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This is a list of enemy attacks that appear in Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-.


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Enemy abilities[]


Ability Type Description Enemy
5-Strike Combo Hard A heavy combo of attacks from her blades. Rosso
1000 Needles Hard ? Cactuar


Ability Type Description Enemy
Artillery Shell Hard A blast from his heavy cannon. Neo Azul


Ability Type Description Enemy
Bazooka Blast Blow Back A heavy blast from his shoulder-mounted cannon, easily dodged. Heavy Armored Soldier B
Beak Peck Hard Lunges forward and pecks. Epiolnis
Blade Slash Combo Hard A combo of two attacks from her blades. Rosso
Body Slam Hard Charges towards target. Arch Azul, Bizarre Bug, Crimson Hound, Epiolnis, Guard Hound


Ability Type Description Enemy
Charge Up Blow Back A heavy body slam. Dual Horn
Claw Swipe Combo Hard A combo of two strong attacks with its claw at a close-range target. Omega Weiss
Crystal Cubes Hard Forms a shield, then launches its pieces at the target, can be shot down. Omega Weiss


Ability Type Description Enemy
Dashing Sword Slash Hard A powerful charging attack. Shelke
DG SOLDIERS N/A Drops six DG Soldiers into battle. Dragonfly
Digestive Fluid Hard Spits stomach acid at the target. Bizarre Bug
Direct Contact Hard Charges directly at the target using its nose as a ram. Dragonfly GL
Downslash Blowback A powerful downward sword attack. Heavy Armored Soldier S


Ability Type Description Enemy
Eight-Strike Combo Hard A devastating barrage of attacks. Shelke
Energy Beam Hard Charges up then fires out a massively powerful laser attack. Black Widow, Black Widow II, Black Widow TW, Omega Bud
Electric Shock Hard Emits a shock of electricity from its antenna. Red Saucer


Ability Type Description Enemy
Fireballs Blow Back Fires out balls of fire at the target, easily dodged. Arachnero
Flame Streak Hard ? Arachnero
Flying Energy Crystals Hard Fires out crystals of energy at long-range target. Arch Azul


Ability Type Description Enemy
Grand Shockwave Hard A shockwave through the earth caused by his pounding of the ground, easily dodged by jumping over it. Weiss Empowered
Grand Shockwave Blow Back A shockwave through the earth caused by his pounding of the ground, easily dodged by jumping over it. Azul
Ground Shockwave Hard A non-homing shockwave on the ground. Rosso
Ground Shockwave Blow Back A shockwave through the earth caused by his pounding of the ground, easily dodged by jumping. Neo Azul
Gun Fire Normal Rapid fire from his guns. Gorgonero, Nero


Ability Type Description Enemy
Hard Slam Hard Slam its fist down at a close-range target. Omega Weiss
Heavy Cannon Blast Hard A powerful blast from his heavy cannon. Azul
Homing Energy Blast Hard Jumps onto his throne and launches four energy balls at the target, cannot be dodged but can take cover behind a capsule to ensure a high percentage of not getting hit. Weiss Empowered
Homing Missiles Hard Fires out missiles that follow the target. Black Widow II
Homing Projectile Normal Launches a homing attack at the target, can be shot down. Omega Weiss
Horn Attack Hard Charges forward and rams the target with its horns. Arch Azul


Ability Type Description Enemy
Jump Slash Hard A combo attack using a heavy attack then a side swipe. Beast Soldier


Ability Type Description Enemy
Kick Blow Back ? Cactuar, DG Commander
Kick Hard A sudden kick at close range. DG Elite, SOLDIER Trooper
Knife Throw Hard Throws knives, often does not reach. Beast Soldier


Ability Type Description Enemy
Large Caliber Shell Hard Fires a rocket from his should-mounted cannon, easily dodged. Heavy Armored Soldier
Laser Beam Hard Fires out a powerful blast of energy from one of the four cannons. Arachnero
Leap Hard A very fast and difficult to anticipate attack. Crimson Hound, Guard Hound
Leaping Overhead Slash Hard A powerful jumping attack. Shelke


