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In Dissidia Final Fantasy, the player can purchase alternate outfits for their character in the PP Catalog. Each character has a single alternate outfit to purchase and wear. These outfits are merely aesthetic and serve no purpose in gameplay, and cannot be used in story modes.

These outfits tend to be based on alternate designs for the character, often intended to mimic their appearance in their home game, as Dissidia's designs took influence from their original concept artworks instead of accurately recreating their in-game appearance.

List of outfits[]

Outfit Character Design influence
Amethyst Armor
WoL alt.png
Warrior of Light None known.
Stalwart's Armor
Garland alt.png
Garland Somewhat based on Final Fantasy sprites.
Garland psp.png Garland DoS.png
Spiky Hair
Firion alt.png
Firion Based on Yoshitaka Amano concept artwork.
Silver Despot
Emperor Alt.png
The Emperor Based on Yoshitaka Amano concept artwork.
Amano FFII Cast.jpg
Onion knight alt.png
Onion Knight Eye and hair coloration based on Luneth in 3D versions of Final Fantasy III. Armor coloration based on Yoshitaka Amano concept art.
Luneth-OnionKnight.png Amano FFIII NES Lead Dude.jpg
Dark Robe
CoD alt.png
Cloud of Darkness. None known.
Knight of the Red Moon
CecilDissidiaDKAlt.PNG CecilDissidiaPAlt.png
Cecil Based on Yoshitaka Amano concept artwork.
Cecil Paladin.jpg
Cloak of Flame
Golbez alt.png
Golbez Based on render in 3D versions of Final Fantasy IV.
Golbez FFIV iOS render credits.png
White Mist Cape
Bartz alt.png
Bartz Based on Yoshitaka Amano concept art.
FFV-amano butz.jpg
Santalum Robe
Exdeath alt.png
Exdeath Based on Exdeath's Soul sprite.
Emerald Locks
Terra alt.png
Terra Based on super-deformed art.
Terra SD Art.png
Zebra Tights
Kefka alt.png
Kefka Based on Yoshitaka Amano concept art.
Kefka Chibi II.jpg
Cloudy Wolf
Cloud Alt UT.png
Cloud Based on Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children design.
Cloud AC 2007 Art.jpg
Sephirot alt Full.png
Sephiroth Based on final battle appearance.
Sephiroth Final BossFFVII.png
SeeD Uniform
Squall Based on SeeD graduation uniform.
Onyx Dress
Ultimecia Possibly based on Adel's design.
FF8 Adel.png
Navy Gilet
Zidane Dissidia Alt.png
Zidane Based on Yoshitaka Amano concept art.
Zidane Amano.jpg
Lapis Bolero
Kuja Based on Yoshitaka Amano concept art.
Zanarkand Abes Uni
Tidus Based on Final Fantasy X design.
FFX Artwork Tidus.png
Unknown (Unnamed in Dissidia, removed in Dissidia 012)
10 Jecht (2).png
Jecht Possibly based on Auron's design.
Auron Art.png
Wizard's Coat
Shantotto Based on Black Mage artifact armor.
Mithra BLM (FFXI).png
Dark Steel Armor
DFF Gabranth Alt.png
Gabranth Based on Yoshitaka Amano concept art.
Amano Judges.jpg