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The disciplinary committee is a student-run committee in Balamb Garden in Final Fantasy VIII. Its members are Seifer, Fujin, and Raijin, with Seifer acting as the group's leader. The committee's job is to enforce the Garden's rules among the students, such as curfew.

An announcement from the disciplinary committee can be seen in the Garden Study Panel:

  • Follow all disciplinary committee rules. This applies to junior classmen, too.
  • Do not bring animals inside the Garden.
  • Report seeing any unusual bugs in the Garden.
  • Do not litter.

The third clause concerning the appearance of unusual bugs is most likely added by Raijin, whose hobby is keeping an insect collection.

In the Japanese version, the fourth clause is 紙屑捨禁止当然 (Obviously throwing paper waste on the ground is forbidden). This was likely intended as a reference to the scrap of paper scene in Final Fantasy VI and overlooked by translators.


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Disciplinary committee in the hallway.

The disciplinary committee is rarely mentioned in the game. The committee has the aforementioned announcement in the student network, but it is also mentioned on the Garden Message Board.

The committee is encountered in the Garden cafeteria before Squall meets up with Quistis on the front gate, and are seen detaining Zell Dincht for "speeding".

Later, when the squad formations are announced for the SeeD field exam, Seifer arrives with Fujin and Raijin tagging along. Squall notes that the disciplinary committee is always seen together, and after Quistis makes a joke at Seifer's expense, he angrily tells the other committee members to add her to "the list".

When there is fighting throughout Garden as students side with either Garden Master NORG or Headmaster Cid Kramer, Raijin comments that it's bad for the committee, as it makes it seem as if their work was wasted.

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Other appearances[]

Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia[]

DFFOO Seifer SS.png

Seifer, Fujin, and Raijin appear as enemy bosses in Ch. 3: Lost Kingdom of Thronus and are recruited as playable characters in Ch. 10: Abandoned Petalum.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

FFRK Seifer & Fujin & Raijin FFVIII.png

Seifer, Fujin, and Raijin appear as enemies.

Non-Final Fantasy guest appearances[]

Kingdom Hearts[]

The disciplinary committee group makes an appearance in Kingdom Hearts II, with members Seifer, Raijin, Fujin, and Vivi from Final Fantasy IX. The four make up the "Twilight Town Disciplinary Committee".



In Japanese school tradition, a disciplinary committee is a school sanctioned group of meritorious students and teachers in their downtime who help ensure orderly conduct throughout campus. Though in real life, where a majority of the time disciplinary committees are composed of downtime teachers, it is a common theme in school settings of anime and manga where students are given responsibility of monitoring the campus. In western school tradition, these are analogous with School Safety and hall monitor groups.