Ability Type Description Enemy
Machine Gun Normal Fire its mounted guns for varying damage. Aerial Mine, Chopper, DG Elite, DG Shrike, Dragonfly, Dragonfly GL, Dragonfly PT, Heavy Armored Soldier, Pegasus Riders
Machine Gun Fire Normal Fire its machine gun. Azul, Black Widow, Black Widow II, Black Widow TW, Neo Azul, Rosso
Melee Hard Attacks with the butt of his gun. DG Sergeant, DG Soldier, DG Sniper
Melee Kick Combo Hard A combo of melee attacks to a short-range target. Neo Azul
Missiles Hard Fires missiles at the target, easily dodged. Dragonfly PT
Missiles Blowback Fires two homing missiles at the target. Chopper


Ability Type Description Enemy
Omega Meteor
(aka. Meteor)
Hard Rises out of range of attacks, then drops down a Meteor upon the target, can be dodged by jumping on certain platforms in the corners of the level. Omega Weiss
Overhead Slash Blow Back A strong two-handed sword slash. SOLDIER Trooper
Overhead Sword Slice Hard An extremely powerful sword attack coming from above his head down to crush the target. Heavy Armored Soldier


Ability Type Description Enemy
Projectile Normal Fires a machine gun. DG Commander, DG Sergeant, DG Soldier
Projectile Hard A strong projectile attack with limited homing ability. Omega Leaf
Proximity Grenades Hard Climbs up to the ceiling, then drops grenades onto the target. Black Widow, Black Widow TW


Ability Type Description Enemy
Ramming Contact Blow Back A very strong ramming attack with the hoverbike. Pegasus Riders
Rifle Shot Normal Fires sniper rounds from a distance, often has high damage. DG Sniper


Ability Type Description Enemy
Shield Attack Hard Rams the enemy with the shield. Bull Head
Sickle Shockwave Hard A crimson, homing shockwave that can be dodged with the right timing of the Rush-command. Rosso
Single Sword Slash Hard A single slice using her energy blades. Shelke
Six Rockets Hard Fires out six rockets at the enemy. Dragonfly GL
Slash Hard A combo attack using two knives. Beast Soldier
Soul Orbs
(aka. Dark Rain)
Hard Very powerful, but dodge-able orbs of energy launched at the target. Nero
Spear Hard Stabs forward with its Trident. Sahagin
Spin Cut Blow Back A powerful spinning attack with his sword, telegraphed by crouching down. SOLDIER Trooper
Spin Kick Blow Back A strong roundhouse kick that hits everything close to it. Epiolnis
Streaking Swords Hard Slides his swords into the ground and launches an energy blast at the target. Weiss Empowered
Supersonic Hard An almost invisible ranged attack, very difficult to dodge. Gargoyle
Sword Jab Hard Jabs forward with his sword at close range targets, very powerful. Heavy Armored Soldier
Sword Slash Hard Attacks with his swords. Weiss Empowered
Sword Slash Combo Hard Ducks down to the ground then jumps into a crushing combo of attacks upon the target. Weiss Empowered


Ability Type Description Enemy
Tail Swipe Hard Swipes its tail at a target behind it for heavy damage. Arch Azul
Tentacle Hard Whips its tentacle up to three times. Crimson Hound, Guard Hound
Thrust Hard A quick lunging attack with his sword. SOLDIER Trooper
Thrust Up Blow Back Uses its horns to thrust the target into the air. Dual Horn
Trample Attack Hard Tramples the target with its legs. Black Widow
Twin Bazookas Normal Fires out two Bazookas from each of its cannons. Sweeper
Twin Machine Guns Hard Fires both its guns with exceptionally fast speed. Twin Sentry
Twin Rockets Hard Launches two rockets at the enemy for heavy damage, easily dodged. Dragonfly
Twirling Slash Hard A spinning attack hitting everything close to her. Shelke


Ability Type Description Enemy
Upslash Blowback Swings his sword diagonally in front of him. Heavy Armored Soldier S


Ability Type Description Enemy
Water Gun Hard Shoots water from its mouth at the target. Sahagin
Weiss Combo Attack Hard Weiss breaks off from Omega to lay down a powerful combo on the target. Omega Weiss
Weiss Sword Slash Hard Weiss breaks off from Omega to directly strike a strong attack on the target. Omega Weiss
Wing Slash Hard A combo of physical attacks with his claws. Gorgonero, Nero