kimahri: Broken horn symbol of strong Kimahri.
Eiko: So it doesn't hurt? That's good.
Eiko: My horn is great, too!
Kimahri: Eiko have fine summoner horn.

(The rest of the party arrives)

Krile: So summoners have horns in other worlds, too?
Eiko: But Kimahri's not a summoner. I can tell when we fight!
Krile: You're not a summoner, Kimahri?
Kimahri: Kimahri is Ronso. Male ronso have horn.
Eiko: Isn't it tough having a broken horn?
Kimahri: Broken or not broken, Kimahri proud of horn.
Eiko: I see... Yeah, I get it!
Eiko: I'm proud of my horn, too!
Kimahri: But horn is not Kimahri. Kimahri still proud with no horn.
Kimahri: Kimahri have pride as Ronso.
Eiko: Yeah. Even though Zidane doesn't have a horn, he's super strong and reliable!
Kimahri: Friends with horns or no horns...
Kimahri: All have pride and determination. Kimahri think everyone reliable.
Locke: Hmm...
Leon: What is the matter, Locke?
Locke: I was just thinking about how incredible Kimahri is.
Leon: Has he inspired you to grow a horn, too?
Locke: Not quite...
Locke: He said he's proud of his horn...
Krile: But still proud even without it?
Locke: Having pride isn't easy.
Locke: If that pride is broken, you can lose yourself...
Leon: ...That might be true. You can no longer believe in what you used to believe in...
Locke: That's why I think he's incredible. He had pride in his horn.
Locke: But even though that's been broken...
Krile: He hasn't lost his pride. He keeps believing and fighting...
Locke: Yeah. He didn't lose himself.
Kimahri: Kimahri happy. Friends from other worlds accept Kimahri.
Kimahri: Thank you.

Dastardly Dominus[]

Cornerstone of Ambition:

Depending on your progress in the story, characters you have yet to recruit may appear in these events.

Chocobo: Kweh! Kweh, kweh!
Terra: That's a good chocobo.
Firion: Looking at this almost makes me forget we're in the midst of a battle.
Layle: Playing around is fine, but try not to ruffle their feathers!

(The ground shakes)

Firion: Wh-what is this trembling!?
Mog: I've detected powerful magic coming from over there, kupo!
Mog: I've got a bad feeling about this! We should go check it out, kupo!

(The Emperor defeats a group of Skeletons)

The Emperor: Insufficient... This simply won't do...
The Emperor: I need more power to see my ambitions through...
Firion: The Emperor!

(The party arrives)

The Emperor: Ah, the worms have come crawling.
Layle: Did you just take out some monsters? Weren't they your subordinates?
Terra: Don't tell me you also mean to destroy all life...!?
The Emperor: Please. I am nothing like that blathering buffoon.
The Emperor: They have offered their magic energies up to me. A far more significant purpose than meaningless destruction.
The Emperor: It will become a part of my new castle...
Firion: You're absorbing the power of monsters to rebuild Pandemonium?
Layle: That didn't turn out so well before. And now you're trying to make a new one?
Layle: I'd almost think you're being vindictive...but really you've just got a lot of time on your hands, huh?
Firion: Emperor! We won't let you do as you please!
Firion: We'll stop you here! Let's go!
Terra: Yes!
Layle: Leave it to me!
The Emperor: The girl born with magic powers and the man imbued with the power of the crystal...
Layle: ...Quit staring, would you? You're creeping me out...
The Emperor: I hope you have no qualms with being sacrifices.
Firion: You can't mean...!
The Emperor: Submit your power to me, you worms!
The Emperor: Consider it an honor to be a cornerstone of my ambition! Ahahahaha!
Imperial Nuisance:
The Emperor: You impudent worms...!
Leon: Give up, Emperor. Your ambitions end here.
The Emperor: Traitors have no right to speak.
The Emperor: Have you forgotten that I was the one to gift you that power?
Leon: Enough! My strength comes from the desire to protect my comrades!
The Emperor: Emotions... How useless.
The Emperor: But it would be hasty for me to give up here.
Maria: What are you saying?
The Emperor: I see now that even worms can be strong when they band together...
The Emperor: So tell me: what is the secret to your power!?
Bartz: Secret? Fighting together.
Ace: Not something you could understand.
The Emperor: It is because I do not understand that I cannot overlook this.
The Emperor: I look forward to seeing you grow into worthy human sacrifices...

