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FFXII Dismiss

The Esper Belias being dismissed in Final Fantasy XII.

Dismiss (戻す, Modosu?) is a recurring command in the Final Fantasy series. It is used by summons or summoners to remove a summon from battle and allows the normal party to return. It is essentially the Escape command for summons. It is only present in games where summons are called into and fight in a battle.


Final Fantasy XEdit

Send aeon away.


Dismiss is a command available to all aeons and is the only ability shared by all aeons since it is the only standard command the Magus Sisters each have. Selecting the Dismiss command removes the aeon from battle, and the player party reenter. The only other way to remove aeons from battle is for them to be defeated.

During the battle with Seymour, after the player has defeated Anima the battle message "Seymour dismisses Anima!" appears, and Seymour returns to battle.

Unnecessary use of Dismissal with Yojimbo will result in lowered compatibility, ultimately causing it to become very likely for him to use his weakest move by sending Daigoro.

Final Fantasy XIIEdit

The Dismiss command is available to characters when they have summoned an Esper into battle. Using the command removes the Esper from battle and the other characters return. Espers can also be dismissed when 90 seconds is up, the Esper is defeated, boarding an airship or chocobo, or teleporting at a Save Crystal.

In the Zodiac versions, the time before the Esper will be dismissed automatically is now 270 seconds.

There is a trick involving the Dismiss command that allows a player to activate a Dead character glitch.


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