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FFXII Disable Status

Disable in Final Fantasy XII.

Disable, also known as Don't Act (ドンアクト (or ドンアク), Don Akuto (Don Aku as a spell)?), is a recurring status effect, exclusive to games set in Ivalice. This status prevents the affected character from performing any action, meaning they can only move.


Final Fantasy XIIEdit

FFXII Disable Icon
The character is unable to act. Remove with a Remedy.

Disabled units cannot take action, but can still move. It is caused by the Time Magick spell of the same name and by Sledgehammer and Orochi weapons, and the Stone Bolts.

In the Zodiac versions there is an upgraded version of the spell, Disablega, with larger effect area than Disable, used by Tiamat and Gil Snapper. Gilgamesh and Zalera's spell, Lv.3 Disable can inflict Disable to a character.

Disable can be healed by Esuna, Esunaga and by Remedy once Remedy Lore 1 has been accessed. Black Belt and Ribbon immunize against it.

There exists a glitch where if an Etém is afflicted with both Disable and Confuse, it will continuously teleport without pause. They cannot be killed, cannot be dispelled, and the status effects will not wear out, as they are paused while the enemy is teleporting.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant WingsEdit

RW Disable Status Symbol

Disable renders a unit unable to take any action. It is healed by Penelo's Esunaga or Fran's Ward of the Wood. The player can inflict the status on opponents with Penelo's Hypnotic Dance, Balthier's Maim or Bahamut's Mega Flare.

The player can immunize a team against Disable with Ashe's Ribbon or by summoning Fire-elemental Espers, which have a natural resistance to it.

Final Fantasy TacticsEdit

FFT Don't Act Status Symbol

Disable (Don't Act in the original version) makes a unit unable to act, evade, or use reaction abilities, including Blade Grasp and Abandon. At the end of an AT, a unit with Don't Act will have his CT decremented as if he had acted. It can be cured by Choco Esuna, Esuna, Remedy, Purification and Dragon's Gift. Disable lasts for 24 ticks.

Disable is caused by the Mystic's spell, Hesitation, as well as the Templar's Spellblade ability of the same name. The Arm Shot ability of the unique classes Machinist and Sky Pirate inflicts the status as well, whose hit-rate is dependent on the user's Speed stat. Orran can also inflict Disable with his Celestial Stasis ability.

Final Fantasy Tactics AdvanceEdit

FFTA Disable Status Symbol

Disable lasts until after the afflicted unit has taken three turns. It can be inflicted by an Archer's Aim: Arm, an Elementalist's Fire Whip, and a Juggler's Dagger. Cid can also Disable with the Bind A-ability in his job, Judgemaster.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the RiftEdit

Disable can be caused by Ranger's Mirror Bandage (though it requires a Bandage), Raptor's Shield Bash, Geomancer's Earth's Embrace, Archer's Aim: Arm, Elementalist's Fire Whip, and Juggler's Dagger.

Final Fantasy ExplorersEdit

Prevents all actions apart from movement.

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