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The abilities of the WHITE MONK turn the body itself into a powerful weapon.


Discipline is a skillset used by White Monk in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift.

List of abilities[]

Skill Equipment Range AP
Roundhouse Metal Knuckles All sides 150
A spin attack that damages surrounding units.
Air Render Kaiser Knuckles 3 250
Focus the user's ki, sending of air tearing through the target.
Earth Render Tiger Fangs 4 sq. line in front of user 350
A focused attack that sunders the ground. Deals earth damage in a line extending from the user.
Aurablast Godhand 4 200
Unleash a detonation of ki, dealing damage to units in a small area.
Chakra Cat Claws Self 200
Focus the user's ki on the body's chakra points. Restores HP and removes debuffs.
Revive Survivor 1 300
Send the user's ki to the target, reviving it from KO.
Exorcise Rising Sun 1 250
Use the energy of the life chakra to ward off evil. Destroys undead.
Holy Sign White Fangs 1 300
Weave a sacred symbol in the air. Removes buffs from the target.


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