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Diresaur is a dragon/tyrant-type enemy in Final Fantasy XII found in the Golmore Jungle. It appears in two areas, in the area heading toward the Paramina Rift and in the area heading toward Feywood (it has more HP in the latter area). It can rarely be poached into a Brigandine. The rare Leo Gems can be stolen from them, needed to make Nihopalaoa at the bazaar.

Bestiary entry[]

Page 1: Observations[]

Being a creature of dubious origin: either a wyvern that has lost its wings, or a creature of the water that became like to a wyrm. Sheathed in armor-like scales, its upper body is highly muscular, serving to support a giant head set with powerful jaws. It uses the horn on its nose to charge and stab like a longspear.

Page 2: Talk About Town[]

Did you know that servants are only legally allowed to wear garments of a certain fabric? Turns out, this law is a relic of the time when it was necessary to differentiate slaves from their owners, and perhaps it still serves the same function today. Funny thing is, servants have to wear the selfsame fabric used to make slaven harnesses. Ah, 'tis an evil law, perpetuated by evil people.|Rimo, Spearman


  1. The Greenswathe
  2. The Rustling Chapel



The English name comes from the combination of "dire" and "saur", from the Greek meaning "lizard". The "dire" prefix used in reference to a larger/more ferocious version of a monster comes from Dungeons & Dragons, based on the real world dire wolf/wolf dichotomy. "Dire" means "serious" or "grave". "Diresaur" also sounds similar to "dinosaur".

The Japanese name is Weredragon. In folklore and fantasy fiction, were- is often used as a prefix applied to an animal name to indicate a type of lycanthropy and/or shapeshifter (e.g. "were-boar"). Hyphenation used to be mandatory but is now commonly dropped, as in werecat and wererat. This usage can be seen as a back-formation from werewolf (literally, "man-wolf"), as there is no equivalent wifewolf.

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