(The Emperor disappears)

Maria: Wait!
Leon: He got away...
Bartz: Just what was he trying to say?
Ace: He called us human sacrifices...most likely to complete his plans.
Ace: What's that?

(The Emperor's Dimensional Coordinates are left behind)

Maria: Dimensional coordinates!?
Bartz: Did he leave them here!?
Ace: He said he looked forward to seeing us grow... I get it.
Ace: Should we keep it?
Firion: Throw them away. I have less than no desire to cooperate with him.
Maria: Me neither! How horrid!
Bartz: I understand how you guys feel, but...
Bartz: Look.

(The Chocobos arrive and gather around the coordinates)

Chocobo: Kweh? Kweh?
Maria: The chocobos...
Bartz: It seems like they're interested in those coordinates.
Bartz: We just can't leave something like that lying around...
Ace: If any harm came to the chocobos...!
Leon: For heaven's sake... Your love for chocobos knows no bounds.
Leon: I suppose we had best pick them up then...
Firion: L-Leon, are you out of your mind!?
Bartz: I understand how you guys feel, Firion, but the chocobos are blameless.
Ace: It's up to us to decide whether or not to call on the Emperor in battle.
Ace: There may come a time when we have no choice...
Leon: ...And must we simply accept the conditions.
Maria: How did it come to this...?
Domination is His Name:
Barret: I can't take this...
Barret: It's fine if he comes to help, but how long is he going to keep calling us "worms"!?
Selphie: It's so weird, right? I guess it's because he really, really looks down on us.
Deuce: Why did he decide to work with us after all this time?
Firion: The Emperor?

(The Final Fantasy II party arrives)

Barret: Yeah! I can't stand the jerk!
Selphie: He keeps saying "ambition" this and "ambition" that! Just what does he want?
Firion: To dominate the world.
Maria: He used monsters to conquer our world...
Maria: I think he plans to do the same here. Now there are just more worlds he can invade.
Barret: ...That's simple enough.
Selphie: "The world is mine! Mwahaha!" A for real, by-the-book villain!
Deuce: You might call it refreshing...
Leon: But that is what makes him so terrifying.
Leon: He believes that his dominion is the only justice.
Leon: Those who stand in his way are obstacles he has no choice but to destroy.
Selphie: Ahhh, that's why he calls us worms!
Deuce: That's what cleared things up for you...?
Leon: He will use whatever means necessary to gain total control...
Barret: So he's like a monster that can speak? Great...
Barret: So? What's got that monster wanting to hang out with us?
Firion: The Emperor judges a person's value by how much he can use them.
Maria: Do you remember when he worked with Seymour?
Selphie: Yes! And he totally betrayed him!
Firion: The Emperor can't use any of Spiritus's warriors, so they don't have any value to him.
Deuce: I see... That's why he's setting his sights on us.
Firion: Whether he uses us or eliminates us only spells out trouble...
Selphie: Then why don't we just pretend to be super weak in front of him next time?
Selphie: Then he'll think we're useless, attack us, and we can beat 'im up!
Barret: I don't think we can do that...
Maria: There is a chance the Emperor will try to trick us in the future.
Leon: So we shouldn't let ourselves be deluded by his words.
Leon: Like...someone before.
A Ruthless Trap*:

(Seifer approaches Zell and Prishe)

Seifer: Hey, chicken wuss!
Seifer: You got guts making fun of my dream!
Zell: What are you talking about? I don't remember doing that!
Seifer: Don't play dumb! I'll teach you to make fun of my dream!
Prishe: Enough, Seifer! Zell's telling the truth! There must be some mistake.
Seifer: Stay out of this! It's none of your business!

(Steiner arrives)

Steiner: Graaagh! Lady Prishe!
Steiner: How dare you slight the princess! I cannot forgive you, even if we are allies!
Prishe: M-me!? Insult Garnet?

(Zidane arrives)

Zidane: What's all the fuss?
Seifer: Just what we needed, another pest...
Zidane: Nice to see you, too, Seifer... So what's going on here?
Seifer: I was walking in the forest earlier and...


Zell?: You think your dream is romantic? Don't make me laugh!
Zell?: Only a child would dream of being a goddess's knight! You should be ashamed, Seifer!

