Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII Multiplayer Mode Original Sound Collections was released through the Japanese iTunes Store and the Square Enix Music Download page. It contains 27 tracks and consists mostly of music from the single player mode which did not appear on the original soundtrack; it also includes music from the multiplayer mode and two tracks composed for the North American release.

Track list[edit | edit source]

  1. "Turks 101"
  2. "Song of the Gathered"
  3. "Final Briefing"
  4. "Underground Complex"
  5. "Fierce Battle"
  6. "Time Limit"
  7. "Bad Feeling"
  8. "Wild Pack"
  9. "Immaculate Frenzy"
  10. "Pegasus Riders"
  11. "Meeting In the Rain"
  12. "Heavy Armored Soldier"
  13. "Lucrecia's Research"
  14. "Flying High"
  15. "Pure Stream"
  16. "Train Graveyard"
  17. "Central Complex"
  18. "Uncontrollable Darkness"
  19. "True Beast"
  20. "Crumbling Mind"
  21. "Attack On Midgar"
  22. "Redeem the World"
  23. "Outskirts of Fight"
  24. "Combat Results"
  25. "Restrictor"
  26. "First Encounters"
  27. "Dark Feelings"

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