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In Dissidia Final Fantasy, there are special skills the player may activate while moving on the board. The abilities are chosen randomly when the player begins a Story Mode, and an ability may only be activated once. The Ether item will replace spent abilities with new ones picked at random. The player begins the game with only a handful of Map Abilities and a maximum of three slots. The player earns new skills by completing Destiny Odyssey storylines with enough Story Points. New slots, up to five, can be purchased in the PP Catalog.

List of skillsEdit

  • Cure - restores 30% of the player's HP.
  • Cura - restores 50% of the player's HP.
  • Curaga - fully restores the player's HP.
  • Maser Eye - deals 20% damage to the targeted enemy.
  • Ray-Bomb - deals 40% damage to the targeted enemy.
  • Missile - deals 20% - 50% damage to the targeted enemy.
  • Matra Magic - deals 10% damage to all enemies near the player.
  • Temblor - deals 10% damage to all enemies. Enemies disguised by Enigma tiles are also damaged.
  • Blink - player is immune to one attack by a Berserk enemy.
  • Invisible - player is immune to attack by Berserk enemies for the rest of the level.
  • Regen, also called Restore - player regenerates 5% of their HP every time they set a home area for the rest of the level.
  • Aura - fills the EX Meter by 50%.
  • Scan - reveals which enemies open locked tiles.
  • Sight - reveals the identity of all Enigma tiles.
  • Jump - allows the player to jump over one enemy to the space behind them.

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