(End of flashback)

Seifer: ...It was definitely his voice!
Zell: I'm telling you: it wasn't me!
Steiner: So it happened to Sir Seifer as well! I was in the forest earlier too when...


Prishe?: Ugh... Garnet's always getting in the way!
Prishe?: Just who does she think she's helping here? She's nothing more than extra baggage!

(End of flashback)

Prishe: Do you really think I would say something so terrible?
Steiner: You cannot trick me! That was most definitely your voice! I demand you take it back at once! Graaagh!
Zidane: ...You two are making a big mistake.
Zidane: We were all together until just now.
Seifer: Wh-what are you talking about!?
Zidane: You only heard their voices, right? You didn't actually see them.
Zidane: There are plenty of lamia in this area... It was probably their voice you heard.
Prishe: That's right! Lamia can speak with human words.
Zell: So they were probably imitating our voices to stir up trouble.
Zidane: Steiner and Seifer are quick to jump to conclusions.
Zidane: So they make easy targets.
Seifer: Tch... So you mean someone set me up?
Steiner: Why would someone do that? It is a trick in very poor taste...
The Emperor: Hahaha...

(The Emperor appears)

Prishe: The Emperor!?
Zell: So it was your doing!?
The Emperor: I wished for you to turn your blades on one another until only the strongest survived...
The Emperor: But I see now the limits of a lamia's power. I must reconsider my next move...
Seifer: Damn you!
Steiner: Unforgivable! I will have your head for this!
The Emperor: Hahaha... Hahahahahaha!

(The Emperor disappears)

Zell: Man, that guy sure is a pain...
Prishe: I'm worried about what else he's got up his sleeve...
New Dark Knights*:
Cecil: This area appears unaffected. Let us regroup with the others.
Kain: Indeed. My reconnaissance detected no hostile forces.
Kain: Why do you laugh?
Cecil: It's been some time since we've been on a mission together. It reminds me of old times.
Kain: Cecil, I'd prefer if you forgot those days...
The Emperor: And why is that? What manner of farce are you so ashamed of?

(The Emperor appears)

Cecil: The Emperor!
Kain: We have not summoned you, so why have you come?
The Emperor: ...Reveal your true self to me at once, dragoon.
Kain: My true self...?
The Emperor: You envied and hated that man, did you not?
The Emperor: You haven't a single reason to affect friendship now, do you?
Cecil: What are you talking about...?
The Emperor: Friendship and unity are naught but hypocrisy. His own desire is all that pushes him forward.
Kain: Are you implying there is some other motive behind my actions?
Cecil: What would you know!?
The Emperor: Haha. You've no need to put on an act. You have no intention of forgiving him, do you?
The Emperor: With your sacred power, you no longer have any use for him. You are merely waiting for a chance to punish the traitor.
Cecil: I will abide this no longer!
Kain: Calm yourself, Cecil! He is trying to provoke you!
The Emperor: The traitorous dragoon and the cruel former dark knight. Deep down, your hearts belong to darkness.
The Emperor: I will bestow you both with a befitting place and power! Become my new dark knights!
Cecil: ...Us, dark knights?
Kain: To think that is where this conversation was headed... How absurd.
Onion Knight: Cecil! Kain!

(The rest of the party arrives)

Palom: I'm gonna get old wait— Wait! What is the Emperor doing here!?
Kain: He brought an invitation...for us to be his dark knights.
Palom: What? You and Cecil?
Quistis: You can't be serious...or are you?
The Emperor: Of course. I am extending a benevolent helping hand to these two.
Onion Knight: But didn't you say you didn't need any more help after Seymour betrayed you?
The Emperor: I suppose simple worms like yourselves could not understand.
The Emperor: I have no need for those who question everything. A pawn should move as directed, without a second thought.
Quistis: What a way of thinking... Is this what dictators are like?
Cecil: Emperor! I have no intention of siding with you!
Kain: And I am the same. I will sully the title of dragoon no further. I will not betray my friends again!
The Emperor: Hmph. Swayed by sentiment, I see. You truly are fools...
The Emperor: Then you will regret your folly! Haaaaaa...!
Palom: Yikes! Does he really want to fight us!?
Onion Knight: That's fine with me. He's really getting on my nerves.
Quistis: Indeed. Let's teach him a lesson...!

