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In Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy, there are special skills the player may activate while moving on the board. The player can carry five skills at a time, and acquire new skills from shops or treasure chests, or by collecting orbs containing powers of the dead. Skills are single use abilities.

List of skills[]

D012 chainskills.png

Recovery skills D012-Skill Recovery.png[]

  • Cure – Fully recovers HP of one character.
  • Curaga – Fully recovers all party members' HP.
  • Raise – Revives one KO'd ally with 20% of their HP.

Chain skills D012-Skill Chain.png[]

When a Chain skill is used, enemies are fought in ascending order of difficulty (Normal, Hard, Strange, Expert, Ultimate, Party).

  • Round Chain - Chain all enemies directly surrounding the player's icon.
  • Jump Chain - Chain all enemies that can be reached in a 2,1 or 1,2 movement.
  • Straight Chain - Chain all enemies in a straight line above, below and beside the player's icon.
  • Cross Chain - Chain all enemies on a diagonal to the player's icon.
  • Multichain - Chain all enemies on a diagonal and to the side, or above or below, the player's icon.

Attack skills D012-Skill Attack.png[]

Attack Skills affect all enemies when used in a Chain.

  • Maser Eye - Halve enemy's HP.
  • BRV Zero - Opponent's base Bravery set to 0.
  • Soundwave - Reduces opponent's level by 50%.
  • Blind - Greatly limit's opponent's actions.
  • Banish/Death - Defeat enemy of lower level.

Charge skills D012-Skill Charge.png[]

Charge skills remain active for all battles in a chain.

  • BRV Charge - Begin battle with 5x base Bravery.
  • EX Charge - Begin battle with full EX Gauge.
  • Assist Charge - Begin battle with full Assist Gauge.

Other skills D012-Skill Other.png[]

  • Jump - Jump over one enemy to a selected tile.
  • KP Gambler - Receive three times as much KP in next chain, if victorious. If the player fails, the KP earned so far is calculated at 0, preventing any previous battles from counting to the chain.
  • KP Bonus - Doubles current KP earned in gateway.
  • KP Switch - Changes the floor's KP Chance condition to "Win battle".


  • The chain skills' ranges mimic the movement range of each of the non-pawn pieces in a game of chess: Round Chain matches the king, Straight Chain matches the rook, Cross Chain matches the bishop, Jump Chain matches the knight, and Multichain matches the queen.

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