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A mouse-like monster that lives in sewers. They can be found all over, and are resented as they chew on everything and are carriers of disease. Though not particularly strong on its own, since they usually act in groups, they can be quite a challenge for anyone who comes across them. Towns and villages have taken countermeasures to combat them, but thanks to their incredible reproductive abilities, their numbers are hard to keep in check.

Entry in the Monster Guide

Dire Rat is a recurring enemy in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, appearing in the main story, the Colosseum and two events. Though it is the first enemy in the guide, the player encounters them after Bat, which appear in the Tutorial.


Location Level HP MP Exp Gil Steal Item drop
Earth Shrine 1 100 10 4 2 See Stats below. See Stats below.
Chamber of Awakening*(BGN) 1 30 10 - - None Awakening mat.
Chamber of Creation*(BGN) None Crafting material
Chamber of Riches*(BGN) None None
Beginner S-1 20 10,000 50 - - See Stats below. None
The Dreadnought*(INT) 6 840 20 70 10 None None
The Dreadnought*(ADV) 26 2,880 71 100 30 None None
The Dreadnought*(PRO) 40 5,400 100 250 40 None None
The Dreadnought*(ELT) 50 50,400 150 350 50 None None
"Time for Revenge" 50 40,000 100 1,300 260 None Alcryst ????



A dire rat is a fictional animal from the Dungeons & Dragons RPG. It is one of the more common dire creatures, which are all are larger, tougher, meaner versions of regular animals.

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