The Power of Tranquility[]

Spare Me:

Depending on your progress in the story, characters you have yet to recruit may appear in these events.

???: So this is a different world from Orience...
???: For a place created to give "respite," it looks an awful lot like a battlefield.
???: Huh? Are those...

(Eight runs ahead to inspect the ground)

???: Magic bullets! Are these from Cater's pistol...?
???: These are Ace's cards! Used in battle, no less.
???: So they're here, too...
???: That goddess was telling the truth after all.
Kefka: Well, well, what do we have here?

(Eight turns around to find Kefka)

???: Who're you?
Kefka: I'm guessing by your uniform you're another one of those disgusting cadets.
???: Cadets? So you know Ace and the others?
Kefka: Know them? Yes! I absolutely, positively abhor them!
Kefka: They're always meddling in my plans! And there're so many of them, babbling on about friendship and bonds! Blargh!
Kefka: And not too long ago... Why, my poor baby Blackened Wills...!
Kefka: Ooh! Just thinking about it makes me want to scream!
???: (There's no mistaking it. He's definitely an enemy.)
Kefka: Which is why you, my fresh-faced foe, will be paying the price for your friends' transgressions!
Kefka: If you want to hate someone, hate your dear friends! Prepare for a whooping!
???: (Let's see if I can't turn this around...)
???: P-please, don't hurt me!
Kefka: ...Oh? What's this now?
???: I'm unarmed! I'm no threat to you!
Kefka: What's wrong with you!? You're nothing but a coward!
Kefka: How annoying! You've ruined all my fun!
???: So you'll let me go?
Kefka: Puh-leez. Where's the fun in that?
Kefka: There's no way I'm letting you get away so easily!
Kefka: I'm sure there's something we can do...
Kefka: Oho, I have a great idea! Watch this!
???: (...What a fool.)
Mission Accomplished:
Kefka: Heh heh heh!

(Kefka appears)

Yang: Kefka!
Auron: To what do we owe this unexpected visit?
Kefka: Ladies and gentlemen, today is a special day!
Kefka: I've come to give you my heartfelt thanks!
Cater: What are you talking about?
Kefka: Not long ago, you had the audacity of trouncing my Wilburinos!
Ace: Not this again...
Yang: We will destroy them however many times it takes. When will you learn your lesson?
Kefka: Nobody asked you! Go jump in a lake!
Kefka: Now then, I have a question for you.
Kefka: Can you still keep that cheeky attitude up after seeing this?

(An imprisoned Eight appears)

Ace: Eight!?
Cater: How did you get captured by Kefka!?
Eight: Hey, Cater! Looks like you're doing well.
Cater: This isn't the time for casual greetings!
Yang: It appears he is a friend of Ace and the others.
Auron: This is troublesome...
Kefka: Heh heh heh! Feeling helpless yet?
Kefka: If you value this chump's life, you'll let me beat you up for what you've done!
Cater: Kefka, you coward!
Ace: You fiend...
Kefka: Oh, thank you! Thank you! What high praise!
Eight: Alright. I guess I've been in here long enough...

(Eight breaks free and runs to the party)

Kefka: Wh-what!? Did you just get out of my prison!?
Ace: Are you alright, Eight?
Eight: I'm fine.
Eight: He was nice enough to take me to you guys.
Kefka: You, you...used me! How dare you!?
Eight: Thanks to you, we were reunited. Much obliged, Mr. Kefka, sir!
Kefka: Damn you! You told me you were unarmed!
Eight: I'm not really unarmed...
Eight: My weapons fists!
The Power of Tranquility Pt. 2:

(Wave 2: Kefka)

Kefka: Why you why you why you little—! You're gonna pay for making a dupe out of me!
Eight: Maybe this will teach you to judge your hostages better.
Kefka: Oooh! I've had it with you and your cheek!
Let Our Fists Do the Talking:
Eight: Mission complete!
King: Good job, Eight. Seems you haven't lost your touch.
Deuce: I'm happy to see you unharmed, and to fight beside you again.

