Deliver a devastating attack and switch modes in one fluid motion.


Disorder is an ability for Cloud in Final Fantasy VII Remake, provided to him by the Nail Bat Nail Bat. It causes Cloud to leap towards an enemy and swing his weapon, which deals damage and also switches between Operator Mode and Punisher Mode, regaining some ATB when successfully landing on an enemy.

Use[edit | edit source]

Disorder instantly switches Cloud's stance from Operator Mode and Punisher Mode, cutting the animation time that would be required to switch otherwise and allowing Cloud to deal damage more quickly. It also regains Cloud's ATB slightly on use, making it cheap to cast. Its effect varies slightly depending on if Cloud uses it in Operator Mode to switch to Punisher Mode, or in Punisher Mode to switch to Operator Mode.

In most cases, Disorder can be used to run up to an enemy in Operator Mode, attack them with Disorder, and instantly unleash damage on them in Punisher Mode. In rare cases, Disorder can also be used to finish off an enemy while in Punisher Mode, to switch back to Operator Mode quickly.

Disorder is useful for switching modes quickly, but as a normal physical attack that costs 1 ATB, Disorder is outclassed by Braver and Triple Slash. It should not be relied on as a regular ability, but it serves its niche well, and allows players to keep up Cloud's damage per second.

Other appearances[edit | edit source]

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius[edit | edit source]

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