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Dirnado is a nation in the world of Lapis, featured in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. Home to Industrial City Dilmagia and its famous shipyards, it is the only place in Lapis where airships are built. The continent also houses the Wind Crystal in the Wind Shrine. It is the homeland of Lid.

The continent mostly contains wild, rocky landscape rife with hills and plateaus. It is home to a large population of dwarves, who tend to their forges, and to the esper Diabolos.


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Little is known about Dirnado's history, only that its capital (although not in its current state) has long stood there as it was said to have invited the famous dwarf Ruggles to move to there, though he turned them down out of his love for Gronoa's winds. He lived about 700 years ago, and was witness to the great disaster that befell Lapis at the conclusion of the Paladian civil war.

The town that would become Dilmagia was once home to Carrie, an inventor of mechanical weapons. Though her research was intended to protect from monsters, others used Carrie's inventions for warfare. Heartbroken, Carrie destroyed her precious research to prevent further bloodshed and dedicated the rest of her life to peaceful science. Her philosophy is one reason why Dilmagia is now a neutral region.

A few centuries after the Paladian war, the Sworn Eight of Paladia sought a means to avenge their betrayal and scoured the world for the crystals' whereabouts. Cid went to Dirnado, where he felt the presence of the Wind Crystal. On his own he took care of many monsters pestering the local dwarves, who allowed him to use their forge in gratitude. Cid accepted to find out more about the land, but as he spent time with the dwarves, he became increasingly fond of them. And when they repaired his treasured pocket watch, Cid decided to teach them the arts of airship building that he had learned in Paladia.

But his standard-Paladian blueprints were deemed unreadable gibberish by the dwarves and their General, Nagflar, thought he was trying to scam them. It wasn't until they saw new blueprints drawn by Melete that Nagflar summoned all dwarves to work on the ship, to be overseen by Cid. Piloted by Falma, the ship took to the skies despite the Deathgaze's attack due to Cid jumping and defeating it himself. However, Cid didn't return to the ship, presumably to wander the land once again. His actions, and Melete's paintings of them, created a legend surrounding his persona. In his honor, the city of Dilmagia adopted the tradition of calling their master engineer Cid for the next fourteen generations.

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All locations in Dirnado, in the order the party gains access to them, are:



  • Dirnado is the second continent visited by the party.