(The rest of the party arrives)

Zell: Looks like you pack quite the punch!
Sabin: I'm sure you can knock some sense into your enemies with those fists. You must have trained very hard!
Eight: So you're the warriors from other worlds. I heard about you from the goddess.
Eight: My name is Eight. I'm from Class Zero, like King and the other Agito Cadets.
Relm: I thought you'd be a total weakling because you got captured by that silly clown!
Eight: Clever plan, wasn't it? I was able to turn the tide in my favor.
Zell: You managed to stay so calm, even though you just got to this world. It's amazing!
King: He's known for his quick wit, even among the other Class Zero students.
Deuce: No matter what happens on the battlefield, he never loses his cool.
Relm: How awesome!
Relm: Your fighting style's like the overfed muscle-man and the rowdy punk, but your personality is completely different!
Zell: Hey! Who're you calling rowdy!?
Sabin: Hahaha! She has a point. We're more likely to act first, then think later.
Sabin: All the more reason that martial arts was the right path for me to walk! A perfect match, don't you think?
Deuce: Well, when you put it that way...
King: Zell, Sabin, Yang, Snow...
King: There certainly are a lot of hot-blooded martial artists from the other worlds.
Zell: So why did you decide to become a martial artist, Eight?
Relm: I want to know, too! Tell us!
Eight: Hmm... Well, if I had to say, it's because of my beliefs.
Sabin: Your beliefs?
Eight: Having a weapon that easily takes the life of others doesn't suit me.
Eight: In the world I come from, we lose memories of those who pass away.
Eight: That's why I want to remember my opponents through the pain in my fists.
Zell: You...
Zell: You've got so much passion! Why didn't you say anything sooner?
Sabin: We've been waiting for someone like you!
Relm: Whoa, they're so moved!
Zell: C'mon, let's not wait another second! Let's get to talking—with our fists!
Sabin: We'll introduce you to the others and start training right away!
Eight: I like the sound of that.

(Zell, Sabin, and Eight run off)

Deuce: Their personalities are total opposites...
King: But it seems like their hearts understand each other.

(Snow and Zell have a match against Yang and Sabin)

Snow: Alright, alright! Here I go!

(Snow attacks Yang)

Yang: I won't hold back...!

(Yang attacks Snow)

Eight: ...Haha.
Eight: I think my fists will get plenty of good training in this world.
Mighty Minis!?*:
Kimahri: Hyah!

(Kimahri defeats a Lamia)

Eight: Nice one. I could never hope to put such force behind an attack...
Cater: Oh, what's that I hear? Is that jealousy in your voice? Sad you aren't as big as our friend here?
Eight: ...No, that's not it.
Lann: Now that you mention it, Eight is pretty small compared to King and your other classmates.
Reynn: Hah! Like you have any right to call someone small!
Cater: Well, he has grown a little since we first met. Just a little...
Eight: You've been keeping track, huh?
Zidane: Hahaha! Don't take it personally, Eight!
Zidane: What Eight and I lack in size, we make up for in speed, right? No need to be ashamed of that.
Lann: That's right, Zidane! We can do all kinds of cool things when we're Lilikin size!
Reynn: what?
Lann: Um... Well...
Lann: Ah! We're cuter!

(Kimahri joins the party)

Kimahri: Kimahri is considered small too, among the Ronso tribes.
Cater: Really!? I find that hard to believe!
Zidane: I guess it goes to show you there are all sorts of places out there.
Kimahri: Kimahri small, so he must train harder than all other Ronso. That is how Kimahri become strong.
Eight: Right. Size isn't everything. Training is where true strength lies.
Eight: Effort is how the wheat is separated from the chaff. And we can prove that.
Zidane: Now you're talking! I like the sound of that!
Lann: Yeah, we can stand toe-to-toe with the biggest of them! Team Mighty Minis assemble!
Reynn: Ugh... Can we go with a different name, please?
Kimahri: Kimahri joins Mighty Minis too.
Eight: You're more than welcome. Alright everyone, time to get training!

(Everyone leaves except Cater)

Cater: Ah, looks like everyone's getting along like pigs in a blanket.
Cater: I'm glad you made some new friends, Eight, hehe...
Prepare Yourself*:

A short while ago...

Eight: Phew, I'm glad everyone's okay.
Seven: You kept a cool head, as always.
Cinque: You know, it might be fun to see you get in a tizzy every once in a while. Give it a try!
Eight: You still only see the bright side of things, huh?
Eight: But...
Deuce: What is it?
Eight: Machina seems...different somehow.

