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Discord and Harmony was a two-part gauntlet-style Challenge Event in Final Fantasy Record Keeper in collaboration with the Dissidia series of fighting games.


Discord and Harmony events worked like previous rush-type events such as Relics of Light in that all battles have the party facing a single boss at each of the event's tiers. All tiers were visible from the start, but required that the player complete each tier in the sequence before moving to the following tier in the same sequence.

Unique to these events, special Synergy rules were in effect:

  • Select equipment from all Realms received a Synergy bonus.
  • Characters with active roles in the Dissidia series received Synergy bonuses as if in their home realms. These characters must have been opposed to the side on display; for the Chaos event, Cosmos warriors had Synergy, and vice versa.



The Warriors of Cosmos fought first, facing the Warriors of Chaos.

Synergies: FFRK Warrior of LightFFRK FirionFFRK Luneth WarriorFFRK Cecil SpriteFFRK BartzFFRK Terra SpriteFFRK Cloud FFVII SpriteFFRK SquallFFRK Zidane SpriteFFRK TidusFFRK ShantottoFFRK VaanFFRK LightningFFRK Y'shtolaFFRK Ramza


The Warriors of Chaos then faced the Warriors of Cosmos to balance the event.

Synergies: FFRK GarlandFFRK GolbezFFRK ExdeathFFRK KefkaFFRK Sephiroth SpriteFFRK EdeaFFRK KujaFFRK JechtFFRK Gabranth


Website tie-in gameEdit

During the event, the official game website hosted the "Keeper's Search" tie-in game. In the fashion of search puzzle books such as Where's Waldo?, players were tasked with finding the Chaos or Cosmos warriors in specific poses from among a sheet of character sprites. Finding the target characters rewarded players with their wallpaper as well as a shareable post on Facebook. Each find added to a prize counter used to reward Mythril and Growth Eggs after the event's conclusion.

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