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Removes all magical effects on the target.


Dispel is an Effect spell in Final Fantasy VI. It removes all positive statuses from a target, making it an effective way to get through barriers placed by an enemy. Terra learns the spell naturally, while others learn the spell from magicite.

Dispel is also an enemy ability that can be cast by Holy Dragon, Level 50 Magic, Level 80 Magic, Level 90 Magic, Magic, and Zurvan.


Terra learns the spell naturally at level 37. The spell is learned from Unicorn with the rate of x2 and Alexander with the rate of x10.


Dispel removes invisible, image, berserk, regen, slow, haste, stop, shell, protect, reflect, reraise, and float. It cannot remove permanent statuses, however, such as reflect from Reflect Ring.

The spell ignores reflect (as it removes the status), but is vulnerable to Runic.


Dispel removes positive statuses, such as protect, shell, haste, and reflect. Removing these can greatly increase damage dealt to an enemy by getting through their defenses, or reduce many of their positive buffs. As such, Dispel has a variety of offensive uses.

Dispel has a few supportive uses. For instance, removing berserk on an ally can be helpful if the ally needs to target abilities. Similarly, if an ally was under reflect and no longer needs to be, Dispel is a helpful way to remove it.

Because Esuna is unaffected by the caster's Magic stat, it can be taught to every party member. Though the priority to learn the spell is not higher than some curative spells, it is still useful to teach the spell to everyone after other important spells were taught first.