Machina: You...remember me?
Eight: Of course. You transferred to Class 0 at the same time as Rem.
Machina: Anything else?
Eight: Uh...not really. I can't remember much after meeting you.
Machina: I see...

Rem: But even you can tell that he's different somehow.
Ace: He's trying to hide it. He knows something we don't.
Deuce: Not something we don't know... Something we've forgotten.
Eight: What? What do you mean by that?
Rem: Well...all of us were called here by Materia. All of us except Machina.
Seven: And the warriors called here by Materia don't have all of their memories intact.
Eight: What!? Are you serious?
Cinque: Yeah. We're here to fight, fight, fight!
Rem: And apparently our memories would only weigh us down.
Eight: So it's different than the blessing of the Crystal. Even our memories of those still living can be affected.
Deuce: Yeah, but there is a way to recover our lost memories: by finding brilliance.
Ace: More than a few of our new allies have recovered their memories that way.
Ace: But they don't always remember good things. We aren't afraid of that, though—we're ready for whatever they show us.
Cinque: Even if the memories make us want to cry our eyes out.
Ace: You should keep that in mind, so you can prepare yourself.
Eight: I understand. Even if our past is full of suffering...
Eight: It was the past we chose. We can't look back on it with regret. We have to face it head-on.
Seven: That's right.
Cinque: Denying who we are would be more sad than anything I can imagine.
Rem: Machina always looks so sad...
Deuce: I can understand why. He must feel so alone right now.
Eight: That's just another reason we can't run from our past. We can't leave him by himself.
Eight: We're classmates. We're a team. We're friends.
Eight: I think we can all agree on that.

Wild Child of the Veldt[]

Feral Youth:

Depending on your progress in the story, characters you have yet to recruit may appear in these events.

Rem: The ground here is uneven, so we should tread carefully.
Edge: Don't worry. If you fall, I'll take care of you!
Vanille: Monsters! Would you take care of those, too, Edge?
Warrior of Light: No, we'll fight it together. Let's go!

Vanille: Whew! Glad that's over.
Edge: Wait. There's someone there.
Gau: Uwao... Me hungry...
Edge: Do you think he's someone's friend? He doesn't look like an enemy...
Gau: Gau?
Gau: You! You bully Gau before!
Edge: What!?
Vanille: He seems upset at us!
Rem: Were you attacked by our dark manikins?
Gau: Gau no know you! You, go!
Vanille: Is he angry?
Rem: Can't we talk this out?
Edge: I wonder. I don't think it's the dark manikins at fault. I think we've invaded his territory.
Gau: Gau!
Rem: Please listen to us! We promise not to harm you.
Vanille: Yes! We want to be friends.
Gau: Gau, gau!

(Gau attacks but the Warrior of Light blocks him with a shield)

Warrior of Light: A peaceful resolution may be out of the question...
Warrior of Light: That was no ordinary attack. We won't escape unharmed at this rate.
Gau: You want fight? Gau is strong!
Our Friend:
Warrior of Light: ......
Gau: Uwao... Me so hungry...
Galuf: What a rascal. You're gonna be a handful.
Vanille: Please, listen to us!
Gau: Gau no lose!
Galuf: Good grief...

(Sabin arrives)

Sabin: Are you guys alright? ...Gau!?
Gau: You...Sabin!? Me no fool!
Gau: You fake! Sabin, fake!
Sabin: You're calling me a fake!? Are you sure you're not just hungry?
Gau: Dried meat!? Gau! Gau!
Gau: Tasty meat! Me happy!
Gau: Sabin, real! Gau miss you!
Sabin: Haha! I'm happy to see you're as lively as ever.
Warrior of Light: So he's a friend of yours, Sabin?
Sabin: Yeah. His name is Gau. He's not a bad guy.
Vanille: He recognizes you as being the real deal, but what about us?
Vanille: I think he was attacked by our dark manikins and doesn't trust us...
Sabin: I see. That's why he called me a fake.
Sabin: Gau, these people are our friends. They're not the ones who attacked you. Do you understand?
Gau: Gau?
Gau: Smell...not same. Gau make mistake.
Galuf: Ho ho, what an honest child.
Gau: Gau...?
Warrior of Light: What is it?
Gau: Shiny! Shiny, shiny!
Warrior of Light: Me?
Gau: Gau...?
Gau: Me see you raggedy now.
Gau: But shiny before.
Warrior of Light: What do you mean?
Vanille: Perhaps he noticed something while fighting?
Warrior of Light: Shiny...? Like a light...?
Gau: You amazing! Gau strong, but you also strong!
Gau: Gau was surprised. Me think together be fun.
Warrior of Light: If you're a friend of Sabin, you're a friend of ours.
Gau: Gau! Me go together!
Me Hungry:
Onion Knight: Now that I think about it, didn't Gau tell us to leave when we first met?
Onion Knight: Has this area always been your territory?
Gau: Gau?
Gau: Where is here? Me no know this place.
Edgar: Were you lost?
Gau: Gau meet Materia, then come here.
Balthier: Well, that certainly sounds like the goddess.
Balthier: Then what happened? What did Materia say?
Gau: Gau...
Gau: Gau forget!
Edgar: It's no matter. There are a lot of things we don't know.
Edgar: Materia should understand as much...
Edgar: I'm sure she said the same to you as she did to our other comrades: that you can help us fight.
Tidus: We're happy to have you on the team!
Gau: Gau strong! Me help you!
Onion Knight: I'm sure you will.
Tidus: Your intuition in the wild must be something else!
Gau: Me...hungry.
Tidus: You really are...something else...
Gau: You! Get food!
Tidus: Why me!?
Balthier: I'm rather famished myself. While you're out, could you grab me something fresh as well?
Tidus: You've got to be kidding me! Is there even anything to eat around here?
Onion Knight: Alright, that's enough. We've got plenty of food on the ship.
Gau: Food!? Gau!

(Gau runs off)

Balthier: ...I hope he doesn't eat it all.
Special Training*:
Yuffie: Alright! Recon team in action!
Gau: Gau!

(The rest of the party arrives)

Kain: "Recon team"? I suppose that means us...?
Layle: It's hard to get our footing here. Must be why the most nimble of us were chosen.
Kain: Then let us carry out our duty.
Bartz: No need to be so glum about it! Hey Gau, break through that boulder!
Gau: Gau! Me won't lose!
Yuffie: Just one sec! No distractions! This isn't play time, you know!
Kain: Indeed. We should focus on the task at hand.
Yuffie: Yeah! I don't know what you guys thought we were doing before, but keep your eyes on the prize.
Yuffie: The prize being treasure. Treasure which, need I remind you, I've called first dibs on.
Layle: I thought you said no distractions?
Yuffie: And I meant it! Anyways...where to next?
Layle: There's a cliff just up ahead. I can get us down to the bottom.
Layle: But if there's nothing there, then...I suppose we go back.
Yuffie: And if something is there?
Layle: That's up to you. Don't venture off too far, though.
Layle: I'm the one who'll have to watch your back, after all.
Yuffie: Hey, who do you think you're talking to!? The legendary ninja Yuffie needs no protection!
Kain: Whether the cliff be high or low, we'll find our way to the bottom easily enough.
Bartz: You seem pretty confident about that...
Gau: Gau scared...
Kain: Scared? Of what?
Bartz: Of heights, of course. He's scared of heights! Too bad...
Yuffie: Wow, I would've never thought...
Gau: Gau scared, but...Gau try!
Bartz: Wh-what!? looks so high...
Layle: There's no need to do something you're not comfortable with.
Layle: It might take a bit of effort, but if heights are that difficult for you, then we can look for a way down that doesn't involve jumping.
Gau: Gau! Thank you!
Gau: But Gau must try! If Gau no try, Gau no learn!
Bartz: ......!?
Yuffie: You said it, Gau! And you'll have me right by your side at every step!
Yuffie: It's settled then! Let's go, Gau! Bartz, you too!
Bartz: M-me...? Uh...I'll pass.
Gau: If Gau no fear heights, then Gau get stronger! Bartz should get stronger too!
Bartz: R-right! Okay, I'll give it a shot!
Gau: Gau happy! Let's learn together!
Yuffie: Let's! Now this is the kind of partnership that can lead to great things—and great treasure!
Kain: I've no doubt this will be fruitful for you as well, Bartz. Let us see each other th